• Published on Sep 20, 2019
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  • Turned
    Turned 7 hours ago

    Hydrate or diedrate

  • neil k.
    neil k. Day ago +1

    Clearly not part of the 405 brigade homey.

  • Holo
    Holo Day ago +1

    Is this what happens when you turn chest and arms day into leg day?

  • MLG Godzilla
    MLG Godzilla Day ago

    The only respectable way to shit yourself is when you casually leg press 1 ton

  • Mason Davies
    Mason Davies Day ago

    Passed out because he was dehydrated

  • HulaBalo
    HulaBalo Day ago

    Ronnie did 2300 for like 10 reps with greater range of motion and as a body builder. Oh and a lower body weight.

  • David Freeman
    David Freeman 2 days ago

    Bruuh Ronnie Coleman did 2300

    • David Freeman
      David Freeman 2 days ago

      And he’s not a strong man he’s a body builder

  • Andres Marius
    Andres Marius 2 days ago +1

    Lightweight babyyyy

  • Alex Fedorenko
    Alex Fedorenko 2 days ago


  • ThatOneGuy
    ThatOneGuy 2 days ago

    C'mon Eddie you're making me wanna go to the gym on my cheat dayyy 😣😣

  • Matt Alibozek
    Matt Alibozek 2 days ago

    I had a friend growing up who could max out leg press machines with 45lb plates it was over a ton. He had a similar build to Eddie but a bit shorter.

  • Lucas Kranjec
    Lucas Kranjec 2 days ago

    How do you call yourself a beast when you look like a potato

    • Tanner Hartl
      Tanner Hartl Day ago

      Have you seen him shirtless? That big gut of his is mostly muscle.

  • Josue A Hernandez
    Josue A Hernandez 2 days ago

    Thank GOD Eddie was able to stop the machine before he blacked out, or else he would have possibly died from the presure of the weights

  • DDK R
    DDK R 2 days ago

    Someone buy this guy a bigger leg press rack! 1000kgs is clearly not enough

  • RoWorld MRG
    RoWorld MRG 3 days ago +2

    I’m tired of seeing it
    And so are you
    But the part you
    Came for is 11:52

  • NGOtaku
    NGOtaku 3 days ago +1

    Is that mr.beast merch?

  • AwesomeShamz
    AwesomeShamz 3 days ago

    It’s not really 1,000kg because the weight isn’t angled to the force of gravity...

    • David Will
      David Will 10 hours ago

      kinda true but i think you cant even lift 200...i cant too lol

  • Nova Wolf
    Nova Wolf 3 days ago

    “Worthy shit” wise words

  • BB Generation
    BB Generation 3 days ago +2

    Ronnie coleman with that heavy kg will say LIGHTWEIGHT BABYYYY!

  • Narga
    Narga 3 days ago +13

    11:47 is what you're looking for.
    Thank me later

    • No Scoper
      No Scoper Day ago +1

      I live because people like you exist

  • GrimSloth
    GrimSloth 4 days ago


  • Lenny Slauson
    Lenny Slauson 4 days ago

    Markus Ruhl used to press around 1000 kg as well when he was younger. I think he could've been a good strongman as well, he always trained very heavy.

  • Lewis Ireson
    Lewis Ireson 5 days ago +47

    Literally every single video*
    Eddie : “I’m very dehydrated today”

  • 林建佑
    林建佑 5 days ago +1


  • kepy_
    kepy_ 5 days ago

    Mr. Beast merch bro

  • Richard Williams
    Richard Williams 5 days ago

    speechless that ton

  • Dattaram Sawant
    Dattaram Sawant 6 days ago

    Thumbnail at 11:08 👍

  • FT Dragneel
    FT Dragneel 6 days ago

    Yo dont be a fool and just lay there. What if the stopers or the things that prevent the machine from crushing you break. Your done for if that happens. Get in get out.

  • Hdhihdjs Oajsnnd
    Hdhihdjs Oajsnnd 6 days ago

    Fake weights


    На каждой по 9 блинов. Всего 36=900кг

  • blad90
    blad90 7 days ago

    ronnie colemans already pressed 2000 lbs, he didnt pass out tho... lol great video btw

  • Peter Onufrienko
    Peter Onufrienko 7 days ago

    It was defenately his bad day and he pulled so much

  • Joel Thornton
    Joel Thornton 9 days ago +2

    5:53 his knees cracking makes mann

  • Captain Insano Shows no mercy

    I discovered tonight in the gym that I'm very nearly a WSM! Gambled on a fart and got away with it, was about to do another and realised just in time that it was going to bring a friend to the party...

  • Simonstar
    Simonstar 9 days ago +1

    Ronnie call this light weight

  • Just Me
    Just Me 9 days ago

    Pfff... i do this on my rest day...

  • TD Powerlifting
    TD Powerlifting 10 days ago

    Subscribe to me. I'm a 16 year old powerlifter ✌️

  • Jack Hajal
    Jack Hajal 10 days ago

    Coleman did it better . With 1030kg

  • Dominus Limo
    Dominus Limo 11 days ago +9

    Ronnie Coleman: “am I a joke to you”

  • mrmuffin316
    mrmuffin316 12 days ago

    I love it there ate people saying you leg press I will listen to you before some know it alls but cant do it all

  • The Darkest Waffle
    The Darkest Waffle 12 days ago

    11:45 When you are about to bust a nut......

  • patrick starshooter
    patrick starshooter 12 days ago

    This is impressive. But,go watch ronnie press 1043kg like it's nothing.

  • DANNY Leon
    DANNY Leon 12 days ago

    I care about you hall your pushing your self to have a cardiac arrest

    Good job doe 😂😂

  • Bob jqhq
    Bob jqhq 13 days ago +5

    Eddie: 2000 pounds
    Average person:100 pounds
    Me: : 10 grams

  • O Flash
    O Flash 13 days ago

    Lightweight baby, yeah buddy, whoooo whooo

  • Tate Barnum
    Tate Barnum 13 days ago

    is he not even scared that he coulda passed out with the weight on his legs still? my lord

  • Tate Barnum
    Tate Barnum 13 days ago

    i feel like you would be way way better at lowbar squats considering ur so good at leg press

  • Exosus V2
    Exosus V2 15 days ago

    Do you think Ronnie coleman Could make it as A Strongman

  • Ye Better Watch Yer Back

    When youd think only superheroes could lift tonnes

  • Kasper Viinikainen
    Kasper Viinikainen 15 days ago

    Not once is he hydrated properly at the beginning of the video.

  • gectek
    gectek 15 days ago

    Eddie doin them thicc booty dip squats tryin to activate his hip

  • speranza verde
    speranza verde 16 days ago

    Grande Eddie hall

  • Clyde Garland
    Clyde Garland 17 days ago

    Just imagine if he shit his pants on the ham curl with the camera man rightttt there

  • Rubén Espinoza
    Rubén Espinoza 17 days ago

    Strong hommie.

  • Jeff Lee
    Jeff Lee 17 days ago +1

    Bloody, hell Eddie😨
    You nearly died on that last rep, what if you passed out, before locking the press.
    You'd be flat on your back with 1000kg on you while your passed out, insane. What if the press broke😨

    LUCIFER DE RULER 17 days ago

    Fat fuck

  • Kick butoxy
    Kick butoxy 18 days ago

    1000kg 5 reps 😱

  • marklvrd
    marklvrd 18 days ago +8

    If this guy starting lifting next to me, I would act like I was the cleaner.

  • Velma Williams
    Velma Williams 18 days ago

    All of this for what?? Seriously why