4 Levels of Ice Cream Sundaes: Amateur to Food Scientist | Epicurious

  • Published on Jun 17, 2019
  • We challenged chefs of three different levels - an amateur, a home cook and a professional chef - to make their versions of an ice cream sundae. And then we brought in a food scientist to review their work. Which sundae was the best?
    Check out the professional's recipe here on the ICE blog: www.ice.edu/blog/banana-passionfruit-gelato-recipe
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    4 Levels of Ice Cream Sundaes: Amateur to Food Scientist | Epicurious
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  • Jay busa
    Jay busa 59 minutes ago

    Beth hit a homerun on this one..........level 1 kid was eating a soup candy bar.....smh

  • Waaa Amazing
    Waaa Amazing Hour ago

    Wow I never thought ice cream could be this scientific

  • Jay busa
    Jay busa Hour ago

    Level 1 dude has been to cold stone way too many times....smh

  • Reshma Haresh
    Reshma Haresh 3 hours ago

    I want a granny like Beth

  • JonathanRox27
    JonathanRox27 10 hours ago +1

    Am i the only one who think Beth resembles Danny Devito?

  • Ismar
    Ismar 13 hours ago

    I want beth as my grandma

  • Erika Ridgway
    Erika Ridgway 15 hours ago

    Let's all face it; no one actually likes the scientist parts, Level twos cooking is the best, and the level 3 cooking's too boujee, like you don't have to flex cause we don't care :).

  • girl interrupted
    girl interrupted 18 hours ago

    So, Stephen basically came to play?

  • oh my pathology
    oh my pathology 23 hours ago

    Just made me happy watching them🥰 dont care about analysis

  • Devika G A
    Devika G A Day ago +1

    Level 2 chef: So this is inspired by a banana split but with a dimino family twist!
    Me: Ooh! That rhymes! 🎼🎼

  • Gacha Gamer101
    Gacha Gamer101 Day ago

    Rory didnt even make a sundae

  • AManOnAMission #PHD

    This guy just made a "ice cream" out of a supermarket ice cream 😂😂

  • Gavin
    Gavin Day ago

    Beths recipe is interesting, I usually add cream to eggs, not vice versa

  • Mason Chen
    Mason Chen Day ago

    “We’re gonna STIR STIR STIR”.

  • Wildmansam
    Wildmansam Day ago

    Stevens ice cream is every kids dream

  • Nick Callender
    Nick Callender Day ago

    Awesome how level 1 only used pre packages foods

  • Michael Connolly

    Level 3 is more "Dr. Bunsen Honeydew" than "Ice cream guy." Who the hell has a "PACO JET" lying around?

  • Zdzisiek Woźnicki

    this guy is really doing ice cream from ice cream and sweets

  • ScytheMeter
    ScytheMeter Day ago

    I can’t believe I literally watched the food scientist part. Idk why but I think I’m the only one to do it smh

  • Frederique P.
    Frederique P. Day ago

    "..it's a micro-herb" I'm gonna deck you right in the face istg

  • Zain Clasher75
    Zain Clasher75 Day ago

    Cheesecake iceream

  • James Boner
    James Boner Day ago

    Apparently none of these people have a clue what an ice cream sundae is supposed to look like.

  • Matthew Simbana
    Matthew Simbana 2 days ago

    Beth just made me tell my grandmother to step her game up

  • Ace Poe
    Ace Poe 2 days ago

    Stephen omg... Who hurt you that bad

  • KickRox Barefoot
    KickRox Barefoot 2 days ago

    Level 1 “chef”? He doesn’t deserve to be called that. He can be called a pothead cook. He is just dumb.

  • Philip Gardner
    Philip Gardner 2 days ago

    Full disclosure id probably order the level 1. That looked delicious

  • Daisy Dream
    Daisy Dream 2 days ago +1

    Why did the first level look like you just scrapped it off of the sidewalk and the third level was literally obsessed with passion fruit like it’s not even that good...

  • TurtleFace
    TurtleFace 2 days ago

    Am I the only one who thinks that Beth's sundae looks way better than Rory's?

  • Jenna White
    Jenna White 2 days ago

    Can Beth please adopt me as her grandchild?!

  • Egg meh
    Egg meh 2 days ago

    Number ones wasn’t icecream it was made in a factory

  • Beerus The Destroyer

    Lvl3 may be a pro chef but he aint no grandma

  • Anas Abdullah
    Anas Abdullah 2 days ago

    Level 2 was the best but i can only make level 1

  • Floofa
    Floofa 3 days ago

    Level 1 wasn't making ice cream he was making sweet soup.

  • Kermit The Frog
    Kermit The Frog 3 days ago

    We all know who's sundae is the best 😂

  • Danny Boi
    Danny Boi 3 days ago

    I thought they were making ice cream, not gelato

  • nova gomes
    nova gomes 3 days ago

    Steven is the true level 1 everyone else is at least level 1.5

  • Limón salado
    Limón salado 3 days ago

    _It’s better_

  • Lemonal
    Lemonal 3 days ago

    Damn that man loves brownies

  • Annalise Snoddon
    Annalise Snoddon 3 days ago

    I love Steven

  • Julia M
    Julia M 4 days ago

    I trust Level 2 Chef with my life

  • Gacha_Lichi Chan
    Gacha_Lichi Chan 4 days ago

    Level 1: Playing with his food
    Level 2: Your grandmas recipe
    Level 3: can be bought in a restaurant for 100$
    Level 4: is bought for 100000$

  • TL FanBoy
    TL FanBoy 4 days ago +2

    Beth’s sundae is easily the most appetizing

  • Buggy Adventures
    Buggy Adventures 4 days ago

    The level one chef wasn’t doing anything all he was doing was mixing already made things from the grocery store,while the to other chefs were making fresh ice cream

  • pαѕtхldєmσnх
    pαѕtхldєmσnх 4 days ago

    Am I stupid cause I never knew u could eat passion fruit seeds

  • pαѕtхldєmσnх
    pαѕtхldєmσnх 4 days ago +1

    Me: the key recipe in this is ice cream
    That level 3 dude:no it's glucose cause that's all I use

  • Super Sisters
    Super Sisters 4 days ago

    Anyone notice the hidroflask

  • Zannatul Ferdous
    Zannatul Ferdous 4 days ago

    Sugar and glucose??

  • MrAlexanderLang
    MrAlexanderLang 4 days ago

    WTF is that lvl 1 making, brownie soup ?

  • StevoTheAce71
    StevoTheAce71 4 days ago

    Chef 1... Hmmmm soup

  • Jordan Wilson
    Jordan Wilson 4 days ago

    Level 1: your 4 year old cousin with 5 cavities 🧒🏻
    Level 2: Your grandma that has been raised in the south 👩🏼‍🌾
    Level 3: Your rich uncles personal chef 👨‍🍳

  • Messy Bun
    Messy Bun 4 days ago +1

    I’ve watched a few of these videos and “Level 2 “ is always my favourite 😊

  • dutty red
    dutty red 4 days ago +1

    Where the hell can I buy glucose and fructose? I'm like wtf did he say?😂😂

  • Farshad Torkashvand
    Farshad Torkashvand 4 days ago

    Making the level 3 to impress a girl, and make the level 1 when you broke up with the same girl.

  • Henry Rodda
    Henry Rodda 4 days ago +1

    Expert: now this is actually a microherb.

    Stephen: *always* counter clockwise

  • Mar Bar
    Mar Bar 5 days ago +1

    7:08 taste test:
    Lvl 2: heaven in a bowl 😇
    Lvl 3: so good 😉
    Lvl 1: oh that's mostly whipped cream 😂

  • Angela Melo
    Angela Melo 5 days ago

    Home cook always win ‼️

  • Mar Bar
    Mar Bar 5 days ago

    Day four: still waiting for cheesecake....

  • Gregory Foster
    Gregory Foster 5 days ago +1

    Please tell me that Beth secretly has a restaurant cuz I wanna go! Mama is amazing!

  • Airy
    Airy 5 days ago

    i wish Beth and Lorenzo were my grandparents...

  • Nugget Rodriguez
    Nugget Rodriguez 5 days ago

    That level one Chef made ice cream soup 💀💀💀 it don’t even look good