Homemade Mounted ironing board

  • Published on Jan 27, 2018
  • In this video, I demonstrate the process of making a built-in ironing board.
    I looked at the available options on the Internet but could not find the desired option, so I came up with my version of the mechanism. Let's see if it works.
    I hope my wife will appreciate my efforts and the built-in ironing board will be helpful and easy for everyday use.
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  • Şahane bilgiler
    Şahane bilgiler Month ago +1

    Hello there. This is a great idea. I watched curiously. I'm thinking of making a different ironing board. You have given me ideas. thank you. nice work. congratulations...........

  • Vince Byrd
    Vince Byrd Month ago

    Great piece of work.. and fascinating to watch!!

  • tango tango
    tango tango 2 months ago


  • satyanand pothula
    satyanand pothula 2 months ago +2


  • Patricia Mejía
    Patricia Mejía 3 months ago

    👏👏👏 genial, muy práctico

  • Rocío Chóez
    Rocío Chóez 4 months ago

    Muy bien eso y donde se compra esa prisas

  • Elaine Howard
    Elaine Howard 4 months ago

    You have made a beautiful ironing board, but most irons are now steam irons, and that’s why ironing boards are metal with holes, so the steam can escape. When I do my ironing there is always water on the floor afterwards where the water has dripped through. I don’t know how that will affect your wood, but I would say buy an iron that doesn’t use steam. Your lady wife won’t be pleased as without steam the job is much harder. But using a steam iron will damage your board for sure over time. Sorry to tell you this xxxxx

  • Patrice boudot-lamot
    Patrice boudot-lamot 4 months ago


  • Андрей Тарасенко


  • Mido 2019
    Mido 2019 5 months ago


  • Robert Pil
    Robert Pil 5 months ago

    Jestem pod wielkim wrażeniem pańskiej wiedzy kreatywności i imiejetnynm wykorzystaniem materiału. To co Pan robi jest bardzo ispirujące dziękuję i pozdrawiam Robert

  • zetaminor77
    zetaminor77 5 months ago


  • MaJó
    MaJó 5 months ago

    A little bit weak but very nice work.

  • Fati s
    Fati s 6 months ago

    Great work

  • Yousaf Khan
    Yousaf Khan 6 months ago

    Very nice man

  • nik amin
    nik amin 7 months ago

    i need to make an ironing closet can this work ?

  • nik amin
    nik amin 7 months ago

    good job

  • Lech Tokarski
    Lech Tokarski 9 months ago

    bardzo pomysłowe i fajne rozwiązanie - gratuluję pomysłu

  • Белогоръ Ѩ
    Белогоръ Ѩ 10 months ago


  • Al - Ayyubi
    Al - Ayyubi Year ago

    what type of wood did he use for ?

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    brother your daughter is so cute 😙

  • Абас К
    Абас К Year ago


  • Saichisuke Subs
    Saichisuke Subs Year ago

    muy buena idea gracias

  • Lela Lela
    Lela Lela Year ago


  • Tonny Kasozi
    Tonny Kasozi Year ago


  • Wiener Gemeindebaubastler

    Really genious!!!!

  • Gino Asci
    Gino Asci Year ago

    You use those drawer slides a lot. I bought a pack of 5 sets for $65 soft close full extension 100lb load.
    What type do you usually buy, and how much do you pay, and where do you buy them?

  • adil alhumady
    adil alhumady Year ago


  • Brian H
    Brian H Year ago

    Where did you buy that leg that adjusts like that please

  • Paulo Monti
    Paulo Monti Year ago

    Show! :) \o/

  • Sergey OSA
    Sergey OSA Year ago

    Отлично!!!! Молодец!!!

  • Sergey OSA
    Sergey OSA Year ago

    Откуда? - Лак Пф 170 ?

  • fabuluz
    fabuluz Year ago

    👍 nice

  • UK Tony
    UK Tony Year ago +4

    Simple elegance which I have not shown to my wife in case she wants one. Your daughter is utterly charming.

  • Vampira
    Vampira Year ago +2

    And Approved by the inspector... :)

    DONNA RONDEAU Year ago

    clever idea

  • Frank Crossword
    Frank Crossword Year ago

    Tip Top idea.

  • Mr Nayzer
    Mr Nayzer Year ago

    Вообще огонь

  • Garik Poter
    Garik Poter Year ago

    Де тебе зустріти можна ?

  • Артем Симонов

    Необычное решение, отличное исполнение!!!

  • dupont durant
    dupont durant Year ago

    bonjour, bravo très bonne idée. Merci :)

  • Lynn Putzel
    Lynn Putzel Year ago +1

    I just have to say what a great idea love it I'm going to have that done at my place thank you from California

  • Randy Novick
    Randy Novick Year ago +1

    What a great project! I liked your design very much. Thanks for posting this.

  • DIY moje dekoracje

    great video

  • MrCreator
    MrCreator Year ago

    Well made thing )

  • سید خلیل احمد شاھ

    Happy to not capchar kid area.

  • Addicted to Projects
    Addicted to Projects Year ago +17

    I did not expect that a video about an ironing board would be so interesting! :)

  • Kayinfso Here
    Kayinfso Here Year ago +1

    Terrific idea!

  • Léon Habets
    Léon Habets Year ago

    Nice idea.

  • Mary Ann Lee
    Mary Ann Lee Year ago +11

    Love it when you have your daughter in your videos doing little kid things with her daddy.

  • Nikos DIY
    Nikos DIY Year ago +1

    What a great idea!

  • zeedoui99
    zeedoui99 Year ago +1

    Good Job!

  • giovanni petitti
    giovanni petitti Year ago +3

    Great idea 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  • David
    David Year ago +2

    Nicely done. Thanks for the great idea and inspiration.

  • Dimuch
    Dimuch Year ago +2

    Гарно !