Girl Builds Off Grid Yurt Alone in Canadian Wilderness | Ep.13

  • Published on Apr 13, 2019
  • We are running low on clothes. Jake and I take a trip to town to do some laundry and get some groceries. The next day is probably the hardest day we've had on the property watch to find out why... Enjoy 😊
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  • Living Off Grid w/ Jake & Nicole

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    • 3ouxia
      3ouxia 6 days ago

      He's also a fraudulent teacher of fake kung fu. He was never certified by any schools and gives the art a bad name.

    • joel norn
      joel norn 16 days ago +1

      Begging for money to support you and your girlfriend. What kind of man are you??? I mean really just cause you want to live island life doesn't make it okay to beg for money. Take you squeegee and earn it like the man you are.

    • joel norn
      joel norn 16 days ago +1

      Go fund you.....? Dude what kind of grown man askes people to fund him and his girlfriend? Did you get tired of window washing with squeegees for change?

    • Cregg Lund
      Cregg Lund 19 days ago

      Here is an off-grid shower that works:

    • Michael Shea
      Michael Shea 21 day ago

      No chance!

  • Ameer Zaib
    Ameer Zaib 15 hours ago

    doing good even without clothless girl👎

  • Donald Johnson
    Donald Johnson Day ago

    You can run a washer using a bicycle to turn it. Its on the net, look it up. Good luck.

  • Ian Joel
    Ian Joel Day ago

    "Bout time you bought yourself some new jeans, Jake, surely you can't be that short of cash !!! :)

  • Bob Henry
    Bob Henry 2 days ago

    TOTAL desperate click bait crap - no one cares about your pitiful life and whats with the nude add pic. loooosers Undescribed

  • Howard Fortyfive
    Howard Fortyfive 3 days ago

    If you REALLY wanna protect yourselves from bears you *both* need to learn how to shoot a rifle capable of harvesting large game like deer elk or bear. Surely a few locals there know their way around firearms without dropping them and hurting themselves. Checkout on YT. He's been working to build a self reliant homestead out of Ontario over 2+yr. He's built a log cabin summer kitchen outhouse sauna and recently started a Longhouse on his land. Good luck.

  • Azuraz Dandaridae
    Azuraz Dandaridae 5 days ago

    Click bait .... thumbs down .... reported. Will definitely avoid anything you post from now on.

  • cartbuilder 61
    cartbuilder 61 6 days ago

    See, here we go again with the tit click-bait. I'm sure you have very nice boobs but I just want to see the your yurt man!

  • Mark Russ
    Mark Russ 7 days ago

    So how does building a yurt have anything to do with doing dirty laundry? Bye bye.

  • Keith Reidenbach
    Keith Reidenbach 7 days ago

    Complete phoney internet beggars. Here are a couple of career opportunities for you to consider. Nicole, get to the nearest nudie bar and apply while you still can. Jake, get a piece of cardboard and write HOMELESS and HUNGRY on it and sit at the entrance of the nearest Wal-Mart.

  • Alexander Nielsen
    Alexander Nielsen 7 days ago

    Someone is desperate for more views 😊 🖱 🎣

  • Savage West
    Savage West 7 days ago

    I think this is a fake con job

  • Steven Stevens
    Steven Stevens 8 days ago

    Show us your of grid dildos in use

    SCOTTISH PRIDE 8 days ago

    Girl Builds Off Grid Yurt Alone in Canadian Wilderness - is the title of this video. 1st, your usage of the term "we" means it was done with two or more and not one as the title suggests. As such, you lied with the title. Thumbs down to you! ScottishxPride, Texas.

  • liek e
    liek e 8 days ago

    Just unsubd. Why the girl alone when it is not true, and semi- nude pics? Watched the yurt-build despite them, because there was a vid with not such a obvious pic. But I see it's a structural thing now. Really puts me off. Do as you like but it is not my cup of tea.

  • Old Guy's Place
    Old Guy's Place 9 days ago

    Plenty of click bait on this channel. Wow, 50 % negative comments and dislikes on your videos. Pretty sad.

    HAVE A LAUGH 9 days ago

    There's a reason people don't do construction naked.

  • Green Lady’s Succulent Garden Life

    Super love your channels..... Your content is so good!!!! You don’t need a click baitish thumbnail it seems a bit exploitative of Nicole..... She is a beautiful girl with more to add.... not necessary unless you want to attract pervs. 🤪🙃🤗🤗💚💚💚✌️

  • Kevin Perez
    Kevin Perez 10 days ago

    Ep 13 got a floor kinda lol terrible thumbnail makes it horrific

  • Richard Siegler
    Richard Siegler 11 days ago

    I’ve had property in Northern Ontario and Minnesota.....nothing can turn a hard day into a bad day like the bugs can. Whenever it would get to me and I just wanted to get out of there ...some place they couldn’t... I thought about the pioneers, both men and women, children who struggled through all this and more. No bug nets, no bug spray, no rain suits.....they persevered. It is the hard times you struggle through together that will build the bonds that can not be broken., memories that will bring the smiles in those much later years. You’ll become the elderly couple who with just a touch, smile or look will mean so much to each other..and say so much more......Treasure those difficult you can laugh from your rocking chair.

  • 1971player
    1971player 11 days ago

    i am only here to watch nicole in yoga pants.

  • Trucos Caseros
    Trucos Caseros 12 days ago

    Clickbait abuse!

  • Stuart Pickles
    Stuart Pickles 12 days ago

    Clickbait at its finest I was really hoping she was gonna build it topless.

    DARREN CADY 12 days ago

    Is living off the grid going to town to get food and clothes....

  • D. J
    D. J 12 days ago

    Why is the video shot seems to look like? His woman or a woman. Without her top off facing with her back turn. Is this a LAME PERVERTED JOKE to catch people attention to watch your video.... ?

  • Jux Phun
    Jux Phun 13 days ago

    The thumbnail is such a clickbait.

  • Paul Barrozo
    Paul Barrozo 14 days ago

    I am unsubscribing because you all keep showing her naked... totally unnecessary.

  • Howard Silver
    Howard Silver 14 days ago

    Please no click bate!! I watch your site for the wholesomeness of your content, pleasure at watching a young open couple’s endeavors , ideas on simple living. The rest of the net, is full of the other stuff, and I avoid it!

  • trike rider
    trike rider 14 days ago +3

    1. You are not alone. 2. Your thumbnail in nothing but clickbait. 3. I'm not going to waste any more time on you.

    • Kistilan
      Kistilan 14 days ago

      I mean, I'm gonna give it the five finger death punch salute, but that's just me enhancing the thumbnail and tracing contours with my eager eyes.

  • Robert Carmody
    Robert Carmody 15 days ago

    I don’t think I could use my beloved as click bait.

  • kevin15chopper
    kevin15chopper 15 days ago

    WOW she's SEXY and hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    james ketchem 16 days ago

    do your wash the old fason way ,with a wash tub and hang them up to dry,

  • Joel Henderson
    Joel Henderson 17 days ago

    Stop trying to get more subs by showing skin not good.

  • Armadillarodeo
    Armadillarodeo 17 days ago

    Since when does alone mean 2? Click Bait.

  • mwgoody
    mwgoody 18 days ago

    misleading title and the thumbnail was of her topless what crap!

  • Allan
    Allan 19 days ago

    Build a fire, make smoke, wards off nuisance insects!

  • Tee Jay
    Tee Jay 20 days ago

    Everyone report this video for misleading text so it get's removed

  • Rajendra Shukla
    Rajendra Shukla 21 day ago


  • metamud
    metamud 21 day ago

    Still no 45s on those stilts?

  • wwtjoy gbths
    wwtjoy gbths 22 days ago

    You are really pandering for view.

  • Michael Reyes
    Michael Reyes 22 days ago +2

    Why is this called "GIRL builds off-grid yurt ALONE"???? When clearly she is NOT ALONE and the MAN is doing 90% of the work??????? WTF? Also, I'm a female and have built 13 different structures, from yurts to 5000sqft log homes to apartment buildings with fully self-sustaining green systems, that I developed. But I don't go thinking I deserve anyone to pat me on the back or give a fuck or donate money to me because I think I deserve credit for actually doing something worthwhile with my life and taking the initiative to know how to survive for more than a day without social constructs or systems. Really not trying to sound like a bitch here, and I RARELY comment on videos. But this shit grinds my gears. It just annoyed me that it's titled "GIRL...blah... blah... ALONE" and then I'm wasting my time watching her boyfriend do her laundry, drive their boat and build her a yurt that I'm sure their parents paid for. Fucking millennials man.

  • Forge North
    Forge North 22 days ago

    Came here just to unlike for the clickbait 😂

  • Off Grid Junky
    Off Grid Junky 22 days ago

    Wow....thumbnail was so inappropriate.... but i get it almost 3 million views in the naked back shot of showering off grid video. ....definitely not needed with great content...ijs..!!! Most of the comments are telling you this....please listen....!!! Without us there is no you...

  • Alex Whitby
    Alex Whitby 23 days ago

    Click bait. Unliked.

  • william Sedlacek
    william Sedlacek 23 days ago

    Man all I see are a bunch of people who need to get a life complianing on here. If you don't like something why are you watching it. Move on don't cry.

  • william Sedlacek
    william Sedlacek 23 days ago

    I myself love all your videos. The nakedness is really cool it adds to the video. I would say these whinners on here that don't like go watch someting else instead. Maybe they just love to cry about crap.

  • Anthony Stubblefield
    Anthony Stubblefield 23 days ago

    I will have to admit when you first see you clickbait! You think wow then when you watch you say wow in another way!!! Yes she is amazing and beautiful but way to nice to objectafile her!!!

  • lavkmr1
    lavkmr1 23 days ago

    I will appreciate your video even more if you don't show your ass as click bait in every video.we watch such video to get a feel of nature and spiritual purity and anything that has a material vibe just ruins it for me.

  • Zuhair Tamimi
    Zuhair Tamimi 23 days ago

    you look like that guy who killed his pregnant wife and two kids

  • alphasxsignal
    alphasxsignal 23 days ago

    Insect repellent I would be wearing. Nats get bad here in Florida in the summer.

  • Truebluexpat
    Truebluexpat 23 days ago

    well I have to say, I love your clock bait lol, why not, she is smoking hot and your vids are awsome, keep them coming guys

  • Sparkymax L
    Sparkymax L 23 days ago

    How come your not topless.
    It's what you advertised?!

  • John Vargo
    John Vargo 23 days ago

    It's clickbait, but she has a great spine.

    LARRY SMITH 23 days ago

    At least show the click bait somewhere in the video..

  • taytay dews
    taytay dews 23 days ago

    Unsubscribed ..clickbaiting rubbish!!

  • 1spiderbesider
    1spiderbesider 23 days ago

    You are inspiring to many people. The message is wonderful and the freedom must be astounding.

  • baddad willi
    baddad willi 23 days ago

    How sweet some guy and his transman living in the wild..

  • D kuhlmom
    D kuhlmom 24 days ago

    I used to like him when he was the vegan athlete...i know to each its own,but not a fan of the new style..,bathing showing a naked back etc......just weird for me..

  • Mohit Singh
    Mohit Singh 24 days ago

    Click baites

  • Karl Schueler
    Karl Schueler 24 days ago

    When you record and upload check your audio level!

  • David Walsh
    David Walsh 24 days ago

    Lots of better channels with similar content and no click bait leadins.

  • Jim H
    Jim H 25 days ago


  • Gabe Adkins-Lamb
    Gabe Adkins-Lamb 25 days ago

    Used to like your stuff but I cant stand the click bait. Its pathetic. Unsubbed.

    HELLO WORLD 25 days ago

    Retarded 🙄

  • Jim Thompson
    Jim Thompson 25 days ago

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  • Anwar H Arts
    Anwar H Arts 25 days ago

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  • Sarah
    Sarah 25 days ago

    RU-clip suggested this crap? What a fail

  • Donald Hill
    Donald Hill 26 days ago

    I enjoy the veiws from where they are. Click bait or not it fun to watch.

  • green sleep
    green sleep 26 days ago +17

    Do you two realize how unstable your construction is? What's with the clickbait photo that just underscores your bad decisions?

  • enrique sarabia
    enrique sarabia 26 days ago

    Fucking clickbait..

  • motogp1461
    motogp1461 26 days ago

    effin clickbait...

  • Susan Mckenny
    Susan Mckenny 26 days ago +17

    What’s with the topless click bait? I hope you stop so I can respect your journey

    • NPCs U Can’t Laugh _____ Bahahaha
      NPCs U Can’t Laugh _____ Bahahaha 8 days ago

      Susan Mckenny ... he’s addicted ,,, like the guy that hooks out his wife, gets paid $$$ and wants more.
      Git ur arse back on dat street you biotch!!!!

  • F. Hetau U.
    F. Hetau U. 27 days ago

    I dig your sweatshirt!, "Spiritual Gangster",first time ever seeing that! 😀

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  • Allan Jay
    Allan Jay 28 days ago

    Nice clickbait thumbnail. fuck this channel

  • Dallas Davis
    Dallas Davis 28 days ago

    wanting money fucktards i hope you go broke and have to get a job

  • Anthony Zammitt
    Anthony Zammitt 28 days ago

    Just found your channel. Love it! Also, you do you. Forget what the naysayers say. Not everyone understands creativity and creative undertones. This is your content and should consist of what makes you, you. Looking forward to more.

  • Richard Brazee
    Richard Brazee 28 days ago +4

    Another click bait channel. Sweet! I'm sure that will workout great

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    James Johnson 28 days ago

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  • Eduardo Gavino
    Eduardo Gavino 29 days ago

    The couple have the most honest interest to relate what they have done. Sometime things does not congruent to reality but that is not a sin, merely to relate. I would appreciate if we share our love to them. Thanks

  • Chuck Logan
    Chuck Logan 29 days ago

    Nicole is so beautiful!! Very lucky man Jake!,

  • jay
    jay 29 days ago

    the pimp & the thumbnail hoe looking for sponsor,= hoe money so sad

  • Bryan Mabb
    Bryan Mabb 29 days ago

    Jake & Nicole ? How did you start your adventure and how did you get the land your living on ?

  • Robert Gillis
    Robert Gillis 29 days ago

    Fucking click bait.... Help fund us... Always the same crap

  • brenda black
    brenda black Month ago

    iam happy to send you a pack a toilet paper for all the dribble that comes out of your mouths :},go and get a real job and fund your life yourselfs without bludging your way through it from gullible people

  • Planet CEO
    Planet CEO Month ago

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  • Planet CEO
    Planet CEO Month ago

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  • Billy Joe Mac Allister

    Good video! Great Thumb Nail don't be ashamed. Thats Mother Nature at its best right there! All good. Seriously someone dropping bear mace down for you ... much love!

  • Cathleen de Ontiveros

    Your content is good, clickbate is costing subscribers. I hope for the channels sake you will change the title

  • Jeff Mays
    Jeff Mays Month ago

    Yep, I'm out - no. 423,361

  • Seth Racc
    Seth Racc Month ago

    The best way to loose subs is to use your wife for views.

  • Double A AMV
    Double A AMV Month ago

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    Violets are blue
    I came here for the thumbnail
    And So did you

  • J Abbot
    J Abbot Month ago

    Oh no, where are the tits? Seen the whole video - for nothing :-(

  • H M
    H M Month ago

    Go get some Avon "Skin so Soft" mozzies hate it , they wont come near you.

  • Bill
    Bill Month ago

    What's that sound I keep hearing? Is it... laughter? Yeah, theirs. GoFundMe. You've got to be kidding. Or maybe not. I guess that's why they're laughing!

  • T R
    T R Month ago

    Crap click bate never watch again!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • New Life Acres
    New Life Acres Month ago

    Were off grid as well and we ended up purchasing a low water washing machine, it was about 500$ and it works really well. 6 gallons of water per wash and only takes Watts to run. Only down fall is it wont take any blankets. To small unfortunately but has lowered our laundry days to once a month in town. Its a Danby twin tub

  • Daniel Richard
    Daniel Richard Month ago

    Wath part of CANADA are you in?

  • Daniel Richard
    Daniel Richard Month ago

    JAKE & NICOLE you guys are making interesting video, i enjoy watching GOD BLESS and have a great day.