• Published on Feb 20, 2019
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    This way you need to twist the wires, the most reliable way that should be used by electricians. LIFE HACKS with electric wire. Every master should know this! On my channel you will find LIFE HACKS AND CREATIVE IDEAS.
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  • Al kholiq channel
    Al kholiq channel 42 minutes ago

    Sangat bermanfaat

  • Cam Nor
    Cam Nor 51 minute ago

    Lol god all of us electricians are dying watching this shit whats the point here wire nuts are fine quit trying

  • Jean-Marc Paquet
    Jean-Marc Paquet Hour ago

    soldering 101

  • derby1251 Glenn
    derby1251 Glenn 9 hours ago

    Solder it.

  • JACK ***
    JACK *** 11 hours ago

    You should probably stay out of the shed and leave your dads things alone kid. Dont quit your dayjob, youll do better selling the copper, no hard feelings

  • satoshi nacamoto
    satoshi nacamoto 12 hours ago


  • king
    king 15 hours ago

    What a fuck

  • mph7
    mph7 17 hours ago

    what a fucking nob

  • Zsuzsana Mikle
    Zsuzsana Mikle 18 hours ago

    freaking solder it....

  • byong woun lee
    byong woun lee Day ago

    no no ...that way that you done that way .....very dangeous......accident is someday,,,,,

  • PUREPLAY2755
    PUREPLAY2755 Day ago

    I want all 6 minutes back! 4.5 minutes intoit to tell us what we already know Geeze next time cut to the chase

  • J3B
    J3B Day ago

    Isn't "the right way" to use a butt splice????

  • Саша Касатонов

    I just wasted 6 minutes of my life...

  • Eric Thompson
    Eric Thompson Day ago

    you crimped the wire in the last scenrio. of course it will be a stronger bind.

  • Stephanie Florietz

    Video terakhir bagus bgt .
    Thanks ilmunya, sangat berguna dan bermanfaat .

  • odon santos
    odon santos Day ago

    Fuckin stupid,

  • Bill Pugh
    Bill Pugh Day ago

    rubbish - waste of time

  • Racing Photographer

    It was an awesome idea back in 1915...

  • SuperCymru
    SuperCymru Day ago

    Far too long - skip to 4.30 nothing relevant until then

  • koipin
    koipin Day ago


  • Josemi ruiz
    Josemi ruiz Day ago

    Se ve que no eres electricista.

  • Adriano 1956
    Adriano 1956 Day ago

    no comment!!!!!!

  • James Steele
    James Steele Day ago

    Did anyone else get flashbacks to Helga from "Hey Arnold!" with that second one?

  • Jeff N
    Jeff N 2 days ago +8

    By the time he got to the last one I wasn't paying attention anymore.

  • Perico Cresmi
    Perico Cresmi 2 days ago

    Que tal si llamamos a un electricista que cambie el cable en vez de enseñar públicamente como hacer la chapuza más grande?

  • Psiloxylo
    Psiloxylo 2 days ago

    Endlich mal was brauchbares hier!

  • bull-terrier rednose

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  • Hardy Dornbusch
    Hardy Dornbusch 2 days ago

    Wenn Du schon keine Kerbverbinder magst, solltest du die Leitungen wenigstens verlöten und anschließend einen Schrumpfschlauch drüber ziehen. Murks bleibt Murks, egal in welche Richtung es verdrillt ist.

  • Stéphane Simonutti
    Stéphane Simonutti 2 days ago

    Idea incredibile???? Un qualsiasi elettricista fa le giunzioni in linea così ( però meglio). Sorvolando su come tira via il rivestimento della cordina.

  • Mehemed Hasandic
    Mehemed Hasandic 2 days ago +11

    I just wasted 6 minutes of my life...

  • Melcochas dos
    Melcochas dos 2 days ago +2

    A mí lo que mas me gustó fueron las pinzas para cortar el plástico del cable..
    ¿dónde se pueden conseguir?

    • Jesus Andrade
      Jesus Andrade 23 hours ago

      La consigues en cualquier farmacia similares 🤦‍♂️

    • Franxiss
      Franxiss Day ago

      se llaman pelacables y se encuentran en ferreterias

    NOMONGOO DOORTEC 3 days ago

    There goes my 6 min wasted on random video and another 20 min reading comments. Don't waste ur time reading my or anyone elses useless comments please go get a life. ;)

  • sunil manikpuri
    sunil manikpuri 3 days ago

    Is tools Ka name aur price btaiye

  • Fatdaddy Casillas
    Fatdaddy Casillas 3 days ago

    Do yourself a favor and forward to 6:15.

  • Jasen Bryan
    Jasen Bryan 3 days ago

    Allow for fast forwarding so i can get on with my day and not watch the stupid before I get to the point of the video. 6 minutes of my life I will never get back.

  • Héctor Silva / Teobiblioteca

    Pierde mucho tiempo para decir... nada

  • harri hiltunen
    harri hiltunen 4 days ago

    last…two wireless together..

  • ReyoZ
    ReyoZ 4 days ago


  • Ra Al
    Ra Al 4 days ago


  • prossin mickhail
    prossin mickhail 4 days ago

    А пропаять, ума не хватает? Извращенец

  • Jo Veteran
    Jo Veteran 4 days ago

    You know, people will get pissed if you waste their time

  • frj rearte
    frj rearte 4 days ago +1

    What names tools you use.

  • edicson aldana
    edicson aldana 4 days ago

    peo..xq ah los otros empalmes no lo apretastes cn el alicate

  • executivesteps
    executivesteps 4 days ago +1

    And the awful circus music...

  • eddie shittie
    eddie shittie 5 days ago

    Dude, you like the band "overkill"?

  • Tiago Rodrigues
    Tiago Rodrigues 5 days ago

    Muito bom seu Vídeo

  • Ken Ndeda
    Ken Ndeda 5 days ago

    check on valuable steps and stress it

  • kenneth chapman
    kenneth chapman 5 days ago

    That is called a Western Union splice,learned that years ago as an electrician

  • Christian ernesto Gutierrez Garcia

    De todos modos la última opción esta mal

  • Tho mas
    Tho mas 6 days ago


  • Toni A
    Toni A 6 days ago

    stringi bene con la pinza pure gli altri 2 nodi precedenti e girali su se stesso e vedrai che non si snodano o meglio usa dei semplici mammut all'antica!!!

  • George
    George 6 days ago +9

    There goes over six minutes of my life that I will never get back.

  • George
    George 6 days ago +3

    You will end up electrocuted because you have too much time on your hands with wires. Get a girlfriend.

  • jeff snedeker
    jeff snedeker 6 days ago

    Wire nut?

  • Emrah Pekdemir
    Emrah Pekdemir 6 days ago

  • Jkou Files
    Jkou Files 7 days ago

    Your here for 4:30

  • 조우진
    조우진 7 days ago

    이거보다 더 좋은 방법이 있는데.

  • logtec1977
    logtec1977 7 days ago +11

    You could make a RU-clip video, with music and drama..
    Or you could solder the wires together then use a heat shrink sleeve...

  • Terry Stearns
    Terry Stearns 8 days ago

    nothing new here