Girl Builds Off Grid Yurt Alone in Canadian Wilderness | Ep.13

  • Published on Apr 13, 2019
  • We are running low on clothes. Jake and I take a trip to town to do some laundry and get some groceries. The next day is probably the hardest day we've had on the property watch to find out why... Enjoy 😊
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  • Living Off Grid w/ Jake & Nicole

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    • Gabriel James
      Gabriel James 24 days ago

      You advertise pornography to get clicks? i only clicked to tell you you are a POS and belong in a city, no morals, no ethics, all optics and ego. sell out for youtube fame and a little cash, no real man would allow his female to do that, and no Woman would sell her body for clicks. SAD!

      IMONEIN MILLION 26 days ago

      Your just a fake fucker thats it say you teach kids in schools kung fu do you fuck at all youve not got anything just a fake fraud youve never been in a school you give it all a bad name fucking idiots you and your lad

      IMONEIN MILLION 26 days ago

      So still lied said you were and false title is all im saying witch is true

    • 3ouxia
      3ouxia 2 months ago

      He's also a fraudulent teacher of fake kung fu. He was never certified by any schools and gives the art a bad name.

    • joel norn
      joel norn 2 months ago +1

      Begging for money to support you and your girlfriend. What kind of man are you??? I mean really just cause you want to live island life doesn't make it okay to beg for money. Take you squeegee and earn it like the man you are.

  • Pint
    Pint 3 hours ago

    Living off the grid but going into town for food and washing clothes. Hmmm. Doesn’t sound to much like your living off the grid and where’s the half naked woman?

  • J Ellis
    J Ellis Day ago

    Your no different than any other shitty youtuber click baiting for cash. Pave your own path, stop tricking people into thinking your life is so terrible you can't do it without help. Maybe you're not meant for this lifestyle.

  • The Crockers
    The Crockers 6 days ago

    Love your for the clickbait...GENIUS lol We don't care what the thumbnail is, this is RU-clip, ya'll do YOU! My husband and I are about to embark on a 100 days off grid in south Texas. We really enjoy your content!

  • Bonnie Hirtz
    Bonnie Hirtz 8 days ago

    Was going to subscribe until I saw the first 10 vids showing this girl half naked. Lost a potential new subscriber.

  • Doven
    Doven 9 days ago

    lol first of all youre not alone.
    Second of all, less than a mile away from the nearest major city is not "off grid". And youre not survivalists.
    The fact this clickbait channel exists irritates me.
    I clicked the video thinking to myself, *"theres no way a girl built that in the wilderness by herself"*
    I clicked the video and oh looky there, I was right.
    Fucking off yourselves. thumbs down.

  • musicsuxnowadays
    musicsuxnowadays 10 days ago


  • musicsuxnowadays
    musicsuxnowadays 10 days ago


  • Chocolate Mafia430
    Chocolate Mafia430 11 days ago +1

    I think y'all are putting a bad image out there for all girls. I mean y'all know that that clickbait stuff we're just going to get views because of the figure y'all ridiculous

  • luke quixere
    luke quixere 12 days ago

    Why do these lame ass videos keep popping up in my "recommended for you" spaces??? Some hipster chick and her pet soy boy "roughing it"?! Pffft!... Please.

  • Joseph Smith
    Joseph Smith 14 days ago

    Sucks that the girl knows from the clickbait shes fine as hell...but wasted on living like a bum

  • sillyninja65
    sillyninja65 14 days ago

    like that click bait was very unnecesary 😂

  • sillyninja65
    sillyninja65 14 days ago

    we came for the building not for the tits 😂

  • Throwing Apples
    Throwing Apples 14 days ago

    It's always interesting to see what people are up to across Canada. Just subscribed

  • iappreciate privacy
    iappreciate privacy 15 days ago

    Wash your clothes with water and soap, it's not hard.

  • Helen Gelle
    Helen Gelle 16 days ago

    The slut of RU-clip who likes showing her ass in order to have more views

  • mytube
    mytube 17 days ago

    Titts out for the views SAD

  • Dee Aay
    Dee Aay 19 days ago +1

    Unsubscribed. you dick

    RANDOM RICH 19 days ago

    Bet most people clicked on the video was because of the thumbnail

  • J Hunt
    J Hunt 19 days ago

    Thumbnail God.

  • maccas NZ
    maccas NZ 22 days ago

    Jumped the shark...again.

  • Journeyman 66
    Journeyman 66 24 days ago

    Never tire of seeing a beautiful woman with a gorgeous body, always interested in your vlogs, seems like the perfect combo to me. I am a patron to a singing duo on the web. The girl is gorgeous and a part time model so on their patreon site they exclusively show photographs of her naked with just nipples and labia censored to keep RU-clip happy, it certainly keeps the patreons happy and I haven't yet seen any other channel have more patrons per percentage of views. If you have the tools and the nerve you might as well use them. Why become a patron when you can watch for free, not necessarily naked, but something exclusive to show you are valued.

  • Miss Bliss1
    Miss Bliss1 25 days ago

    You met Nicole while you were married with Pam it's funny how you're saying something otherwise in this video. Nicole was in your backyard when you had that garden with your wife. the apartment that you're living in the video is hers it's very obvious you are lying


    Off Grid Athlete
    Off Grid Athlete
    1 year ago
    Who are you? You know everything about me don't you LOL!!! Well, Nicole and I officially met for the first time at one of my gardening events. The apartment in this video was mine then became Nicole's and mine together! Nicole did get a chance to see my Phoenix garden and I'm glad about that!


    Julianne Mc
    Julianne Mc
    1 year ago
    VeganAthlete I'm one of your original subscribers, before John K endorsed you. I informed you of Paul Stamets and his work long before you ripped people off by selling small portions of the Mycos product which he made popular in his lectures.
    You are so narcissistic to portray a different picture than reality, you became obsessed with yourself constantly flirting with other women while you were married. The best example of that was the video you made with Nicole long before you divorced Pam called "Sexy Hot Blonde Yoga workout" it was a sexualized video of Nicole filming your sweaty body and you weren't even working out in the video.
    It was shameful and one of Nicole's first and only videos on her RU-clip channel for years, just a sexy video she took of you, nothing about gardening. That is strange why does she only have one video on her RU-clip channel for 3 years and it's just a sexual video of you. She should be ashamed also of herself what a creep trying to flirt with a married man in the backyard he shares with his wife. Your just another man who left his wife for someone he met while married. You weren't a loyal husband you were a joke acting like you cared about Pam and your marriage in all your videos.


    Little Dragon
    Little Dragon
    1 year ago
    He also rips off people with his so called Martial Arts after his own Master has been proven to be a fraud, Sin Kwan The, and his actual teacher David Soard has been accused of being a sexual predator. He continues to avoid naming any other teacher he claims to have studied, and it's funny he has been married for quite sometime now, after he stated he lived in China for most of his life. Pam can do a whole of a lot better without Jake, or Jacob Rydberg as it is his real name.


    Julianne Mc
    Julianne Mc
    1 year ago
    Little Dragon yes I've always thought something was up with his s too called martial arts. I'm no expert but his movements are soulless and too much in his head. a martial artist is like someone who does energy work their movements shouldn't be over thought they should look natural and direct but still flow, when he's moving he looks constipated.


    Little Dragon
    Little Dragon
    1 year ago
    Julianne Mc He hasn't got condition, he breaths very heavily. He mostly lifts weights to look like he is in shape, but when he performs a form or does any form of kicks, he starts panting very heavily. The thing is, other Martial Artists have actually offered to teach and help Jake, but he has refused and considers himself a "Master." And everyone else is a hater or a troll apparently.


    Julianne Mc
    Julianne Mc
    1 year ago (edited)
    Little Dragon I hear you and I definitely understand. Lots of other people said that too in the past I saw their comments. Regardless we all see the fakeness. I always felt he was a fake once I saw him selling the Mycos product and never giving the full science or credit to the scientist Paul stamets who made it possible for us to have this product due to his generosity of open patents. He also never gave full credit to John Kohler for making his platform explode. He wouldn't be enjoying the majority of subscribers if it wasn't for John Kohler.


    Little Dragon
    Little Dragon
    1 year ago
    Julianne Mc That is the thing about Jake, he doesn't give credit to others, he likes to claim it as his own. Which is why he was sued in the first place by his teacher. He cares only about money, that to him is the only importance.


    Julianne Mc
    Julianne Mc
    1 year ago
    Little Dragon court documents are normally public do you have a link to this lawsuit?


    Little Dragon
    Little Dragon
    1 year ago
    Julianne Mc here is the link my friend passed me.


    Little Dragon
    Little Dragon
    1 year ago
    Julianne Mc here is the other link, Laura is Jake's first wife

  • preacherjohn
    preacherjohn 25 days ago

    Misleading title, should have been: "Couple goes to do laundry. On a boat."

  • dano2644
    dano2644 25 days ago

    It's kinda strange they you show her topless in the thumbnail but not the video. Not that I care. Great job of false advertising to get views.

    IMONEIN MILLION 27 days ago


  • Robbie Dinkins
    Robbie Dinkins 29 days ago

    get rid of the clickbait might get some more viewers

  • Tom's Projects
    Tom's Projects Month ago

    I had no idea Jake Mace lived Off Grid.

  • Bilal Hameed
    Bilal Hameed Month ago

    ur all thing are good but title pic are very uselesd
    if u remove this pic then othervois i will unsbscrib ur chanal and i will report

  • Khushal Khan
    Khushal Khan Month ago

    +92 312 8008017 ok call me

  • Todd Daugherty
    Todd Daugherty Month ago

    Oh joy. 12 minutes of nada for 2 minutes of construction. A waste.

  • Davy Derr
    Davy Derr Month ago

    il so what the f*** you think you just stand with your ass sticking out somebody going to feel sorry for your sorry ass a f****** God damn you ought to be ashamed of yourself talk about using fanimation f*** you I'll never watch it again f*** you and your yurt

  • Sean Gettings Actor/Comedian

    Enjoyed the channel but the endless spending of money, the fake thumbnails, the beams are not even secure, “alone in the wilderness”. have neighbors a few feet away....

  • Robin Wammack
    Robin Wammack Month ago +3

    New title.
    Girl with husband go to town to do laundry.
    Looking for sponsors.

  • james Smith
    james Smith Month ago

    Seriously just show it all girl instead of just teasing.

  • rotty rotty
    rotty rotty Month ago

    This bitch gets naked in every thumbnail. Unnecessary.we came here for something different not for ho ho hoes.

  • G Moore
    G Moore Month ago

    Living off the grid while you’re putting your laptop away!! Off the grid means no electricity & internet! Lost me. Check out Dick Proeneke; Alone in The Wilderness, now that’s living off the grid! Check it out!

  • 1walter2808
    1walter2808 Month ago

    So you are off the grid and in the wilderness building a yurt alone but with a place to stay with a front door you need to lock, laptop, a second person and next door neighbors... well ok then... you might have a good story to tell but it's impossible to get past the BS you show within the first minute, sorry.

  • millie mill
    millie mill Month ago

    Sooo I'm assuming her husband loves to see her backside??? Alot of thumbnails is of her backside???? You got it flaunt it I guess????😊

  • hamraj Gaikawad
    hamraj Gaikawad Month ago

    i love you baby

  • Kelly Belanger
    Kelly Belanger Month ago

    Do you both have jobs

  • Calvin nvprofection


  • Tammy Barber
    Tammy Barber Month ago

    Just subscribed😊

  • Wayne Leamon
    Wayne Leamon Month ago

    People, learn to look beyond what you think displeases you and search for the good in things. She is a beautiful woman and so what if she is not alone. They are a team and they are alone. In the way of life where I live a couple become one and therefore they are one and alone in the wilderness.

  • Tony Capa
    Tony Capa Month ago

    holy crap click bait. put a shirt on

  • Duff Man
    Duff Man Month ago

    Prostitutes have found the best clients

  • Life is Precious
    Life is Precious Month ago

    This ruined my day! Interesting topic, annoying dance, focusing selfies!

  • budgoeke
    budgoeke Month ago

    Screw the crybabies , She’s built great and you should both be proud. If they clicked because

  • Barry Sakr
    Barry Sakr Month ago

    Yeah ya a ya a ya a . Did you build the yurt alone in the wilderness, and topless? You must love looking at yourself on video and flicking your hair and venting your stress. Yea right

  • Barry Sakr
    Barry Sakr Month ago


  • Rachel West
    Rachel West Month ago

    another semi nude pic to start the video? click bait?

  • Angel Ange
    Angel Ange Month ago

    That picture is clickbait wow

  • jack Rabbit
    jack Rabbit Month ago

    Luckiest s o b in the world .
    Hot chick , dudes got a brain
    and I've the same Nick name .
    WoW loosen the hair buddy ..
    At least u have a way cool girl
    awesome place , and yr not a
    cop , , wait yr not a cop r u ?!?
    Maine looks just like yr place ,
    the chicks here have no teeth
    But ....
    And I've no idea who invented
    yoga pants but as men , we
    really need to build a monument
    for the person!

  • Christopher
    Christopher Month ago

    nice bait and click...….lolllol if she could build that alone......also how come we didnt get to see her naked since shes topless in the thumbnail...….seriously are you 2 really that desperate for viewers.....I started watching you videos in order but now I will not be watching your channel anymore....I do not like to be lied 2 should get real jobs instead of beggig on patreon

  • Mike Hunt
    Mike Hunt Month ago

    Loving the thumbnails ! Keep up the good work.

  • Marcuz Tabz
    Marcuz Tabz Month ago

    This reminds me of shoping for car parts in magazine. Models are in bikini next to a car or rims.

  • Raul martinez
    Raul martinez Month ago

    This guy is gross and annoying
    Wasted 2 minutes of my life

  • Larry McGinnis
    Larry McGinnis Month ago

    Very interesting & obviously challenging for you guys. I’m going to subscribe & begin watching you often. Take care & keep making them & I will keep watching. Thanks 👍

  • Larry Bensley
    Larry Bensley Month ago

    Nice ass

  • Mind Over Matter
    Mind Over Matter Month ago

    Canadian cracKKKas look different than Americans cracKKKas.

  • Stephen Lee
    Stephen Lee Month ago

    Note to people complaining about the clickbait ., go watch porn if u wanna see a woman without a shirt on , she is more respectable than that and even if she did do that , that’s her and her husbands business . Great vid .

  • md3280
    md3280 Month ago

    Living off he grid my ass

  • Дед Пихто
    Дед Пихто Month ago

    the topic of boobs is not disclosed here

  • love bird garank
    love bird garank Month ago

    Wow amazing thumbnail so hot

  • rudolph le roux
    rudolph le roux Month ago

    The title mentions the word ‘Alone’ . Who’s the guy helping you?

  • Ameer Zaib
    Ameer Zaib 2 months ago

    doing good even without clothless girl👎

  • Donald Johnson
    Donald Johnson 2 months ago

    You can run a washer using a bicycle to turn it. Its on the net, look it up. Good luck.

  • Ian Joel
    Ian Joel 2 months ago

    "Bout time you bought yourself some new jeans, Jake, surely you can't be that short of cash !!! :)

  • Bob Henry
    Bob Henry 2 months ago

    TOTAL desperate click bait crap - no one cares about your pitiful life and whats with the nude add pic. loooosers Undescribed

  • Howard Fortyfive
    Howard Fortyfive 2 months ago

    If you REALLY wanna protect yourselves from bears you *both* need to learn how to shoot a rifle capable of harvesting large game like deer elk or bear. Surely a few locals there know their way around firearms without dropping them and hurting themselves. Checkout on YT. He's been working to build a self reliant homestead out of Ontario over 2+yr. He's built a log cabin summer kitchen outhouse sauna and recently started a Longhouse on his land. Good luck.

  • Azuraz Dandaridae
    Azuraz Dandaridae 2 months ago

    Click bait .... thumbs down .... reported. Will definitely avoid anything you post from now on.

  • cartbuilder 61
    cartbuilder 61 2 months ago

    See, here we go again with the tit click-bait. I'm sure you have very nice boobs but I just want to see the your yurt man!

  • Mark Russ
    Mark Russ 2 months ago

    So how does building a yurt have anything to do with doing dirty laundry? Bye bye.

  • Keith Reidenbach
    Keith Reidenbach 2 months ago

    Complete phoney internet beggars. Here are a couple of career opportunities for you to consider. Nicole, get to the nearest nudie bar and apply while you still can. Jake, get a piece of cardboard and write HOMELESS and HUNGRY on it and sit at the entrance of the nearest Wal-Mart.

  • Alexander Nielsen
    Alexander Nielsen 2 months ago

    Someone is desperate for more views 😊 🖱 🎣

  • Savage West
    Savage West 2 months ago

    I think this is a fake con job

  • Steven Stevens
    Steven Stevens 2 months ago

    Show us your of grid dildos in use

    SCOTTISH PRIDE 2 months ago

    Girl Builds Off Grid Yurt Alone in Canadian Wilderness - is the title of this video. 1st, your usage of the term "we" means it was done with two or more and not one as the title suggests. As such, you lied with the title. Thumbs down to you! ScottishxPride, Texas.

  • liek e
    liek e 2 months ago

    Just unsubd. Why the girl alone when it is not true, and semi- nude pics? Watched the yurt-build despite them, because there was a vid with not such a obvious pic. But I see it's a structural thing now. Really puts me off. Do as you like but it is not my cup of tea.

  • Old Guy's Place
    Old Guy's Place 2 months ago

    Plenty of click bait on this channel. Wow, 50 % negative comments and dislikes on your videos. Pretty sad.

    HAVE A LAUGH 2 months ago

    There's a reason people don't do construction naked.

  • Green Lady’s Succulent Garden Life

    Super love your channels..... Your content is so good!!!! You don’t need a click baitish thumbnail it seems a bit exploitative of Nicole..... She is a beautiful girl with more to add.... not necessary unless you want to attract pervs. 🤪🙃🤗🤗💚💚💚✌️

  • Kevin Perez
    Kevin Perez 2 months ago

    Ep 13 got a floor kinda lol terrible thumbnail makes it horrific

  • Richard Siegler
    Richard Siegler 2 months ago

    I’ve had property in Northern Ontario and Minnesota.....nothing can turn a hard day into a bad day like the bugs can. Whenever it would get to me and I just wanted to get out of there ...some place they couldn’t... I thought about the pioneers, both men and women, children who struggled through all this and more. No bug nets, no bug spray, no rain suits.....they persevered. It is the hard times you struggle through together that will build the bonds that can not be broken., memories that will bring the smiles in those much later years. You’ll become the elderly couple who with just a touch, smile or look will mean so much to each other..and say so much more......Treasure those difficult you can laugh from your rocking chair.

  • 1971player
    1971player 2 months ago

    i am only here to watch nicole in yoga pants.

  • Trucos Caseros
    Trucos Caseros 2 months ago

    Clickbait abuse!

    DARREN CADY 2 months ago

    Is living off the grid going to town to get food and clothes....

  • D. J
    D. J 2 months ago

    Why is the video shot seems to look like? His woman or a woman. Without her top off facing with her back turn. Is this a LAME PERVERTED JOKE to catch people attention to watch your video.... ?

  • Jux Phun
    Jux Phun 2 months ago

    The thumbnail is such a clickbait.

  • Paul Barrozo
    Paul Barrozo 2 months ago

    I am unsubscribing because you all keep showing her naked... totally unnecessary.

  • Howard Silver
    Howard Silver 2 months ago

    Please no click bate!! I watch your site for the wholesomeness of your content, pleasure at watching a young open couple’s endeavors , ideas on simple living. The rest of the net, is full of the other stuff, and I avoid it!

  • trike rider
    trike rider 2 months ago +3

    1. You are not alone. 2. Your thumbnail in nothing but clickbait. 3. I'm not going to waste any more time on you.

    • Kistilan
      Kistilan 2 months ago

      I mean, I'm gonna give it the five finger death punch salute, but that's just me enhancing the thumbnail and tracing contours with my eager eyes.

  • Robert Carmody
    Robert Carmody 2 months ago

    I don’t think I could use my beloved as click bait.

  • kevin15chopper
    kevin15chopper 2 months ago

    WOW she's SEXY and hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • james ketchem
    james ketchem 2 months ago

    do your wash the old fason way ,with a wash tub and hang them up to dry,

  • Joel Henderson
    Joel Henderson 2 months ago

    Stop trying to get more subs by showing skin not good.

  • Armadillarodeo
    Armadillarodeo 2 months ago

    Since when does alone mean 2? Click Bait.

  • mwgoody
    mwgoody 2 months ago

    misleading title and the thumbnail was of her topless what crap!

  • Allan
    Allan 2 months ago

    Build a fire, make smoke, wards off nuisance insects!

  • Tee Jay
    Tee Jay 2 months ago

    Everyone report this video for misleading text so it get's removed