Top 20 Most Influential Video Games of All Time

  • Published on Apr 18, 2019
  • Super Mario Bros., Mortal Kombat, Pac-Man, Street Fighter, The Legend of Zelda, Tetris-- to this day these are still some of the biggest names in video games, but where do they rank in games that made a huge impact on the gaming industry? Today we're talking the 20 Most Influential Video Games of All Time. Do you think we missed a major game changer? Let us know in the comments!
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    List Entries and Rank:
    10) Street Fighter II: The World Warrior
    9) Final Fantasy
    8) The Legend of Zelda
    7) DOOM
    6) Space Invaders
    5) Donkey Kong
    4) Tetris
    3, 2 & 1: ?
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Comments • 986

  • The Neko Katze
    The Neko Katze 2 days ago +1

    Where's metroid?

  • Richard Alatorre
    Richard Alatorre 4 days ago

    Granblue fantasy introduced the "sparking" system on gacha games

  • A. Double
    A. Double 4 days ago

    My oldest brother spit in my other brothers eye when we were kids because my brother did a fatality after randomly mashing buttons and of course didn't remember what buttons he hit.

  • Travis Hanneman
    Travis Hanneman 6 days ago

    Don't really agree with Mario being #1 should be 3 Mario, 2 space invaders with creating difficulties by mistake, and pong as 1.

  • Jebbidan
    Jebbidan 6 days ago

    Chringey 8 year olds: wHeRe iS mInEcrAft

  • JuHeTV
    JuHeTV 8 days ago

    Should have told this video was sponsored by Nintendo, what bias. Have you for example heard of something like Civilization? Also it's too nostalgic, it's like still saying Johnny Unitas was the best QB ever because he was there first.

  • William RANDOLPH jR
    William RANDOLPH jR 12 days ago +1

    where was Syphon Filter? Pole Position? Need For Speed? Glad to seen Doom on the list

  • Brenton Lee
    Brenton Lee 15 days ago

    Halo = twitch/montages/esports

  • Bepis Man
    Bepis Man 15 days ago

    Portal DEFINITELY deserved a spot on here.

  • ChaseCain486
    ChaseCain486 19 days ago

    Not a single Sonic game? Come on!

  • New Damage
    New Damage 20 days ago

    I remember first playing Mario 64 in the summer of '97. It was actually intimidating for me as I was super used to sidescrollers. It pretty much blew me away.

  • Edward Ness
    Edward Ness 21 day ago

    No RTS representation... and no Warcraft 3... could've gone together I suppose, but for different reasons... well, maybe aoe1/sc1/wc1 something to represent the rts genre... and of course wc3, since it was a fan made mod that spawned the "moba" genre leading to dota, lol and others

  • AAA
    AAA 21 day ago

    Where is assassins creed? It whas so influencial that they made 15 more ac :))

  • Vinat Chadha
    Vinat Chadha 24 days ago

    Why not sonic the hedgehog 🦔

  • Hector Exebio
    Hector Exebio 26 days ago

    the bastard forgot the most important of them all. The Kim Kardashian : hollywood

  • Master Asia
    Master Asia 29 days ago

    No Starcraft, No Halo CE. GTA is completely absent

  • ShadowOfNexxus
    ShadowOfNexxus Month ago

    Fortnite should be here too

  • Elizabeth Nixon
    Elizabeth Nixon Month ago

    I think Zelda should have been higher on the list just because it was the first game to have a save feature.

  • Heinz Doofenshmirtz

    20. SimCity
    19. Mortal Kombat
    18. GoldenEye 007
    17. Super Mario 64
    16. Half-Life
    15. Pokémon Red/Blue
    14. Space War
    13. Tecmo Super Bowl
    12. Dragon Quest
    11. Metal Gear Solid
    10. Street Fighter II: The World Warrior
    09. Final Fantasy
    08. The Legend of Zelda
    07. Doom
    06. Space Invaders
    05. Donkey Kong
    04. Tetris
    03. Pong
    02. Pac-Man
    01. Super Mario Bros.

  • TheFireSwordGod
    TheFireSwordGod Month ago

    Anyone else notice the "press esc to exit full screen" at 9:23

  • Adrock 99
    Adrock 99 Month ago

    Persona 5! Persona 5!

  • Captain Keeta
    Captain Keeta Month ago

    What about Resident Evil, Silent Hill, GTA 3. Those should have been on the list. WTH

  • super mario 64
    super mario 64 Month ago

    Number 1 should be pac man

  • Clairvoyant Mole
    Clairvoyant Mole Month ago

    Not a single Point & Click adventure? (Maniac Mansion)
    Not a single turn based strategy game? (Civilization)
    Not a single open world game? (GTA 3)
    Not a single Metroidvania game? (Metroid)
    Not a single real-time strategy game? (Command & Conquer)
    Not a single puzzle-adventure game? (Myst)
    ...but games like Dungeon Quest, 2 Super Mario games and 3 ego shooters? What a silly list.

  • Mathias Weitz
    Mathias Weitz Month ago

    starcraft ?

  • Bruno Mendonça
    Bruno Mendonça Month ago

    Wow... the narrator is really into this...

  • Diesel Jester
    Diesel Jester Month ago

    I've played all but two of these games: Pokémon and Metal Gear Solid. Although, to be fair, I've played the first version of the Metal Gear series and that's the original game itself on the NES.
    Yeah, I'm old. :D

  • Elizabeth Azzinaro
    Elizabeth Azzinaro Month ago

    Pokemon has been HUGE in my life!
    Silver, yellow, crystal, sapphire, emerald, firered, pearl, platinum, soulsilver, black, white, white2, x, alphasapphire, moon, ultra moon, let's go Eevee and the upcoming sword!

    • Elizabeth Azzinaro
      Elizabeth Azzinaro Month ago

      @Heinz Doofenshmirtz the exact order I listed them in. Silver was the absolute first followed by Yellow.

    • Heinz Doofenshmirtz
      Heinz Doofenshmirtz Month ago

      Which one was your first (I imagine it's one of the older ones)?

  • AntiNubDevice
    AntiNubDevice Month ago

    I remember not being able to play GoldenEye, because I was a PC gamer playing Unreal Tournament at the time... GoldenEye was too slow moving. Even the original PS had Quake 2...

  • Cold_Chili
    Cold_Chili Month ago +1

    For a console FPS, GoldenEye was popular, but not very influential. The dual analog control scheme which became the industry standard was first used Alien Resurrection (which was ironically panned by critics for its control scheme) but popularized by games like Halo.

    So as they said, GoldenEye didn't really change the paradigm for console FPS as the control scheme went the way of the dodo.

    DEVIN ROBERTS Month ago

    Its good to see a Mario game at number one.

    • Heinz Doofenshmirtz
      Heinz Doofenshmirtz Month ago

      Well, Mario saved-a the video game industry. Of-a course he would-a be here.

  • Clayton Weems
    Clayton Weems Month ago

    Chrono Trigger should be on there. One of the first games to explore multiple endings and player choice

  • ZonedOutFN
    ZonedOutFN Month ago

    Where tf is super smash bros

  • Tin Grilec
    Tin Grilec Month ago

    Why Sonic isn't on the list?

  • Deadgun 76
    Deadgun 76 Month ago

    Gta, borderlands, halo, cod?

  • Isaac Pena
    Isaac Pena Month ago +2

    Looks like we found some candidates for Smash Bros. ...Ultimate!

  • Tzeff NL
    Tzeff NL Month ago

    8:19 Red & Blue??? Looks like black & white to me!!

  • JhudielTheOne
    JhudielTheOne Month ago


  • Lord Nidd
    Lord Nidd Month ago

    Three words: Metroid, Super Fucking. Super Metroid basically perfected the Metroidvania genre that the original game created back in 1984. Other games have gone on to add new features, expand the formula, and integrate better technology, but all them are trying to replicate the perfect execution of Super Metroid. Since the Metroidvania genre is one of the most popular genres today, and its influence is among the furthest reaching in gaming, I'd say it's _at least_ Top 20 worthy.

  • Marjorie Johnston
    Marjorie Johnston Month ago

    Jump man is not Mario, he is more like Mario and Luigi's father

  • Brian T
    Brian T Month ago

    Whats number 1 zelda yup prob why even watch the vid how bout ff7

    • David
      David Month ago

      Hey jackass if you'd actually watch the vid Zelda was lower than one and the original final fantasy is on the list so. Btw super Mario Bros is number one

  • Devin Greer
    Devin Greer 2 months ago

    When he's supposed to say fifteen, I swear he said fifty instead...

  • David Dillon
    David Dillon 2 months ago

    Yaya I know zombies but nothing bets 007 goldeneye is unbeaten

  • Brayan Gomez
    Brayan Gomez 2 months ago

    some games from the dreamcast at least

  • Robin Aerts
    Robin Aerts 2 months ago

    They just forgot a few Genres I think. Dune II (first real RTS), Pole Position (one of the first popular racing), World of Warcraft (MMORPG), Tomb Raider (thrid-person, perhaps there was a more influencial one). Civilization...

  • stanford 95060
    stanford 95060 2 months ago


  • Stampyfan16
    Stampyfan16 2 months ago

    At first, I thought Pong would definitely be number 1, considering it was the first game ever, but you made a really good point about Mario, and I can see that it belongs at number 1.

  • JuicyPlayer
    JuicyPlayer 2 months ago

    3. Pong - Ah yes the influential game that created the thing we know today as “violence”.

  • Copper Fox
    Copper Fox 2 months ago +1

    Deus Ex has to be on the list...
    honorable mention :)
    Unreal Tournament
    Bubble Bobble
    Fallout 2

    • ford prefect
      ford prefect Month ago

      deus ex is an awesome game but I don't know if it influenced anything, UT was just another online shooter so the influence if anything goes to Quake, C&C should b on the list but not startcraft bc it came after.

  • Conlan Lemrick
    Conlan Lemrick 2 months ago

    Too much concentration on shooters and arcade games, not to mention their is not really an explanation as to how these games changed things.
    Things I think are missing:
    Character classes
    3d puzzles
    turn based vs active combat
    sword & shield combat advances

  • Zachary Barrow
    Zachary Barrow 2 months ago

    What's up with the narrator? Is no one else complaining about his deadpan, dull, and bland performance?

  • charles hopkins
    charles hopkins 2 months ago


  • charles hopkins
    charles hopkins 2 months ago


  • Jovan PFK EastArmy269
    Jovan PFK EastArmy269 2 months ago

    Tank 1990?

  • Mr magnum
    Mr magnum 2 months ago +1

    I'm surprised that games like dark souls, Halo and Skyrim weren't on the list

    • Clairvoyant Mole
      Clairvoyant Mole Month ago

      ...and I'm surprised that games like Maniac Mansion/Monkey Island, Command & Conquer and Myst weren't on the list.

  • Blindazabat
    Blindazabat 2 months ago

    Where is "Elite"?

  • biblical
    biblical 2 months ago

    Surely, surely, SURELY... GTA 3 or GTA SA HAS to be on this list. GTA 3 took a birds eye view arcade game to easily the biggest open world sandbox game ever. It did what COD 4 did to COD but 100 times bigger. SA however took that to the next level. It came out in 2004 but it could have come out in 2019 and easily won game of the year. It was so far ahead of its time it was ridiculous. If people could actually take their nostalgia glasses off and realise that mario wasn’t the best game ever because it was the first game you’ve ever played. SA is easily the top 2 or 3 games ever without a doubt

  • kerorogunsou78
    kerorogunsou78 2 months ago

    How could you show a Tetris being set up and cut away before the long piece could be put in place?? That's cruel!

  • Dharmabum9287
    Dharmabum9287 2 months ago

    How is Donkey Kong country super NES not on this list

  • Kacper Music Channel
    Kacper Music Channel 2 months ago

    GTA is one of the most influential games to me, They teach you so much about life. GTA San Andreas, Vice City, GTA 4, All Teach You About Trust, And the truth about life.