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  • Published on Apr 30, 2017
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    Dieser Deutsch-Anfängerkurs wird euch helfen eure Sprachkenntnisse erheblich zu verbessern!
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    The German Alphabet (0:27)
    Introductions - Hello And Goodbye (4:39)
    Questions - Age, where are you from, occupation (9:23)
    German numbers - Counting, pronunciation, differences (19:25)
    Common miscommunications - I don't understand, Can you repeat that please, ... (24:02)
    German months, days, seasons, holidays (27:48)
    Expressing moods, feelings and emotions (31:22)
    German fruit vocabulary (33:44)
    Telling time in German (35:24)
    Telling someone where you're going (37:56)
    Common places in cities and towns - vocabulary lesson (41:08)
    Giving directions in German (46:06)
    Common questions in German (48:57)
    Room names (51:01)
    Expressing possession (55:27)
    German "lazy" speech (58:56)
    Common German abbreviations - vocabulary lesson (1:01:34)
    German organ names (1:05:08)
    The German states (1:09:13)
    Mathematics in German - part 1 (1:11:24)
    Mathematics in German - part 2 (1:15:31)
    Course outro (1:20:41)
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  • R R
    R R 15 hours ago +2

    Thanks so much for making these videos, it means so much to me, sincerely!

  • Kevin Ashcroft
    Kevin Ashcroft Day ago +1

    Ich bin Kevin

  • André Paschoal
    André Paschoal Day ago

    Lektion drei is repeated. Starting at ~9:23 und ~14:24. not sure whether it was done in purpose, though

  • Professores Unidos No Fônico


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    Ruben Rangel 3 days ago

    Couldnt talk lol cuten tag

  • Alyssa Ghenadievna
    Alyssa Ghenadievna 3 days ago

    It's all so clear but the one thing is that I don't understand the r in german. I don't know how to pronounce it. Do you say it in the word Uhr for exmpale? Or is it a rolling r/soft r?
    Ps also when I say Uhr I say it with an R hard af, it's not similar to yours

  • melini
    melini 4 days ago +1

    This is honestly incredibly helpful. I especially like how thorough everything is and that there are pauses for you to practice as if you're really having a conversation! Danke!!

  • Maje Brennan
    Maje Brennan 5 days ago +1

    I literally cannot imagine the shocked looks I'd get from the women where I live if I asked them how old they are.

  • Meryem Senlik
    Meryem Senlik 5 days ago

    2 germans in 1 cup lmao

  • josephine waweru
    josephine waweru 6 days ago

    Hallo!!! Mein name is Wambui
    Ich komme aus kenya.
    Ich lebe in Kenya.
    Ich liebe die deutsch language. I've been to Deutschland twice and visited 5 cities. I really loved the german culture and I'm determined to be fluent in German by 2020.Danke for the video.

  • 비숑프리제 방그레

    Viel dank!! 7:24

  • Vini Suichi
    Vini Suichi 6 days ago

    In Brazil's south they speak german too.. German is the 2nd language most speakded in Brazil, I need to learn it for my country ;-;

  • Pause&Ponder
    Pause&Ponder 6 days ago

    It is 14 October 2019, and I am visiting Germany in June of 2020. I am taking the language challenge, I will be fluent by then !!

  • Pause&Ponder
    Pause&Ponder 6 days ago

    I also like that you include the definite article with the new nouns so we can learn the gender simultaneously.

  • Pause&Ponder
    Pause&Ponder 6 days ago +1

    I like your clear pronunciation ! I ordered your "Get Germanized" Tshirt :-)

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    Ha ha jokes on you my family is German, so it's easy to learn

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    Thank you so much I love the way you teacher

  • Sophie Rønnow
    Sophie Rønnow 7 days ago +1

    I’ve had German in school for about 3-4 years now and it’s still hard for me to form a sentence. This video is really helpful.
    Thank you :)

  • FadedX
    FadedX 7 days ago

    I got confused at the part where he said Australia and Austria
    Österreich and Australien

  • Shonda Beatty-Calcote
    Shonda Beatty-Calcote 8 days ago +1

    Ich mag die videos

  • Furthy Thirtyfour
    Furthy Thirtyfour 8 days ago +1

    Why do Germans called Germany "Deutschland", don't they even know the name of their own country?

      MATZ VORWERG 2 days ago

      The question is, who is right. We with deutsch or you with german... I think deutschland is right😁

  • Furthy Thirtyfour
    Furthy Thirtyfour 8 days ago

    I am English and have been trying to learn German so I went to Germany and spoke German to a German and he answered me in English - go figure!

  • Jeffrey Mangubat
    Jeffrey Mangubat 9 days ago

    Danke schön Dominik!!!

  • Dario Castaneda
    Dario Castaneda 9 days ago

    Please do an A.2!

  • Kitchen Experiments
    Kitchen Experiments 10 days ago

    I am from india
    Best video for German 👌👍
    Thanks for uploading

  • yassine slevin
    yassine slevin 10 days ago +1

    Thank you so much for these amazing courses, you made the beginning for me easier

  • D Madd11
    D Madd11 10 days ago

    German: bis später!
    American: (shoulders m1 garand)
    nah I'll have to watch this thoroughly when I haven't been drinking beer. I'll also start practicing drinking warm beer. . .

  • Noirs the nobody
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    Get germanized:
    Youtoube:GET DEMITIZED

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    Dominic where are you from?

  • Lee Robbins
    Lee Robbins 11 days ago

    Do you have PDF files to download and study and Skype lessons for patrons?

    • Lee Robbins
      Lee Robbins 11 days ago

      Thank you for replying back to me. I have one year to learn as much as I can. I need to study as much as possible.

    • Get Germanized
      Get Germanized  11 days ago +1

      No since I'm doing this by myself and producing video takes up most of my time!

  • Elie Naddour
    Elie Naddour 11 days ago

    How do u say emre can is shit in german?.

  • Tiffany
    Tiffany 12 days ago +1

    4:57 time stamp o.o

  • Herman Dormehl
    Herman Dormehl 12 days ago

    I don't understand "gender objects"? How do you refer to a "becher" as a male object? And a "Schlange" as a female? huh?

  • RustySlushy
    RustySlushy 12 days ago

    1:25 *r6 intensifies*

  • Herman Dormehl
    Herman Dormehl 13 days ago

    My language, Afrikaans, derives from German and Dutch. So many (or some) of the words are very similar, close, or easy to grasp. I can greet you "Goeiedag, Goeiemore, Goeiemiddag, Goeienaand". The Bedroom is our "Slaapkamer", the Bathroom is our "Badkamer", the kitchen is our "kombuis", the living room is our "Sitkamer". I also have a balcony, that we just call a "balkon", and a garage is a "Motorhuis", which literally translates to CAR HOUSE. Our counting is also using the same order of using the small counter number first before the tens and hundreds number, like "een-en-twintig, honderd-drie-en-vyftig, vierduisend-driehonderd-en-negentig". In the fruit section a lot of fruits are close to ours too: Perske, Peer, Suurlemoen, Waatlemoen, Appelkoos, Appel, (I was laughing at your pineapple, since ours is closer to the English "Pynappel" that actually translate to "pain-apple". So, our Pineapple is also a laughing matter. Haha! Love this video. Thanks a lot. I will have to watch it over and over again.

  • Fatima Abdullah
    Fatima Abdullah 13 days ago

    Thank you 🙏

  • Houp Vies
    Houp Vies 13 days ago

    А что я тут забыл?

  • Machinegun Preacher
    Machinegun Preacher 13 days ago

    @22:00 During the second week of my 101 level German class the professor decided to do a little something to help break the ice: He wrote 5, 55, 555, 5555, 55555, 555555, 5555555 & 55555555 and had all of us at once (try to, mostly in vain and in a near-infernal cacophony LOL) pronounce them aloud. Of course, it got very hilarious, very quickly. Ice, was then shattered.... It's been fun so far.
    Fortunately, like every other American of my generation - I'm 30 -, I had years and years of Eisbrecher, Revolverheld and (for us old people) Rammstein along with, more recently, our good friend Dominik here to help me; which gave me a good boost when I started. It's going rather well, actually. I can read it quickly and almost always pronounce the words correctly. Now, the translations however, still a ways to go... I have decided that Deutsch will be one of my two minors though. I love it.

  • Lauryn
    Lauryn 14 days ago

    How to Pronounce the German Alphabet (practice):
    A: Ah
    B: Bee
    C: See
    D: Dee
    E: Ey
    F: Ef
    G: Gee (Hard G)
    H: Ha
    I: E
    J: Yot
    K: Kah
    L: El
    M: Em
    N: En
    O: Ouh
    P: Peh
    Q: Coo
    R: Er
    S: Es
    T: Tee
    U: Oo
    V: Fou
    W: Vay
    X: Icks
    Y: Upsilon
    Z: Set
    My name (Lauryn) would be

  • Oliver Clark
    Oliver Clark 15 days ago


  • Noel Andrijana Nikolić

    God this is hard but I want give up untill i learn it!!!
    Best way to learn German is next to a German person that will constantly remind u the words and and what it means.

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    Vielen Dank das hat mir sehr geholfen! (Yes I looked this up) But I will say a word I have learned.

    I know a lot more words but I didn't want to wright it all

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    Alles wurde sehr gut erklärt, Danke ;)

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