What’s in my bag ft. Aastha Choudhary |Exclusive|

  • Published on Dec 2, 2019
  • Actress Aastha Choudhary, who essayed the role of Kesari Nandan as Madhavi Hanumant Singh, became a household name after that show. Girls love to carry their bags and it's like a walking vanity for them. In an interesting segment, 'What's In My Bag' with the Timesofindia.com, Aastha Choudhary reveals what all essentials she carries in her bag. From paracetamol, band-aid, wet tissues to sanitizers, Aastha's bag has all the basic things required on a day-to-day basis.
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  • meow
    meow 11 days ago +1

    No brand calling.. good

  • x_rocky_x ROHIT
    x_rocky_x ROHIT 17 days ago +1


  • Abishek Kirar
    Abishek Kirar 18 days ago +2

    Shes very cute and I like her smiling face , she's no attitude and kindhearted girl 😘😘😘

  • Anna P
    Anna P Month ago +3

    All these actresses are really finicky about cleanliness yet you don't see many of these on the road for cleaning up the country campaign. Like Karanvir and his family or Abigail, when they joined forces to clean up the beach. Do something like that maybe. These actresses are all show offs.

  • Vineeta Gosain
    Vineeta Gosain Month ago +2

    I doubt they keep their house clean as they keep them selves🤔

  • Aisha Sharma
    Aisha Sharma Month ago +3

    She is beautiful

  • Usha Ramaswamy
    Usha Ramaswamy Month ago +1

    Neither do I know her!

  • Usha Ramaswamy
    Usha Ramaswamy Month ago

    How are you SURE that sanitizer it purifies the toilet seat?
    It could be filled with water for all we know and marketed as sanitiser?

  • Ty Bui thi
    Ty Bui thi Month ago +1

    Bạn xinh xắn quá ha 😍😍❤😘

  • Md Ansaar
    Md Ansaar Month ago +3

    Beautiful hooo is she

  • gautam ghosh
    gautam ghosh Month ago

    Jai prabhu jai guru jai dada jai dadu
    Jai prabhu jai guru jai dada jai dadu
    Jai prabhu jai guru jai dada jai dadu

  • Simply Silent
    Simply Silent Month ago +3

    Beautiful bag!

  • Farhana Naza
    Farhana Naza Month ago +4

    Who is she...I don't know her 😐

  • Hãchîmî ĩbtîssãm

    I love her 😍 who love her put like 👇👍