• Published on Aug 21, 2019
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Comments • 513

  • Kristopher London
    Kristopher London  27 days ago +222

    So excited about the announcement guys! Copping merch now not only supports me but also we helping save the giraffes too!
    GIRAFFE GANG! All love

    • Max
      Max 27 days ago

      Do the pistons giraffe gang merch

    • Fetters
      Fetters 27 days ago

      Yo 4:32 was crazy

    • Ben Garby
      Ben Garby 27 days ago

      Kristopher London such a good vid

  • Jalapeño84_*
    Jalapeño84_* 2 days ago

    Those Chinese guys didnt Even defend the ball lol

  • Exv ergo
    Exv ergo 3 days ago

    That double dribble by jester tho

  • WestyFesty
    WestyFesty 5 days ago

    Drew carried,just a little bit tho😂😂

  • Илья Болдырев

    8:00 traveling

  • Richard Donald San Diego

    Did u realize that chash and that Chinese guy have the same shoes lol

  • TS99 Forever
    TS99 Forever 13 days ago

    Kris triple double ?

  • Jamaljr Christmas
    Jamaljr Christmas 14 days ago

    The Chinese hoopers seem cool asf

  • Jamaljr Christmas
    Jamaljr Christmas 14 days ago

    Jesse be hacking 😭

  • Nino Dagger With Danger

    Y’all remeber when kris use to only shoot with one arm

  • Dub Nation
    Dub Nation 15 days ago

    I saw jesser double dribble

  • swag peach
    swag peach 16 days ago

    Kris is actually buff

  • Siu Lau
    Siu Lau 18 days ago +1

    10:57, that's definitely defense to be respected because he challenged your dunk despite being turned around and caught by surprise and being much shorter than you. Most guys on top of not going for the block, would move out of the way.

  • Alexis Manriquez
    Alexis Manriquez 20 days ago

    Imagine a healthy LSK with 99 stamina

  • kamdev201980
    kamdev201980 20 days ago +1


  • Jay Capalot
    Jay Capalot 20 days ago

    Love the vid gotta banger it’s leet🔥🤘🏻🕺

  • Varisha AD
    Varisha AD 20 days ago

    The next steph curry is here!

  • kdogg beast
    kdogg beast 20 days ago

    Kristopher you are the best shooter in 2hype no cap!!!

  • Nick Huff
    Nick Huff 21 day ago

    The dude that was carrying Chine in the first outdoor game had the ugliest 3 pt shot lol

  • bubble buu
    bubble buu 22 days ago

    seriously, without you your team probably would lost

  • Thomas Sillard
    Thomas Sillard 22 days ago

    The travel at 8:00 is way too big! You guys should have called it ahahahahah

  • Kevin Tolentino
    Kevin Tolentino 23 days ago

    7:45 I Saw that Jesser

    CEC HOOPS 23 days ago

    Dang those blocks tho

  • Shawn Bijani
    Shawn Bijani 23 days ago

    Stretch big K.L

  • Διονύσης Πανταζόπουλος

    The girls went insane for Kristopher

  • Aka
    Aka 23 days ago

    kris' lack of hustle kills me

  • Milly Mahinra
    Milly Mahinra 23 days ago

    I don't know too much about American sports but isn't basketball a 5 v 5 game anyway?

  • Duncan DarkThorn
    Duncan DarkThorn 24 days ago +1

    Put that shooter in 2Hype!!!!!

  • Allen
    Allen 24 days ago

    how many foul for jazzer make

  • talon_187
    talon_187 24 days ago +9

    13:16 jesser had a damn seizure😂

  • Ethan Johnson
    Ethan Johnson 24 days ago

    2hype World Cup 2019

  • Loser_Sheens
    Loser_Sheens 24 days ago

    Jay jones is kobe

  • B D
    B D 24 days ago

    You missed I subed .o and joined the note gang!!!!!!

  • Ian Conte
    Ian Conte 24 days ago

    and glasses for the chinese team on the street court was buckets too god damn

  • Ian Conte
    Ian Conte 24 days ago

    if i got 10$ for every time header tried to be fancy and travelled 😂

  • Ian Conte
    Ian Conte 24 days ago +2

    bro who tf is big boy bc he’s a shooterrrrrrr

  • Delvin HIll
    Delvin HIll 24 days ago +1

    @ 8:16 did anyone see the score magically change??? 🤔I thought Korea was sneaky

  • Chriswolf Flight
    Chriswolf Flight 24 days ago

    Why didn't they have ricegum on the other team

  • True Speed
    True Speed 24 days ago

    3:56 I enjoyed that block 😂😂😂

  • Bobby Kilroy
    Bobby Kilroy 25 days ago +1

    drew Ruiz got a strap

  • VangsFishing
    VangsFishing 25 days ago

    Jesser needs new shoes, he the only one that keep slippin lmfao

  • ItzJabreil
    ItzJabreil 25 days ago +1

    I thought u where injured 😢😢😢🥶🥶

  • Austin Pence
    Austin Pence 25 days ago

    That Chinese kid with the Glasses in the park was giving y’all major buckets fr

  • Austin Pence
    Austin Pence 25 days ago

    That Chinese kid with the Glasses in the park was giving y’all major buckets fr

  • Jg X4__
    Jg X4__ 25 days ago

    This the Jordan rec center bih

    BEASTLEEst 25 days ago +1

    Jesser travels everytime he touches the ball 🙃

    • Swimming Fan
      Swimming Fan 23 days ago +1

      I swear every time. But yet they say he good. Lolz

  • Dontay Sports Taylor
    Dontay Sports Taylor 25 days ago +3

    Kris was doing his thing in China, blocks, dunks, and 3's🔥👍🏼🔥

  • XavinatorBTW *
    XavinatorBTW * 25 days ago +1

    Anyone see Jesser’s LAZY D( life if u agree)

  • Egemen Ucar
    Egemen Ucar 25 days ago

    Yiyosa tr gel vs atalım

  • austerity
    austerity 25 days ago

    thats some high quality camera

  • dan paz
    dan paz 25 days ago

    is the rim 9 feet?

  • dan paz
    dan paz 25 days ago

    how tall are u? 6-8?

  • Blaze0 Rage
    Blaze0 Rage 25 days ago

    See how Jesser sucks? cuz he cant cheat here LOL

  • Alonzo Richmond
    Alonzo Richmond 25 days ago

    The heavy set dude hoopn!!!

  • Alexander Rose
    Alexander Rose 25 days ago

    You guys barely ran around at all and still killed them
    There was zero hustle out there by 2Hype and they still outplayed the Chinese guys
    Imagine an in shape 2Hype who hustles out there for an entire game

  • Michael Jimenez
    Michael Jimenez 25 days ago

    12:46 i see that move ❄️

  • T Raw
    T Raw 25 days ago

    Drew was curry out there sheesh

  • Dante Smitj
    Dante Smitj 25 days ago +5

    this is the type of kris i love to see. going strong dunking hitting his rhythm jumpers playing great defense. all around great player.

    • Sufyaan Khalid
      Sufyaan Khalid 23 days ago

      Yes same. When he's not trying to hard he prevents injuries and let's the game come to him. Nice flow and he played great. Keep it Kris. Giraffe gang!

  • LeJacob 23
    LeJacob 23 25 days ago

    Lol the girls at the background are going crazy every time Kris dunks

  • For TV
    For TV 25 days ago

    Jessee went 0-80 and 8 turnovers