TEAMMATES TURNED RIVALS: Scottie Lewis & Bryan Antoine Play HEATED 1v1 | SLAM King of the Court

  • Published on Nov 28, 2018
  • 5-Stars Scottie Lewis and Bryan Antoine are used to taking over games together as teammates at Ranney School (NJ), but we decided to switch things up a little bit and have the top-15 ranked recruits go head-to-head in a HEATED game of 1-on-1.
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    TEAMMATES TURNED RIVALS: Scottie Lewis & Bryan Antoine Play HEATED 1v1 | SLAM King of the Court
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Comments • 76

  • SLAM
    SLAM  Year ago +26

    Who do you want to see on King of the Court next?

  • Maple Bear
    Maple Bear Day ago

    Scotty motherfucking LEWIS is gonna be the next Bron

  • Det1911
    Det1911 Month ago

    How are they both listed at 6'5

  • win dj
    win dj 6 months ago +1

    Hey Kobe the fourth

  • Lil Dicky Cat
    Lil Dicky Cat 10 months ago

    TBH Bryan checks the ball way far than Scottie

  • uhBDK
    uhBDK 10 months ago +5

    T clarke & Jalen Lecque

  • Yahel Anderson
    Yahel Anderson 11 months ago


  • OK Prince
    OK Prince 11 months ago

    Slam how much y'all make off this video

  • Eric Blades
    Eric Blades 11 months ago +1

    6:50 he traveled

  • Liz Kistenmacher
    Liz Kistenmacher Year ago

    What shoes r Bryan hoopin in

  • Johnny Spencer
    Johnny Spencer Year ago

    That wasn't even 3rounds

  • Willy Prince
    Willy Prince Year ago +1

    Can Scottie make it to the, Bryan is definitely projected to go to the league

    • Z Flash
      Z Flash 11 months ago +1

      Scottie is projected to get selected at #4th pick, Bryan is projected at the 10th pick.

    • aaron aaron
      aaron aaron Year ago

      I think both will make it

  • Shawn Michel
    Shawn Michel Year ago

    Bryan should’ve never cut his hair

  • Jay Douangdara
    Jay Douangdara Year ago +5

    I feel like Bryan be getting tired of Scottie 😂😂

  • That Way_bill
    That Way_bill Year ago


  • Malual Mamer
    Malual Mamer Year ago +2

    Ain't no games in this sport

  • juan coronel
    juan coronel Year ago +2

    They not competing thooo

  • ali kiddo
    ali kiddo Year ago

    0:56 dammit?

  • Joshua Sibahi
    Joshua Sibahi Year ago

    jalen lecque

  • jaymon1k
    jaymon1k Year ago +2

    Gotta get Kenyon and Cassius next 💯🗣

  • Nathaniel Morris
    Nathaniel Morris Year ago +3

    I can’t believe I have seen and trained with these guys before

  • B i r d s
    B i r d s Year ago +3

    he loook like jimmy butler lol

  • B i r d s
    B i r d s Year ago +140

    I swear to god I will like this comment!

    you swore to god..

  • Robert Tombs
    Robert Tombs Year ago

    Weak D.

  • yungmatt009
    yungmatt009 Year ago +3

    Scottie a clown

  • Simba Tre21
    Simba Tre21 Year ago +4

    6:52 what’s the move called ? Anyone ?

    • hehey
      hehey 7 months ago

      @7Dshan were?

    • Z Flash
      Z Flash 11 months ago +1

      WTH? 😂😂

    • 7Dshan
      7Dshan Year ago

      Is that not a travel?? anyone?

    • yungmatt009
      yungmatt009 Year ago

      He says it right after

  • Simba Tre21
    Simba Tre21 Year ago +12

    Both amazing underrated seniors, can’t wait for what the future holds for them

    • Aymaan Alamgir
      Aymaan Alamgir 11 months ago +2

      Simba Tre21 they top 15 players in the country and in the Mcdaag, but I agree

  • Broken Jumpers
    Broken Jumpers Year ago +1

    Cole Anthony vs Cofi Kockburn, they both hilarious 🤣

  • jaiden livsey
    jaiden livsey Year ago +3


  • Key Daniels
    Key Daniels Year ago +2

    Scottie Lewis vs Cassius Stanley !

  • Jack P
    Jack P Year ago +36

    Both these dudes cold but they gotta hit the weight room lmao

    • Ari Jordan
      Ari Jordan Year ago +1

      yea because every NBA star is brolic...

    • The Light Knight
      The Light Knight Year ago +19

      They are stronger than what you think, trust me. Lean and they have muscle

  • Decarri Richardson-Curry

    Gators got a dog in Scottie lewis

  • fady aldouise
    fady aldouise Year ago +24

    Scottie picking him up from half court and and Brian letting him start from inside the 3pt line.

    • Bobby Luu
      Bobby Luu Year ago +1

      Plus this is only happening because Scottie is checking the ball at the 3pt line while Bryan is going back a little further

    • Bobby Luu
      Bobby Luu Year ago

      Its not that deep

  • jimmymule50
    jimmymule50 Year ago +16

    That sunset at 5:40 tho

    • Z Flash
      Z Flash 11 months ago +2

      Woah! 👍🏽

  • reliz
    reliz Year ago +1

    Cole Anthony vs Kofi Cockburn!

  • Derrick White will dunk on your entire team

    what class are they in?

    • SLAM
      SLAM  Year ago +3

      Both seniors this season. Scottie's going to Florida, Bryan's going to Villanova.

  • Jaseir Moore
    Jaseir Moore Year ago

    Lmfao "Brian's um 888th take 889th miss"

  • Daniel G.
    Daniel G. Year ago +42

    I love both of em but these videos make them look better than some NBA players...

  • EsmeRald Santi xD
    EsmeRald Santi xD Year ago +7

    Very good players