Pastry Chef Attempts to Make Gourmet Twix | Gourmet Makes | Bon Appétit

  • Published on Jun 13, 2019
  • Twix. They’ve been at the heart of a debate that goes back more than five decades. Lines have been drawn so intractable that friendships, relationships, even nations have been ruined. Who could forget the Great Twix Battle between the UK and Finland in 1984? No, we’re not speaking of the Left vs. Right debate. We’re talking about the Conflict of Classification that rages to this day. The age old debate: is Twix candy or cookie? Out of respect for those who came before, we will not take a position. Instead, join Claire Saffitz in the Bon Appétit Test Kitchen as she attempts to make a gourmet version of Twix that can hopefully bring peace to this conflict.
    Check out Claire's Instagram: csaffitz

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    Pastry Chef Attempts to Make Gourmet Twix | Gourmet Makes | Bon Appétit
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  • Craig Stadler
    Craig Stadler 9 hours ago

    Lol so.... millionaire shortbread?

  • Antineo Productions
    Antineo Productions 16 hours ago

    that little grey tuft 😍

  • Sam Adams
    Sam Adams Day ago

    Omg Gaby ducking down to take her phone call 😂

  • AnarchyLiz
    AnarchyLiz Day ago

    Virgo vibes for eternity

  • Rambo Jambo
    Rambo Jambo Day ago

    Claire when things go wrong: can't even.
    Claire when things go well: I'm over it

  • Ali Jeffreys
    Ali Jeffreys 2 days ago

    People like authentic claire! dont make her say 'time for my favourite part' if she doesnt want toooooo!

  • Autumn Taylor
    Autumn Taylor 2 days ago

    That’s... InApProPiAte

  • colleen thomson
    colleen thomson 2 days ago


  • frick central
    frick central 2 days ago

    Eww she eats right twix

  • Natalie
    Natalie 2 days ago

    How tf is a twix a candy..?

  • Jason May
    Jason May 3 days ago +1

    Brad's a little much, yeah?

  • Angel Keys
    Angel Keys 3 days ago

    It’s a shame I don’t like caramel

  • Spoder
    Spoder 4 days ago

    I would say it’s a cookie bar too tho

  • solreaver83
    solreaver83 5 days ago

    its not a candy its a chocolate

  • Tyler Rogers
    Tyler Rogers 5 days ago +1

    I came back to this video after eating a Triple Chocolate Twix earlier tonight
    It tasted fine

  • Maram Kashef
    Maram Kashef 5 days ago

    Could you prepare caramel toffee , please ?

  • Yuuna Arita
    Yuuna Arita 5 days ago +1

    Just realized that amiel is not wearing his normal blue outfit

  • Mac Ironee
    Mac Ironee 5 days ago

    Cant't diss the dark chocolate :( (jk)

  • Eric Gerwatowski
    Eric Gerwatowski 6 days ago

    I wanna see Clair make Mallomars. They seem like they'll be so good, but the real version just tastes like chemicals.

  • K Fallon
    K Fallon 6 days ago

    She needs to do Butterfingers, Klondike bars and spray cheese.

  • Shannon Tanney
    Shannon Tanney 7 days ago

    I feel like this is the episode that she did the most tests

  • Malayah Beal
    Malayah Beal 8 days ago

    So im not the only one who nibbles the chocolateand caramel off and then realizes there's divots in the cookies

  • j mula
    j mula 8 days ago

    Wife material

  • Svizer
    Svizer 9 days ago

    Ah yes the twix, aka the down syndrome relative of the snickers.

  • EnderSchool 101
    EnderSchool 101 9 days ago

    Some tips for people wanting to do this
    Bake time for me was about 17 minutes
    I put my dehydrator on same heat as oven
    If you’ve never tempered chocolate it may take a while to get it right but be patient and wait until you can get it hardened at room temp and then it should have a satisfying snap when cracked

  • Abigail Medeiros
    Abigail Medeiros 9 days ago

    Claire: "I feel confident"
    *checks video length*
    oh nooo

  • Tori Chapman
    Tori Chapman 9 days ago

    They never tried the peanut butter twix, but trust me. Its wrong.

  • L S
    L S 9 days ago


  • Butter Scotchnut
    Butter Scotchnut 9 days ago could not pay her enough for what she does

  • Cantaloupe Christian
    Cantaloupe Christian 10 days ago

    What is tempered chocolate

  • Grace Bush
    Grace Bush 11 days ago

    You should make zagnut bars!

  • •_•
    •_• 13 days ago

    Gourmet Haagen-Dazs?

  • Dick Hurtz
    Dick Hurtz 14 days ago

    The music is so annoying

  • Angela Salas
    Angela Salas 14 days ago


  • Nightingale A113
    Nightingale A113 14 days ago +1

    Claire: *enrobing the twix*
    Video: *12 minutes left*
    Me: *fear*

  • Nicole Ard
    Nicole Ard 15 days ago +2

    Claire: You can be in the video it's okay
    Editors: *cuts to the next part*

  • SirPrizeMF
    SirPrizeMF 15 days ago +2

    I'm a graduated engineer and working offshore wind turbine technician, and I so fully 100% agree with Claire on left and right making zero sense when considering circular motions.

  • SlapDatSlime
    SlapDatSlime 15 days ago +3

    Producers: How many Twix bars should we get to display?

    Claire: Yes.

    • mister clean
      mister clean 3 days ago

      @Stephanie Baker I think they just eat it all, or probably distribute it throughout the building. Its a very big building lol

    • Stephanie  Baker
      Stephanie Baker 6 days ago

      I was just thinking how ridiculous that is lol where does it all always go!

  • c pritch
    c pritch 17 days ago +2

    You should do an episode where Clair goes to a chocolatier and learns the secret art of chocolate tempering

  • collarmole
    collarmole 18 days ago

    I don't remember if I watched this one...

  • Rylee List
    Rylee List 18 days ago

    Gabby is an angel

  • Ramon Egli
    Ramon Egli 18 days ago +5

    Brad: Can I smell it?
    Claire: Yeah
    Brad: *sticks his whole face in*

  • C H I E
    C H I E 18 days ago

    molly 😁

  • Zach H
    Zach H 19 days ago

    the ultimate pro-tip to replace "righty-tighty lefty-loosey": make a thumbs up with your right hand, point your thumb in the direction you want the thing to move, turn it in the direction that your fingers are curling

  • Juliana Alvarado
    Juliana Alvarado 19 days ago

    Gourmet makes ferrero rocher

  • lechatnoir
    lechatnoir 20 days ago

    Gaby is just a very cute person

  • Leila Price
    Leila Price 20 days ago

    Claire has amazing lashes, especially her bottom lashes are so long

  • Denzel Fairley
    Denzel Fairley 20 days ago

    I miss the limited addition Java Twix 😭

  • Kimmie Llanes
    Kimmie Llanes 21 day ago

    I binged the whole playlist of Gourmet Makes, and the first few videos Brad was a Test Kitchen Manager, then they stopped putting tag on him like his name and position on the newer episodes. What's his position now? Is he a food editor now?

  • Bluelambo 56
    Bluelambo 56 21 day ago

    I watch these cause I’m board

  • Nikkey Runkle
    Nikkey Runkle 21 day ago +2

    8:00 I love how she bent down so she wouldn't ruin the shot or anything but she grabbed the phone so quick!

  • VarietyPax
    VarietyPax 22 days ago

    Funny that she said she wouldn't eat the parts on their own, bc half of the time I eat Twix, I bite off the caramel and then eat the cookie part alone...

    • VarietyPax
      VarietyPax 22 days ago

      (I eat both parts. I don't just bite off the caramel and spit it out somewhere lolol)

  • Christina Sullivan
    Christina Sullivan 22 days ago

    Make licorice

  • Savannah Mancha
    Savannah Mancha 22 days ago

    c and chesse dfshn;dfsh;

  • Julie Smith
    Julie Smith 22 days ago

    I haven’t finished watching, but am I nuts or would it have been 1,000% easier to pour the warm Carmel over the cookies instead of cutting all those little Carmel bars??...

  • Julie Smith
    Julie Smith 22 days ago

    I’m with Claire on “righty tighty, lefty loosey” never understood it!!

  • Joe Lennon-Phillips
    Joe Lennon-Phillips 22 days ago

    is she single

  • ParnazDoesStuff
    ParnazDoesStuff 22 days ago

    I watch this show for the characters honestly. Why is Chris so wholesome omg.

  • Chez
    Chez 23 days ago

    Twix, it's all in the miiiiix 🎶
    I'm old...

  • apatheticAnxiety
    apatheticAnxiety 23 days ago

    Oh god yes, that whoosh woosh caramel