Range day with a cannon!!!

  • Published on Jun 13, 2017
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    * Correction * The CGV was under the impression that this cannon was over 300 years old. We just found out now that it is a reproduction. We apologize for the confusion folks!
    Well we have gone and done it now.
    We got together with Sam the Cannon man and he warned us that he was going to be bringing something special....and BOY DID HE EVER!!!!
    He brought what he referred to as a "2 pounder" and it would have been capable of firing GOLF BALL SIZE PROJECTILES with DEVASTATING EFFECT back in the 1600's.
    This type of item would have ordinarily been made of iron and either placed on a rolling carriage or mounted on battleships during this time period.
    I have to admit.....cannons make even the CGV a bit nervous.
    The amount of explosives loaded into this thing was so ridiculously large compared to anything else I have ever used I couldn't help but feel a little bit of apprehension when Sammy stepped away from this thing even for the briefest of moments. LOL
    Using electric matches and a homemade old school box plunger detonator, I felt like I was caught somewhere between the Wild West and the Pirates of the Caribbean.
    It was truly an exciting and at certain moments a frightening experience.
    We don't recommend that novice participants go out and purchase a unit this size for learning the ropes with black powder cannons. Its only because Sam is well known as the resident authority on black powder and pyrotechnic expert that we felt comfortable participating in this great exercise in learning about cannons from this incredible age gone by.
    Smaller table sized units are available like the one seen towards the ending of the video that definitely offer and exciting experience without quite the same ferocious level of BOOM that the two pounder puts out.
    Larger Cannons are still found throughout Canada and have quite often been in a given family's possession for multiple decades, and sometimes even centuries. How cool would having a family cannon be? ;)
    We apologize for the lack of impact and down range footage. Our GoPro malfunctioned!!! Just believe me when I say that Sammy here is a master at formulating the correct load and trajectories with this formidable beast, and that we came within a foot of our target at 100 yards!!!!!!
    and giving everyone an opportunity to have a glimpse into the wonderful world of cannon use and a rarely seen part of the firearm community.
    The CGV.
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  • Horny Ducks
    Horny Ducks 14 days ago

    Black powder isn't going to just go off if you drop it, or hit it with something

  • Keegan O'Neil
    Keegan O'Neil Month ago

    You can get cannons in Canada?! That's pretty cool.

  • muzical vet
    muzical vet 2 months ago

    is this thing good for somali pirates while sailling.

  • Vic singfield
    Vic singfield 2 months ago


  • R2.0 Gamer
    R2.0 Gamer 3 months ago +1

    sweet cannon. shoot with a 30 pounder. naval ships had them too

  • Wilcutt Records
    Wilcutt Records 3 months ago

    That cannon is THE ORIGINAL fag. The only other fags I’ve ever known of were mean dogs.🤷‍♂️

  • twiglane
    twiglane 4 months ago

    Here is same cannon size being fired (and instructions how to make one!):

  • Sam De Vil
    Sam De Vil 4 months ago +1

    Have FUN and keep your powder dry see you at the range
    The Cannon Man

  • Pe Bo
    Pe Bo 7 months ago

    Gosh;you really ought to reduce/increase the dose of your medication!way to much upbeat talking!

  • Shadow Deslar
    Shadow Deslar 8 months ago

    But don’t get me wrong
    It’ll fuck your day.

  • Shadow Deslar
    Shadow Deslar 8 months ago

    2 pound cannon is like the 22. Of the black powder world

  • maria
    maria 10 months ago

    πολυ ωραιο βιντεο

  • Wroger Wroger
    Wroger Wroger 10 months ago

    Sam - you need to prepare paper powder charges... slightly tapered dowel a little smaller than the bore, wrap it with some paper, and twist it like a bon-bon, pull off the paper, fill with powder and wadding, then wrap the end and then make up a heap of them, and then ram it home, load the ball, and use a brass wire to prick the cartridge paper, and then prime the primer hole.... much better than manually loading up loose powder.

  • Nico Brouwers
    Nico Brouwers Year ago

    Why THE hell you talk very loud?

  • brostenen
    brostenen Year ago

    Yeah.... Fuck AR-15's. Cannons are way cooler. It's like a black powder naval gun from 1855, should be on everyones top list.

  • hosanna salembier
    hosanna salembier Year ago +1

    Cool man. Just met you at the grocery store ...searching for creme of wheat

  • S B
    S B Year ago

    Did 'ya hit it?

  • Chuck Farmer
    Chuck Farmer Year ago

    Check out Dixie Gun Works in Union City, TN, or South Bend Replicas, South Bend, IN, for a well made cannon. South Bend's are cast solid,then bored out, with a steel liner in the bore. Lots of fun firing!

  • Thunder Kunt
    Thunder Kunt Year ago

    That firing mechanism reminded me of the roadrunner show 😂😂

  • Karin Vanhintum
    Karin Vanhintum Year ago

    This cannon is NOT 300 years old...my husband built it. Awesome to see someone having fun with it.....but please tell the truth and do NOT fabricate stories

  • Marcel van Hintum

    its not 300 years old I built this gun in my shop the barrel is a modern reproduction steel lined , way better than the originals 90000 psi proof tested

    • The Canadian Gun Vault Inc.
      The Canadian Gun Vault Inc.  Year ago

      Hey Marcel!
      No need to send photos. I believe you.
      I had asked Sam about the use of the cannon and he made reference to the war of 1812 and looking at this incredible reproduction actually had the CGV fooled into believing it was authentic.
      I have since contacted Sam and confirmed that indeed it was a CASTING made from an authentic unit from that period and that you would have had involvement in the project.
      I apologize for the confusion but I am ANYTHING BUT a ancient Cannon expert so I'll ask you to forgive me for the error.
      GREAT WORK by the way.
      I can always be reached at thecanadiangunvaultinc@gmail.com
      Thankyou for watching and for your incredible contribution to the Canadian Firearm Community.
      The CGV.

    • Marcel van Hintum
      Marcel van Hintum Year ago

      how do I contact you to send pictures

    • Marcel van Hintum
      Marcel van Hintum Year ago

      you bet I did I bought the barrel as a reproduction and have all the photos of the construction piece by piece the wheels are maple made from a single pedestal table leg my neighbors threw out the rest is scrap wood from safe pallets I built the whole thing except the barrel it came from Orangeville I bought two from him Built this gun and a field gun I can prove it if you have an email I will send you photos

  • BlackJacket705
    BlackJacket705 2 years ago

    Ha, I met this dude today. He told me to check out the video and site.

  • leighmossien2009
    leighmossien2009 2 years ago

    Thats not 300 yrs Old !!!!

  • dmith smith
    dmith smith 2 years ago

    Thats a really nice cannon ! What is the bore size, powder type and load used ?

  • Sainte Jeanne d'Arc
    Sainte Jeanne d'Arc 2 years ago

    That was seriously cool. I'd still have to say the best part of it was your reaction and exultation though.

    • The Canadian Gun Vault Inc.
      The Canadian Gun Vault Inc.  2 years ago

      There is indeed something fascinating that I find about Cannons brother!!!
      The ultra low POOOM... THUMP!!!!!!! sound as that ball escapes its mouth.
      The scent in the air....the fuses burning.
      Its all a very visceral experience that reaches deep inside me and says....
      ......."you were meant for another time". ;)
      I highly recommend getting yourself to a range and participating in the process of touching a fuse off and feeling the BOOM!!!
      Thankyou for watching brother
      and your participation in conversation here.
      You are appreciated.
      Have a great night, and comment on anything you like please.
      Always good to see other true enthusiasts here.
      The CGV.

  • Rob Martin
    Rob Martin 2 years ago

    Outstanding video! You guys are doing great things, really appreciate everything you put out for the firearms community.

    • The Canadian Gun Vault Inc.
      The Canadian Gun Vault Inc.  2 years ago

      Thankyou brother!!!!
      We appreciate your words of support.
      We are going to continue by now introducing some pretty rowdy podcasts that are going to stir things up a little.
      Its time to start getting more vocal and reaching more than just the firearm community.
      So fasten your seatbelts......

  • nonameguy96
    nonameguy96 2 years ago

    awesome vid

    • The Canadian Gun Vault Inc.
      The Canadian Gun Vault Inc.  2 years ago

      Thankyou for your kind words of support brother.
      We are very much looking forward to producing many more
      The CGV.

  • Miguel S
    Miguel S 2 years ago

    I'm not sure if you remember me, but I was the Asian guy with the m&p 40 you were helping out at silverdale on the action range. I just want to say thanks for your help and keep up the good work. It's good to see some Canadian content. By the way would you like to do a review on a 1930's production Springfield 1903?

    • The Canadian Gun Vault Inc.
      The Canadian Gun Vault Inc.  2 years ago

      I absolutely remember you brother!!!
      and YES WE WOULD LOVE TO!!!!!!!
      I haven't gotten my hands on one yet.....so I have to admit that you have me pretty excited about this!!!!
      I will be in touch soon and we will work out a time to get together and discuss it.
      Showcasing that rifle was definitely on our list of TO DO's for the CGV.

  • Steve Chlan
    Steve Chlan 2 years ago

    lol. Sam called me up the other day and told me to watch this. cool vid

    • The Canadian Gun Vault Inc.
      The Canadian Gun Vault Inc.  2 years ago

      Thankyou brother!!!
      Sam is indeed an awesome guy isn't he?
      Welcome to the Canadian Gun Vault.
      Make sure to check us out on INSTAGRAM as well.
      We've been in operation for a full year there.

  • Ronald Wilson
    Ronald Wilson 2 years ago

    I have never seen a 2 pdr. on a ship's carriage. It is more the calibre of a swivel-gun. Also it is painted military grey. Fun signal gun.

  • Anyvideos Any videos
    Anyvideos Any videos 2 years ago

    and upload some new hollywood movies and innovation videos

  • Anyvideos Any videos
    Anyvideos Any videos 2 years ago

    thanks dude ...i supscribe u

  • Anyvideos Any videos
    Anyvideos Any videos 2 years ago

    what i mean ...lets make it happen...u talking potion is too much.i mean it that

  • Anyvideos Any videos
    Anyvideos Any videos 2 years ago

    oh sory dude...sory for my language

    • The Canadian Gun Vault Inc.
      The Canadian Gun Vault Inc.  2 years ago +1

      No problem brother.
      You seem like a very respectful young man.
      I'm sure that you'll have no problems adjusting to being on what I am insisting be a gentlemen's *and proper ladies* channel.
      I know that the firearm community is the finest grouping of people on the planet....It time that the world knew it.
      Thankyou for your level of understanding brother.
      Is there a particular gun that you would like to see showcased on the channel? We here at the CGV are very big on doing requests.
      Thankyou again for your support.
      The CGV.

  • Kent Isok
    Kent Isok 2 years ago

    cool , but it would be cooler if sam is the mai target hahaha LOL

    RIPPLE 2 years ago

    where are the slow mo guys when you need one.

    • The Canadian Gun Vault Inc.
      The Canadian Gun Vault Inc.  2 years ago +1

      Keep watching our INSTAGRAM page tonight brother.
      The answer you seek will be there. ;)
      Thankyou for watching.
      The CGV.

  • protools fanatic
    protools fanatic 2 years ago

    where did it hit?

  • Battle Tube
    Battle Tube 2 years ago

    He fires at 3:10

  • Terribly Canadian
    Terribly Canadian 2 years ago +25

    But the question remains. Can you open carry it? Lol. Great video as always brother.

    • taras Smith
      taras Smith Year ago

      took the words right out of my mouth, park it front of Parliament to see if it is.

    • brostenen
      brostenen Year ago

      Terribly Canadian Shure... You just need a lawn mover tractor to go with it.

    • Adam M
      Adam M 2 years ago +4

      Good luck trying to find a holster. Appendix carry anyone? :)

    • The Canadian Gun Vault Inc.
      The Canadian Gun Vault Inc.  2 years ago +4

      Thankyou brother. ;)

  • imbored742
    imbored742 2 years ago +4

    This is unrelated to the video, but I felt the word needed to be spread, the RCMP now considers 80% AR15 lower receivers to be PROHIBITED FIREARMS: cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0278/2953/files/Notice___Receiver_Blanks.pdf?8298300302293855207

    • Robert Dickens
      Robert Dickens Year ago

      You can still buy loweres. They will be fully machined out. And it's less than importing 80%

    • The Canadian Gun Vault Inc.
      The Canadian Gun Vault Inc.  2 years ago

      I'm on it brother..
      Check out the reclassification video I did back in April and on our INSTAGRAM page today..... definitely an important subject.
      Contact your member of parliament and Ralph Goodale's office tomorrow and express your dissatisfaction.
      I know I will be.
      I'm encouraging everyone to do so.
      Many of the finest people in Canada have been instantly turned into criminals potentially overnight.
      This is not the type of thing that we can allow to go unchallenged.
      The CGV.

    ATINKERER 2 years ago

    Nice :)

  • Anyvideos Any videos
    Anyvideos Any videos 2 years ago

    talking too much..let make it fuck

    • The Canadian Gun Vault Inc.
      The Canadian Gun Vault Inc.  2 years ago +1

      Kapilraj Raj. My friend....we have a widely accepted language protocol here a the Canadian Gun Vault Inc.
      I know many other places on the net have no difficulty with it, but because a portion of our audience is comprised of younger viewers we are trying our best to lead by example.
      The purpose of the channel and the INSTAGRAM page is to put the firearm communities best foot forward....
      ...so I would ask that you please refrain from the use of profanity in the future. I would like to know that I can count on you sir.
      The CGV.

  • Carlos C.
    Carlos C. 2 years ago

    Sam didn't hear your first question.
    I think that cannon deafened him a bit.

    • The Canadian Gun Vault Inc.
      The Canadian Gun Vault Inc.  2 years ago +1

      Theres no doubt that continuous exposure to gunfire and and unsuppressed firearms can have a cumulative impact on ones hearing levels over time.
      Im sure that Sam has very willingly sacrificed some of his hearing for the experiences that he has had.
      This is one of the many reasons why I truly believe that some form of legalized ownership and regulated use of firearm suppressors should become a reality within the next 5 years.
      I doubt it would make a difference with cannon use.....but its something that I thought I would mention.
      Food for thought.

  • rickd248
    rickd248 2 years ago

    If that is a 2 pounder, about the only thing it would have been mounted on would have been a cutter or a sloop of war. You could fire round ball, grape or maybe chain shot. As small as that gun is, chain shot would be pushing the limit.

    • rickd248
      rickd248 2 years ago

      The Canadian Gun Vault Inc. I wasn't speaking clearly. Sorry, my error. A gun station would include the gun port (window), eye bolts in the timbers to restrain the gun, and to pull the gun back for loading and someplace to store the rammer and other tools needed to service the gun and a very small storage of cannon balls. It would absolutely be in a carriage very much like the one in your video. I'm sorry, I'm a history nut and have studied Naval weapons for a very long time and I rather tend to spout off terms like everyone should know this stuff.
      I don't know if you heard the news yet but some damn fool went on a spree this morning and shot several police and security detail members as well as several congressmen. They were getting ready for a baseball game this weekend. They've already mentioned an AR platform. This guy is a real left leaning nutcase who wanted to kill President Trump. We decent gun people just can't catch a break. Sorry for the misunderstanding. I've subscribed to your channel now. I also collect Enfield Rifles.

    • The Canadian Gun Vault Inc.
      The Canadian Gun Vault Inc.  2 years ago

      The ball would seem to weigh about that.
      as for where it would have been mounted....I know of cannons this small that i have seen mounted on rolling chassis before.
      I would always defer to Sams expertise however.
      If he says it was....then Im always inclined to believe it.
      He really knows his stuff brother.
      Always room for some new knowledge.
      If he's wrong, he's the type of guy that would be the first to admit it.
      Thankyou for your input though.
      Im going to look into it more deeply tonight.
      The CGV.

  • Imagine A World
    Imagine A World 2 years ago +5

    but did you hit the gong?!?

    • The Canadian Gun Vault Inc.
      The Canadian Gun Vault Inc.  2 years ago +4

      We had cardboard on either side of the metallic torso target which is 65% scale ......we only missed it within 8"

  • FirstClassFishKeeper fish keeper


  • Al Gerbitz
    Al Gerbitz 2 years ago

    It's a starter cannon for boat races.

    • The Canadian Gun Vault Inc.
      The Canadian Gun Vault Inc.  2 years ago

      I know that Sam breaks it out for boat races and when the tall ships come to the Lake Ontario harbour.

  • Inky9280
    Inky9280 2 years ago

    I just finished building a 2.25 mountain howitzer cannon, brand new barrel from Herns. Foundary

  • BunGYChords
    BunGYChords 2 years ago

    if they were in a battle they would sink takes so long 4 these guys to fire 1 shot

    • The Canadian Gun Vault Inc.
      The Canadian Gun Vault Inc.  2 years ago

      Oh I'm sure that in the heat of the moment we could have had it operational much faster....but in the interest of demonstration to the public and for the sake of ensuring proper safety precautions are taken...
      we took it nice and slow. ;)
      We appreciate your watching brother!
      The CGV.

  • Blond Bowler
    Blond Bowler 2 years ago +4

    I have a 2 1/4" bore Napoleon I've fired for twenty years or so. Lead balls weigh two pounds, use salmon sinker molds, and will zip right through most sedans with a four ounce load of cannon grade black. Those eight-ounce soft drink cans are pretty much a perfect fit. Fill them with cement for plinking loads, or approximately 800 #4 buck for the prairie dogs towns. That'll give you about a half acre pattern at 200 yards. I've 1"; .75"; .50" and .38" cannon. Next I want one golf ball sized (1.68"), as I cast a bucketful of lead balls this size, came out a perfect one pound of wheel weights. I think I'll use it for jack rabbits...and then, a mountain howitzer, and a 3 Inch Ordnance rifle.

    • dmith smith
      dmith smith 2 years ago

      Blond Bowler My buddy has a 2 1/4" also. Is a 4oz load also good just wadded up with some newspaper for a salute load ? What size powder do you use ? 1F ?

  • Jake The Snake
    Jake The Snake 2 years ago

    keep your powder dry lol

  • Light Bringer
    Light Bringer 2 years ago

    That was some flinch , better steer clear of flintlock rifles

    • The Canadian Gun Vault Inc.
      The Canadian Gun Vault Inc.  2 years ago

      and yes....that flash is INCHES from your nose when it goes off.
      and requires a massive amount of composure and focus to shoot.
      Love it but yeah.....she makes me JUMP!!!! LOL
      Thankyou for watching Matt.
      We love having you aboard.
      The CGV.

  • games n stuff
    games n stuff 2 years ago

    did you know that when these cannons fire it breaks the sound barrier

    • The Canadian Gun Vault Inc.
      The Canadian Gun Vault Inc.  2 years ago

      I didn't ......but I can tell you that the seat of my pants says YOUR RIGHT!!!
      Thankyou for the contribution brother.
      The CGV>

  • G Lewis
    G Lewis 2 years ago

    Does the mag have to be pinned to five rounds and is it non restricted so I can use it for hunting?

    • The Canadian Gun Vault Inc.
      The Canadian Gun Vault Inc.  2 years ago

      Have I ever told you how much I enjoy it when you enter into the conversation brother? LMAO!!!!
      Awesome. LOL

  • Reprisal Within
    Reprisal Within 2 years ago +1

    Lol, you're reaction was more entertaining than the cannon shot man!

    • Emmett Brizzi
      Emmett Brizzi 2 years ago

      I love a good cannon. Shot one at a squirrel once. THOSE DEMONS MUST DIE!!!!

    • The Canadian Gun Vault Inc.
      The Canadian Gun Vault Inc.  2 years ago +1

      Thankyou for the mental imagery.
      It happens to the best of us brother.
      I jumped when this thing was being filmed.
      Just couldn't help it.
      My nervous system screamed out.....THIS IS WORTH REACTING TO!!!

    • Reprisal Within
      Reprisal Within 2 years ago

      It's funny but true. Once in a while I'll end up beside someone at the range with a muzzle break shooting some ridiculously powerful bolt gun and it makes you jump out of your skin even with ear muffs on, lol... It can be a tad embarrassing really. Sometimes I swear I might even be getting a little air off the stool, lol

    • The Canadian Gun Vault Inc.
      The Canadian Gun Vault Inc.  2 years ago

      I can't help it....when this thing goes off its like BOOM THUMP!!!!!!!
      The charge is the size of a baseball!!!!! LOL

  • Sir Panzer
    Sir Panzer 2 years ago +1

    already did it, my hand was swollen and couldn't use it for 3 days.

  • Andres Daniel Official
    Andres Daniel Official 2 years ago +4

    let me be careful with that 400 yr old cannon i have lying around....

    • The Canadian Gun Vault Inc.
      The Canadian Gun Vault Inc.  2 years ago +1

      I corrected my original posting.
      As it so happens its closer to the 300.
      but is in fact the genuine article.
      simply awesome brother.
      I don't know how else to describe it.
      The CGV.

  • m1u8r7k
    m1u8r7k 2 years ago +3

    The flinch....hahahaha that was great good job guys.

    • The Canadian Gun Vault Inc.
      The Canadian Gun Vault Inc.  2 years ago

      Sorry brother.
      There will be no explosions on this page.
      I would love nothing more than to initiate the discharge of tannerite for some "Ka-BOOM" type fun however it would only serve to excite the public during a time when we wish to keep them understanding that firearm owners are NOT a threat to their safety.
      Just because something is legal, has been for years and can be performed safely; doesn't mean that its a good idea in my opinion at this time.
      I'm sorry if you find disappointment in this.
      I just want everyone to understand that the long term goals of the firearm community will outweigh our excitement to show the people out there exactly the kind of good clean fun we can have.
      When I believe they are ready for it.....I will definitely indulge the request. Until then we will reserve our enthusiasm here at CGV.
      Thankyou for the idea....I promise one day it will happen.
      The CGV.

    • m1u8r7k
      m1u8r7k 2 years ago

      I can't wait to see you do some tannerite testing, I've read lots of good reviews on Ka-Boom from Canada Ammo.

    • The Canadian Gun Vault Inc.
      The Canadian Gun Vault Inc.  2 years ago

      Thankyou brother! LOL
      and your right.....thing makes me JUMP!!!!! LOL

  • King of kings. Lord of lords.

    I didn't mean this big a bore haha! My first cap gun was a metal 92FS with a flip up ejection port that took revolver caps :).

  • Neegan Commoner
    Neegan Commoner 2 years ago +1


    • The Canadian Gun Vault Inc.
      The Canadian Gun Vault Inc.  2 years ago +2

      Brother....It damn near shook the fillings right out of my head !!!!!
      Sitting a few feet away from this thing reeeeeeally gave me an appreciation for how much power a cannon this size has.
      It was awesome.