An Incredible Country With No Unemployment, Homeless and Poor People. Everyone Wants to Live Here!

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    Let’s admit it - most people love their homeland regardless of all its shortcomings. After all, arguing which country is better is meaningless - each one is good in its own way. However, the scientific community compiled statistics to find the states with the best conditions for life.
    Among the hundreds of criteria analyzed were unemployment and crime rates, salaries and taxes, the quality of healthcare, education and the environment. What countries do you think made it to the top?

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  • no name
    no name Day ago

    I others counties you can find homeless people
    In Soviet Russia : you can find peopleless home

  • Katerina Kouzalou
    Katerina Kouzalou 15 days ago

    The point is im not sure to say but what i know every one has a house almost some people not for sure homeless but even if Switzerland was a best its not so big for all of as but if they can to something not just them but all countries for our planet can be nice

  • chris7jakarta
    chris7jakarta 21 day ago

    @7:30 the Netherlands is not in between Belgium and Germany. They are all connected to each other.

  • The Antichrist
    The Antichrist 23 days ago

    The late Omani sultan was a direct descendant of the great sultan Sayyid Said of Zanzibar, 💙

  • Gerardo Golaco
    Gerardo Golaco 24 days ago

    If I finally die and indeed reincarnation is true or if GOD gives me a break to live a second life and choose a country for permanent inhabitance, it will be a place where POLITICS AND MONEY is not WORSHIP thereto certainly its
    GOVERNMENT is free from political ambitions for wealth and power, no petty daily political bickerings but full of GOD-FEARING AND HISTORY-CONSCIOUS SINCERITY to service the nation enroute to its economic stability via true peace and order. And certainly too where GIANT BUSINESSMEN ain't greedy to be justly contented with enough profits that will propel a remarkable smile to the citizenry with a lesser god!!!

  • Andrew Nel
    Andrew Nel 24 days ago

    Everyone is connected. If a country has a low unemployment rate, it only means that the unemployed people has been left outside the borders. It is just like countries are meeting the carbon restrictions on production by moving the production and waste processing to third world countries.

  • Mike H
    Mike H 25 days ago

    Scandinavian countries utterly suck. If you have children you had better be careful, horrible C.A.S stories of kidnapping. And if your a white woman you do not have freedoms to go anywhere you would like, not with out mace, stun gun, and rotteweiler dogs.

  • Frederik Vanhees
    Frederik Vanhees 27 days ago

    Netherlands situated between Belgium and Germany ??? Ur geo is a bit off

  • More Cash
    More Cash 29 days ago

    Who else tho king about moving

  • Dela Cruize
    Dela Cruize Month ago +1

    Correction* you can definitely go skiing in New Zealand in the south island in Queenstown we have ski resorts Google "the remarkables" 🙏💯

  • Alma Kwami
    Alma Kwami Month ago


  • Anu mol
    Anu mol Month ago

    Saudi Arabia.. It's a lie. Girls don't have freedom.its a hell for girls

  • El Y
    El Y Month ago

    Its a matter of time those European countries become Muslim countries.

  • Ayman Damer
    Ayman Damer Month ago

    Romania 😍🇹🇩🌹❤️🙏🏻

  • Nibir Ahmed
    Nibir Ahmed Month ago

    Do part 2

  • Seattle Solar Supply

    Liberals would be miserable over there.

  • pentax seal
    pentax seal Month ago +1

    somebody brings me to this rich country and work there its a big help for me to build a house of my own here in philippines

    • pentax seal
      pentax seal Month ago +1

      @Godfrey Tebandeke thank you for giving me words of hope and inspiration....God bless you!

    • Godfrey Tebandeke
      Godfrey Tebandeke Month ago

      I pray you find a way to build your own house. All will be well even though in life sometimes it seems like there is no answer.

  • nickjandrews
    nickjandrews Month ago

    Yeah, that's a huge hell no to all of those northern European socialist places with absurd taxes and horrific winters. Obviously this narrator loves miserable weather and high taxation. And no, the so-called social amenities are NOT worth it!

  • Elle Van Roamer
    Elle Van Roamer Month ago

    This video is Junk!

  • Elle Van Roamer
    Elle Van Roamer Month ago

    Last time I checked The US has the most noble prize winners. Please check your facts.

  • Puppy Soda
    Puppy Soda 2 months ago +2

    Keep New Zealand as a paradise quiet please
    The more peeps don’t know about it the better

  • Puppy Soda
    Puppy Soda 2 months ago

    Is it full of religious rules

  • Ssdoome E
    Ssdoome E 2 months ago +2

    New Zealand is one of the safest countries after days there is an attack in New Zealand 50 people killed

  • Jon Donoghue
    Jon Donoghue 2 months ago

    More rubbish from the www. 😉

  • Princess_Fiona
    Princess_Fiona 2 months ago +1

    Singapore, Malaysia, Kuwait, Qatar, Taiwan, Japan etc???

  • Amy Walker
    Amy Walker 2 months ago

    And most, if not all those countries have democratic socialist governments!

  • Amy Walker
    Amy Walker 2 months ago

    I lived in New Zealand, and believe me, there are poor people there.

  • Mozzy life Amazing
    Mozzy life Amazing 2 months ago

    I live in Oman and it is fake you do have to pay for medicine

  • Helen Dhanaraj
    Helen Dhanaraj 2 months ago

    Good news thanks

  • rick hall
    rick hall 2 months ago

    You have to look a littel deeper to find the real truth. Dont just rely on the glossy panthlets. Do your home work.

  • Ayesha TV
    Ayesha TV 2 months ago

    stupid..whos selling the food if there is no poor?

  • Lhen Basalla
    Lhen Basalla 2 months ago

    #ph will next in line on this issue.. Thank God or #Allah in advance 😊🤗

  • Invincible Focus
    Invincible Focus 2 months ago

    My country Nepal is more beautiful than this list but 100 times poorer than any of these.. dumb politicians make my country look like we live in stone age.

  • Gela Tongson
    Gela Tongson 2 months ago

    I have encountered poorer retirees from switzerland

  • gilvien tagayon
    gilvien tagayon 2 months ago +5

    I hope and pray that someday Philippines becomes one of this country...🤗🤗

    • gilvien tagayon
      gilvien tagayon 2 months ago +1

      @CzainFarris Sa'd yeah I know, but i dont lose hope that someday it will

    • CzainFarris Sa'd
      CzainFarris Sa'd 2 months ago +1

      Lol. Your country is full of corrupt leaders and prone to disasters. It won't be rich like other countries

    • mwangi james
      mwangi james 2 months ago

      am a kenyan

    • gilvien tagayon
      gilvien tagayon 2 months ago

      @mwangi james i think, get a working visa if you are not a pilipino

    • mwangi james
      mwangi james 2 months ago

      Bruh how can i get a work permit in Phillippines?

  • S Kirk
    S Kirk 2 months ago

    Sounds like a propaganda film for socialist/communist living.

  • Am Myles Micah
    Am Myles Micah 2 months ago

    wow am moving for new Zealand 😝😝

  • Diallo Tahir
    Diallo Tahir 2 months ago

    Please don’t show this video to Americans leaders because they will start thinking how too kill these people for the oils

  • reef1963
    reef1963 2 months ago

    There is no such country. It's only a dream. Never going to happen with human. Android maybe

  • Sugnyeo Baempaieo
    Sugnyeo Baempaieo 2 months ago +5

    Scandinavian countries are only reachable by human like me in dreams.

    • Ben Chesterman
      Ben Chesterman 2 months ago

      @Randy benton heaven for working class not middle class that own homes

    • Randy benton
      Randy benton 2 months ago

      Sugnyeo Baempaieo They are mostly Caucasian and have strict immigration policies. They are heaven on earth except for their tax rate.

  • Sonny Solomon
    Sonny Solomon 2 months ago

    but can you be an omani citizen? say after 20 or 30 years or if you were child of expat born there?

  • English Grammar with Ihsan Faiz

    One day I 'll be travelling to all these countries.

  • Benedict Brooklyn Jallah

    Welcome to America....

  • gee lll
    gee lll 2 months ago

    oman really?

  • Ransam Lee
    Ransam Lee 2 months ago

    Num.11 North Korea.....

  • cassime abdoul
    cassime abdoul 2 months ago


  • Crystal Yeow Ching Ching


  • makonaima1
    makonaima1 2 months ago +2


    • Tony Tia
      Tony Tia 2 months ago

      @Ben Chesterman Actually it was 9 years of DonKey and the National Party that led NZ there.

    • Ben Chesterman
      Ben Chesterman 2 months ago

      Yeah thanks to communist Jacinda Arden

  • Sydney Patrick Marsh
    Sydney Patrick Marsh 2 months ago


  • shonnie t
    shonnie t 2 months ago +1

    Imagine thinking NZ is cheap hahahahahahaha

  • craig hamilton
    craig hamilton 2 months ago

    And and you forgot all the and and ends, Andy!

  • LORDandJOE ToysClub
    LORDandJOE ToysClub 2 months ago +4

    a lots of homeless in new zealand

  • Nacer Atik
    Nacer Atik 3 months ago

    Switzerlanders are racist I have been there so many times. there is nothing special except full with gays and lesbians. I rather stay in the Bronx then that damn place. I wonder why they did not participate in any wars?

  • Pet Mot
    Pet Mot 3 months ago +9

    Oman - hot , living in fridge all life - far from everyone..hmmm not for me - I would choose Spain , South of France,Monte carlo ,Italy

  • Emanuel Colon
    Emanuel Colon 3 months ago

    hold it did you say $ 3000 a year Finland ?!!

  • Ana Maria Bäckman
    Ana Maria Bäckman 3 months ago +1

    I live in Finland🇫🇮😍❤️

    • Grace Odubawo
      Grace Odubawo 2 months ago

      Help me get there dear.
      Is it LGBTQ Friendly??

  • Trebor Ironwolfe
    Trebor Ironwolfe 3 months ago

    Did anyone else notice just how *CLEAN* the Swiss keep their recycling belts?

  • Saharra Quasar
    Saharra Quasar 3 months ago

    So why didn't all those Muslim migrants and so called refugees go to Oman? It's their same culture, language and religion? Because there are not as much taxpayer welfare handouts.

  • Tierra Del Cártel
    Tierra Del Cártel 3 months ago

    Ah excuse me. Here in NZ prices are not low, rent is redonk, you can ski or snowboard and we are not as green as you would think.

  • Impala Birungi
    Impala Birungi 3 months ago

    Oman? Let God judge.

  • unknown glitch
    unknown glitch 3 months ago

    Israel should be on here

  • Oliver Que
    Oliver Que 3 months ago

    Discepline is number one..

  • Rosebell Carter
    Rosebell Carter 3 months ago +1

    still love my good old

  • Tei ti Craig
    Tei ti Craig 3 months ago

    Would love to travel to Oman

    • Kape Barako
      Kape Barako 2 months ago

      Tei ti Craig ,great place with friendly people.I worked for 8 years there.

  • Akhil Yugesh
    Akhil Yugesh 3 months ago

    My country is rich and prosperous in its own way 🤞

  • Colin Tan
    Colin Tan 3 months ago


  • Chris Braid
    Chris Braid 3 months ago

    So New Zealand Doesn’t have Skiing Huh? I wonder why so many Australians and other tourists are found on the slopes of Mt Hutt or the Remarkables ,or why so many North Island Kiwis head to Mount Ruapehu in winter. It maybe just to get cold enough to enjoy a swim in a geothermal pool for the Kiwis. I seem to remember tubing and tobogganing on different ski fields of Ruapehu and Turoa.....

  • Zues Xir
    Zues Xir 3 months ago +1

    I thought this videos was about Beverly hills, California.

  • Senior Citizens New Zealand

    There is also crime in some of these countries.

  • Senior Citizens New Zealand

    There are poor people in some of these countries.

  • Senior Citizens New Zealand

    New Zealand has plenty of skiing.

  • Senior Citizens New Zealand

    Not a hundred percent accurate video.

  • christdragon
    christdragon 3 months ago +3

    I went to Europe in 1990 and we went to Zermatt Switzerland. It was very nice. New Zealand passed a law recently that said that no foreigners can buy property there. I've been to Oslo Norway. The fjords are amazing. I've been to the Netherlands. Amsterdam is quaint and beautiful. If I had the money I'd go back to Europe. Thanks.

  • Mary Land
    Mary Land 3 months ago +1

    "4:27 You won't be bored in New Zealand"...Bahahahaha..I spent 3 years in Auckland, NZ and hardly any people around...very boring place to live.

  • Dolly and the doligan eloi

    European countries are clean because they dump their rubbish to the other continents

  • H T
    H T 3 months ago +1

    Grass is always greener on the other side.

    • Mary Czerniak
      Mary Czerniak 3 months ago

      H T yea it might be greener, but it still has to be mowed!

  • Farry Ali
    Farry Ali 3 months ago

    England has 740 murders per annum , average, with estimated 66 million population,and Trinidad and Tobago with a population of 1.3 milliom has 490 murders to date..and oh yes i didnt check out the news today so that figure could be wrong!

  • ed4 all
    ed4 all 3 months ago

    Lived in muscat , sultanate of oman for years . Peaceful safe country with high levels of secularism

  • Killer B R I D E
    Killer B R I D E 3 months ago

    UAE is better

  • Where is the Logic, and reason?

    I am doomed too live in America, where the tax man, takes 25 percent of my wages. For which I get NOTHING!!!

    • INdie GamER
      INdie GamER 2 months ago

      @Where is the Logic, and reason? i can marry you, i'm 22 though

    • Where is the Logic, and reason?
      Where is the Logic, and reason? 3 months ago

      @dan I have my own income not a lot just over $1000.00 American.
      I live in Southeast Alaska. Where I've been since 1975 .
      I can cut wood, and I can carry water. I can turn anything into a home 😘

    • Where is the Logic, and reason?
      Where is the Logic, and reason? 3 months ago

      @dan I will! I will marry you!
      I am a good woman, lots of fun . I keep my house, and my yard beautiful. I take good care of myself, and I will take good care of you, and your people 😘

    • dan
      dan 3 months ago +1

      marry me then!