4 SECRET New Pokemon Revealed?! Pokemon Sword & Shield

  • Published on Sep 14, 2019
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    In my (late lol) Pokemon Sword & Shield trailer analysis, we go over multiple hidden NEW Pokemon! (Potentially)
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Comments • 1 264

  • MandJTV
    MandJTV  Month ago +637

    If you're wondering why I didn't cover the glitchy likely-Farferch'd-related new Pokemon shown on the site the other night, that's simply because this video was filmed many days before that happened. It's totally a Farfetch'd evolution or Galarian form tho

    • zyuohger fan
      zyuohger fan 11 days ago

      I thought the green alcreamie was shiny

    • Jimmy Bown
      Jimmy Bown 13 days ago

      MandJTV in the japan ver. Of the trailer theres a new black gear looking Pokémon during the camp

    • Strykerx31
      Strykerx31 20 days ago

      Im calling it Al Creamy is going to have 31 Flavors.

    • Who_DatFrenchB0i
      Who_DatFrenchB0i 23 days ago


    • eternallegacy89
      eternallegacy89 25 days ago +1

      6:36, they already did something similar like that with Spinda having like 4.3 Billion sprites half being shiny ofc.

  • Roasting Ghosts
    Roasting Ghosts 11 hours ago

    I really hope the fish Pokémon comorant spits out is a real Pokémon, it’s too hilarious looking to be kept as just a spit animation

  • Princess Noly
    Princess Noly 3 days ago

    I'm happy because steene is in the game

  • Matt Nielsen
    Matt Nielsen 3 days ago

    When it comes to Alcreame; wouldn't be more then 48? If each flavor has a shiny version of that flavor that would make the total # of that Pokemon 96 (give or the the star topping).

  • 303 ghost
    303 ghost 4 days ago

    Where are those peakok pokèmon ?

  • Leap Stream David
    Leap Stream David 5 days ago

    I think there's a galarian form of corpfish

  • PopPunkorDiePussy
    PopPunkorDiePussy 7 days ago

    Greetings stfu!

  • Mason Wells
    Mason Wells 7 days ago +1

    The dragon is most likely the 3rd legendary that the sword and shield dogs looked at of the end of the previous trailer

  • Mason Wells
    Mason Wells 7 days ago

    The dragon is most likely the 3rd legendary that the sword and shield dogs looked at of the end of the previous trailer

  • Myrna babbings
    Myrna babbings 8 days ago

    U r awesome

  • Jason Perkins
    Jason Perkins 11 days ago

    suddenly I want cake

  • Foxclaw The Weird
    Foxclaw The Weird 11 days ago

    What if the stars are shiny Alcreme

  • zyuohger fan
    zyuohger fan 11 days ago

    Actually think Poltergeist is quite cute but cramorant is a bit ugly

  • zyuohger fan
    zyuohger fan 11 days ago

    The girl in nessas costume was my favorite one it's pretty funny

  • Austin Kasmeier
    Austin Kasmeier 11 days ago

    I do hope there be a Galarian Aeroddactyl that looks like the castle here. Or maybe it is what it look like in it's gigatamaxed form.

  • BlazingAero420
    BlazingAero420 11 days ago

    I could see surprise trades being cool at like conventions maybe world's things like that.

  • RynDaMan
    RynDaMan 13 days ago

    so MHW card?

  • Amanda McNeff
    Amanda McNeff 14 days ago

    4:00 on the right you'll see shiny alcreamey

    Edit: Nevermind

  • Caleb Ge
    Caleb Ge 15 days ago

    there is a Sirfetch'd check it out UK: Meet Sirfetch'd in Pokémon Sword! - RU-clipwww.youtube.com › watch

  • Eric Sanders
    Eric Sanders 15 days ago

    Hey why not you put in a green screen behind you

  • Daniel Palmer
    Daniel Palmer 16 days ago

    Spinda has a couple billion patterns? The fish looks like a barracuda... and the two "statues" are messed up, like half of it is behind the lightpost and half of it overlaps the lightpost?

  • sonic soviet
    sonic soviet 16 days ago

    U sound like mickey mouse 😄 but awesome vdeo btw 👍🏽

  • Lennard Köhler
    Lennard Köhler 17 days ago +1

    The Zuko joke made my day!

  • Starlight Lime
    Starlight Lime 17 days ago

    Polteageist looks amazing and will probably be on my teams for now on.

  • LukeThePokéExpert
    LukeThePokéExpert 18 days ago

    I’m from the future. The Pokémon is Sirfetch’d the Farfetch’d Evolution exclusive to Sword. It is a Fighting Type, and it’s signature move is Meteor Assault. The cause of the glitch is a Rotom in the website. That’s all I’m giving away!

  • Andy Enterprise
    Andy Enterprise 19 days ago

    so they can put stupid things in the game like making curry, and pointless things like camps and giant pokemon, and multiple variations of one pokemon, but not all the pokemon themselves, gamefreak you have your priorities wrong, all pokemon first then stupid gimmicks later

  • Diego Lopez
    Diego Lopez 19 days ago

    Bro that’s Graymon

  • APotatoGuy LikesDogs
    APotatoGuy LikesDogs 20 days ago

    Alcreamie:the new Unown

  • Fiona Wang
    Fiona Wang 20 days ago +1

    When they said it spits Pikachu they could mean that the fish is a Pokémon like that Pikachu is a Pokémon

  • It's CheesyPota
    It's CheesyPota 20 days ago


  • kyle ortiz
    kyle ortiz 20 days ago

    That fish is probably the remoraid or this generation

  • Anønymou5 Yeet
    Anønymou5 Yeet 21 day ago

    Maybe it's a galarian wishiswasi

  • Sechaba Theletsane
    Sechaba Theletsane 22 days ago

    Watch alcreamir be useless

  • Gnomehuts
    Gnomehuts 22 days ago +1


  • Alberto Guillén
    Alberto Guillén 22 days ago +1

    That background Miror B. song tho

  • Her Valiant Angel
    Her Valiant Angel 22 days ago

    Gen 8 wants me to overlap my team with Flying types, it seems. Corviknight and now Cramorant? Heh. I will likely end up keep swapping the two with each other constantly as the need arises. Also Gulpin needs to be in the game so they can play off each other. I suppose Pelipper would work too (I know he's in, from the trailers).

    Also some possible war cries (taunts) at the start of battle (think in terms of Soul Calibur, DOA, and such games):
    "I hope you don't find your loss too tough to swallow. Go Cramorant!"

    "I have some tea to spill......go Polteageist!"




    I'll see myself out. XD

  • Glitched bird
    Glitched bird 23 days ago

    Wondertrade did the local trade before (except of course used wifi) but what i mean by that is me and my ex girlfriend were doing wonder battles and so we wonder traded to get a team and ended up trading with each other

  • Sameet Khadka
    Sameet Khadka 23 days ago

    And i was just watching avatar

  • Aaron Jaxson
    Aaron Jaxson 23 days ago

    Nobody is going to talk about the new Rotom form at the top right of the League Card Creator 😮

  • Who_DatFrenchB0i
    Who_DatFrenchB0i 23 days ago

    9:52 or it can be an Item based off Hawaiian Wooden lures that you can find whilst diving

  • Frosty Dragon
    Frosty Dragon 23 days ago

    With the first one it could be the third legendary that the wolves are fighting against. But it could be a pseudo legendary.(just my thoughts)

  • jackson carnahan
    jackson carnahan 23 days ago


  • aurora the aurous
    aurora the aurous 23 days ago

    Pause at 4:02 and look at your right

  • aurora the aurous
    aurora the aurous 23 days ago

    Who just saw shiny alcreamie?!

  • GreenShadows
    GreenShadows 24 days ago

    The disk faced pokemon with the statues
    Galarian axew anyone

  • Furious Scorchbunny
    Furious Scorchbunny 24 days ago

    The statues must be something like water type pokemon

  • Hiccup Astrid
    Hiccup Astrid 24 days ago

    Maybe they’re gargoyle inspired pokemon

  • Cabbage Vurtal
    Cabbage Vurtal 24 days ago +1

    Cramorant is there new kazooie for banjo

  • SogekingFirebirdStar
    SogekingFirebirdStar 24 days ago

    We going to get to hear your thoughts on Sword and Shield's ducky new mon?

  • Drikuu Aaron
    Drikuu Aaron 24 days ago

    Food pokemon are the dumbest Pokémon hands down

  • Norbert Gulyas
    Norbert Gulyas 24 days ago


  • ComputerDefeated
    ComputerDefeated 24 days ago

    angry people over no nationaldex: exist
    pokemon: let's think of a good comeback
    random employee: currydex
    pokemon: you are now employee of the month

  • ZombiFeline Tuba
    ZombiFeline Tuba 24 days ago

    Every 2 gens they add a eeveelution or 2 can't wait for a steel type or dragon type eeveelution

  • Hounten
    Hounten 24 days ago

    Not a single soul
    Game freak: currydex

  • Stingy
    Stingy 24 days ago

    Uhh I think the dinosaur thing is a triceratops

  • Master Minion
    Master Minion 24 days ago

    The castle entrance looks like a triceratops head to me 🙌

  • MicahGD
    MicahGD 24 days ago

    I didn’t realize something about some of the clips you showed.
    There are soon really cool looking area, specifically the free roam areas. NGL I’m still hyped for this game, still gonna be really fun.

  • Facade Underground
    Facade Underground 24 days ago

    I know this sounds dumb, but what if that huge Dragon statue/door is the Original Dragon from Generation V

  • Mason Hopkins
    Mason Hopkins 24 days ago

    the castle entrance looks like drednaw

  • Le Voltage
    Le Voltage 24 days ago

    I DIED WHEN HE SAID TEA IS JUST LEAF JUICE (avatar is my favourite show)