China Mac on Confronting Man for Saying He Would Get Smacked for Saying N-Word (Part 10)

  • Published on Sep 6, 2019
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    China Mac spoke on his interview with Queenzflip, addressing a statement where someone said they would smack him if he used the n-word. They talked about another rapper named TMS getting smacked for using the word on camera. From there, Vlad noted that he doesn’t think anyone should use the word.
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  • Lil Oreo
    Lil Oreo 5 hours ago +1

    Fuck this Chinese dude I’ll smoke this pussy👿🖕🏻

  • Abdikadir Musa
    Abdikadir Musa 12 hours ago

    That mf would get smacked too we don’t give a fuck

  • Joseph Chang
    Joseph Chang 13 hours ago

    Kobe is a good song.

  • You are wright , i am wrong firstly.

    Well I'm white and I just want to say ...nigga nigga nigga.
    Because I'm.hiding behind my phone.

  • EduardFromBK
    EduardFromBK 2 days ago

    Everyone in NY uses the word there’s a huge difference saying nigga and then the er ending one.We never use the word nigga in a derogatory way we say it as a friend or when we’re speaking in a serious manner . Also got to remember nyc is a huge melting pot so to see asian folks , latino folks , black folks , etc linked up together is not a surprise so everyone gets comfortable around one another you know . End of the day we are all minorities still if we’re not white , so we have to stick with each other !

  • 4AY2020
    4AY2020 2 days ago

    China Mac- u don’t need to do anymore interviews on Vlad. Ur good on ur own. U got a lot going for u. Stop letting him exploit u.

  • Mars 34
    Mars 34 3 days ago

    Vlad stop answering your own questions let da man talk damn!


    Listening to 2 non Blacks discussing who should use Black culture

  • G H
    G H 4 days ago

    Shut the fuck up Vlad, no one wants to hear from you

  • Josh Murphy
    Josh Murphy 4 days ago

    East coast Higgs alway say umm

  • The Grouch
    The Grouch 6 days ago

    Country Mac is my favorite Mac

  • Realryder Boy
    Realryder Boy 7 days ago

    I’m white. Vlad u a pussy. Fuck u nigga.

  • allstarme3000
    allstarme3000 8 days ago


  • allstarme3000
    allstarme3000 8 days ago

    vlad don't even know what happened, don't look it up, and still asks the question. Weirdo. And WHY THE FUCK you wanna use the footage.

  • Billy Bong
    Billy Bong 8 days ago

    Vlad is either lying or he sings along to no songs.

  • Celestia Ruiz
    Celestia Ruiz 8 days ago


  • Ahmad Ibn Ibrahim Al Ghazi

    Why could Fat Joe and Big Pun use it?

  • Chueyeng Thao
    Chueyeng Thao 10 days ago

    $tupid Young uses the N word cause he said that's the whole environment he grew up in. And I think that's where it's so real. You can't expect someone to be a REAL dude if you're restricting them from acting and speaking the way they was raised in the streets.

  • Can Man
    Can Man 10 days ago

    Theirs niggas of every race

  • Can Man
    Can Man 10 days ago

    Theirs niggas of every race

  • Robert San Miguel
    Robert San Miguel 12 days ago

    china more black than some folks out here . alot of you feminine asf taking pics like females posing and using angles

  • MrLagosMontana
    MrLagosMontana 12 days ago

    Shit, I wanted to hear China Mac talk. FUCK.

  • Fact Talk
    Fact Talk 13 days ago +1

    I invented the N word
    - TK

  • smokedoubt
    smokedoubt 13 days ago

    Lmao look up milk714 you’ll see a white crop sayin nigga like he’s black 😩

  • TheMako990 Mako
    TheMako990 Mako 13 days ago

    Say it China Mac. The most privileged people can say it all day n nite but ya say it they get all pussy. Coward black privilege

  • Mgolt Hox
    Mgolt Hox 15 days ago

    Leave my Chinese man alone

  • thebohemiangroove
    thebohemiangroove 15 days ago

    Vlad why are you interviewing people when all you do is talk over whoever is on?

  • Matthew Porter-mendez
    Matthew Porter-mendez 16 days ago

    The only reason that dude smacked TMS is because he's a pushover, he would NOT have done that to Mac. Dude who slapped TMS is a pussy bully

  • son 4321
    son 4321 18 days ago

    Let's dont use the n words n stop listening to hip hop let them have it n watch it die out hip hop all that will be dead

  • R Gmz
    R Gmz 19 days ago

    Nigga nigga nigga nigga, I’m hundred percent nigga - Vlod

  • Blue Nimbus
    Blue Nimbus 20 days ago

    I come from Guyana, poor third world ass country where it’s either blacks or Indians (West Indians* same shit tho). We all grew up together I went to black church my moms closest friend was a black lady from Barbados etc. it’s a struggle over there every day is survival of the fittest like any other third world country, and I done seen my parents struggle. And I mean struggle like my mom and dad lived in a bedroom the size of a car and ate bread and honey for dinner struggle like hard. And jobs over there are literal slave labor at that time. When we came to America it was a little better but I basically grew up in the hood cause we couldn’t afford anything better and I never felt out of place every one accepted us, because even tho we got different history , and come from different places, the struggles were the same. And my parents eventually able to do better and come up out of there but My point is struggles is struggles, just cause some of us came by boat and the rest by plane, don’t mean shit cause we all enduring and that should bring us closer. I’m not on some I went through harder shit than the next guy so he can’t be part of my culture etc. man my poor ass friends and I walking to school 3 black kids 2 Hispanics kids 1 white kid and my Indian ass and we all got along like bread and cheese even till now.

  • Michael Anderson
    Michael Anderson 20 days ago

    It's hard not to say the damn word with dudes like mac myself and a lot of cats how we was raised where we was raised and the word is 100% not derogatory and I went to a festival right and you have school boy Q telling THOUSANDS of majority white people to on the count of 3 say what's up my N***@ and repeat it so damn idk man

    • Lamar Brown
      Lamar Brown 16 days ago

      When U Say That Shit Around The WRONG Black Person, I Bet YOU And China Mac Will Stop Using The Word " Nigga"

  • Coolgamer Fhfh
    Coolgamer Fhfh 20 days ago +1

    If you street use it. If you not street don't use it. Including nerdy black kids.

  • Christian Fernández
    Christian Fernández 20 days ago

    Funny how this word is still a matter of controversy but yet there's a lot of people and blacks who forget the reasons behind that led to many people today using that word carelessly.
    For example, when they asked Malcolm X's daughter regarding this word she simply said, if we can say it, anybody can say it.
    But then you have pro blacks who are blatantly hypocritical about this word and others using it but the minute they get mad or, start describing an issue that they have with another individual they immediately throw out " n***a " to attack them and abuse them verbally like they are giving away free candy. Hypocrisy at its finest !
    Here's my take, first of all if blacks have such a problem with the word they need to take it up to their black rappers who actually sign contracts to music labels who put out the word without censoring or thinking about the audience that they are and have been selling their music too for the last three decades. If you're a black rapper and you don't care about anybody using the word then it's obviously not a problem but if you're one of these pro blacks rappers who are out here advocating BLM movements, pro blackness and have a problem with others who BUY with their hard earned money and listen to your music while reciting it then you need to look in the mirror and realize that you are the problem. So far I haven't seen any of them doing that at a large scale because they are about MAKING MONEY !! Labels and black rappers don't care about who listens and who recites their music so long as the sales are up. This means that they target particularly demographics where poor ridden people live and people who have no sense of critical thinking but only react on impulse.
    But we don't see any blacks or any black rappers outlining who can say it or who can't. Which is a stupid idea to begin with anyway.
    I listen to some battle rap and the amount of times I hear certain battle rappers call a non black battle rapper a " n***a " is countless. Particularly one out of Detroit who seems to be on his pro blackness but he's quick to call any non black that word 🤔.
    That being said, I'm Mexican and I hear a lot of Mexican Raza out here in LA saying that stupid word. Which is why it pisses me off. I do my best to let my people know that if you wouldn't say it in front of blacks for whatever reason then don't use it. Especially not calling me that word. I've put a few in check myself. We have our own lane and our own slang, lingo which is mostly spoken in Spanglish. Mexicans in the West and South West as well as the Puerto Ricans in the East Coast started this way of talking out here in the States.
    Just because you listen to so called hip hop and rap music does not give you the right to say the word. But then again, people who buy the music's argument can be that they paid for it. But in reality there's many other genres of music to listen to out there. This rap shit is watered down and only the beats are good to listen to. Which is why I rather support the producers who actually make the music as opposed to trying to buy a rappers album. Which is seldom of my part these days.
    Respect from Los Angeles 🇲🇽☝️.
    Salaam !!

  • the man the myth
    the man the myth 20 days ago

    Mac wanna keep using the word soooooo bad lol.

    • McHale Yang
      McHale Yang 20 days ago

      The nigga power ranger was everyone's least favorite. Haha

  • HandBall 1o1
    HandBall 1o1 21 day ago +3

    Drama dies out . .
    Vlad: so lets talk about this drama that happen to you months ago

  • Alajouwan Turner
    Alajouwan Turner 21 day ago +1

    Vlad u dont sing along with songs that say it? Lmao stop lying n jus say u dont say it 😹

  • Alex Torres
    Alex Torres 23 days ago

    Idk man. I don’t personally use it but if you wanna use it thats cool

  • Ben Asslick
    Ben Asslick 23 days ago

    When did this interview happen

  • Miller Time
    Miller Time 23 days ago

    Nobody had issued with the word nigga in the hood until white liberals said it wasn't ok. Then all these suburbs niggas started to get into their feelings.

  • Max Montair
    Max Montair 23 days ago

    Don’t call non-blacks the word too if you only want blacks to say it

  • Kawooya Alex
    Kawooya Alex 23 days ago

    Some black Americans can be stupid . Why do you use the word if you don't want anyone else to say it ? Just stop using it because it's not cool . I get angry at people calling me that all the time because it's disrespectful

  • Tyler Jacobson
    Tyler Jacobson 23 days ago

    I honestly think vlad is fake as fuck and loves to stir up drama not actually do real interviews he’s likes trying to get drama going and kissing all these mfs asses

  • James Punting
    James Punting 24 days ago +1

    *plays YG my n word

  • liam brazy
    liam brazy 25 days ago

    Niggaz pick and choose who can say the n word i they can punk you you cant say it lol males no fucken sense just a word black people use to rhyme with bigger and trigger.

  • The Voice of Drum
    The Voice of Drum 25 days ago

    Vlad is such a fking groupie , mf instigates any lil thing, hes like the feds, creepy mf

  • Pablo Sanchez
    Pablo Sanchez 25 days ago

    Vlad calling someone a square !? Lmfao mf delusional ...

  • varsitytitan07
    varsitytitan07 25 days ago

    I fucks with China Mac HEAVY.. But coming up in the south, he or no other asian person could come around the crew and say nigga and it not be a problem. Idk how they do it in NY but even the asian people who come up around niggas don't say that cuz they know it's gonna be a problem. But again, idk how they do it in NY

  • Dee General
    Dee General 25 days ago

    China mack played himself up there at Queensflip show by sticking his nose into someone he didn't know business and QueensFlip told him and his little followers that he wouldn't say it on his show and that he would get smacked,followed by talking about the asian guy on the show situation.Mac sat there with his mouth open looking stupid and his follows were sitting there looking just as weird as him like they wish they wouldn't had even said nothing.Mac stayed in the box,whole,the binge or whatever you want to call it in prison,75% of his bidding was done by himself for a reason;to save his life because he would be food,chinese food in NY prisons so don't believe the hype about son like he was just there chilling amongst the gang,he's been cut already so that tells you it wasn't all good......

  • blafiman
    blafiman 25 days ago

    china mac dont speak for all asians tho

  • Bigdawg Monster
    Bigdawg Monster 26 days ago +1

    It’s just something about this Chinese dude I don’t like

    • Bigdawg Monster
      Bigdawg Monster 22 days ago

      erron davis lol he think he tough

    • erron davis
      erron davis 22 days ago

      Bigdawg Monster bruh u crazy 😂😂😂😂 I’m dying this comment funny af

  • Joey Hernandez
    Joey Hernandez 26 days ago

    Sorry Vlad but you a bitch for that. Like I said they popularized that that’s on them you can’t popular rise a word and call people that and said freely and not expect for other people to use that word that’s stupid as fuck

  • Jeff Dolmer
    Jeff Dolmer 26 days ago

    So... I don’t think black people should be using the N word. Reason being... white men called black people N. Now why call each other by the N word and do the job for them? Do you not think they laugh at the thought of it? The fact that it’s been so instilled in a black mans head for so long now they call each other the word??!
    Whites black Mexicans all shouldn’t use it GET RID OF IT.

  • hollywoodcheremonkey
    hollywoodcheremonkey 26 days ago

    Really like your channel! I’ve been watching for a minute. But I gotta ask, why do you pry on controversial issues that could spark consequences? That’s the whole fricken point?!

    • ulosen
      ulosen 26 days ago

      Clicks you dunce

  • illness shaw
    illness shaw 26 days ago +1

    Vlad loves getting the juicy gossip like a female

  • Myles Dabney
    Myles Dabney 27 days ago

    Nigga China Mac Good iN My Hood💯

  • Sean Perla
    Sean Perla 27 days ago

    The shit most of y’all sayin sounds dumb as fuck..talkin bout you can’t say this, y he/they get a pass that...I don’t use the word nigga because I am not black, that simple. And I and most people feel like if you are not black and use the word nigga you look and sound like a fucking idiot. Not because I’m worried if I got a fucking pass or not. I will repeat if you are not black (African American) and use the “N” word (nigga) you look and sound like an Idiot/poser. That is their word they use amongst each other. That’s like white/black/asian/puerto ricans, etc. calling each other “wey”. You don’t hear that, Why? Because that is a term Mexicans use. Be original, fuck.

  • Mateus G.
    Mateus G. 27 days ago

    wtf let him speak

  • Jour LaFlare
    Jour LaFlare 27 days ago +2

    I know vlad ain’t talking bout a square ass dude 😂😂🥴🤔🤨 my good sir you are one ☝🏽 too

  • DM94JAK
    DM94JAK 27 days ago

    Vlad said he dont even use the "nigga" word when it's in a song.... ima call bullshit. I don't say it n it's never have but when it's in a song im singing the song I'm not thinkn of individual words im jst singing the song