Dark Side of Hollywood with Scott Michaels of Dearly Departed Tours

  • Published on Feb 10, 2018
  • The Dearly Departed Museum and Tours is located in Hollywood California . For more info check out
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  • TheDailyWoo
    TheDailyWoo  Year ago +286

    Big thanks to Scott Michaels from Dearly Departed for taking time out of his day to show us around . If you are ever in the Los Angeles area stop in and check out the museum . Tell em Adam The Woo sent ya

    • Rodney Norman
      Rodney Norman 2 months ago

      The driver is really hard to understand. Its as if hes has 7 pieces of gum in his mouth 😫

    • kathryn McElroy
      kathryn McElroy 3 months ago

      Damn awesome! Doin this tour! It's very popular now!

    • Anita Didion
      Anita Didion 4 months ago

      @Gabriela Ramirez5/

    • ssuspiriaa
      ssuspiriaa 9 months ago

      i love this museum so so much!!! never been to one of their tours :-( so cool they let you film in their museum because when i went i couldn’t take any form of video/pictures!!

  • Jay Jay
    Jay Jay 10 days ago

    Jordan was a bummer in his version. Kept over talking the driver. 😂. Like he tried to over educate the driver.

  • road runner
    road runner 16 days ago

    Hi daily woo....Scott Michaels, did you mention in this video that mikeal fox had a stalker?

  • Lisa Pratt
    Lisa Pratt 19 days ago

    Just garland tried to adopt todo but the owner wouldn’t let her. :)

  • Cheryl M
    Cheryl M 20 days ago

    I really don't give a rat's patootie if Leslie Van Houghten never gets out. She WAS an active participant in those murders. Time & storytelling has diluted the gruesomeness of those murders and turned them into folklore in an effort to negate how horrible it was an amass sympathy for the perpetrators. That, in itself, is an abomination!

  • Kyle White
    Kyle White 20 days ago +2

    This was like a knowledge overload lol

  • DeeMatt Edits
    DeeMatt Edits 23 days ago


  • Tanya Brown
    Tanya Brown 26 days ago

    ❤️UK respect

  • Daniel Mulloy
    Daniel Mulloy 28 days ago

    Van Hauton was released for a year before her retrial in 1977 and she comirres no crimes...

  • Kelly Norman
    Kelly Norman Month ago

    it was a halloween special not a reunion get your facts right and Blossom rock was still alive that movie was in 77 and she passed away in 78 so when you give false information makes you look stupid and pisses people off i mean just research so you don't give out wrong info

  • Bennie DaBull
    Bennie DaBull Month ago

    Is that the guy from Six Degrees of Helter Skelter?

  • JK Cliff
    JK Cliff Month ago

    This is the only video I found frustrating to watch. The camera keeps refocusing, and there are two narrators talking over one another.

  • Stephen Birks
    Stephen Birks Month ago

    Haha the gangs all here !

  • Shaun Taylor
    Shaun Taylor Month ago

    La Bianca house just been sold again.

  • J/K Fulton
    J/K Fulton Month ago

    What a surprise seeing all three of you together!!
    How fun, woo hoo 👍👏👏👏😁😎
    Thank you for doing that ☝️

  • Thylacine The TigerWolf

    Another fact : Rebecca of my sister Sam..was waiting on a script to be given to her to play the granddaughter in Godfather 3..hence one of the reasons why she was annoyed by the 2nd visit of Bardo..

  • Allyz Kat
    Allyz Kat 2 months ago

    Wow 😮 so cool 😎 thank you soo much for sharing this tour! 💖 from Australia 🇦🇺

  • Lady_K
    Lady_K 2 months ago

    I wonder how Scott would feel if he were stabbed at least 16 times by a maniac with the full intention on murdering him, Leslie Van Houten is a arrogant, entitled, psychopath and she is exactly where she belongs. Damn you Scott for defending this woman.

  • Jesse Garcia
    Jesse Garcia 2 months ago

    Dont foget to go checkout the viper room👍👍

  • IntoTheAbyss OfTheUnknown

    How much for a bump or a taste of Pugsley? I bet it's already gone isn't it? Open it up to prove there's any of Pugsley's stash left!
    I'm just kidding y'all! 😉
    I love A-Teams tours! He's the most knowledgeable & friendliest man! I live on the East coast do it's not as likely for me to attend such an exciting tour? These are our famous Hollywood legends of all time! And these Stars keep on falling, so Adam keeps it all organized & updated to familiarize everyone! With many previously unknown trivia & facts not completely explained. Until you're on his turf & he tells you as he drives to these landmarks & homes, where they lived & called their home. They became icons in the motion picture entertainment industrial heart of Hollywood! Such insider info thats too important to ignore.
    He's a historian & official custodian of everything that really happened here! I truly appreciate these wonderful open tours you provide for everyone to
    appreciate viewing! 👍

  • Melissa Gahn
    Melissa Gahn 2 months ago

    My son bought me The Six Degrees Of Helter Skelter for my birthday last year. I have yet to watch it. The whole story creeps me out, but maybe I will give a look-see.

  • Melissa Gahn
    Melissa Gahn 2 months ago

    One of these tours would be interesting to take.

  • Puff Puff
    Puff Puff 2 months ago

    Scott is a doll.

  • tom kat
    tom kat 2 months ago


  • Cindy Duran
    Cindy Duran 2 months ago

    The Editing is annoying 😬

  • John Fisher
    John Fisher 3 months ago

    Ken Weatherwax is buried in Valhalla memorial park cemetery.

    • max Andersen
      max Andersen 2 months ago

      @John Fisher he probably has some of his ashes not all

    • John Fisher
      John Fisher 2 months ago

      Well, Pugsley was buried, so there's NO ashes to speak of.

    • max Andersen
      max Andersen 2 months ago

      @John Fisher no a lot of that stuff I believe is 100% real not all but most

    • John Fisher
      John Fisher 2 months ago

      Its likely a prop, like most of his stock in a place like that. Hollywood man, its fake central.

    • max Andersen
      max Andersen 2 months ago

      How Scott has his ashes

  • Chad Humphries
    Chad Humphries 3 months ago +1

    Love Scott Michaels from D.D tours. He did a great Manson murder tour on dvd

  • CaptKundalini
    CaptKundalini 3 months ago

    I'm glad that Ken finally got a final resting place. Hooray for Scott Michaels for helping to make it possible.

  • Brandon H
    Brandon H 3 months ago

    The tea bagger

  • Melissa Skillens
    Melissa Skillens 3 months ago +12

    The creepiest thing in the video was tour guide defending Leslie Van Houten and saying she didn't deserve to be locked up. WTF?

    • Ulysses
      Ulysses 2 months ago +3

      That's not what he said it's what you heard. All he said was that it's weird how people that have done much worse crimes than her get let out earlier. The only reason she's still in there is because she's a political prisoner and it's true. She is. You can say the same thing about Charles Manson. Nothing but political prisoners "danger to society" "potential for future violence". Please. She's 70 years old with no history of violence while imprisoned. She was lost teenager doped up on acid that night under Manson orders. Might as well been a voice in her head.

  • Dallas Nyberg
    Dallas Nyberg 3 months ago +1

    That cutout of George Burns is a creep out moment.

    IAN PAYNE 3 months ago +1


    • Eton Bachs
      Eton Bachs 3 months ago

      And you yell in all caps. VERY FUCKING ANNOYING.

    IAN PAYNE 3 months ago +1


    • Eton Bachs
      Eton Bachs 3 months ago

      Why the fuck do you have to yell? Have you stopped yet a year later?

  • whiteclifffl
    whiteclifffl 3 months ago

    Tats... smh. So friggin ugly.
    Hope that this fad fades fast....

    • Eton Bachs
      Eton Bachs 3 months ago

      Each to their own I say. I have three so go fuck yourself with a cattle prod.

  • Rusty Gater
    Rusty Gater 3 months ago

    Do the Doors tour

  • godstomper
    godstomper 3 months ago

    Looks fun

  • Julie Braden
    Julie Braden 3 months ago +1

    Love your videos but I'm gonna disable your zoom if I ever get the chance.

  • Leon Tindle
    Leon Tindle 3 months ago

    you do a great job adamthewoo

  • joan smith
    joan smith 3 months ago

    Hollywood murders. Especially the Tate-LaBianca killings, are so ghoulishly fascinating. I think we read about their tragedies as a way of feeling lucky and fortunate the story isn't about us. Thank you for the video.

  • Captain John
    Captain John 3 months ago

    That George Burns really looked creepy back behind you. Sorta ghostly.😖👻🐷

  • Dayday Damion Murray
    Dayday Damion Murray 3 months ago +1

    I think that the bathroom door with the lady and the man that lost his head just means that the man "needs head" get it? Needs head? Lmao! I kill me sometimes!😂😂😂😂

    • Ana Molina
      Ana Molina 3 months ago

      Dayday Damion Murray 🤦‍♀️

  • juntao11
    juntao11 4 months ago

    Pugsley tho!?? 🤔😬😬

  • Michele Huffman
    Michele Huffman 4 months ago

    Awesome. I would love to go there!

  • Thor Groot SweetRabbit
    Thor Groot SweetRabbit 4 months ago +3

    So many tragic stories, so many lives surrendered to ruin, Hollywood is another name for Hell.

  • KingBobCat
    KingBobCat 4 months ago

    Scott Michaels is the best! Really enjoyed the tour I took with him! :)

  • Clara Derrick
    Clara Derrick 4 months ago

    Could you please find out where actor James Stacy’s grace is.

  • Ross Best
    Ross Best 4 months ago +3

    Pugsleys ashes..
    😔 no children or family members would like them?

    • Melissa Skillens
      Melissa Skillens 3 months ago

      Who's to say what is real or fake in that joint. This is set up and geared for tourists that don't know any better.

    • Thor Groot SweetRabbit
      Thor Groot SweetRabbit 4 months ago

      I for one believe the ashes are real, relatives of famous people tend to be money hungry.

    • Ander Ander
      Ander Ander 4 months ago +1

      Probably fake ..... The place looked pretty seedy to me.... do these people have real jobs or do they just drive around the country and look at weird s*** and somehow get paid for it..??

  • Hecto Esco
    Hecto Esco 4 months ago +1

    I live fifteen minutes away and never knew about this. I hate myself.

    • Lenny Lenn
      Lenny Lenn 4 months ago

      Don't feel bad, I've been driving by that spot for DECADES now and went past it AGAIN this past weekend. I've been forgetting to stop by but next month i am taking a month off from work and will do the tours!

  • Cathi Wright
    Cathi Wright 4 months ago +1

    The whole gang's along

  • Ray Soliday
    Ray Soliday 4 months ago +1

    "Look at you in your man-clothes", lol.

  • Ron Star
    Ron Star 4 months ago

    7:00 "he pulled a three fifty..." What is a "three fifty"? He means a 357 probably. People that know nothing about fireams should not pretend that they do.

  • jmuduke99
    jmuduke99 4 months ago

    The house where the girl from Poltergeist was killed is directly across the street from my ex's house. Rangely Ave in WeHo

  • Max Noerenberg
    Max Noerenberg 4 months ago

    Great tour and look at who is watching you at 12:55...... its Leonard Spock Nimoy

  • Bang Big
    Bang Big 4 months ago +1

    I recommend the movie Manson Family Vacation

  • Doug Mammaro
    Doug Mammaro 4 months ago

    I need to travel to California to see this place. Like to see Jane Mansfield car, I want to point out when you were inside I saw George Burns in background or looked like him. Looks like a neat place to visit.

  • Doug Mammaro
    Doug Mammaro 4 months ago

    Interesting video as well. I watched the series "My Sister Sam" when was in syndication, I was shocked when I heard the news of Rebecca's death, she was a beautiful young lady.

  • Sherri Smith
    Sherri Smith 4 months ago

    Planning a trip to California next year. Can you do the museum without doing a tour? I didn't see anything on their website. Great video!!

  • Julia Enloe
    Julia Enloe 5 months ago

    I’m not gonna lie. I thought I was crazy about that doll moving her arms. It actually did. I got really bad chills from that. That creeped me out so bad. lol

  • rrr ccc
    rrr ccc 5 months ago

    Scott Michaels is smoking HOT! 💥... Greatings from Altadena, Ca. 🌈

  • Evets Nitram
    Evets Nitram 6 months ago

    I read somewhere that Mae West originally had an apartment at that building but she had a black boyfriend that the management wasn't too happy about so she bought the place.