Sawhorses from pallets


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  • Christopher Hunter Smith

    cool idea my dude

  • Gold Hunter
    Gold Hunter 2 months ago

    Good carpenters have good engineering minds. Thanks.

  • Salam Qasim
    Salam Qasim 2 months ago +1

    Beautiful work .. I like the music in the video What is the name of the music?

  • Стас Мясников

    Не пойму зачем красные стяжки???За счёт верхнего бруска ножки и так не разедуться,а вот диагонали необходимы однозначно.

  • Олександр Приходько

    Музика гарна.

  • Wayne Blalock
    Wayne Blalock 8 months ago

    what is a reasonable resale price for pallets at sale, THANK YOU another AVENUE FOR extra income.

  • Роман Ігорович

    лайк! чи є креслення в ворді або скечап? буду дуже вдячний!)

    • HomeMade in Lviv
      HomeMade in Lviv  Year ago

      та ні, креслень, немає, все зроблено "на око" ))

  • Fernando VM
    Fernando VM Year ago

    Amazing !! So easy to make.

  • jose claudio N
    jose claudio N Year ago

    parabéns pelo ótimo trabalho. bem criativo !!!!

  • Jan Kas
    Jan Kas Year ago +1

    what angle at the show, top and bottom?

  • MrKfq269
    MrKfq269 Year ago

    I thought i would never say this but those swahorses are awesome.

  • Y Pe
    Y Pe 2 years ago

    Геніальна ідея!

  • Majid Alamri
    Majid Alamri 2 years ago

    Very good idea and very useful use of scrap materials.
    However, I believe there will be an issue for lateral forces but it will be good though for light weight work

  • John
    John 2 years ago

    Easy and practical. Well done.

  • Олег Иванович

    What is the angle marked by the malk in the beginning?

  • UK Tony
    UK Tony 2 years ago

    Really useful video showing what can be built using wood others would send to landfill. A HUGE thumbs up and I hope you have a great Easter in Lviv. Best Wishes.

    • HomeMade in Lviv
      HomeMade in Lviv  2 years ago

      UK Tony Thank you for all your comments. Nice to hear that people liked my videos and my works. That supports me. And especialy thank you for Easter wishes. We celebrate Ester next sunday. So now we do the preparations. Have a nice Easter too ))

  • Cristian Santos
    Cristian Santos 2 years ago parabéns

  • Lauro German
    Lauro German 2 years ago

    Perfecto, amigo.

  • Vishwan Purandat
    Vishwan Purandat 2 years ago +1

    I like this a lot . great design

  • Matthew Kight
    Matthew Kight 2 years ago

    What are the angles?

  • Bagio44
    Bagio44 2 years ago

    Awesome. 👍

  • Kopriva
    Kopriva 2 years ago +1

    Great work, simple and functional.

  • beauxtx1959
    beauxtx1959 2 years ago


  • Michael Conner
    Michael Conner 2 years ago +2

    Great video...I do everything with I I can do one more...

  • олег петровичев

    Покрасить не мешало-бы. А так здорово.

  • Larson Bennett
    Larson Bennett 2 years ago

    Very cool. Couple of questions: where would I find the adjustable straps...and what's the angle where you cut the notches? Thanks.

  • MrRutabager
    MrRutabager 2 years ago +14

    How about sharing some measurements?

    • Carni Outdoors
      Carni Outdoors Year ago +3

      Why not? Perhaps some of us would like some guidance as to the proper direction to go in. modifications to size can still be made with a reference sheet or cut list with measurements.

    • Bullfrog's Workshop
      Bullfrog's Workshop 2 years ago +1

      MrRutabager Why? Build them to the size you need. Besides, pallet wood isn't exactly standard size. Whatever dimensions he used probably won't work for you. Whatever dimensions you use probably won't work for the next guy, and so on.

  • visualjuiceman
    visualjuiceman 3 years ago

    Nice! thanks for sharing....