How Will the NFC Playoff Picture Shake Out?

  • Published on Dec 4, 2019
  • Good Morning Football debates how the NFC Playoff picture will shake out during the 2019 NFL Season.
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Comments • 1 285

  • Ronald Franklin
    Ronald Franklin Month ago

    You a fifth seed on the bus to Dallas
    You need to stay after school work on your adding and subtracting equations

  • Ronald Franklin
    Ronald Franklin Month ago +1

    Your a clown your a fifth seed bunch of losers don’t open your mouth to me again you’re a little girl

  • Ronald Franklin
    Ronald Franklin Month ago +1

    Your a fifth seed not a one seed now

  • Ronald Franklin
    Ronald Franklin Month ago

    Green Bay going to take your number one seed getting close you got a few more losses coming ! Where’s that high powered offense ?

  • Ronald Franklin
    Ronald Franklin Month ago

    San Francisco 49 ers SCRUBS

  • Ronald Franklin
    Ronald Franklin Month ago +1

    How’s that math ! 4 total wins NFL team with 9 loses just handed you a brown bag lunch - quit talking all that garbage out your mouth about football you and the San Fran Cisco Suspect 49 ers DONT KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT WINNING PEAKING DOMINATING PLAY SCRUBS ALL TALK NO PLAY

  • Ronald Franklin
    Ronald Franklin Month ago +1

    You can barely beat a 4 win 9 loss Atlanta Falcon team ? Can you do that math ! ?

  • Akamaru The Shiba Inu

    Lol and we are the #1 in the NFC lol talking about not making the playoffs

  • Cameron Sloan
    Cameron Sloan Month ago

    Lol who’s here after chi beat dal

  • Mike Oxbig
    Mike Oxbig Month ago

    This didnt age well... Lets go Niners!

  • Shourik Banerjee
    Shourik Banerjee Month ago +1

    Did this man just call Russell Wilson a super bowl MVP?

    • Sanath Kumar
      Sanath Kumar Month ago

      Lol right? Can’t forget about Malcolm Smith!

  • Joshua Gilbert
    Joshua Gilbert Month ago


  • Steven Fischer
    Steven Fischer Month ago

    It’s hilarious reading these armchair analysts comments, saying their team is going to do this or that with such certainty 😂 it’s all meaningless.

  • Pao Vang
    Pao Vang Month ago

    Vikings and small market are out. Rams need to start a new again with LA big market are in. All for more ……

  • Seth Caprio
    Seth Caprio Month ago

    The Bengals are gonna make the NFC Playoffs

  • venom snake
    venom snake Month ago

    The cowboys ain't going

  • EkkoHolic
    EkkoHolic Month ago

    So im a bit new to the NFL. I started paying attention the start of this season, so why are the 49ers behind the Cowboys despite having a better record than them?

    • Vortex, AKA TSE
      Vortex, AKA TSE Month ago

      The cowboys are not in a good division but they are leading it.
      The 49ers are in a good division in second place.
      The NFL always puts division winners ahead of wild cards.
      The 49ers will get the wild card if they stay in second.
      So, Dallas gets the higher seed.

  • KahaluuBaseball13
    KahaluuBaseball13 Month ago +1

    0:17 anyone here when they are

  • xzar _yt
    xzar _yt Month ago

    No no no... This is all wrong 😤 Y'all need to get this right, obviously the dolphins and jets will go to the super bowl 🙄 and if some how none of them win than don't worry, bengals will go against the redskins...Wait what about giants 😮

  • Kenneth Petovic
    Kenneth Petovic Month ago


  • Ozzy Brown
    Ozzy Brown Month ago

    49ers 1

  • Ozzy Brown
    Ozzy Brown Month ago

    Not anymore

  • KyuRo D3
    KyuRo D3 Month ago

    Vikings suck

  • Brian Jimenez
    Brian Jimenez Month ago

    Lmaoooo this aged well😂😂😭😭🤣🤣

  • Yungdagger0623 YT
    Yungdagger0623 YT Month ago

    Ik he feels dumb now

  • Big booty Rashod
    Big booty Rashod Month ago

    I really like the current playoff seeding rules but every now and then there is a scenario like this we’re a team that deserves to be in the playoffs isn’t in their. In this case it’s the rams and cowboys

  • King Williams
    King Williams Month ago

    You didn't know what Garoppolo was going to do? Well he threw for 356 yards and four touchdowns and won the game for the badass 49ers. Russell Wilson on the other hand didn't throw a single touchdown, and the 49ers are the divisional leaders once again. Shout out to the Seahawks for holding a spot for a week. We got it from here boys, bang bang Niner gang

  • legitkracken
    legitkracken Month ago +1

    My predictions are
    49ers 14-2
    Saints 13-3
    Greenbay 13-3
    Eagles 7-9
    Seahawks 12-4
    Vikings 12-4

    Patriots 13-3
    Cheifs 12-4
    Ravins 14-2
    Titans 10-6
    Bills 12-4
    Texans 10-6

  • tj wilbourn01
    tj wilbourn01 Month ago

    As a Seahawks fan the 49ers are giving us a run for our money

  • Caleb Bunn
    Caleb Bunn Month ago +2

    uh russ isn’t a superbowl mvp

  • The One and Only
    The One and Only Month ago +10

    These guys are getting paid to create the craziest narratives imaginable.

  • Justin Stein
    Justin Stein Month ago

    I think the nfl playoffs should have 14 teams instead of 12

  • Gaming Montage
    Gaming Montage Month ago

    I think Vikings and bears switch, Because Chicago won already 1 game against The Vikings, so I think they should switch and because Trubisky finally is rolling

  • jelly sv slogoman noob versus PR

    No we like saintas

    MCES LEX Month ago

    Niners patriots and then patriots embarrass them in the Super bowl.

  • Aiden Tran
    Aiden Tran Month ago +4

    Imagine being 6-6 and still being first in your division 😂

  • Jaccobtw
    Jaccobtw Month ago

    I remember when the Seahawks made the playoffs at 7-9, the year beastquake happened

    AIR JORDAN Month ago

    This last 4 games in the Nfc is like a playoff already. GO BEARS!

  • Gabriel Cain-Martinez

    I don’t mind the seeding the way it is maybe the better record should have home. If you look back at the Seahawks they beat the Saints defending champs it was a crazy moment with a losing record. Any given Sunday any team can beat any beat that’s why you play them. But to go back to the point if you win your division I think you should get at least a playoff birth

  • Sara Viator
    Sara Viator Month ago

    Eagles are done they lost to the Dolphins

  • Issac Nelson
    Issac Nelson Month ago +1

    Last year in December with a 4-12 record the 49ers beat Seattle.

  • Lou Lemus
    Lou Lemus Month ago +1

    49ers vs Seahawks last game game time

  • Vicente Romero
    Vicente Romero Month ago +1

    My predictions

    1. New Orleans 14-2
    2. San Francisco 13-3
    3. Green Bay 12-4
    4. Dallas 9-7
    5. Seattle 12-4
    6. Minnesota 12-4

  • kamikazininjaelf77
    kamikazininjaelf77 Month ago

    The Rams? That bum ass team with their fake fanbase are not even sniffing the playoffs.

  • Kareem Armstead
    Kareem Armstead Month ago

    Bears 🐻 making the playoffs believe that!!!

  • Elakai Bubba
    Elakai Bubba Month ago +1

    Hey the Redskins could still win the NFC East. If they beat Green Bay then they’re 2 game out with 3 remaining.

  • Aber Sabeel
    Aber Sabeel Month ago +1

    49ers are winning all of their games.i will get back to you soon.

    • SuperMessi G.O.A.T
      SuperMessi G.O.A.T Month ago

      legitkracken falcons is a trap game. Hopefully we don’t fall into it

    • legitkracken
      legitkracken Month ago +1

      We already beat the saints and seattle lost to the rams so as long as we beat seattle without loosing to easy teams like the rams and the falcons (it will be easy) we will go to the playoffs

  • AverageDuck13
    AverageDuck13 Month ago +1

    Lol he said 49ers out like that's gunna happen, it's like what? A 1/100 chance that could possibly happen

  • Justus Rehkugler
    Justus Rehkugler Month ago +2

    Rams win out ? Yeah for sure 😂 WTF are you smoking man?

  • Nightmare
    Nightmare Month ago

    im feeling like seattle is gonna be 11-2 but its gonna be a blowout but then idk it could be just my imagination

  • Superman Superior
    Superman Superior Month ago +5

    Don't let Peter S. do the niners "State of the Franchise" anymore, he has no faith in our team. A fake supporter....

  • Superman Superior
    Superman Superior Month ago +4

    Like Sherman Said, dont be jumping on our bandwagon again when we win out. Y'all love hating on the Niners...

  • Lamacraf T
    Lamacraf T Month ago

    WTH what division is the cowboys in

  • Sean McGuire
    Sean McGuire Month ago +1

    *BRO* any teams in the hunt that face against the NFC East will 100% win the game this is coming from a Giants fan

  • JTG_GreenLight
    JTG_GreenLight Month ago

    PLease fix the playoff division teams don’t matter and have an 8team bracket more teams like the rams and titans who are good teams would miss out in a 6team

  • Joseph Cammauf
    Joseph Cammauf Month ago +1

    Your super bowl is Ravens vs 49ers

  • Benton Trobridge
    Benton Trobridge Month ago

    They forgot the Pittsburgh Steelers

    FEAR SGC Month ago +1

    Bengals win the afc

    Bengals beat the jets who beat the raiders who beat the colts who beat the chiefs who beat the ravens 😎

  • Mason Rome
    Mason Rome Month ago +1

    Rams got to the Super Bowl because of the refs, so I’m not impressed at all, I’m still pissed they did my Saints dirty

  • Minecrafters 2017
    Minecrafters 2017 Month ago

    Redskins gonna win the nfce lol