'DISTRICT 89' | Best of Synthwave And Retro Electro Music Mix

  • Published on Oct 7, 2018
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    ▼ Track List:
    ➟ SoundCloud Link: soundcloud.com/zombie_nick/sets/dead-by-dawn-ep
    ➟ Spotify: open.spotify.com/artist/7chIJ18jsvMwawSOi0pkku?si=klUT5idxQFCqPzTcroJ8sA
    5:07 - Mental Minority - Dystopia Now
    ➟ mental-minority.bandcamp.com/
    ➟ soundcloud.com/mental-minority
    11:09 - ZAYAZ - Another World
    ➟ smarturl.it/ZAYAZ
    ➟ soundcloud.com/zayazofficial
    16:10 - Vosto - Cyber Fire
    ➟ open.spotify.com/artist/5jRI8tNLOYDAqv7r0mmGpr
    ➟ soundcloud.com/vost0
    ➟ ru-clip.net/channel/UC7lhdEnwxCv10Y71TLoJspQ
    21:07 - Faster Corp - Humane
    ➟ ru-clip.net/video/8pA-4WHAHYc/video.html
    ➟ soundcloud.com/fastercorp/sets/non-physical-ep
    25:52 - Daniel Adam - Vikings
    ➟ soundcloud.com/wherethewavesmeet
    30:29 - Richard March - Tokyo Doom
    ➟ Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/richardmarch
    ➟ Bandcamp: richardmarch1.bandcamp.com/releases
    34:52 - Eustass Kid - Starchild
    ➟ retroeustass.bandcamp.com/
    ➟ soundcloud.com/retroustass
    39:22 - Cynthetic - NARC
    ➟ cynthetic.bandcamp.com/
    ➟ soundcloud.com/retrocynthesis
    43:42 - NightmareOwl - Uprising
    ➟ nightmareowl.bandcamp.com
    48:04 - quadle - Deep Purple
    ➟ soundcloud.com/0tpcrnd09y5p/deep-purple
    52:25 - GADGETOR - Reagent
    ➟ soundcloud.com/gadgetor1989
    ➟ gadgetor.bandcamp.com/album/prey
    ➟ open.spotify.com/artist/5KXf6f4lFNVMef00J9ls2G
    56:40 - Big Game Hunter - Fifefury
    ➟ soundcloud.com/biggamehuntermusic
    ➟ big-game-hunter.bandcamp.com
    Thanks to Nano for timestamps.
    ▼ Artwork:
    David Legnon

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Comments • 621

  • Nano
    Nano 11 months ago +721

    5:07 - Mental Minority - Dystopia Now
    11:09 - ZAYAZ - Another World
    16:10 - Vosto - Cyber Fire
    21:07 - Faster Corp - Humane
    25:52 - Daniel Adam - Vikings
    30:29 - Richard March - Tokyo Doom
    34:52 - Eustass Kid - Starchild
    39:22 - Cynthetic - NARC
    43:42 - NightmareOwl - Uprising
    48:04 - quadle - Deep Purple
    52:25 - GADGETOR - Reagent
    56:40 - Big Game Hunter - Fifefury

  • Ajosra Last Name
    Ajosra Last Name 3 days ago

    We are all subject..insert thing,

  • Ajosra Last Name
    Ajosra Last Name 3 days ago

    Dat ass?

  • Wille K
    Wille K 3 days ago

    These songs are beautiful

  • Jose Hernandez
    Jose Hernandez 8 days ago

    With some LSD on and this, ill be in heaven.

  • Mesa the first
    Mesa the first 8 days ago +1

    The moment it started I felt like I was in the grid. Job well done 👌 Cyberpunk hype as well

  • Gildmirth0
    Gildmirth0 8 days ago

    Dystopia Now, an anthem for leftists.

  • PAUL P
    PAUL P 11 days ago

    Fun stuff

  • Francisco Javier Martinez

    Esta musica me gusta

  • Christian D Akkerman
    Christian D Akkerman 19 days ago

    13 1/2

  • Evan Kinslow
    Evan Kinslow 23 days ago

    best study music ever

  • Uriah Bortzer
    Uriah Bortzer 23 days ago

    89 forevermore

  • the lone probe
    the lone probe 23 days ago

    vikings sounds a bit like supercar, doesn't it?

  • S Bateman
    S Bateman 23 days ago

    this shit is tripping

  • Reist etc
    Reist etc 28 days ago

    Wew hello hi sister !

  • Justin batchelar
    Justin batchelar 29 days ago +13

    Isn't it ironic that I am almost 100% positive with all the synthwave music coming out today in tribute to 80's synthwave that there is more synthwave music produced today than there was synthwave music in the 80's?

    • Bear Grilling
      Bear Grilling 8 days ago +2

      Stop breaking the fourth wall

    • Justin batchelar
      Justin batchelar 27 days ago +3

      @Chris D, Synthwave literally has no other meaning to me besides it sounds dope as fuck. I couldn't give a fuck less where our trajectory goes. Whether it be a Dystopia or Utopia, I am pretty much squared away either way.

    • Chris D
      Chris D 27 days ago +4

      Yep, blame the fact that we're living in a crazy cyberpunk future, where everyone has access to the tools needed to make art that mocks our current downward trajectory towards the dystopia we once dreamt of. The future is now.

  • S Bateman
    S Bateman 29 days ago

    Interesting music

  • Justin batchelar
    Justin batchelar 29 days ago +1

    Mental Minority - Dystopia Now: Damn, that was the hardest drop ever right at the end of that Orwell speech. As for the "lyrics" or the quote from the book 1984 by James Orwell, I actually kind of agree with the sentiment of that man. Some parts I don't, like the idea of stamping out pleasure, literature, science, art, and orgasms... I think we still need those. However, at looking deeper into what is being said, they have a point. All misery in today's world comes from poverty, political rivalries, wars, crime, and internal fighting. What if we could get rid of all of this by creating a planet under one nation, one flag, ruled by fair but despotic rulers that cared not for politics but rather for the future of mankind? You will never have peace when you have politicians always seeking more power by disrupting society in the pursuit of power and wealth. There would be no need for a politician to seize more power when they already hold all the power. The truest form of politics comes from those that don't run the risk of reparations for their actions. As Machiavelli taught us is that a nation ruled by a de facto totalitarian monarch is as strong and prosperous as the monarch is willing. All you need to do is ensure that you get the right monarch. This is what truly differentiates a Dystopia from a Utopia. Unfortunately, what we have now is merely a Dystopia disguised as a form of purgatory.

    • Justin batchelar
      Justin batchelar 29 days ago

      @Bearly Good, I didn't formally articulate my political position in fear that it would obstruct your willingness to sympathize with my argument. I am a centrist but I lean center-right. I appreciate that you called me a schmuck, lol. Personally, I just listen to synthwave for the kick ass tunes. Gives me a futuristic vibe. I'd recommend reading The Prince if you haven't already; it basically articulates my point better than I could.

    • Bearly Good
      Bearly Good 29 days ago +1

      @Justin batchelar That's a good point about playing it fair in politics not getting anyone too far. I am a libertarian through and through. The government has no business getting into my business. You are right that we can see the tyranny by a voice majority, especially in America. I'm inclined to agree with you about enlightened despotism being a superior model of government, I'm just concerned that our species is adapted too well to division due to tribalism being a major part of our success as a species. Homo Sapiens had to form a tribe against the neanderthals to survive. Unfortunately, in modern times now everyone forms a tribe and refuses to budge on any major issue. This is where politicians come into play to divide people and keep the votes rolling in. A congressman or senator doesn't need to worry about healthcare, or security or if their kids are going to get a good education. For normal schmucks like you and me, we are ultimately on our own. In this sense I agree with your point about modern times being close to a dystopia. The FBI/NSA or any other agency can make up charges on anyone and kick in their door with no warrant. Unchecked law enforcement scares me, which is why the two core issues I support the most is allow me to keep weapons in a law abiding way and allow me to say what I want to say without fear of execution or prison.

      We are taking the first step by sharing ideas in a respectful way. I think this a great thing because too many people resort to flame war tactics when a simple discussion was the only intent. I'm thankful for Synth/Retro wave music to get people thinking about society and being open to new ideas.

    • Justin batchelar
      Justin batchelar 29 days ago +3

      @Bearly Good, I have found that the most compassionate of individuals are cold and calculated. The best individuals tend to be people that don't see any interest in wealth and power, not at least in the same way most everyday individuals do. The people may have a voice now, but we have seen what that voice can do. Regardless of your political position, which I am not one to argue as I am a centrist, there are clearly corrupt politicians that seek ultimate power for themselves or their party on both sides. Politics is very much a psychological game that seeks to destroy societies from within via alienating political opponents and turning the people against each other. You won't make it far in politics by playing fair. It is this false constant omnipresent subjectiveness of political oversight that accomplishes to satisfy the people. People feel as though they are in control of politics because they have a vote. With how the media is constantly dwelling into political affairs as a means to enforce indoctrinated beliefs towards opposite sides of the political spectrum we know that the people's voice and ultimately their vote can be influenced by government puppets. There isn't much difference today with a hypothesized Orwellian dystopia where politicians continue to propagate hatred in the people as a means to develop their political careers, the mainstream media obviously indoctrinating the people to these ideas that the politicians wish for you to believe, constantly more wars, more poverty, and more separation of the people in favor of government parties. The corrupt politicians made it to where they are because they created problems for the media to instigate in your head so that they, the politician, could promise a solution that never comes. You will keep voting in these corrupt politicians that promise a solution to a problem they created themselves but again they will never actually deliver. Ask yourself, would it be politically favorable if the world was a great place? So long as we have wars, poverty, police brutality, mass shootings, crime, and racial differences politicians will have something to promise a solution for in exchange for your vote. It is an endless cycle. One that could be resolved by having an Enlightened despot as a ruler.

    • Bearly Good
      Bearly Good 29 days ago

      Big Brother is the ultimate representation of what mankind should not be...ever. Representational Democracy has its failures, but when compared with enlightened despotism, I think a government formed by the consent of the masses is the best way to limit abuse of power. I think that instead of looking to one person to solve our problems...such as a king or despot... it is better for us as the common people to make the decisions for our society. Even with an enlightened despot, there is still potential for that ruler to become corrupted by greed or power. There's also the question of how the line of succession would work with an enlightened despot. When the despot dies, there is no guarantee that the son or daughter will be as compassionate or forgiving. Yes, our elected politicians are mainly corrupt, but with voting we at least have a voice and a way to change the system. When we rely on a king to solve our problems, our voice can be silenced easily by the mood the king happens to be in that day.

      One world government could work, but it goes against our tribal nature as humans. Look at the two party system in America. Each party thinks they have the best solution. "There will be no loyalty except loyalty to the party"....this is the exact sentiment expressed by Big Brother in 1984. You can only love Big Brother. One world government opens the door to more people being subjugated under an unalterable and unchangeable regime. Look at North Korea as an example. It is up to us, as the common people, to challenge all forms of authoritarian overreach without the fear of being executed or thrown in prison. In my view, only representational democracy allows this. There are hundreds of protests in the US saying that Trump is evil...Russian citizens do not have the same luxury.


  • Count Lejes
    Count Lejes Month ago +3

    An evil night in Shanghai... I guess something like that...

  • jean rene tournecuillert

    we love power ! ^^

  • Don One
    Don One Month ago +1

    i like it while i play league :=

    • Crystal Dreams
      Crystal Dreams 25 days ago

      What elo are you? And add me NA server Master Halo44

  • cocky rocky
    cocky rocky Month ago

    32:40 so killer

  • John
    John Month ago


  • Never Cool
    Never Cool Month ago

    Imagine a boot stomping on a human face forever

  • frank white
    frank white Month ago +3

    I imagine going across a wasteland of deserts like blade runner when I hear mental minority.

  • Wynn Gwynn
    Wynn Gwynn Month ago

    This is still my favorite mix

  • H Arz
    H Arz Month ago

    Why not district 69?

  • Old Man from Scene Twenty Four

    Boring and predictable, nothing new.

  • John R. Burningstone
    John R. Burningstone 2 months ago

    I'm on the lounge of Omega waiting. Waiting for Mass Effect 3 to be released. Waiting for Dead Space 3 to be release...
    Meanwhile. I wait, and enjoy the music.

  • Terrence Lawless
    Terrence Lawless 2 months ago

  • Sonic Electro
    Sonic Electro 2 months ago

    just subbed to your channel! really cool stuff, im also creating electro funk music, if you could check my channel out and if you like it drop a sub if you like it :)

  • A kid did some heroin And turned into me REDUX

    Thought it said 69 and needed to do the nice meme

  • Mel Gibson after Two Beers
    Mel Gibson after Two Beers 2 months ago +14

    We're living in the early stages of 1984 now lads. Turn off the TV. Put down the smart phone. Go outside, Get Married, have Children, Raise them strong, build, fix, grow. Buy land and create on it. Buy guns and learn how to use them. Read classics. Love your family, Love your neighbors. Do not cave to the censorious ways of the Megacorporations and Marxist social order.

    • fallen2205
      fallen2205 4 days ago

      @Mel Gibson after Two Beers weird way of spelling nationalism and fascism

    • Mel Gibson after Two Beers
      Mel Gibson after Two Beers 4 days ago

      @fallen2205 Hitler was a populist

    • fallen2205
      fallen2205 5 days ago

      @Mel Gibson after Two Beers Google, a coporation with shareholders is the epitome of communism... What?!

    • fallen2205
      fallen2205 5 days ago

      Megacorps and Marxist... what? Let me guess you are one of those that thinks Hittler was socialist?

    • Peppermint Gal
      Peppermint Gal 8 days ago +1

      @Mel Gibson after Two Beers No, that's not democracy. Democracy is when you vote on things. Removing someone from a society is purging, and is almost the opposite of voting.
      Thus far, only Communist theory has had any luck in predicting the continuous failure of the meritocratic Capitalist system. Indeed, only Communists successfully predicted how various attempts at Communism would fail, (such as ancoms predicting Dictatorship would suffocate the Soviet attempt.)

  • Kris Erickson
    Kris Erickson 2 months ago +1

    God damn, this is good list!

  • Palms Collector
    Palms Collector 2 months ago +1


  • Kod Biblii
    Kod Biblii 3 months ago +2

    7:20 amazing tune.

  • trakatrá
    trakatrá 3 months ago +1

    As it is said in the title, Is Synthwave the exact name of this type of music? Thank you

  • trakatrá
    trakatrá 3 months ago +1

    Great, great, music. Awesome. Very inspirational. Thanks.

  • Patrik Pusztai
    Patrik Pusztai 3 months ago

    23:43 good for films

  • Anas .H
    Anas .H 3 months ago +1

    Reminds me all the time of stranger things

  • Marc-Aian
    Marc-Aian 3 months ago +1

    The first one sounds like a music from gta 5 lmaooo =)))

  • slither clips
    slither clips 4 months ago +1

    She attacc
    She protecc
    But most importantly

    She got ass cracc

  • George Smart
    George Smart 4 months ago

    Cyberpunk is a shit world!
    I hope Cyberpunk nevar becomes reality!

  • slither clips
    slither clips 4 months ago +1


  • Karim Zadehgol
    Karim Zadehgol 4 months ago +1

    Thank you ...

  • drakinfer
    drakinfer 4 months ago

    One of the best synthwave playlists I know.

  • Jacob Unger
    Jacob Unger 4 months ago +2

    This is amazing 😍 Thank you for compiling this work. This is so wonderful to meditate too. It's dark and offers a blackpilled view of the world which is where I am at mentally.

  • Jacob Unger
    Jacob Unger 4 months ago +2

    This is amazing 😍 Thank you for compiling this work. This is so wonderful to meditate too. It's dark and offers a blackpilled view of the world which is where I am at mentally.

  • Zak Kena
    Zak Kena 5 months ago

    Daniel Adam - Vikings that one I really dont like otherwise great stuff

  • MakenX5
    MakenX5 5 months ago

    Dead by Dawn is so flyyy

  • Retro ECDS
    Retro ECDS 5 months ago +4

    Really digging the dystopian-future vibe. Faster Corp brought an "Escape from New York" feel. I like how Gadgetor incorporated Snatcher sound effects into their song. I love the guitars in Fifefury.

  • texus buuda
    texus buuda 5 months ago

    lets play the i hate donovan heath game and see whose hatred is most superior.

  • Rodrigo Rodrigues
    Rodrigo Rodrigues 6 months ago


  • Veronika Brkich
    Veronika Brkich 6 months ago

    I love this so fucking bad T,T/

  • 12DAMDO
    12DAMDO 6 months ago

    the first one reminds me of Overwerk

  • FlyingPaladin
    FlyingPaladin 6 months ago

    This better be in CP2077

  • OBS
    OBS 6 months ago

    That's a blast !! thanks !!

  • Melody SpArkle
    Melody SpArkle 6 months ago

    How did I not notice these Awesome !

  • Константин Бывальцев

    I will sit down from the Yekaterinburg now for the drum set

  • I wish David Bowie could see me

    This sounds like Eurodance