LG G PRO LITE D686 Flash done with flash tool by GSMHelpFul

  • Published on Jan 2, 2016
  • Please watch: "How to Save Android Phone from the Dead after Flashing ?"
    How to Solve hang on logo, restarting, auto turn on internet connection, auto turn on WiFi connection, auto apk installing, auto gone balance, pattern lock, screen lock in LG G Pro Lite D686 ?
    See Full Procedure : goo.gl/l4Wx3j
    LG Original Firmware Downloader Tool : goo.gl/KoXuHJ
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Comments • 39

  • Jim Takara
    Jim Takara Month ago

    I have lgd686 and I want to flash it by using cse . I facing problem when I flash it appears message" lg flash tool 2014 has stopped working" I am using windows 7 /32 bit
    Anyone can help me please??

    NIRAJ JAISWAL 6 months ago

    Thanks. I found correct version firmware.. 🌹🌹🌹 my problem solved

    • GSM Helpful
      GSM Helpful  6 months ago

      sir check video description there to be link

    • sahid khan
      sahid khan 6 months ago

      Con you give me the link of firmware

  • Tonya Berry
    Tonya Berry 11 months ago

    my lg Stylo is stuck on white screen after a factory reset. how can I fix

  • bura Rajput
    bura Rajput Year ago +1


  • Mahendra Ahire
    Mahendra Ahire Year ago +2

    Update it is not working

    • GSM Helpful
      GSM Helpful  Year ago

      check video description there site available exe first install all after that reboot computer and try again

  • John Kennedy Casiño
    John Kennedy Casiño 2 years ago +3

    hey i cant download the firmware can you help me ?

  • sivia nadya
    sivia nadya 2 years ago +1

    gan, punya saya sudah ikut tutorial di atas step by step tapi gagal karena HH sudah rstart duluan pada saat proses flashing di titik 80%, saya ulang2 terus tapi tetep aja tiap di titik 80% kadang 75% HH sdh rstart jadi hasilnya gk maksimal. apanya yg salah gan mohon pencerahan...terima kasih sebelumnya sudah membantu.

    • GSM Helpful
      GSM Helpful  2 years ago

      Sorry I don't understand your language please write in English Language

  • Root Bunderhotspot
    Root Bunderhotspot 2 years ago

    connection to server failed

  • Maman
    Maman 2 years ago

    I've tried to flash, but after the flash and restart my phone back bootloop
    try to go into recovery (power + volume down) does not work, appear "green robot to sleep)
    EMMC is this damage?
    thank you

    • Maman
      Maman 2 years ago

      volume keys normal bro

  • John Vencent Fabella Sulit

    sir may i ask what is your Windows 7 bit you use in this video?
    is it 32 or 64bit?
    both of my PC and Laptop is 64bit.. i follow the procedure,
    installed the drivers(successful)
    but the SW process in 91%, my phone restarts..Logo does not flash, but blinking..and stuck in bootloop too..
    your reply is highly appreciated

  • diarra mohamed
    diarra mohamed 2 years ago

    votre lien de telechargement ne fonctionne pas

  • Marius Șucan
    Marius Șucan 2 years ago

    The USB driver installation does not begin at 15% or earlier, in the first step.... even if I reconnect the device, it does not work.... any idea?

  • Md Humayun Kabir
    Md Humayun Kabir 2 years ago

    connection to server fail please try in a moment.... please help me

  • krishna 4u
    krishna 4u 2 years ago

    Sir please provide lg x147 stock firmware v10e sir please reply me link

  • mhiko gandarosa
    mhiko gandarosa 2 years ago

    hi after extraction its keeps saying connection to server fail please try in a moment. please help i use LGMobileDriver_WHQL_Ver_4.1.1

  • Will Luis
    Will Luis 2 years ago

    por demais

    • Alejandro Jauregui
      Alejandro Jauregui 2 years ago

      No te funcionó? No es inutil. Si se queda en el logo el tuyo o en el android con triangulo rojo es la eeprom... Asi que bye bye cel

  • Aspireblue Redname
    Aspireblue Redname 3 years ago

    use octopus box easy use

  • Enrico G. de Freitas
    Enrico G. de Freitas 3 years ago

    Hi, I bricked my LG D685, I tried these two methods, online and offline. Using LG Mobile Suport Tool, the program said that I had the latest software version in my phone. In upgrade recovery, the program said that is no itens to fix. Using LG Flash Tool 2014, using normal flash, after process ends, the phone still bricked, staying in LG page. If I tried hard reset, a Android with exclamation was showed. Using CSE Flash, the program show error after extracting files, when go updating phone. What can I do to save my phone?

    • Alejandro Jauregui
      Alejandro Jauregui 2 years ago

      The eeprom is wrong in the phone. Nothing you can do my friend

  • Widi Wijaya
    Widi Wijaya 3 years ago

    I got some problem in the software extraction process. After 30% progress, it stuck. Timer and percentage process stopped. Do you know how to fix it?

  • Aspireblue Redname
    Aspireblue Redname 3 years ago

    hey man have you stock rom for lg prolite dual d686

  • Mokhtar Botar
    Mokhtar Botar 3 years ago

    how i can download firmweare for LGd 686

  • ady saputra
    ady saputra 3 years ago

    i"ve flashing this type, in sw updte progress , its ending at 98% and then the phone reboot and the tools has been crash.. any solution my bro?

  • omar gardabbou
    omar gardabbou 3 years ago

    do you know how to unlock icloud ?

  • omar gardabbou
    omar gardabbou 3 years ago

    thnx :D

  • Ishu Sanghi
    Ishu Sanghi 3 years ago

    please give me flash file link