NINA - Sleepwalking (Full Album)

  • Published on May 3, 2018
  • New Retro Wave + NINA Sleepwalking Full Album
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    NINA's debut album "SLEEPWALKING"
    Released 16th March 2018
    Deluxe (includes all instrumentals):
    Autographed Vinyl:
    Autographed CD:
    Get the Limited edition ‘Sleepwalking’ PINK CASSETTE here:
    01. Beyond Memory (Extended Version) 00:00
    02. Born To Live 05:07
    03. Sleepwalking 09:19
    04. It Kills Me 14:11
    05. Purple Sun 18:47
    06. Empire Of Love 23:13
    07. Diamonds In The Rough 26:47
    08. One Of Us 30:06
    09. Counting Stars 34:34
    10. Your Truth 39:12
    11. 80's Girl 43:39
    01 Written by N. Boldt, L. Fares, L. Simpkins, E. Gamper
    Produced by Richard X and Sunglasses Kid

    02 Written by N. Boldt, L. Fares, J. Wide
    Produced by Richard X and Oscillian
    03 Written by N. Boldt, L. Fares, J. Wide, L. Simpkins, R. Salazar
    Produced by Oscillian
    04 / 05 / 08 / 09 Written by N. Boldt, L. Fares. J. Wide
    Produced by Oscillian
    06 Written by N. Boldt, L. Fares, J. Wide, L. Simpkins
    Produced by Oscillian
    07 Written by N. Boldt, L. Fares, J. Wide, K. Neely
    Produced by Oscillian
    10 Written by N. Boldt, L. Fares, J. Meays, J. Kunkel
    Produced by Digital Shades
    11 Written by N. Boldt, L. Fares, E. Gamper
    Produced by Sunglasses Kid
    Additional backing vocals by
    D. Bedingfield, L. Fares, J. Wide
    L. Simpkins, L. Wide, C. Backgården
    All tracks mastered by Tom Frampton
    Photos by J. Reimer and K. Knight-Adams
    © 2018 Aztec Records Ltd
    ℗ 2018 Aztec Music Publishing
    All rights reserved
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Comments • 738

  • NewRetroWave
    NewRetroWave  Year ago +165

    NINA's debut album "SLEEPWALKING"
    Released 16th March 2018
    Deluxe (includes all instrumentals):
    Autographed Vinyl:
    Autographed CD:
    01. Beyond Memory (Extended Version) 00:00
    02. Born To Live 05:07
    03. Sleepwalking 09:19
    04. It Kills Me 14:11
    05. Purple Sun 18:47
    06. Empire Of Love 23:13
    07. Diamonds In The Rough 26:47
    08. One Of Us 30:06
    09. Counting Stars 34:34
    10. Your Truth 39:12
    11. 80's Girl 43:39

    • Búri
      Búri Month ago

      This is a very good album indeed.

    • archtopone
      archtopone 2 months ago +1

      Heyyyyy! March 16th is mah' birthday! And I just found this set today! Thanks~

    • farucha77
      farucha77 6 months ago +1

      +imortalone_prestome Nina Boldt

    • Jake Stenzel
      Jake Stenzel 7 months ago

      Reminds me of Risky Business.... Young kids dream.

    • Shaolin Soccer
      Shaolin Soccer 8 months ago

      Awesome sounds, allready ordered the cd!

  • Live and Eat
    Live and Eat 3 days ago

    bài hát này hay tuyệt

  • Swartls21
    Swartls21 15 days ago

    Сказка а не альбом!!!

  • Mr. Fireman
    Mr. Fireman 17 days ago

    Nina VS Nena.

  • T R
    T R 20 days ago +1

    I am blown away. Incredible.

  • wowza
    wowza 25 days ago

    Sitting in my hot tub with the blue lights on listening to this .. truly is a HOT TUB TIME MACHINE!!!

  • Subject36
    Subject36 Month ago

    Lovely album! Great inspiration for my own stuff as well! :)

  • Stas Onyfrienko
    Stas Onyfrienko Month ago

    Здорово, легко и воздушно!

  • Wumpa Student
    Wumpa Student Month ago

    I love this!!

  • Icap
    Icap Month ago

  • Alexandar Fx
    Alexandar Fx Month ago

    OMG, what a great album! Love 80-ties vibe!

  • 8 bit synth
    8 bit synth Month ago


  • Tsume Hayashi
    Tsume Hayashi Month ago

    a true jewel of genre

  • Joshua S
    Joshua S Month ago

    Monetization... Monetization everywhere.

  • stefan proiect
    stefan proiect Month ago

    damn, she's so beautiful, she so nice....lovely voice, lovely face...she's angelic, she's so pretty, she's so damn good with her lyrics....

  • Dimitrius M
    Dimitrius M Month ago

    Gorgeous face, beautiful voice..

  • Mister. Magnificent

    Don't like soft generic gospel sounding vocalist. Dana Jean Phoenix should do a remix .

  • Thomas Hansson
    Thomas Hansson Month ago

    Love this tracks Mjau Mjau ;-)

  • B T
    B T Month ago

    love it ! beautiful voice! Sleepwalking is my fave

  • Mogsby moggy
    Mogsby moggy Month ago

    In one of the Alternate, Walternate dimensions! I am in bed with Nina right now!. Kick her out of bed when I wake :D.

  • PulsarFusion
    PulsarFusion Month ago

    Beautiful voice

  • Agora Fotografia
    Agora Fotografia Month ago

    80s forever

  • Búri
    Búri Month ago

    Is this music from the UK?

  • Zombee84
    Zombee84 Month ago

    This is amazing! I'm about to buy my first 80's car, and I'm totally gonna blast this awesome music out the windows... please keep on making music!

    • Zombee84
      Zombee84 Month ago

      +kirdot2011 Yeah... :-D

    • kirdot2011
      kirdot2011 Month ago

      +Zombee84 usually only one works tho...

    • Zombee84
      Zombee84 Month ago

      +kirdot2011 nah, gotta be something with pop-up headlights.

    • kirdot2011
      kirdot2011 Month ago +1

      DeLorean music!

  • planet rock
    planet rock Month ago

    love it.

  • A B
    A B Month ago +1

    Saw insane number of ads, close video

    • A B
      A B Month ago

      Yeah, nah

    • Stefan Holmqvist
      Stefan Holmqvist Month ago

      A B for the amount of FREE music and length it’s not so much AD. You need to pay for music one way or another.

  • Antel Drobat
    Antel Drobat Month ago

    im in an '80s arcade right now!

  • Clifford Hutchinson
    Clifford Hutchinson 2 months ago

    "One Of Us" is superb ! Hope there are some remixes of this track !

  • Jonathan Bennett
    Jonathan Bennett 2 months ago

    What a great album, would love to hear empire of love with a bit of a rock twist added to it.

  • TheBrothersGrim666
    TheBrothersGrim666 2 months ago

    This good

  • TomasRC
    TomasRC 2 months ago

    Me gusta su estilo, excelente album

  • K J
    K J 2 months ago +1

    I am TOTALLY addicted to this album. Can you recommend and other current artists with a similar sound and penchant for writing catchy, well-crafted songs like NINA?

  • Yaghiyah Brenner
    Yaghiyah Brenner 2 months ago +1

    Holy smokes the first track is clearly the best. really well produced !
    01 Written by N. Boldt, L. Fares, L. Simpkins, E. Gamper
    Produced by Richard X and Sunglasses Kid

  • Alexandr Ocheretnyuk
    Alexandr Ocheretnyuk 2 months ago

    Совсем недавно пристрастился к ретровейву. Хорошая музыка. Атмосферная.

  • ThePreciseMoment
    ThePreciseMoment 2 months ago

    Very, very good!

    LFDT PROD. 2 months ago

    This kind of music somehow helps with my anxiety, so amazing! EDIT: Bought the album :)

  • Ryan McWhinnie
    Ryan McWhinnie 2 months ago


  • Eric Mitchell
    Eric Mitchell 2 months ago

    Exquisite! The absolute best. I was 13 years old in 1985, and I NEVER heard anything then that could compare to NINA!!

  • Yaghiyah Brenner
    Yaghiyah Brenner 2 months ago

    80's was and is for low level code masters.

  • Blue Sky Studio
    Blue Sky Studio 2 months ago

    Sooo beautiful, cool synth sounds, pure voice. Well done, I can listen to it all day long!!!!

  • Andrew L Millspaugh Jr
    Andrew L Millspaugh Jr 2 months ago

    im in love!

  • NwoDispatcher
    NwoDispatcher 2 months ago

    Beautiful actual Germanic

  • Heath Timmons
    Heath Timmons 2 months ago

    Absolute amazing...

  • divan osoba
    divan osoba 2 months ago +2

    I kid you not, This Album Is Heaven

  • biotechboliviaoficial
    biotechboliviaoficial 2 months ago

    thanx for uploading, the best album i ve heard in many years

  • Swartls21
    Swartls21 2 months ago


  • SaiYaNunChak128
    SaiYaNunChak128 2 months ago

    я помнил но потом забыл ди винки

  • Lycan
    Lycan 2 months ago

    man this album is amazing.

    BRENDAJASON1 2 months ago

    Love it

    PHOOZNATION 2 months ago

    How do artists make money these days? Now that you uploaded the album here I just got it all for free. Thanks.

  • BASSstarlet
    BASSstarlet 2 months ago

    Going right now to play BFBC2 with this as background music.

  • Rich richie
    Rich richie 2 months ago

    Diamond in the rough..
    Fk me what a tune

  • Burzilka
    Burzilka 2 months ago

    Dark Electro Polska Vol. 1 (Full Compilation) Darkwave, EBM, Gothic, Industrial,

  • Burzilka
    Burzilka 2 months ago +1

    Брат переделай AquAdro - Dissolversi очень будду ждать !

  • ItsAlwaysSunnyOnTheRight


  • Leuff
    Leuff 2 months ago +2

    Ok, I'm in love with this

    MUTALISKUS 2 months ago

    super sexy music and nina

  • NiggBamma
    NiggBamma 2 months ago +2

    Here is hoping Cyberpunk 2077 has different radio stations and one that plays this :)

  • hugoabreu5
    hugoabreu5 2 months ago

    Impossível não lembrar da Madonna. Curti a voz de veludo da Nina. Deste álbum só não gostei das faixas 7 e 9. Bom.

  • phycoman4561
    phycoman4561 2 months ago

    "We are stardust"

  • Bojan Kotur
    Bojan Kotur 2 months ago

    In those still shots (lots of photoshop) she looks like Bridget Fonda.

  • Egg Shen
    Egg Shen 2 months ago

    i love you baby

  • Metascope Initiatives
    Metascope Initiatives 2 months ago


  • Somnivers
    Somnivers 2 months ago

    ''we are stardust''

  • John
    John 2 months ago

    It's OK to be retro.

  • Aprende Aprende
    Aprende Aprende 2 months ago


  • Daniel Pena
    Daniel Pena 2 months ago +1

    Oh my god this is EVERYTHING i've been looking for right now at this very moment in my short, worthless, miserably wonderful life.

    • Egg Shen
      Egg Shen 2 months ago

      look it up :)
      the universe just rang your doorbell
      better answer, they dont like to be kept waiting

  • Joltin Joe
    Joltin Joe 2 months ago


  • Семен Криванов

    как же это охуенно

  • Kerr Avon II
    Kerr Avon II 2 months ago

    really enjoyed this album.

  • Paul Anthony Hartnett
    Paul Anthony Hartnett 2 months ago

    NINA I'm sitting here headphones in... Ten mins in to your album and keep shaking my head in disbelief. I didn't know melody, harmony, beat, synth, vocals, feeling like this was already here. Im in love with your creations. How is this music free? I don't get it. I hope you keep going. Your music is truly a gift and I truly do appreciate you. New Big Fan here :)
    Oh man I get to listen to this next time I'm driving to work at 5am... Pumped! PA

    • desertfish74
      desertfish74 2 months ago

      I'm not entirely convinced their music is free, if you really appreciate the artist I think we should support them by buying the album on their bandcamp

  • etofok
    etofok 2 months ago +3

    btw guys, NINA Moscow 20/04/19

  • DerHalbeEuro
    DerHalbeEuro 2 months ago +2

    She looks like Jessica Chastain 😍

    • Egg Shen
      Egg Shen 2 months ago

      all these sexy blondes look the same to me

  • Gixxer Jake
    Gixxer Jake 2 months ago

    Diamonds.... hands down the best on this album

  • 6Untr01
    6Untr01 2 months ago

    I thought that blonde gal in the thumbnail kinda reminded me of that blonde gal from SMOSH ㅅㅇㅋ

  • Misha Popovich
    Misha Popovich 2 months ago +1

    Русские есть?

  • yesimeanyes
    yesimeanyes 2 months ago +2

    A solid album. Her voice is a great match for this sound.

  • Kerem Go
    Kerem Go 2 months ago

    She grabbed me by the heart.

  • gorobashiarena
    gorobashiarena 2 months ago

    The album is awesome! Thank you for sharing it :)

  • inflames2112
    inflames2112 2 months ago


  • Egg Shen
    Egg Shen 3 months ago

    im glad the millenials brought us social justice and equality for women so we can have women who make music now :)

  • rujia hao
    rujia hao 3 months ago

    not bad~

  • Brother Alaric
    Brother Alaric 3 months ago

    sound good.

  • Carl12301980
    Carl12301980 3 months ago

    I've literally listened to 25-30 synthwave 1-2 hour sessions throughout the past month from various artists, and her's is by far the best. Even over the USA mainstream artist in my opinion. She's bringing IT from her soul!

  • Mateusz Duda
    Mateusz Duda 3 months ago +1

    Wow instabuy

  • Eric Mitchell
    Eric Mitchell 3 months ago

  • kwonas83
    kwonas83 3 months ago

    its ok, but not even close to "midnight" or "fm 84"...

    • Kalle Laakso
      Kalle Laakso 2 months ago

      kwonas83 but also quite diffrent subgenre of synthwave

    NEXUS ART FANTASTIC 3 months ago


  • Duphe
    Duphe 4 months ago

    when you listen to counting stars on 1,25x speed it is almost like another track. when you listen to it in 1,5x speed it goes full synchpop. its almost like a song in a song in a song. wonderful!

  • elevensixty
    elevensixty 4 months ago +1

    Wow listening to this for the first time, definitely won't be the last

  • Saint John
    Saint John 4 months ago +1

    Wonderful Voice & Sound. Thanks!!!

  • Ivan Pukanic
    Ivan Pukanic 4 months ago +1

    Omg,this is simply amazing,every song put me in my perfect and magic world!Very talented artist and beautifull voice!

  • Jed Len
    Jed Len 4 months ago +2

    This kind of music sounds so futuristic, it would be perfect for Cyberpunk 2077

  • Timmy time
    Timmy time 4 months ago

    Das ist großartig, vielen Dank für dieses Album

  • Sebastian M
    Sebastian M 4 months ago +1

    amazing and mesmerizing voice good old '80 very beautiful song made with passion

  • adrianpbk
    adrianpbk 4 months ago +1

    Oh my God! This is Awesome!

  • Knabber stange
    Knabber stange 4 months ago

    Nina ist Super. Ich liebe die Musik. Diese tolle Stimme. Einfach großartig. Genau mein Ding!

  • Roberto Beron
    Roberto Beron 4 months ago +1

    Nina es muy electrowave musicalmente impresionante!!👌👌👌

  • asgeir kvitvik
    asgeir kvitvik 4 months ago +2

    love this music so much i've hard in ages.... its so beautiful :D

  • Кот Лета
    Кот Лета 4 months ago

    #дичь #халтура