Scrap Wood Projects

  • Published on Jun 26, 2015
  • In this video a lounge chair table, carpenter bee traps and more are made from left over scrap wood from a recent deck construction.
    Tools Used:
    Miter Saw:
    1/2 inch Drill:
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  • Cory Lang
    Cory Lang Month ago

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  • Fruccal
    Fruccal 3 months ago

    New record. 2 sec in and I already love you.

  • nuckfugget 12
    nuckfugget 12 6 months ago

    Remember kids always have protection

  • George M
    George M 7 months ago +1

    why didnt you 45 the corners of the table. looks like you ran out of lumber the way you did it..

  • Zachary Nichols
    Zachary Nichols 8 months ago

    blast off

  • Zachary Nichols
    Zachary Nichols 8 months ago


  • Zachary Nichols
    Zachary Nichols 8 months ago


  • Zachary Nichols
    Zachary Nichols 8 months ago


  • Zachary Nichols
    Zachary Nichols 8 months ago


  • Abeonthehill
    Abeonthehill 11 months ago

    Fascinating man ! I do hate to waste things........

  • Valerie Foster
    Valerie Foster Year ago

    I just popped in from seeing your comment on RVDreaming restoration of their RV revelation video. I’m a new sub, maybe you can teach this old dog something new!

  • Cassidy Patrick
    Cassidy Patrick Year ago

    Nice job

  • Raul Deu
    Raul Deu Year ago

    I recently made a dick

  • nick longstaffe
    nick longstaffe Year ago

    Should have glued the cap in so you could remove and replace the bottle. Otherwise neat trap

  • Jesus Lives Within Us

    Great work Man!

  • Pj O'Sullivan
    Pj O'Sullivan Year ago


  • chris
    chris Year ago


  • Kerry Randolph
    Kerry Randolph Year ago

    I know how t work wood to.

  • Kerry Randolph
    Kerry Randolph Year ago

    that is really cool

  • Eddy Rozema
    Eddy Rozema 2 years ago

    Projects with screws in sight ? Sorry man , not nice

  • Cariboo Custom Woodworks

    why didn't you mitre the skirt corners on that deck table? Would have been just as easy and nicer looking.

    • Making Stuff
      Making Stuff  2 years ago

      It gets used more as a stool than a table. LOL! If Mrs. Making Stuff is happy with it, then so am I.

    MARFY MAKER 2 years ago

    Very good, come and see me on my channel thanks

  • Bing bing bong bong
    Bing bing bong bong 2 years ago

    My other brother Darrel

  • Ian Johnson
    Ian Johnson 2 years ago

    Nothing like some simple, yet useful projects from scrap wood!

    • Making Stuff
      Making Stuff  2 years ago

      Glad you liked it. Thanks for watching!

  • Donna gunn
    Donna gunn 2 years ago

    I really enjoy watching these quick projects and with all those scraps. I hate waste. Thanks for all the great ideas. Good job. Don't listen to all the haters out there. Hope you continue to share your work.

    • Making Stuff
      Making Stuff  2 years ago

      What haters? LOL! Thanks for watching!

  • Thomas Nocella
    Thomas Nocella 2 years ago

    Great Video but you could have salvaged a few more inches of wood. When making that table you could have made to side boards longer by the thickness of the other two sides. Would have made for a nicer look and or you could have mitred all sides but I got your point. No nonsense video.

  • Esther Jenkins
    Esther Jenkins 2 years ago +4

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  • Kyle Metcalfe
    Kyle Metcalfe 2 years ago

    What are you making in this Video?? Like how many Projects are you doing in 1 Video? Kyle

  • Evaristo Arabejo
    Evaristo Arabejo 2 years ago

    it is scrap wood''

  • h mc
    h mc 2 years ago

    hey how well do the carpenter bee traps work? Ive never seen anything like that before!

    • h mc
      h mc 2 years ago

      Cool. Mostly around my garden shed, they seem to like the wood there for some reason! Thanks! Cool videos! Direct and to the point not a lot of talking!

    • Making Stuff
      Making Stuff  2 years ago

      I catch 2-3 in each trap each spring(April and May). My house isn't infested with them. If you had an infestation you could probably catch more than that.

  • artimus 1971
    artimus 1971 2 years ago

    good use of your scrap

  • JSTR
    JSTR 2 years ago

    SCRAP - I could never understand that term. Small pieces or odd pieces, yes. If you go to the lumber yard and buy a 10' board and come home and cut it up into smaller pieces, have you just taken a 'good' board and turned it into scrap? No, usable pieces for the project you are doing at the time. So, why are the pieces of wood that you are going to use scrap? They are just short pieces of wood. The difference between scrap wood and odd pieces or short pieces of wood just may be $100.

    • JSTR
      JSTR 2 years ago

      OK, now we're getting cute. I didn't downgrade you on anything but you fail to see that and for some reason and are taking it personally. It was more of a tongue in cheek statement. Not going to pursue this issue as it requires adult mentality.

    • Shannon Johnson
      Shannon Johnson 2 years ago

      You apparently do not understand the definition of SCRAP.
      Google the word SCRAP and you will see this fits the definition.

  • Jean Myers
    Jean Myers 2 years ago

    great job will plan to make bee traps soon i think if i put something sweet in the bottom of the plastic bottle it would work for other bees or bugs great video thank you for sharing

  • anonymous monkey
    anonymous monkey 2 years ago


  • David Dragan
    David Dragan 2 years ago

    why do you unpopular woodworkers play shit music?

    • Imagine then Make
      Imagine then Make 10 months ago

      I liked the music and winder who the artists are.

    • Per Shop
      Per Shop 2 years ago

      It's music that the video guy likes, not meant necessarily for you.

  • Allistene Charles
    Allistene Charles 2 years ago

    Wow excellent job my friend l trying to make a flowers planter and a bird house

  • Dakota Powell
    Dakota Powell 2 years ago +1

    This is a good woodworking book, “pepe amazing plan” (Google it). I took numerous classes and finished a one year diploma in carpentry at a local tech college; this is better than any book I worked out of during those lessons. It includes helpful images and goes over just about everything.

  • Buck Futter
    Buck Futter 2 years ago +1

    Should build a trash can to toss that junk you made in.

  • Smaugs Wrath
    Smaugs Wrath 2 years ago

    Did you need pilot holes for your table?

  • Devin Padilla
    Devin Padilla 2 years ago +1

    I am in the retirement stage of my life. I perform a bit of cabinetry, produce musical instruments, and carry out woodturning in my small shop. I stumbled upon this woodworking book, “pepe amazing plan” (Google it), and obtained it despite the fact that I own numerous woodworking books in the house. It`s the most comprehensive book I`ve seen. Every topic of the book is covered well.

  • Gord Taylor
    Gord Taylor 2 years ago

    good usefull projects from scrap.

  • patrick mcglone
    patrick mcglone 2 years ago

    well obviously someone had to come up with the idea of what to do with the constant scraps of wood we generate. great video and nice Job. consider me a subscriber.

  • Jianghao YouTube
    Jianghao YouTube 2 years ago

    Hello, what wood did you use for this project?

    • Jianghao YouTube
      Jianghao YouTube 2 years ago

      Making Stuff Oh okay, thank you

    • Making Stuff
      Making Stuff  2 years ago

      It's pressure treated pine that was left over from a deck that I built.

  • noctanol
    noctanol 2 years ago +1

    bees are going extinct and this idiot is building bee traps, all that forehead and no brain!!!!!

    • Patriot4TheTree
      Patriot4TheTree Year ago

      There's always a sensitive fucking whiner.

    • adkchip1
      adkchip1 2 years ago +5

      noctanol there is a difference between the honey bee, which is the one with problems, and carpenter bees that he was trying to trap.
      one is needed for the pollination of our food, the other a bothersome pest.
      just sayin.

  • Romaine Athey
    Romaine Athey 2 years ago

    You can use woodprix instructions to build it yourself guys.

  • Old Man from Scene Twenty Four

    Sorry dude but you remind me of Larry from the Bob Newhart Show (Larry, Darryl, and Darryl.)

  • Damon Diehl
    Damon Diehl 2 years ago +6

    Do you realize you squared off the ends of the 4x4 and then measured and cut from the other end?

    • trreb1
      trreb1 2 years ago +1

      You might want to look again. I know the video is kind of fast, but watch his hands. Took me a few replays but you can see that he did flip them over before me measured and cut them.

  • Apple Valley Farm
    Apple Valley Farm 3 years ago

    Hey your video. Great stuff. I'm curious about the background music you use? Who is that and/or where did it come from?

  • John-Bill Seymour
    John-Bill Seymour 3 years ago

    awesome video dude

  • Alex Dihes
    Alex Dihes 3 years ago

    Scrap builds scraps for the idiots with a scraping brain.

  • Chella 58
    Chella 58 3 years ago

    Ive got a bunch I mean a bunch of scrap wood, wanted to make several things but not alot of experience so needed very simple. I love the table, Ive got 8-4x4 4ft so I plan to try to make 2 of those tables. I would love to know how to make just simple plant stands to lift my patio plants up off the patio...I have dogs and one male ugh! you know they like to hike. I have a drill, hand saw, tape measure but no table saw ...not alot of hand wrist strength but think I can do these. Thanks

  • Majestic Genes
    Majestic Genes 3 years ago

    i might make that tabel for winter crafting

    • Ross Hall
      Ross Hall 2 years ago

      Harper Pokemonerd3000 A tabel for crafting is a great idea! I love tabels! I use tabels ALL the time but have never built my own tabel. Soon this video sample of a tabel build will help me build my first TABEL!!!

  • KJ
    KJ 3 years ago +32

    nice forehead

    • andrew crowley
      andrew crowley Year ago

      Total Goof of a comment, dime a dozen. Imagine what you looks like. Lmfao. Kids!

    • Nathan Thorson
      Nathan Thorson Year ago

      That's mean

    • God of Thunder Designs
      God of Thunder Designs Year ago

      Another troll that has as much brain cell matter as (s)he has RU-clip channel content lol

    • Oilguyjr ‘
      Oilguyjr ‘ Year ago

      So true

    • Lisa Pincott
      Lisa Pincott Year ago

      Really??? and that's the only thing you u can say to another? Charming

  • Dark Dragon
    Dark Dragon 3 years ago +30

    This wasn't supposed to be for fine quality, time consuming art wood projects for those complaining. It was a quick display of some projects that scrap wood could be used for. And it did it's job. Nice video.

    • mig multi
      mig multi 2 years ago

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    • Jabin Subhedar
      Jabin Subhedar 2 years ago

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    • Jime Alase
      Jime Alase 2 years ago


  • Leroy Jamestown
    Leroy Jamestown 3 years ago +1

    Using Woody Hyezmar’s Woodworking Bible, my brother is finally building and even selling some of his woodworking projects. Google him up for some inspiration :)

  • Ao1eaglesfan -0-
    Ao1eaglesfan -0- 3 years ago

    I wouldn't hang the bee trap right next to the new deck they might start building their nests in there

  • Coty Ibarra
    Coty Ibarra 3 years ago

    is that a 10 in saw cutting 4×4

  • christopher dustin
    christopher dustin 3 years ago +2

    Great use of scraps. don't throw it away or burn it unless you have to.

    • June Bates7
      June Bates7 3 years ago

      my brother recommended *TopFineWoodworking .Com* for the best woodworking plans and I couldnt agree more after getting it. Tons of amazing plans for sheds in there........

  • Crichly
    Crichly 3 years ago +2

    A guy with some smarts and some tools making stuff. That's what got me started on RU-clip. Well done!