◉ GTA 6 *NEW 2019* Graphics GEFORCE RTX™ 2080 Ti 4k 60FPS Next-Gen Graphics! [GTA 5 PC Mod]

  • Published on Jul 27, 2019
  • If you want the mod: ru-clip.net/video/V4hZfhSBuZk/video.html
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  • DubStepZz
    DubStepZz  Month ago +22

    Hey guys I just uploaded a UPDATED version with BRAND NEW (September 2019) Ray-Tracing Technology, go check it out here! ru-clip.net/video/DBaNJNT5h28/video.html

  • KURT Karl Villares
    KURT Karl Villares 2 hours ago

    Gta sa: statics
    Gt 4:phasic
    Gt5 :graphic
    Gta6:grapic phaysic statics

  • VC_Ghost
    VC_Ghost 3 hours ago

    This is some clickbait title but gotta say these ENB graphics mods look amazing.

  • Huy Vũ
    Huy Vũ 11 hours ago

    high graphic + good plot = SUPER PRODUCT

  • Greshia Yarbrough
    Greshia Yarbrough 12 hours ago

    Fake it’s just a mod because everything else is the same except for that one car

  • Ahmad, L, نجوم العرب

    اضحك على ناس ما بيعرفو الجي تي اي

  • Endekai [Envale]


  • Aparecida De Deus
    Aparecida De Deus Day ago +1

    Amei linda

  • Kermit_witha_gun
    Kermit_witha_gun 2 days ago

    This shit ain't gon' be the Gta 6 map fool!

  • taibi lahouari
    taibi lahouari 3 days ago

    Not gta 6

  • Abdullah gaming legend

    You are lies

  • Anita Thompson
    Anita Thompson 4 days ago

    That’s gta 5

  • Anita Thompson
    Anita Thompson 4 days ago

    That’s gta 5

  • Marco antonio Morbeck ribeiro

    I,ts real ?

  • Bradley Mcdonald
    Bradley Mcdonald 4 days ago

    Its gta5 all day

  • alam sah
    alam sah 5 days ago

    Asu ko3

  • lime gaming
    lime gaming 5 days ago

    Wow so they would add the same places like gta5 wow very believable and your using a gta graphics mod

  • 김크크
    김크크 5 days ago

    I want various tactical gears to be created.
    Tactical Vest: AK Chest Rig, AR Chest Rig, AK Plate Carrier, AR Plate Carrier, Chest Rig+Plate Carrier, IOTV, PASGT Vest...
    Tactical Helmet: Ops-Core Helmets, PASGT Helmet...

  • Muhammad Ahmad
    Muhammad Ahmad 5 days ago

    That is GTA V Online u BAITER

  • Wallace
    Wallace 5 days ago

    Gta again👍

  • Hammer Nail
    Hammer Nail 5 days ago

    Nothing to do with Gta 6. I'd like to kick you in the nuts six times tho.

  • soumaya tellal
    soumaya tellal 6 days ago

    gta is very cool

  • Sqxr
    Sqxr 6 days ago

    Yo can we take a second and talk about this dudes driving skills. Like holy shit I wish I had a good driver with me and doing my heists

  • Muskan so nice Kumari


  • Senior Ali
    Senior Ali 7 days ago

    i'm thinking about GTA 10

  • Mcpe Boy
    Mcpe Boy 8 days ago

    I think if they create a gta san andreas but this graphics it'll be awesome

    YOUR NAME 8 days ago

    Why are you so fake you want likes but expect to get them with click bait it’s just stupid try doing something real next vid

  • Renz Santos
    Renz Santos 8 days ago

    Wow i like it suduper wow

  • TheBrandonDZ
    TheBrandonDZ 8 days ago

    GTA V pero nada más con más gráficos PTE

  • Noob Noobski
    Noob Noobski 9 days ago +1

    My friend with infinite network and 50mb/sec it is so bad. Me with 20gb, 500kb)/sec my network is so cool.

  • Noob Noobski
    Noob Noobski 9 days ago

    I Will to buy it.

  • tunisian kikou gamer
    tunisian kikou gamer 10 days ago

    Not gta 6 gta 6 will be in miami

  • Joël van Driel
    Joël van Driel 10 days ago

    Gta 5 ultra realistic

  • mansoor Almaazmi
    mansoor Almaazmi 10 days ago


  • Cubankungfuwolf
    Cubankungfuwolf 10 days ago

    Nice mods

  • top taya tv
    top taya tv 10 days ago

    BMW sera également en phase avec la nouvelle version Gt6

  • Wing Nut
    Wing Nut 11 days ago

    Title should be
    I made a blend game more blend, then added water and girlz

  • Ayman Yachou Rahimi
    Ayman Yachou Rahimi 11 days ago

    Dude this is not GTA VI this is GTA V dont use mods graphics and dont make clickbaits!!

  • BIG Gamer
    BIG Gamer 11 days ago +1


  • Jose Espinoza
    Jose Espinoza 11 days ago

    This is gta5 brooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!🧐🧐🧐🧐🧐🧐🧐💩

  • Alexander Nicholas
    Alexander Nicholas 12 days ago

    Alexa!What is a Gta 6?
    Alexa-Gta 5 is an action adventure video game developed by.....

  • 램피TV
    램피TV 12 days ago


  • 너프버프
    너프버프 12 days ago

    it's fake

  • bruno carrate rosa
    bruno carrate rosa 13 days ago

    É o 5

  • Robin Terry
    Robin Terry 13 days ago

    Why do all these videos have the player driving sensibly? At least crash your car at high speed or run over some pedestrians. BORING.

  • Rehema Tawe
    Rehema Tawe 13 days ago

    Very nice

  • amine mostefai
    amine mostefai 13 days ago +1

    Give me one reason why Rockstargames wouldn’t do the same thing in graphics and real cars -__- its just stupid wasting such graphics

  • Simone Arcidiacono
    Simone Arcidiacono 13 days ago +1

    Per far girare questo gta 5 moddato serve un pc da 15 mila euro 😂

  • james johhny
    james johhny 14 days ago

    prositues better look real

    YO YO SHUBHAM VINES 15 days ago

    What the hell its gta 5

  • YT5ndreiGamer
    YT5ndreiGamer 15 days ago


  • Kutasiński Kutasiński


  • Jérémy Poirier
    Jérémy Poirier 16 days ago

    Trop cool😎😜

    TRACEY MABRY 16 days ago +1

    This turned into asfauilt 8 real quick

  • André Fernando Montagnari

    This is gta v with better graphics

  • Moorthi K
    Moorthi K 17 days ago

    Fake news

  • Omar Lara
    Omar Lara 17 days ago

    Looks like another sleeping dogs.💯

    BET1NNA 18 days ago

    ohhh I lov this

  • Magical Spells
    Magical Spells 18 days ago +1

    1:04 Boom......