iPhone 8 Plus VS iPhone 5s iOS 11- Unboxing & Review 2018

  • Published on Oct 12, 2017
  • IPhone 5s iOS 11 are VS iPhone 8 Plus is 11 Full review, Unboxing and comparison should you upgrade? Moving into 2018 Overview!
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Comments • 91

  • Rolf Geschwind
    Rolf Geschwind Month ago

    iPhones are really cool. Good job. 💕

  • Alphacool7
    Alphacool7 4 months ago

    Resolution is not the same you idiot

  • Conner Bulman
    Conner Bulman 4 months ago

    So when I got the I phone 8 plus it was louder than my 5s, after a couple month the sound went down a lot and now my 5s is louder. There’s not one mark on my 8plus or dirt in the speaker. Anyone have a reason?

  • Madison Williams
    Madison Williams Year ago +1

    The battery life on my iPhone 5s is so bad. It also randomly shuts off and says I’m out of battery but when I plug it in it says I’m at like 70%. Idk if anyone else is having these problems

  • Tiere und Co.
    Tiere und Co. Year ago +1

    I get the iphone 8 on my birthday , now i still have the iPhone 5s 😂

  • Ines Jelic
    Ines Jelic Year ago

    Wich color of the iphone 8+ is that? Gold or Rosegold??

  • Daniii._.șor
    Daniii._.șor Year ago

    Wow... i have an iPhone 5S and i can not update the software To IOS 11 . Wtf ???

  • larkv larkv
    larkv larkv Year ago

    Iphone 5s is good

  • King Julien
    King Julien Year ago

    8+😈😈 squad

  • King Julien
    King Julien Year ago

    5s is only 100 we’re so u live

  • yui kadir
    yui kadir Year ago

    Maybe is better not upgrade you ios to stay it long use

  • yui kadir
    yui kadir Year ago

    Maybe 5s is okey in ios 9 or 10 ios 11 really slow it down so bad forcs me to upgrade to 6s

  • Andrea O
    Andrea O Year ago

    Bro u live in Calgary

  • A Dream
    A Dream Year ago

    Bad review. You should be running benchmarks, not press and load tests. Obviously the 8 will be instant snappy compared to the 5s...

  • kaan güngör
    kaan güngör Year ago

    iphone 5s much better!😛

  • Queen Luji
    Queen Luji Year ago +10

    I already decided to buy 5s the moment he said 900$

  • The Chair
    The Chair Year ago


  • Daniel Ohebshalom

    you didnt mention apple pay

  • Hayk Sargsyan
    Hayk Sargsyan Year ago

    i have iphone 7

  • Adil Iqbal
    Adil Iqbal 2 years ago +1

    5s very very slow on ios11

    • Adil Iqbal
      Adil Iqbal Year ago

      Parker's Brick Box Apple recently sued claiming the latest ios are designed to make older models operate slowly so tht customers shift to newer models!

  • TypeONegative 1377
    TypeONegative 1377 2 years ago +2

    Damn $900

  • Vishal Kumar
    Vishal Kumar 2 years ago

    That phone belonged to Mohit Dhillon. Are u Indian bro?

  • Venus Gospel
    Venus Gospel 2 years ago

    A little more better? Lmao great grammar dude lmao

    • kit kat
      kit kat Year ago +1

      English clearly isn't his first language. Give him a break.

  • IamSquid
    IamSquid 2 years ago +5

    Still rocking a 5s!!!

    ABMTV 2 years ago

    Can anyone help! I know this isn't the right video to ask at all, but my iPhone 6S on iOS 10.3.3 has some pretty big lag spikes on games like real racing 3 while his 5s on iOS 11 didn't look nearly as bad. Also Antutu scores were good, but it felt like iPhone 5s performance with the frame drops. Is it just my device, or do iPhones get slower over time? Btw I'm not updating to iOS 11 or any other future versions.

  • Jared Smith
    Jared Smith 2 years ago

    Sorry man if you can't get the resolution right on the iPhone 8 Plus.... its a 1080p screen:)

  • Yugesh Thounaojam
    Yugesh Thounaojam 2 years ago

    Sir what about the front camera quatity n back it might b worse in 2017..

  • Dreamiful
    Dreamiful 2 years ago

    literally upgradin tomorrow from the 5s

  • Sygem
    Sygem 2 years ago +7

    The resolution part was 100% completely false.

    • GodlyMaster
      GodlyMaster Year ago

      Same with ram

    • Sygem
      Sygem Year ago +1

      Amiah Edmondson The plus has a higher PPI than the 5s.

    • Amiah Edmondson
      Amiah Edmondson Year ago +2

      It’s 401 ppi

    • Dragoon4002
      Dragoon4002 2 years ago +1

      SyMeeGem Was just about to comment the same

  • Chuck Shepherd
    Chuck Shepherd 2 years ago +3

    Don't get me wrong,5S is shit with ios11.

  • Dimitar Berbatov
    Dimitar Berbatov 2 years ago +3

    Can’t believe the have this comparison I have a 5s right now had it from when it just came up now I’m getting 8plus not feeling the X can’t wait to get it sometime next week 😬

    • Dimitar Berbatov
      Dimitar Berbatov 2 years ago

      Nicole 34586 I have my 8 Plus nw for 2weeks now & I love it hope you’ll love yours as well it’s so fast bigger screen hard to get used to cause I like texting with 1 hand but I can tell u what I love the most is the battery life I can get a full day use everyday without needing to charge it unplug from 6am & by 11pm I have like 18% & I’m a heavy user

    • Nicole
      Nicole 2 years ago

      Yeah, I've had the 5s for about three yrs and now have just decided to upgrade to the 8 plus.

  • Splay Games
    Splay Games 2 years ago

    You keep saying i phone 8 ITS THE 8 PLUS

  • Nicholas Maduro
    Nicholas Maduro 2 years ago

    Ninety sixth like 💝 please

  • Playdust
    Playdust 2 years ago +2

    My 5s is still running iOS 9 so although the softwares old it's still really fast

    • Yugesh Thounaojam
      Yugesh Thounaojam 2 years ago

      Playdust tnkd

    • Playdust
      Playdust 2 years ago

      The front camera is not sharp and overall just not that good for 2017 any more and the back 8 megapixel camera can still get some decent looking photos, its good if you are just uploading images to Instagram or for personal use but if its for any thing better I wouldn't recommend it especially going in to 2018

    • Yugesh Thounaojam
      Yugesh Thounaojam 2 years ago

      How is the camera front camera comparing to j5,j5 prime Mi note4 how is the camera in 2017 iam planing to buy in christmass

    • Playdust
      Playdust 2 years ago

      oh nice, and im not planning on updating, im getting a new phone near Christmas any way

    • I'm Oh' Sam
      I'm Oh' Sam 2 years ago

      good. dont update it, unless new ios will lower your phone coz Apple programmed it to slow it down to replace old ones. .. funny thing is, I have 5s that is running ios 11, but its actually working fine. just a little glitchy

  • CyberDasherXD
    CyberDasherXD 2 years ago +16

    Who's watching on a iPhone 5s?

  • CyberDasherXD
    CyberDasherXD 2 years ago +7

    Who's watching on a iPhone 5s?

  • Michael Forbis
    Michael Forbis 2 years ago +14

    I still have a 5s. I like how the one thing you didn’t mention was battery life. It sucks on iOS 11. Like if I play a game for an hour, it normally takes about 35% from my battery. And you said people have issues with 16 GB. I don’t see how people do when I have a 16 GB phone and I have 4.5 gigs open. Yes I do have social media and photo editing apps and a bunch of other stuff but I put different things on my phone to save space, such as google photos and turning on the option in messages to delete messages after 30 days. Little things like that save a ton of storage

    • xXMujahEDXx
      xXMujahEDXx 2 years ago

      not really. 6s is about 400-600$ here. even iPhone 6 is still expensive 300-400. 5s is about 110-150$
      but.... WHY?

    • Michael Forbis
      Michael Forbis 2 years ago

      Technology plus entertainment the cameras are fairly good but they aren’t the best. They were outstanding cameras when the phone came out. The only issue is the battery life. On iOS 11, the battery is horrible on the 5s. If I was looking for a budget iPhone, I would go for the iPhone 6s at this point. It’s in the 200-350 USD range, from what I’ve seen. It will have a better battery, a better camera, 3D Touch, and it will be faster. If you want a larger battery, just get a battery case. If you want a larger battery and screen, go for the 6s plus. It’s a bit more expensive but you’ll have the extra battery and screen space for watching videos and everything else.

    • Yugesh Thounaojam
      Yugesh Thounaojam 2 years ago +1

      UltraGaming23 bro how is the camera iam planning to buy 5s in some days front camera n back camera? Plis repli it it good as j7 or j5prime or mi note 4??

  • Joel Miller
    Joel Miller 2 years ago

    Can see that ip5s is already old now... Can see some lag already

  • Ghosty
    Ghosty 2 years ago

    I have 8+ and might get a 5s for school

  • Wellington Malicse
    Wellington Malicse 2 years ago +4

    iPhone 8 Plus actually has 401 pixels per inch (ppi).

  • Forgotten lane
    Forgotten lane 2 years ago +1

    iphone 5s lags a lot on ios 11

  • iDeep
    iDeep 2 years ago +68

    still I have iPhone 5S

    • Ordinary Tay
      Ordinary Tay 6 months ago

      Adam Kennedy your being robbed.. I pay 17.00 a month for my 8 plus

    • Natalie Katharina
      Natalie Katharina Year ago

      Zen Licks old men too

    • 53
      53 Year ago

      SamanthaplayzMsp I have a SE!

    • JeffPlaysYT
      JeffPlaysYT 2 years ago


    • Adam Kennedy
      Adam Kennedy 2 years ago

      Me too 5s boss life 40 bucks a month

  • Youngster joey
    Youngster joey 2 years ago

    I just dropped my 5s couple days ago and it got permanent dent & scratches. I’ve taken care of it since the first day i bought with no visual damage at all, poor 5s I’m going to switch soon cause i hate to look at it now

  • Varun Parmar
    Varun Parmar 2 years ago +3

    Trap song in the start of the video ?

    • Royal Tech
      Royal Tech  2 years ago +1

      +Varun Parmar it’s made by me...glad you liked it! it’s just 15 seconds though

  • Tom Deverson
    Tom Deverson 2 years ago +34

    Is it just me who thinks that the iphone 5s design is nicer than the iphone 8?

    • I'm Oh' Sam
      I'm Oh' Sam 2 years ago

      unless you're using plus which looks new to 2017..

    • G Tech
      G Tech 2 years ago

      Ice Inducer the 5S was released in 2013, the 6 was in 2014 and the 6S was in 2015

    • Ice Inducer
      Ice Inducer 2 years ago

      Tom Deverson Yes, because iPhone 8 has the Design of iPhone 6/6S which is soooo 2013

    • Ghosty
      Ghosty 2 years ago

      Tom Deverson maybe.... 8 is nicer to hold

    • Vivek Tripathi
      Vivek Tripathi 2 years ago

      Tom Deverson exactly

  • Imantha Fernando
    Imantha Fernando 2 years ago +4

    8+ 😈😈

  • Imantha Fernando
    Imantha Fernando 2 years ago +1

    8+ 😈😈

    • Aladino Nuñez
      Aladino Nuñez Year ago


    • Adnane Azami
      Adnane Azami Year ago

      Imantha Fernando you don't have to add that emoji and write the comment 3 goddamn times

  • Imantha Fernando
    Imantha Fernando 2 years ago +1

    8+ 😈😈

  • Imantha Fernando
    Imantha Fernando 2 years ago +3

    8+ 😈😈

  • Imantha Fernando
    Imantha Fernando 2 years ago +2

    8+ 😈😈

  • Royal Tech
    Royal Tech  2 years ago

    iPhone 8 vs iPhone 5s! What device are you currently using let me know in a comment!
    ohh BTW the first video I've done in a while without a script. That's why I say "so" after every 5 second but i'll improve hopefully 😇

    • Pranay Kumar
      Pranay Kumar 2 years ago

      Royal Tech iPhone SE 32GB Space Grey

    • Metal Man203
      Metal Man203 2 years ago

      I still have the iPhone 5s but I’m upgrading to iPhone 7 or 8 in 2 months

      MJ MOTOVLOG 2 years ago

      iPhone 5s 64gb

    • iDeep
      iDeep 2 years ago +2

      still I have iPhone 5S

    • גיא דלריה
      גיא דלריה 2 years ago

      iPhone 5S still amazing. Miss the good days of iOS 7 and iOS 6