Dark Synthwave//Darksynth New Songs February/March 2018 |18 Songs| Non-Stop Mix

  • Published on Mar 2, 2018
  • Our favorite new Dark Synthwave/Darksynth songs of February 2018 in one kickass mix. Enjoy.
    The Tracklist:
    0:00 Specimen #153 - Rain in Hell
    1:28 Street Cleaner - Murdercycle
    7:10 Carpenter Brut - Monday Hunt
    10:02 †1957† - Lobster
    12:49 Grimlin - Space Dementia
    17:08 SPACEINVADER - Impact
    20:32 Lazerpunk - Speedracer (Feat. Quixotic)
    24:49 Specimen #153 - Specimen #152
    27:53 Glitch Black - Vortex
    31:25 Crusader - Rage of Streets
    35:50 Grimlin - Trapped on Tape
    40:53 SPACEINVADER - Lost Control
    44:55 Street Cleaner - Bitches, Leave
    48:52 Masked - Sulfuric Hate
    56:38 Spektor Baal - Shells
    59:39 MACROPOLIS - Act
    1:02:31 Oneirogeist - Never To Return
    1:06:54 Ron Cannon - Entering Darkness
    This is a fanmade mix. **Please support these amazing artists**
    Artwork by Filip Dudek

Comments • 102

  • Jesse Kealoha
    Jesse Kealoha 18 hours ago

    Sounds great, but you know what it really needs more of... *Pulls out cowbell.

  • Abdalgwad Ramadan
    Abdalgwad Ramadan 7 days ago


  • Murat Akcan
    Murat Akcan 8 days ago

    32:30 NFS, IS THAT YOU ?

  • David Tisaj
    David Tisaj 11 days ago

    56:38 Spektor Baal - Shells is good but its normal synth not dark synth

  • TitanGear
    TitanGear 13 days ago +1

    One Ticket to DoomGuy's Relaxation and Fitness Spa Please

  • TicoXotaR
    TicoXotaR 14 days ago +1

    OMG Monday hunt!!!!

  • scrbl dot info
    scrbl dot info Month ago +3

    lots of this is really quite goth/industrial/ebm/electro

  • yeet boi kai
    yeet boi kai Month ago +1

    what a fuckin great starting sound

  • Dark Side of Synth
    Dark Side of Synth Month ago +3

    This is super sick!!! Long live darksynth!

  • 4c1dr3fl3x
    4c1dr3fl3x Month ago +7

    In the grim darkness of the grimdark future, there is only SYNTH DROP

  • texus buuda
    texus buuda Month ago

    why does nintendu want my respect so badly? ask the shy guys... haha theyre running away with anxiety. cant breatheeeeeeeeeeeeeclenk.

  • Jonathan Lane
    Jonathan Lane 2 months ago +20

    When you urgently need a 'comfort call' and the only building for miles around is an enormous, lava-spewing techno-necropolis. We've all been there.

  • Graham
    Graham 2 months ago +1

    Someone needs to remix the Darkworld theme from A Link to the Past into a Darksynth mix!

  • Fito Porsot Hellsing AMVS

    45:02 Clarence Bodicker got me

  • Walker Rollins
    Walker Rollins 2 months ago +1

    Omnissiah's Grace....

  • Евгений Игнатьев

    По видимому я здесь единственный русскоязычный юзер, поэтому скажу: "Заебумба!"

  • Jules Juerez
    Jules Juerez 2 months ago

    Citadel looks like something from Judge Dredd

  • Nephi McKnight
    Nephi McKnight 3 months ago

    44:55 to 56:38 is the fuckin jaaaaam

  • Phang Kuan Hoong
    Phang Kuan Hoong 3 months ago


  • Zegop Mcer
    Zegop Mcer 3 months ago +1

    *that art is some next level mad max shit*

  • NursKul
    NursKul 3 months ago

    Anyone know where I can find Macropolis - Act on youtube as a single video? I prefer if it was just on youtube and I can paste it onto my synthwave playlist. Thank you!

  • Waldhard Cloudmaker
    Waldhard Cloudmaker 3 months ago

    Perfect mix

  • Fedaygin
    Fedaygin 3 months ago

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  • TheDonBarracuda
    TheDonBarracuda 3 months ago

    Played this in my flat Sunday night at 1AM. Neighbour banged on my door and told me to turn it up

  • draketalon
    draketalon 3 months ago

    Excellent Tracklist!! Masked - Sulfuric Hate is a Killer!

  • Chey Halye
    Chey Halye 3 months ago

    34:48 AAAAAH-

  • Alix Kilgannon
    Alix Kilgannon 3 months ago

    is there a separate vid for MACROPOLIS - Act on its own? I dig it

  • James David
    James David 3 months ago +2

    just bought a couple because of this mix via bandcamp and amazon music, thanks for the mix!

  • Tommy Aesthetical
    Tommy Aesthetical 4 months ago

    Hell yeah my guys

  • Angel Diaz
    Angel Diaz 4 months ago

    love it!

  • Hugh Filth
    Hugh Filth 4 months ago

    that image perfectly reminds me of the cover of Secret of Evermore.
    this looks awesome.

  • Zoe Roche
    Zoe Roche 4 months ago

    Please someone recommend me some dark synthwave but with people singing
    All I found is kinda soundtrack?

    • Nephi McKnight
      Nephi McKnight 3 months ago

      +Shadow Font- Hunt is such an epic song! Beauty and the Beast type shit

    • Shadow Font
      Shadow Font 3 months ago +1

      Surgery Head - Hunt, Confrontational and some perturbator's tracks

    • Alexiler
      Alexiler 3 months ago +1

      Try _Tevor Something_ he's pretty good

  • Lom zo
    Lom zo 4 months ago


  • Jet Jenkins
    Jet Jenkins 4 months ago

    I like how Murdercycle is just a ghetto version of Carpenter Brut's Roller Mobster.

    • Alexiler
      Alexiler 3 months ago

      Murdercycle is more synthwave sounding, of course they both sound fucking amazing. But yeh

  • ReptiliumMusic
    ReptiliumMusic 5 months ago

    always when i heard this music reminds me on first terminator movie....good old days!!

  • Вячеслав Готфрид

    Very good music. At least I liked it!

  • Evatron
    Evatron 5 months ago

    pretty cool castle
    i want that castle

  • Leigh Taft
    Leigh Taft 5 months ago +4

    Who the F disliked this??? What is wrong with those people!!?

  • edgardo quests
    edgardo quests 5 months ago

    excelente selección no aburre y para jugar un doom !

  • Mariia Kuzminykh
    Mariia Kuzminykh 6 months ago

    Loving it! It's sooo awesome!

  • Luis Guillermo González Veloz

    7:36 sounds like Mourning Palace by Dimmu Borgir

  • Eriqqus Browun
    Eriqqus Browun 6 months ago


  • Nathan DiPietro
    Nathan DiPietro 6 months ago

    Ummm, no. I'll look for a back door.

  • Dream Warrior12
    Dream Warrior12 6 months ago

    We want Spider-Man dead!

  • Sherphieushyr
    Sherphieushyr 6 months ago +5


  • v4d3rm4n
    v4d3rm4n 6 months ago +204

    i like the part when they use the synthesizer

    • Lord Titanium
      Lord Titanium 28 days ago

      +James Bembel I'm sorry that you don't find *10/10 quality jokes* funny.

    • James Bembel
      James Bembel 29 days ago

      Very funny.not.

    • scrbl dot info
      scrbl dot info Month ago

      Yep. The synthesizer and those tones they used.

    • Noctina Tatakai
      Noctina Tatakai 2 months ago +1

      And did you noticed when they didn't used synthesizer ? Amazing right?!? Yeah me neither...

    • Michael Shemesh
      Michael Shemesh 4 months ago +3

      the drum section where it goes BOOM tiss Boom TISS blew my mind

  • L K
    L K 6 months ago

    55:32 This be Art

  • VanishingPointe
    VanishingPointe 7 months ago +15

    I like my synthwave like I like my coffee: pulverized, boiled, and brutally dark.

  • GearandaltheFirst
    GearandaltheFirst 7 months ago

    27:19 all these sound effects are stock in LMMS what, time to break out my *other* DAW

  • Oskar Złoch
    Oskar Złoch 7 months ago +12

    I wonder when the Dark part will come

    • karol8535
      karol8535 3 months ago +1

      When you overdose to this

  • whatEver
    whatEver 7 months ago +3

    Welcome to the dark side younglin

  • Marc Straight
    Marc Straight 7 months ago

    Hey there, this is a really cool playlist! If you make another one, I think one of my tracks would fit in!
    Please let me know if you're interested in including anything from it!

  • Johnny101 / stljohnny
    Johnny101 / stljohnny 7 months ago +1

    45:02 !!! Amazing

  • Ewan Donnovan Ahern
    Ewan Donnovan Ahern 7 months ago +2

    Carpenter Brut - Monday Hunt remember music Dimmu Borgir 7:36

    • Ewan Donnovan Ahern
      Ewan Donnovan Ahern 6 months ago

      +MrBrainneeded yes just remember a music , this is ru-clip.net/video/7ffg6S-Bq4k/video.html a time 0:50

    • MrBrainneeded
      MrBrainneeded 7 months ago

      what a combination!

  • Mr. Sarcastic
    Mr. Sarcastic 8 months ago +5

    This is the music satan listen when is cooking.

  • ChaosVector Darksynth
    ChaosVector Darksynth 8 months ago

    cool mix!

  • Grim Nights
    Grim Nights 8 months ago

    this is enough to put hairs on your chin

  • Badguy292
    Badguy292 8 months ago

    Why ya no longer uploading? This is good stuff!

  • Marcie Sincae
    Marcie Sincae 10 months ago +4

    Man, this starts off heavy and keeps rolling with it. Love it!

  • Dennis Majewski
    Dennis Majewski 11 months ago


  • Lucius Design
    Lucius Design 11 months ago +31

    The intro started great and then it became pure madness, made my night!

  • césar vicente
    césar vicente 11 months ago

    Sounds like shit, let me go back no regulat synthwave

    MASKED 11 months ago

    Im here omg thank you

  • Jay Burnett
    Jay Burnett Year ago


  • TheRaveinmyheart
    TheRaveinmyheart Year ago +5

    Skeletor castle XD And that dude in front must be He-man!

    • SCP
      SCP 6 months ago

      Skeletor Castle if it was designed by H. R. Giger

    • n /a
      n /a 8 months ago +10

      nah dude, that's totally a Manufactorum of the Machine Spirits. The guy in front must be a Tech-Priest...

  • PDXDJKrunCh
    PDXDJKrunCh Year ago

    I liked these tracks my self as well.

  • Hoansbuckler
    Hoansbuckler Year ago +2

    Hellz yeah

  • #153
    #153 Year ago +70

    Eyyy! I see you used my song! Thank you!

      FCAdamDONOTWANT 2 months ago

      specimen #152 is the best song on the mix IMO

    • Zachary Hale
      Zachary Hale 7 months ago +1

      das good shit bro

    • GearandaltheFirst
      GearandaltheFirst 7 months ago

      What's your DAW, some of those sound effects sound familiar?

    • TheAsylumchild
      TheAsylumchild 8 months ago +1

      Dude, do you have an album or anything so we can get your music?

    • david billings
      david billings 11 months ago +6

      24:49 Specimen #153 - Specimen #152

  • Rathernot Disclose
    Rathernot Disclose Year ago +11

    that image is so amazing

  • Alex Dupuis
    Alex Dupuis Year ago +10

    What's the artist for the art piece? Great music!

    • Thomas
      Thomas 6 months ago +4

      art's by Filip Dudek. It's in the description

  • The Broducers
    The Broducers Year ago +57

    DARK AF, just the way we likes it

  • Bryan Lara
    Bryan Lara Year ago +3

    SUbbed this is some awesome shit

  • Nicholas
    Nicholas Year ago +3


  • Oneirogeist
    Oneirogeist Year ago +3

    thank you! good music!