The Supercar of Gaming PCs - Aventum X Review

  • Published on May 18, 2019
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Comments • 2 848

  • Spirit Bond
    Spirit Bond 2 months ago +5993

    Did you record this with a cheap gaming headset?.. sounds kinda bad

    • TiagoTiago
      TiagoTiago Month ago

      I didn't notice any issues; at most it sounded like maybe it was an stylistic choice to make it sound like it wasn't the regular show but something from a movie or something of the sort, but even then, it was very subtle...

    • Leo9
      Leo9 Month ago

      @Raja the fact that your still concerned about me callibg you indian after all this time proves you're indian . you Don't need to be living or born in india to be an indian you could be living in germany but you are a fucking indian or you're just living in india but listen to german song because that makes you feel german

    • Raja
      Raja Month ago

      @Leo9 No answer😂

    • Omar Asfari
      Omar Asfari Month ago

      Linus Tech Tips y'all are crazy doing all that for a 1-minute skit

    • Blaise ingyou
      Blaise ingyou Month ago

      @Linus Tech Tips you ever consider hiring an audio guy? i'm taking applications for my next job if you're interested

  • Spam Can
    Spam Can 19 hours ago

    10k when they can't even match fittings?! You need to nail the most trivial detail if you want justify charging someone that much money. Then again, a sucker is born every minute.

  • Nicholas D'Amico
    Nicholas D'Amico Day ago +1

    Where the hell are the benchmarks? This is a funny video but barely informative.

  • Judah Richardson

    32 GB RAM for $10K ... yeah this is a machine for fools and their money.

  • The Lone Polar
    The Lone Polar Day ago

    If you actually bought this PC comment on my comment and subscribe to my channel

  • The nextinline
    The nextinline 2 days ago

    Overpriced garbage

  • 420swag FaZe
    420swag FaZe 5 days ago

    I thought it was Tobey Maguire at first...

  • pleappleappleap
    pleappleappleap 8 days ago

    Supercars aren't exactly known for reliability.

  • Vincent Gaulin
    Vincent Gaulin 10 days ago

    Love the intro clip

  • Misko Andric
    Misko Andric 12 days ago

    Nice McLaren P1

  • Slowest Drummer
    Slowest Drummer 17 days ago

    Yeah... red and green...real good color combo

  • Microage
    Microage 18 days ago

    It sucks tbh. It looks shit and costs alot.

  • Galaxy TS2
    Galaxy TS2 25 days ago

    What's almost every fictional British butler's name?
    What's the real life name of the protagonist?
    *Ha, the irony!*

  • Jakob Thompson
    Jakob Thompson 25 days ago

    I did a build on their website, and it came to $4,364...

  • Jody Mitoma
    Jody Mitoma 28 days ago

    1:09 - 😂 "You're quite right, my liege." The way he says this is bang on, hahahaha... Reminds me of Warcraft & Warcraft II back in the 90's.

  • Gerry Hernandez
    Gerry Hernandez 29 days ago

    But it's a Fortnite bundle, so it's a good deal.

  • The Q
    The Q Month ago

    Why so many dislikes? This video is ABSOLUTELY GREAT!
    I'm guessing the reason why I didnt see it for so long is why because of the dislikes!!
    I'm guessing all the dislikes are from rich people who dont like being called out!

  • puchenyaka
    puchenyaka Month ago

    Rich and poor children looks 100% the same when they are messing around dusty computer case on the floor, swearing and trying to remove mud.

  • Jason
    Jason Month ago +1

    Always thought James was ritch and didn't need to work for Linus lol 😉.

    • The Q
      The Q Month ago

      I does seem to make sense. Somehow always felt James had a luxury sort of look to him. Perfect fit for this video.

  • *The Redstone GOD*
    *The Redstone GOD* Month ago

    Just looking at the PC is making my mouth water at how much better it must be than my 6 year old laptop...

  • A Sam
    A Sam Month ago

    10k isn’t a lot tho...

  • DeRaleFilms
    DeRaleFilms Month ago

    They may have been a good experience for you guys which I appreciate, but GOD for me and other people they treat you like shit. Do NOT buy from them.

  • Sajber Sfera
    Sajber Sfera Month ago

    the f is going on with the sound aaaaa

  • ヅNyx
    ヅNyx Month ago

    but can it tun Crysis?

  • Snack Attack
    Snack Attack Month ago +2

    10 k gaming PC vs 10k iMac pro plz

  • RyGuyGaming
    RyGuyGaming Month ago

    Hmm... Let me see. Do I want a nice used car or a PC. Lol

  • Rosegold Beats
    Rosegold Beats Month ago

    we all know maingear is even more crazy

  • British Dylan
    British Dylan Month ago +1

    The Mac Pro is 4x as expensive

  • Hyena
    Hyena Month ago

    *Will be outdated by the end of the year

  • Poul
    Poul Month ago

    i would love to build it myself and it would come cheaper

  • Kent Hall
    Kent Hall Month ago

    Very well done video!!!

  • Đức Trần
    Đức Trần Month ago

    no subtitles :

  • Ryan Villanueva
    Ryan Villanueva Month ago +1

    Apple is asking you to hold its beer.

  • forbidden pollo
    forbidden pollo Month ago

    So basically this is built vs bought. So yea it basically is a supercar

  • tsartomato
    tsartomato Month ago

    >>boots not lacquered

  • Mostasteless8805
    Mostasteless8805 Month ago

    The worst video on this channel!!!

  • MC ZM
    MC ZM Month ago

    Waste of money....and zero excuses for flaws at $10,000!

  • Roger Skagerström
    Roger Skagerström Month ago

    Actually - low volume supercars tend to be "built in a shed" quality so the bar to match isn't that high :P

    • Roger Skagerström
      Roger Skagerström Month ago

      And an hot rodded Civic will probaly work better than that hand stiched McLaren :P

  • Nicholas Josey
    Nicholas Josey Month ago

    For australian viewers thats $14,361.60

  • Tom Lazur
    Tom Lazur Month ago

    I love how Linus had him do the review

  • TheCyfire
    TheCyfire Month ago

    Dang just 32GB of RAM and 1TB SSD

  • Kelvin KMS
    Kelvin KMS Month ago

    It is about $14,550 not $10,000.

  • Gareth
    Gareth Month ago

    It's not 'luxury' when you're paying 6k more for a REALLY scuffed build. Spend that money on an '8PACK' system if you can, as his systems are ACTUALLY custom. Believe me, they're worth every penny.

  • Mike Yaacoub
    Mike Yaacoub Month ago

    This is the best Linus tech tips video ever made

  • Vincent Burger
    Vincent Burger Month ago

    I love these themed videos. The butler was great!

  • Doug Shiro
    Doug Shiro Month ago

    I love how he says FRESHBOOKS all Linusy and almost laughs at himself for it. lol

  • TiagoTiago
    TiagoTiago Month ago

    After this you should do a video on how to recreate these looks and specs for the lowest price you can, while addressing all the issues you noticed on this one.

  • RockstarBruski
    RockstarBruski Month ago

    Loved this mini movie video! Brilliantly done! 😎

  • Benjamin Morris
    Benjamin Morris Month ago

    LOL at featuring Jay and his Camaro as the "rich dude with the fancy car".

  • KirinoK
    KirinoK Month ago

    When i grow up ill buy a pc like that!! Oh wait .....that was 9 years ago....

  • Xen YOLO
    Xen YOLO Month ago

    For 10k i would choose two titan rtx's and upcomin amd ryzen 3900x

  • crysys
    crysys Month ago

    For that price, I'd expect the tubes to be perfectly parallell.

  • Colin
    Colin Month ago

    Do did they go out of business like 10 years ago

  • aledark
    aledark Month ago

    My liegeeeeee xD

  • K1DN7 F4L1URE
    K1DN7 F4L1URE Month ago

    If I get a PC or gaming laptop won't know how to run those test things you guys do. So if my PC screws up well I'm stuck paying for repairs not knowing what went wrong.

  • Exidrial
    Exidrial Month ago

    That pc is ugly af

  • Anders
    Anders Month ago +1

    Lol didnt realise this was an ltt video until the intro it was too high quality and nothing got dropped somehow

  • jwillkens
    jwillkens Month ago

    So many clashing colours . A red and green PC; the fuq. I would love to put that McLaren out of its misery. Either a cliff or a brick wall would do just fine. Proof that having money doesn't equal class.

  • Gillian Trin
    Gillian Trin Month ago

    Nice shitdox why not use a frezer

  • tal ion
    tal ion Month ago

    In four years its gonna be worth 4.50$

  • Amandeep Yadav
    Amandeep Yadav Month ago

    I expected a better and longer video. I really did. Had been waiting for it since it arrived at your doorstep.

  • Aidan Peet
    Aidan Peet Month ago

    Don’t make me dream, Linus...

  • first person shooter fan

    Wtf digital storm had bad overpriced pc but now top tier for actually a reasonable price for this pc

  • Josiah Lambert
    Josiah Lambert Month ago

    Spend 10K and get a Fortnite Bundle...

  • Patrick Burns
    Patrick Burns Month ago

    Audio bad..

  • onur tugul
    onur tugul Month ago

    I always wondered who uses these High End gaming pcs at LTT🤔🤔

  • TheSingularity
    TheSingularity Month ago

    HARD DRIVE?!?!??!??!

  • Robert Harrison
    Robert Harrison Month ago

    $10k? This is childs play, OcUK do a £33k PC! Stop reviewing cheap PC's LTT!

  • Commander ZiN
    Commander ZiN Month ago

    Nice video, I can't see how this company is in business though, I've seen way better for less. My last PC build was $6K include $1k of monitors and I couldn't buy better more expensive parts if I tried and that was in AUD. This was in 2013 and I still don't feel like I need an upgrade.

  • Cashmeister96
    Cashmeister96 Month ago

    So $10,000 and you get a HDD 😐