107 Hogs Down | Hog Hunting with Thermal Night Vision in Texas | Zeus Pro 640

  • Published on Jul 7, 2017
  • Hog hunting with thermal night vision. Texas farms have been completely devastated by feral hogs and the problem is only getting worse. A farmer fights back using his Sig 716 308 AR-10 and the Armasight Zeus Pro 640 50mm Thermal Scope.
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    *** Why Do We Hunt Hogs? ***
    Feral hogs in Texas attacked and killed a woman outside a home: ru-clip.net/video/2mJvzGP3rxI/video.html
    From Vice News:
    “Legit question for rural Americans,” Twitter user William McNabb asked in August in response to a question about assault weapon use, “How do I kill the 30-50 feral hogs that run into my yard within 3-5 mins while my small kids play?”
    The internet shortly exploded with feral hogs and the oddly specific invasion of 30 to 50 hogs became a viral internet meme. What started as a debate around one of America’s most polarizing topics - assault weapons - became many people’s introduction to a very different problem: Feral hogs are one of the most destructive invasive species in the U.S.
    And Texans, in particular, come face-to-face with a lot more than 30 to 50 feral hogs, but it's no laughing matter. That's why they're dealing with the crisis in a very Texas way, Helicopter Hunting.
    "Feral Hogs Are Tearing Up Texas, So Tourists Are Shooting Them from Helicopters" - ru-clip.net/video/dhLJ1qWlNp4/video.html

    Hunt footage by Chris Eisfeldt: dez_caught_it_
    Devastation and Revenge by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/)
    Source: incompetech.com/music/royalty-free/index.html?isrc=USUAN1100694
    Artist: incompetech.com/
    #feralhogs #hunting #texas
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  • FabianoRonaldo777
    FabianoRonaldo777 Month ago +12

    Mass murderers and killers! Dislike and report done! I hope you get your well deserved karma for killing this defenseless creatures real soon! 🤬

    • Texas Panhandle XIT Ranch
      Texas Panhandle XIT Ranch 3 hours ago

      Fabiano, gotta probably with it, don't watch. Liberal clown.

    • JokerzheeYT2
      JokerzheeYT2 10 hours ago +1

      Fabiano Ronaldo. I’ll remember that retarded fucking name. Fuck outta here

    • Even Usually
      Even Usually 2 days ago

      FabianoRonaldo777 dude, u are getting people on u. U better stfu and stop playing smart

    • vicious- z
      vicious- z 5 days ago


      Mr. GOOD BOY POINTS 5 days ago

      FabianoRonaldo777 honestly you should GTFO if you don’t like it go cry with the vegans and peta

  • Frank N. Haugan
    Frank N. Haugan 12 hours ago

    Helt grei hitrate ;)

  • Oberstruhmfuhrer Schrodinger

    Damn that’s a lot of Bacon can you send some of that to me

  • Willian Sincero CBX 220

    3:35 hora errada pra dar um cagão 🤣🤣🤣

  • Mr.M1Garand 25
    Mr.M1Garand 25 Day ago

    I feel bad for laughing, lol I've talked to people that deal with these and they r very annoying and a problem for other species, and they're also over populated

  • Big Bob
    Big Bob 4 days ago

    I disapprove of this it would be more effective to use an A-10 warthog

  • Jacob Ruiz
    Jacob Ruiz 6 days ago

    It’s like Fortnite

  • FowangSoo
    FowangSoo 8 days ago

    5:13 “Yo is that a sniper?” *Shot* “Run!”

  • Raditia Aldafa
    Raditia Aldafa 10 days ago

    Tu babi kapan habisnya? - _-

  • Farmmaster Flex
    Farmmaster Flex 12 days ago

    WEEEE WEEEEE WEEEE even the hogs are havin a good time

  • foxtr0t
    foxtr0t 12 days ago

    If they run, they're feral hogs! If they stand still they're well trained feral hogs!

  • espada9
    espada9 13 days ago +1

    HogPocalypse NOW!

  • otowise
    otowise 14 days ago

    Not a great lover of killing things, but yes they breed like rats and they are very destructive but the problem arose because of people. The one thing I will say was that I didn’t hear any whooping and laughing it appeared that they were doing a job and not getting their rocks off doing it, I might be wrong at least they try to get a clean kill most of the time.
    I’m not a hater just a realist haters just tend to get into a rage about things they don’t understand.

  • Luna
    Luna 14 days ago +1

    All the other pigs with the pumped up kicks
    Better run, better run, can’t outrun Ultimate Night Vision

  • Luna
    Luna 14 days ago

    Gosh.... I would be in paradise if I could have all that PORK😋

  • Ayy Lmao
    Ayy Lmao 14 days ago

    One of the many reasons why I need an ar-15

  • MPDN Sharocko
    MPDN Sharocko 15 days ago

    If they were shot with quieter guns maybe subsonic would it not scare them off and make them easier targets?

  • MPDN Sharocko
    MPDN Sharocko 15 days ago

    3:58 Collateral!

  • Glen Brittain
    Glen Brittain 15 days ago

    these guys are the best Shots ever

  • Josue Velasco
    Josue Velasco 15 days ago

    he be using that steady aim perk from call of duty 😂

  • Splashus Klay
    Splashus Klay 16 days ago

    Flawless aiming

  • Geoff Strebel
    Geoff Strebel 20 days ago

    I think you guys should switch to a B-52, B-2, or B1b...

  • HardToMell o
    HardToMell o 21 day ago

    They should use Apache attack choppers one hogs instead of Iranian schools

  • Carter Sanderson
    Carter Sanderson 22 days ago

    these people and a lot of people in the comments really are some psychopaths huh thinks it’s funny to kill animals on a mass level like this? i’m not against hunting and i’m sure as hell not a vegan just don’t think mass killing animals it’s something to brag about. i understand why it’s done but some people sayin shit like “i love the screams they make when dying” is a little fucked

  • Gitte Sonne
    Gitte Sonne 24 days ago

    SUPER. Suberb. Keep on doing Your great job. Merry Christmas and good hunting in the New Year. Kind regards from Germany.

  • Matthew Ewing
    Matthew Ewing 24 days ago

    3:35 pig took a shit right before getting lit.

  • Gab Gab
    Gab Gab 24 days ago

    U shoud use an RQ-1 Predator Drone

  • details78
    details78 25 days ago


  • Most Hated
    Most Hated 25 days ago

    Are you guys even making a dent?

  • swirlingabyss
    swirlingabyss 26 days ago

    You need a minigun.

  • Southern
    Southern 26 days ago

    Where is the helicopter gun ship when you need it.

  • cognitive_player
    cognitive_player 27 days ago +1

    Is it wrong to think that I found this enjoyable?

  • Bob Ross
    Bob Ross 27 days ago +1

    What rifle did you use?

  • Erick Sanchez
    Erick Sanchez 27 days ago

    3:27 great shot!!

  • Legendary
    Legendary 28 days ago

    5:45 I like how he shot until it stopped moving and didn’t just let it bleed out.

    • Alexia Kelley
      Alexia Kelley 23 days ago +1

      Legendary we hate them but we don’t want them to suffer

  • Richard Morrison
    Richard Morrison 28 days ago +1

    Nice thank you for posting

  • michael dudley
    michael dudley Month ago +7

    Was anyone else Sexually aroused when they started screaming??
    I'm trying to go into the grocery store, but now i cant, because of this HOG, throbbing in my jeans!!

  • Kawan Matabach
    Kawan Matabach Month ago

    Is this legal to hunt wild animals in certain territory with whatever documentation?

    MANOWAR KILLS Month ago +1

    Nice shooting. Want a job at the border?

  • Algerian Warrior_ المحارب الجزائري

    This channel deserves more subs

  • Algerian Warrior_ المحارب الجزائري

    Satisfaction in its finest forms 👌👌

  • Craig Jones
    Craig Jones Month ago

    The meat from these must be great? Pastured? How does it taste? You shoot it, we should subsidize the processing of this to hand out to those on foodstamps ? Its got to be healthy food?

  • Craig Jones
    Craig Jones Month ago

    www.nytimes.com/2019/12/16/science/feral-pigs-canada-texas.html even the liberal NY Times calls the wild pigs a serious problem. It seems no matter how many you guys shooting, twice as many pop up. Maybe they should use national guard or something , send out 20 or 30k men/women and really go after them?

      Mr. GOOD BOY POINTS Month ago

      Craig Jones I agree go on a full on genocide they won’t stop till they are all dead

  • Captain Crunch
    Captain Crunch Month ago +1

    i aint nothing against ppl shooting a plague but u guys really need to learn how to aim and shoot... you are just bad and overequipped... fucking noobs !!!

  • keshav acharya
    keshav acharya Month ago

    Is this real

  • Mom Sheriff
    Mom Sheriff Month ago +2

    This is like a videogame and the dying sounds make it very realistic

  • OG Kronpubg
    OG Kronpubg Month ago



    The only good hog is a dead hog 🥓

  • Adonis Rosales
    Adonis Rosales Month ago

    Very painful for this animals.

  • Robin Z
    Robin Z Month ago

    Understand the need for this. But, a good hunter will take the time to put a ending shot into a animal you wound. Slow down. And get it done before you move on to the next animal.

  • henrikbalder
    henrikbalder Month ago

    Ohhhh hell let me try.....😃😃😃

  • Jacob Komnath
    Jacob Komnath Month ago +1

    I have no use for a thermal scope but man do i want one just because lol

  • Dane Lederer
    Dane Lederer Month ago

    For those misinformed, the hogs are unconscious if they're convulsing after they've been shot.

  • theresa roth
    theresa roth Month ago

    Some of them look like a horse they're so big. Horrid creatures like 300 lbs RATS

  • C.C. GamerZ
    C.C. GamerZ Month ago

    What gun is being used??

  • Nicks HABAT
    Nicks HABAT Month ago

    If u wanna play in Texas, you better have an AR in your hand, cause u dont want to get attacked by a pig in the sanddd

    My "fiddle in the band remix"

  • T Ray
    T Ray Month ago

    This looks like one hell of a fun time.

  • Jim NORRIS
    Jim NORRIS Month ago

    You to put a suppressor on that gun, bet you could tag more.
    You shooting a 308?

  • Jim NORRIS
    Jim NORRIS Month ago

    Little pig squealed out,HAY PA,why my ass on fire!
    Pa Squealed,Duno lights went over here.
    Coyote said Hay Bob, is that the Dinner bell I heard
    Sound like it.

  • Jim NORRIS
    Jim NORRIS Month ago

    Man I wish I could afford one of these scopes.