The Game Steph Curry Had 0 Points At Halftime, Then Activated GODMODE To Eliminate Rockets!

  • Published on May 11, 2019
  • May 10, 2019 | struggled early, failing to score in the first half for the first time in 102 career playoff games, and had just 10 points through three. But he got going in the fourth, scoring 23 points.There were questions entering the game about how the Warriors would weather the loss of Durant -- and his more than 34 points a game. But they didn't seem to miss a beat, getting 21 from Thompson in the first half before closed it in the fourth.| The Game Had 0 Points in Halftime, Then Activated GODMODE To Eliminate Rockets! FreeDa - NBA Video'
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    Stephen Curry highlights vs rockets game 6 | Stephen Curry highlights Game 6 vs Rockets
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Comments • 3 338

  • rosa t
    rosa t 5 months ago +5154

    I never watch highlights because just seeing the last 2 secs of a shot made, blocks, and the last guy to touch the ball before someone else shoots it, is generally a terrible way to see how someone actually played. Always misses out the defense. But I love your highlights, because there is always context to how a team set up the shot, in this case how Curry runs to get the ball, the tip that led to a steal, the cleverness on the pick-and-roll with Draymond. I feel like I'm actually getting a good look at how someone played.

    • Jamarian
      Jamarian 22 days ago

      @EK- -KO what hell naw

    • A Y
      A Y 22 days ago

      I am not bothered to read that all
      In other words who actually toke their time to read that

    • Aaron Sharp
      Aaron Sharp 26 days ago

      For real not only that but its like the most crushal moments too

    • PG 13daGoat
      PG 13daGoat Month ago

      @Evan Pepperhouse yet curry has a better finals record lol

  • Justin Forest Bush
    Justin Forest Bush 4 hours ago

    Then Toronto Raptors came in and roast them (๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵)و 4 game straight win in play offs 🔥🔥.
    We destroyed Golden State legacy 🎲
    No team in NBA history has ever done that to Golden state, what Raptors done to them.
    It was a massacre. 😂😂👏.
    We shall meet again. :^)

  • Schutzstaffel Agent
    Schutzstaffel Agent 7 hours ago

    Best PG shooter of all time

  • Kent Reoyan
    Kent Reoyan Day ago

    If KD doesn't injured, Warriors Dynasty would still continue

  • Emmanuel K-ci
    Emmanuel K-ci Day ago

    Kerr to Steph at half-time. ''Okay Steph stop playing with your food. ''

  • Utku Şahin
    Utku Şahin 3 days ago

    valla bi bronny vurdu sandım slami

  • Snipez
    Snipez 3 days ago +1

    Nahh, Curry's internet is lagging.

  • Mickey Mae De Jesus
    Mickey Mae De Jesus 3 days ago

    I love seeing chris paul crying HAHAHAHA

  • Carl Johnson
    Carl Johnson 4 days ago

    How could a lebron fan can't appreciate curry's greatness

  • Nathan Lo
    Nathan Lo 4 days ago

    does anyone else see harden at 5:32??

  • iAmBall Handler
    iAmBall Handler 4 days ago

    Idol pa kick please

  • Hannes Rodriguez
    Hannes Rodriguez 5 days ago

    Everyone be sleeping on the 14 points from kevon looney

  • 5 The way
    5 The way 5 days ago

    Not a goat, but curry is the man who change the NBA (by the im a curry big fan)

  • Latest Sierra Leone Music

    Steph Curry plays like Messi

  • Muba Cali
    Muba Cali 6 days ago

    Thompson was a dogg

  • Snooky Co
    Snooky Co 6 days ago

    Curry Legendary mode!

  • Jesus Candia
    Jesus Candia 6 days ago

    Rockets trash asf they had no excuse the warriors where missing kd there excuse last they didn’t have cp3 they did this time and still lost

  • JustLooseMe
    JustLooseMe 7 days ago

    Why couldnt that be the Finals? =(
    This NBA Finals was the most devastating end to an Dynasty Ive ever heard of. The Toronto series wasnt half so entertaining than this Series.

  • Rajvir Singh
    Rajvir Singh 7 days ago +1

    The great resilience of Steph curry always finds a way to bounce back

  • Muhammad Rama
    Muhammad Rama 8 days ago

    08:35 how is that a foul?
    im new to NBA.

  • kobe86
    kobe86 8 days ago

    9:38: Chris Paul: I know it's time to leave Houston

  • asya
    asya 8 days ago

    good game goldens

  • 21St Century VIDEOS
    21St Century VIDEOS 8 days ago +2

    Warriors will never have a Team like this anymore 👌🏻

    • 21St Century VIDEOS
      21St Century VIDEOS 5 days ago

      johnDomain I’m a fan of Golden State 👌

    • johnDomain
      johnDomain 5 days ago

      So you're a LOOSER And Weak minded at heart, hating because you're scared of them. Keep loosing and crying.

  • shogrran
    shogrran 8 days ago +2

    I find this a bit funny that this video starts off with a Chris Paul flop.

  • 4293787
    4293787 8 days ago

    If you ever questioned if this was rigged just watch mike d’antoni on the bench when Curry starts taking over lol you can’t fake that

  • Marcus G. May
    Marcus G. May 8 days ago


  • Sleevezz
    Sleevezz 8 days ago

    Isn’t curry w under armor ?

  • Yosua Sanger
    Yosua Sanger 9 days ago

    Come on nba💪💪💪💪

  • Chris Breezy
    Chris Breezy 9 days ago +1

    7:09 is why that 0-8 , 24 sec is laughable. This dude is clutch, only haters fail to see that.

    • Gurkaran Gill
      Gurkaran Gill 7 days ago +1

      Steph a good reminder that clutch doesn't mean game-winners, btw he has 5 game-tying shots in 24 but oh well

  • Whiy Gaming
    Whiy Gaming 9 days ago

    Steph:I Got God Mode
    Alex Caruso:Hold My Beer

  • Whiy Gaming
    Whiy Gaming 9 days ago

    Steph Curry:Im The Goat Of Point Guard
    Lebron:Am I Joke To You?

  • RAM
    RAM 10 days ago +1

    Those rocket fans at 1:51 must have been pissed at the end of the game

  • Canaan Tamaki
    Canaan Tamaki 10 days ago +1

    thats not really a "godmode" thats just normal curry but he just choked in the first half

  • Shivam Trivedi
    Shivam Trivedi 10 days ago

    Look at 1:16 when curry misses the layup, those dicks in the red jackets

  • Derpy Deep
    Derpy Deep 10 days ago

    blood vs crips crips won

  • Jayson Lagarteja
    Jayson Lagarteja 11 days ago

    The moment the rockets bring back Harden, GSW started making a run. Shouldve let CP3 controlled the tempo, Hou wouldve won the game then.

  • uuganaa uuganjargal
    uuganaa uuganjargal 11 days ago

    We miss Klay

  • home9dog2blue
    home9dog2blue 11 days ago

    And THEN had the greatest 1-3 let down in NBA history in the Finals 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Harry P.
    Harry P. 13 days ago

    Houston has the stupidest, Most retarded fans.. Just saying!

  • Varell GT
    Varell GT 13 days ago

    Look at The guy on 1:51 With Houston number 10 shirt
    To be honest, dont mean hate.

  • Fatima Arroyo
    Fatima Arroyo 13 days ago

    Why didn’t curry activate when he played against the raptors? Nahh he trash he need KD and klay

  • Joseph Fn
    Joseph Fn 13 days ago

    Curry tried to hi five somebody at 8:45

  • Joseph Fn
    Joseph Fn 13 days ago

    Weakest floater I've ever seen at 2:10

  • Highlight Check
    Highlight Check 13 days ago

    The NBA took down some of my videos. How can I prevent that from happening again? It was just highlights of Steph Curry.

  • Bengga maha
    Bengga maha 13 days ago

    godmode huh...

  • Eli- Tech
    Eli- Tech 13 days ago

    The Transition is always NASTU😤🔥

  • Eli- Tech
    Eli- Tech 13 days ago

    The Transition is always NASTU😤🔥

  • acoustic chauhan
    acoustic chauhan 14 days ago

    He just smashed that

  • Aydin Gamez
    Aydin Gamez 14 days ago

    I am a raptors fan why am I here

    DEREK HERRERA 14 days ago +8

    Curry first half: 0 points
    Girlfriend shows up
    Curry second half: to many points to count

  • Irvin Jayron Caparro
    Irvin Jayron Caparro 15 days ago

    Curry have a shoots

  • relivec
    relivec 15 days ago +1

    This is my third or fourth time watching this

  • Ohno Kuyasu
    Ohno Kuyasu 15 days ago

    Can we acknowledge iggy’s shooting in this series?

  • runawayuniverse
    runawayuniverse 15 days ago

    I still laugh at that failed flop by Chris Paul at 7:17 when Klay stole the ball from him. I'm so glad that he is going to retire with zero rings.

  • Daniel Romero
    Daniel Romero 16 days ago

    James Harden needed help there but this year he has Westbrook so maybe they’ll get better results

  • gullyroad
    gullyroad 16 days ago

    if u listen can hear a choir of angels

  • Russell Johnson
    Russell Johnson 17 days ago

    It’s gonna be funny to see James harden never win a ring he’s bad for basketball him and westbrick

  • Heather Feagin
    Heather Feagin 17 days ago +1

    Huge rockets fan, we shoulda won. No Durant, home court, better center, Stephen curry had 0. 0!!! Still lost. We need to get rid of capela

  • Gyslain Ngabirano
    Gyslain Ngabirano 17 days ago


  • Jade Yuri Lumabi
    Jade Yuri Lumabi 17 days ago

    2:57 his smiling like "ok 1st half is done, now its my time to end this teams season"