2019 iPad mini vs Amazon Fire HD 8

  • Published on Apr 14, 2019
  • Here is our comparison between the 2019 iPad mini vs the budget-friendly Amazon fire HD 8:
    More info on the iPad Mini:
    More info on the Fire HD 8:
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Comments • 39

  • Jeston Ferrer
    Jeston Ferrer 13 days ago

    Watching with fire 7😅

  • Cason Juergens
    Cason Juergens 20 days ago

    I have the Fire HD 8 and it works pretty good but the app store sucks and you can't get as many games and updates as you can with the Google Play store or the Apple app store. So I want a Ipad.

  • JH H
    JH H Month ago

    the fire tablet isn't a bad deal, but it has a geekbench score of 1.6k running android that makes it junk, it wouldn't be junk if amazon made their own OS that makes the Fire tablet run reasonably well. yeah it costs 90 dollars and if you have the money for an ipad mini 5, it's probably not worth getting the fire 7 unless you have a habit of dropping electronics. Ipads tend to hold their value much better than android tablets so the ipad mini 5 price comparison is not going to be as high as most people expect

  • AthenaresS
    AthenaresS Month ago +3

    i am watching this vid on my fire hd8

  • t1000v20
    t1000v20 2 months ago +2

    What's wrong with you guys? The fire tablet is perfectly good for some basic web browsing and media consumption. Of course if you are looking for gaming then you aren't going to buy it. Having said that I have the 7 inch version which on paper is even worse but what can I say? It's great still as a media viewer, ebook reader, occasional none graphically demanding games when you are traveling or just lounging around on the sofa watching a TV show or whatever. the 8 inch is currently on prime day sale for £45 ($60) here in the UK, great buy for that kind of money

  • AngryGamer 887
    AngryGamer 887 2 months ago +2

    tbh i like the fire hd 8 even tho some people will disagree i dont care i think this comparison is stupid and it doesnt even make sence i use the fire hd8 and i like it alot but if people are saying that the ipad frickin mini is better well no shit beacuse its apple they've made so many tablets but amazon hasnt made that many tablets so i think its unfair doing this comparison so you can just piss off

    • mark yanz
      mark yanz Month ago

      AngryGamer 887 i had fire hd 8 and this one is super slow, i dont like it.

  • Галактик хомяк

    I'm now look on iPad fire HD8

  • VanMan 23
    VanMan 23 3 months ago +2

    The iPad mini's hardware and software (when it has iPad OS) is in a league of its own, rivaling even more expensive laptops. Why is it being compared to a crappy device that is only meant to shop and consume content on Amazon.

  • Eruvadhor -
    Eruvadhor - 4 months ago +3

    what a stupid video.... comparing a 400€ device with 89€ device… it is logical that the the high price IPad is better you genius.

  • Mikey Loves Pizza
    Mikey Loves Pizza 4 months ago

    if you like to read comic books, kindle is the way to go. Comixology on amazon app store is the best version compared to google and app store. Plus Prime members gets many free comics to read!

  • Geek Jawaid
    Geek Jawaid 4 months ago +16

    Comparing these two is like comparing Sun with candle in daylight

    • Riverdale tales
      Riverdale tales 3 months ago

      Yup , the fire is good but it shouldn't be compared to a triple A , tablet

  • Christian groudon
    Christian groudon 4 months ago +13

    Who's watching this with their amazon fire hd 8. I am

  • mrk107
    mrk107 4 months ago +2

    @4:23 lol, that was a great joke!

  • AK Henderson
    AK Henderson 5 months ago +6

    Hyundai VS Mercedes

  • Joshua Espinosa
    Joshua Espinosa 5 months ago +2

    Can you please do a review on the JBL Endurance “Peak” True Wireless Earbuds?
    I’m considering to purchase them but there are no good video reviews on them.

  • Hamad Hasan
    Hamad Hasan 5 months ago +3

    No comparison

  • Mister Bennie
    Mister Bennie 5 months ago +13

    Most stupid comparison.
    What do you expect from devices released years apart and a price difference even further?
    This "new" Fire HD 8 is identical to the one released in 2016 except for an OS-update.

    • Mister Bennie
      Mister Bennie 5 months ago

      Not really.
      Here is a list of relevant Tablets for 2019
      The Huawei M5 being the most relevant (and compareble)

    • bobbyright2010
      bobbyright2010 5 months ago

      He compared them because the fire HD 8 is the only active tablet around the same size as the iPad mini.

  • David Wood
    David Wood 5 months ago +2

    In the I’m.....amazon tablet £60 iPad mini 5 £399......for £60 it’s a bloody good device. The iPad mini for the price is a bloody great tablet. You can’t compare these 2? Different ball park completely, hell a different game!

  • Edwin B
    Edwin B 5 months ago +6

    Some things can’t be justified by any price tag. The fire is pure junk.

  • yes sir
    yes sir 5 months ago +2

    You have to be a special kind of person to buy a fire over an iPad

    • AngryGamer 887
      AngryGamer 887 2 months ago

      a guy who comments dumb shit and only uses an ipad to flex

    • dorito guy .-.
      dorito guy .-. 4 months ago

      @yes sir nope in some countries the iPad can cost the double of the original price only because it's an Apple product.

    • SeuMelhorAmigo
      SeuMelhorAmigo 5 months ago

      @yes sir OIC. Beside you better just buy a kindle (plus a cheap 4k tv for media) because fire tablet is a real slouch.

    • yes sir
      yes sir 5 months ago

      SeuMelhorAmigo considering he is doing a versus type comparison, he is probably targeting the people that can afford either. Either way, If you are to poor to afford an iPad mini , then you are to poor to afford a fire .

    • SeuMelhorAmigo
      SeuMelhorAmigo 5 months ago +3

      By special do you mean poor? Like 50% of earth poorest people?

  • wbite aye
    wbite aye 5 months ago +1

    No competition

  • psychoboi
    psychoboi 5 months ago +18

    Geekbench score is like Goku vs a normal kid

  • Kristian Larsen
    Kristian Larsen 5 months ago +14

    Look I hate apple, that doesn't mean you can beat a iPad in 2019 when tables are what you're shopping for.

    • mrk107
      mrk107 5 months ago +8

      I really like my table, I sit at it when I'm eating my Rice Krispies.