My Bf Is Obsessed With Having Children!

  • Published on Apr 19, 2019

    Hi, I'm Terry. My story is… well, it's just ridiculous! But at the same time it's also very sad. It's just that my sweetheart turned out to be some kind of monomaniac. Well, you know, someone with idée fixe.
    I'm almost all grown up - and in my last year of high school, I know which university I will go to next year, and I think a lot about my future. It seems that there is nothing out of the ordinary about my life, doesn’t it? Well, there is one thing. It has been almost a year since my boyfriend and I got engaged. His name is Michael and we have been together for 5 years already and his proposal… It was so magical!
    He did it last year at the spring homecoming dance where we were both nominated for the titles of King and Queen of the school, which we could have kept for the whole next year. Neither Michael nor me got the crown but after the ceremony he took the mike from the host, got down on one knee, and asked for my hand in front of the whole school audience! Michael said wonderful things about me and gave me a beautiful ring… well, now all the girls understand me. I couldn't say no! And our engagement became the main event of the ball. I think the Queen ate her crown out of envy that same night.
    When I came home I learned that my engagement was a surprise only to me. It turned out that my parents knew about it already, Michael had discussed it with them. And they had known him as my boyfriend for several years. They knew that he was a good guy with good intentions, so they did not object. The only thing they asked was to postpone our marriage until our graduation from school and that we get married during the summer vacation before we left for college.
    "Michael’s parents seemed to have nothing against it, either. They liked me and they had already accepted “Dear Terry” into their big family.
    Did I said “big”? Oh, Michael’s family was enormous! He was the second oldest among his ten siblings. You heard me right, my boyfriend’s parents have eleven children! The life in their huge house was pretty noisy and chaotic, but at the same time happy and friendly.
    I don't have brothers or sisters. I live alone with my parents, so I very much enjoyed visiting Michael’s house. Even though after some of these visits I'd sometimes return home with a crazy headache from all the noise.
    So while I was ready to marry Michael, I didn't pay a huge amount of attention to it. I was much more preoccupied with my choice of career - my parents had done pretty well in their lives, and I didn't want to disappoint them.
    As for Michael, he started to discuss our future family life - it got longer and he went into more and more detail as we got closer to our graduation. I have to admit that I only smiled when hearing of all of his future plans. Michael loved his big family and there was nothing wrong with thinking about creating his own. I didn't see anything bad in it. Until one certain moment.
    "One day it was a national holiday and Michael and I went shopping together. He wanted to buy me a beautiful dress and he was even ready to help me choose one - well, haven’t I told you before that he was wonderful? So that day was full of magic… before Michael showed me a dress saying that he liked it because it would make me look like his Mom.
    Hmmm… I like Michael’s mother. She is wonderful. She is very kind, nice, and a very special person and she treats me well but… what was this nonsense?! Other than that, I didn't feel anything in common between me and this woman, who is always surrounded by kids, and who I always saw as either pregnant or holding a baby. I imagined myself in her shoes and… I felt terrified. So I was furious and I told Michael that I did not want to hear that I looked like somebody else!
    I did not tell him exactly what made me feel so uncomfortable. In fact I haven’t talked to Michael for three days.
    It seemed that after that, Michael gave up the subject of family and kids… before he let it slip about the project he was working on together with his father in their garage. I was curious and jokingly teased Michael until he told me what they were doing in there.
    Oh yes, he finally told me. He was making a CRADLE for our future child so that it would be ready for the moment when we moved into our future house together, after our marriage.
    This time I got REALLY angry. But my boyfriend just brushed me off. He told me that it was his hobby and the cradle would be waiting in the basement for the time we needed it. I had nothing to say - one day we might need it… but definitely not NOW! I was extremely angry and even a little depressed.

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  • Ravinclaw 27
    Ravinclaw 27 6 hours ago

    You think 10 is bad I have 18 aunts and uncles

  • Me Kage
    Me Kage 9 hours ago

    Tips: don't married to person who look like your mom,
    You might get weird vibe

  • XxMoony PlayzxX
    XxMoony PlayzxX 13 hours ago

    I have mixed feelings with this story... I don't think she knows how to look at someone else's part of the story... maybe she should let Michael talk before she decides to just leave him.. if it seems believable... maybe you can decide to get together again... or talk things out... you never once let him explain..

  • IOPE
    IOPE 16 hours ago

    Engaged on a highschool prom?! Wtf! Way to young! How can parents be okey with this? In Europe you marry like way after your university and when you finished paying of your student loan hahahhaha such a difference in culture

  • Stinkmeaner
    Stinkmeaner Day ago

    God forbid he loved you enough to want to start a family with you.
    I get not wanting kids right away, but breaking up with him cause he wanted kids? I dunno girl.

  • Nicole Wiseman
    Nicole Wiseman Day ago

    I have 11 siblings

  • Google Access 1 Cuevas

    Who else got a GoDaddy ad?

  • Amira Mirranay
    Amira Mirranay Day ago

    Good he is 🖕🖕🖕

  • GrandConvoy
    GrandConvoy 2 days ago +1

    This is how many Aunts and Uncles Michaels Kids will have

  • Jaide L
    Jaide L 2 days ago +1

    Michale’s parents didn’t make a family they made an appointment my 😂

  • Spencer Peck
    Spencer Peck 3 days ago

    I laughed when I heard, "I'm a human, not an incubator"

  • Simon Shonibare
    Simon Shonibare 4 days ago

    Your ex is a freak. How the hell did u get married before college.

  • Jasmin Vazquez
    Jasmin Vazquez 5 days ago

    Oh hell no that period thing is just for a psycho 😂😭 dump him and never look back sis 😭💀

  • One Tap God
    One Tap God 5 days ago

    Really!!Hoby!!Hoby for building a baby bed!!

  • Becky Gaither
    Becky Gaither 6 days ago

    7:17 wrong parents

  • john zhinin
    john zhinin 8 days ago

    4:08 except for the parts about her

  • Potter Productions
    Potter Productions 9 days ago

    That's really sad

  • Lesides360
    Lesides360 11 days ago

    Can’t relate... My parents would NEVER let me marry in High School😳

  • Rachel Bollard
    Rachel Bollard 11 days ago


  • Fresh Mintayley
    Fresh Mintayley 11 days ago +1

    The Loud House!😂😂😂

  • rehaan Chopra
    rehaan Chopra 11 days ago

    Why do teens have kids

  • Gabriella Green
    Gabriella Green 12 days ago

    I swear me and her are twins. Except I dumped him before I turned 16 (and an engagement) and he had 18 siblings

  • M&M Gurl
    M&M Gurl 13 days ago

    These are the kids they have over the course of 20 years:

  • Ridh Wert
    Ridh Wert 13 days ago

    I think it was a right choice to break up.I mean no bf will count periods and best days to make their gf pregnant!

  • Firerocket. XD
    Firerocket. XD 13 days ago +1

    That's not a family that's a farm.

  • Mohamed Cade Ibrahim
    Mohamed Cade Ibrahim 14 days ago

    Kid is okay

  • LPS Addi
    LPS Addi 14 days ago

    This girl is tripp ing

  • Maria DeFrank 35
    Maria DeFrank 35 15 days ago

    11 kids?! Hell no!!!!!

  • Kuda Dzenga
    Kuda Dzenga 15 days ago

    This is like the Wesley family and Granger family from Harry Potter

  • Mr look
    Mr look 15 days ago

    Besides counting your best cycles for ovulation at least he was thinking on the realistic basis and not Owen my next 10 years I'm going to have my own business I'm going to run a private jet see the world drink wine you try to be more down-to-earth that right there ladies and gentlemen is the difference between common sense book sense and she wasn't willing to see it from his perspective she was only seeing it from her side moral of the story she's just a stuck up bitch that the world should revolve around her part 2 does it make it to college she's broke begging him to take her back in my own opinion he was thinking about the future he's already had plans for a house to be bought me personally I wouldn't stay with someone if I didn't want to have children

  • Lindsthestudent
    Lindsthestudent 16 days ago

    I’m jealous that you got engaged senior year of high school, but not that he wants a billion kids.
    I’m a senior in college and I’ve never had a bf.

  • Littlewhisper
    Littlewhisper 16 days ago

    Get a puppy

  • tillie acker
    tillie acker 16 days ago

    Folks say
    Why do you polish a crib when you don't have a kid and even if you did have a kid.."

    (Its a Beetlejuice reference)

  • NoeNae Monae
    NoeNae Monae 17 days ago

    Having kids when the both want them but he’s building a crib and tracking your fertility dates? Nahhhh stay away

  • NoeNae Monae
    NoeNae Monae 17 days ago

    Michael just want kids and a wife... he’s gonna do the same thing to the next girl

  • Ma Spaghetti
    Ma Spaghetti 18 days ago +1

    Me in BitLife:

  • jessy Lezana
    jessy Lezana 18 days ago

    I would love to have a baby and my bf didnt want to.

  • Norhushien Hadji Ali
    Norhushien Hadji Ali 19 days ago

    Why? You want travel around the world but why? Do you have much money to travel around the world, at age 18 you need to get a job to earn money.

    YUNG_BOI 21 day ago

    That Michael sounds like a perv. I mean who counts the days of someones period ??

  • deanna woods
    deanna woods 22 days ago

    My dad wanted 12 kids, my mom talked him down to 4, and after me they stopped at 2. I was born sickly and required a lot of attention so that's why they stopped. It's okay though, because I have a little godbrother.

  • be yourself love05
    be yourself love05 22 days ago

    This stories are terrible bad

  • Vivian Hoang
    Vivian Hoang 23 days ago +1

    Did you draw this

  • The Dare/challenge/anything channel

    Anybody realize she said that micheal and her had been together for 5 years but then she said her parents knew about them being together for 7. ??????

  • Low Carb Cooking Show
    Low Carb Cooking Show 23 days ago

    Yeet him into a turtles womb of birth with goo of birth womb

  • Joab Camargo
    Joab Camargo 23 days ago

    Its like the loud house

  • nicole knowlton
    nicole knowlton 24 days ago

    Ok I'm not sure what to say

  • Chondra
    Chondra 24 days ago

    I dont think he was planning on having kids that early either, and uf he was then idk whats going through his mind because yall are fresh outa highschool.

  • Bella Cela
    Bella Cela 24 days ago +1

    I don't think he understands how painful it is. Ahaha

    TO TAKE CARE OF THEM. Jk, kids are great. I AM A KID. >:O

  • Kawaii Unicorn2215
    Kawaii Unicorn2215 24 days ago +1

    Parents:He’s so innocent and such a good guy :)
    Michael:IM MARRIED
    NOW TIME TO GET 10000000000 KIDS!
    Actually Happened ;-;

  • Kawaii Unicorn2215
    Kawaii Unicorn2215 24 days ago +1


  • Abe Syparrado
    Abe Syparrado 24 days ago +3

    freeze your eggs then just find a sperm donor since it's your decision when to have kids..

  • BlackWolfz Gaming
    BlackWolfz Gaming 26 days ago

    You aren't wifey material

  • gwammeh
    gwammeh 26 days ago

    CREEPY. HOLY HELL, CREEPY. Thank god you discovered this BEFORE getting married.

  • Kaydian Hall
    Kaydian Hall 26 days ago

    Micheal family loves babies😊 Micheal is a mamas boy!

  • anastaia slaughter
    anastaia slaughter 26 days ago


  • Alba Formiga
    Alba Formiga 26 days ago

    You shouldnt give up in your career and travel dreams because he wants kids, have them around your 30s

  • Kaem Sandy
    Kaem Sandy 26 days ago least he didn't cheat


    2:46- the ring is on the wrong hand...😑

  • bunker jonesy
    bunker jonesy 27 days ago

    Uh that's eleven

  • molly price
    molly price 27 days ago

    I'm so glad I'm gay and infertile