WHATS BLOCKING HIM FROM COMING FORWARD? ❤️ *Pick A Card* Tarot Charm Love Twin Flame Reading

  • Pick A Card Tarot and Charm Reading for Love, Soulmates and Twin Flame - WHATS BLOCKING HIM FROM COMING FORWARD? ❤️
    This video is a 'pick a card' reading. Pick the card you're most drawn to to reveal your message. Here are the timestamps for each card:
    Cards 1) 1:42
    Cards 2) 35:20
    Cards 3) 58:47
    Cards 4) 1:25:02
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    Soul Whispers Tarot

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  • Soul Whispers Tarot
    Soul Whispers Tarot  2 months ago +182

    Cards 1) 1:42
    Cards 2) 35:20
    Cards 3) 58:47
    Cards 4) 1:25:02
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    • eve Looq
      eve Looq 2 days ago


    • Hay Ling
      Hay Ling Month ago

      i picked 3 all was right

    • Stephanie Miller
      Stephanie Miller Month ago

      It is heartbreaking to know that they are showering someone else with love, but treated me so horribly and unfairly......They have been left behind in the past. This person is a straight energy vampire narcissist.

    • Stephanie Miller
      Stephanie Miller Month ago

      They treated me horribly!!!! They never showed me anything but Narcissistic Abuse. It is heartbreaking to know that they find comfort in someone else showing them love.
      I have walked away from them......not looking back.

    • 117JasR
      117JasR 2 months ago

      Soul Whispers Tarot please help me I had number 3.. it’s my husband... should I wait for him or not he’s lying and cheating and won’t own up to the truth and I’m about to leave

  • T3r3si
    T3r3si 2 days ago

    wow thank you so much !!!

  • Mackaroni Toni
    Mackaroni Toni 4 days ago

    Pile 3: They love me, yet they’re showing it to someone else? Lmfao I can’t! He can go f*ck himself!!

  • Nina Rossi
    Nina Rossi 9 days ago

    3 - spot on 🎯

  • Z M
    Z M 12 days ago

    I just wanted to say that I found out today he’s dating someone new and I came to your channel and I picked pile 3. I cried🥺 the thing is I knew that he still felt for me bc our encounters are still the way they used to be, but it made no sense when I found this out. I very much appreciate this reading it was extremely spot on with my situation and was exactly what happened and I’m really hoping this is very true and he’s feeling this way and I really hope he does reach out ♥️

  • A A
    A A 16 days ago

    You're amazing

  • Victoria Waterman-Ali
    Victoria Waterman-Ali 17 days ago

    Very accurate, thank you.

  • Caterina Alban J.
    Caterina Alban J. 18 days ago


  • Blonde Scorpion
    Blonde Scorpion 19 days ago

    I chose #1: he was hella slow. I got sick of it and let go. I don’t know if i did the right thing or not.

  • K A Smith
    K A Smith 20 days ago

    I think, if not every time then it's almost every single time you pull charms regarding this person, the hedgehog comes out 😂

  • Sarah Timper
    Sarah Timper 20 days ago

    You are always so on point! Thank you. I love your channel 💚🙌

  • m_99 Gonzalez
    m_99 Gonzalez 22 days ago

    Pile 1 , confirmation when you said they may have mother issues .

  • Jacqueline Hughes-Nuttall

    Sorry but it’s men who make women feel this way because they emotionally have no strength to open up. Why do we have to put up with it.

  • TheLittlest Courtney
    TheLittlest Courtney 24 days ago

    Pile 3s first card was literally Affair and He’s dating someone else when we started talking

  • Monia Humble
    Monia Humble 24 days ago

    First card is me

  • CynCyn 9
    CynCyn 9 27 days ago

    Pile 3

  • M A L A V I K A
    M A L A V I K A 28 days ago

    Picked number 2 and so accurate. He tends to not show his true emotions and his true self. The third person in my situation are his friends, who he always prioritized over me always

  • Amber Elaine
    Amber Elaine Month ago

    I chose the Amber. My name being Amber I always try to be sure my intuition is really pulling me to that pile and that I’m not just choosing it for it being my name. But today it REALLY drew me and all I can say is wow. That reading resonates so well. Thank you

  • yug prabhat
    yug prabhat Month ago

    Choose #4

  • The Hunger Game NancyC

    Pile 1
    Definitely matching my current situation.
    Been discussing if we should go our separate ways but he is not sure to do it, kinda keep me hanging, so I’ve been using this period of time to do lots of self-healing and taking good care of myself.

  • Carefree_CC
    Carefree_CC Month ago

    I picked 2

  • Sana Malik
    Sana Malik Month ago

    Pile 2: Resonantes..

  • Shabira N.
    Shabira N. Month ago


  • Myu10T
    Myu10T Month ago

    Picks 2. It's not even about him it's about me. rip. ah well.

  • Amber Hafeez
    Amber Hafeez Month ago

    Deck 3 ❤️❤️

  • dark unicorn
    dark unicorn Month ago

    #2 yep! So right

  • Celina ____
    Celina ____ Month ago

    Pile No 4. I was denying my feelings but I soon found out he was indeed having a 3rd party situation with my friend. those bastards

  • Natou M.
    Natou M. Month ago

    2 “plant lady” make me think of vegan - probably the name he gives me as a joke to his friends 😅😅😅😅😅since I am vegan- It has been 2 years. I am raising the white flag 🏳 and I am truly exhausted 😩 of this connection why do I have to go through his lessons with him & 4 wow queen 👸 and king 🤴 of wand represents us because we both are Aries ♈️ so he is in reverse because he is wearing the mask 😷 me I am myself because I don’t have to impress anyone - I am trying to help him but he rejecting it so - I am working on pulling back - music is our coping mechanism thanks

  • Lillian Yang
    Lillian Yang Month ago +1

    Man, every time I do the ones I choose is always saying that they daydream abt me and they wanna be with me but they have depression and anxiety and they don’t know. All I want is for him to ask meeee😫😫😫😫

  • Sabrina Nascimento
    Sabrina Nascimento Month ago

    Escape, daydreaming, unhappy not grounded fears of abandonment afar. Avoiding healing.

  • Moonbeam729
    Moonbeam729 Month ago

    #3 - I feel like I’m going to throw up. Her and I have known each other for a long time and last week she asked me if I wanted to be her girlfriend. I have wanted this a long time. We were supposed to have a romantic weekend together but the plans got messed up. Since then we had an argument and I wanted to talk about it but she keeps being unavailable. For like 3 days now she’s had excuses for why she can’t talk to me on the phone. I am trying to be okay, trying not to get angry at the excuses but I’m afraid. And each time she doesn’t call me it’s like more hurt. I don’t know what I will do if she is trying to be with someone else. Actually I wonder if the third party thing is because of something that happened before all the arguments began recently. Someone propositioned us at the bar

  • Dijana Zdrnja
    Dijana Zdrnja Month ago

    Pail #3..Tottaly true!! Dear God!

  • Antía V
    Antía V Month ago +1


  • Deborah Burrows
    Deborah Burrows Month ago

    I can’t believe you have got this so right. 2 crystal

  • Deborah Burrows
    Deborah Burrows Month ago

    2so accurate

  • Bri Bri
    Bri Bri Month ago

    #3 Exactly my situation.

  • Vannie Lynne Generosa

    I chose 4.

  • MGrace Orpiada De Lumen

    #3 I cried a lot after watching this and it brings me back those times he ghosted me a lot of times for that girl and his parents wants him to get married they try to have fixed marriage but my man loves me sooo much but then they ended up of what they have they failed. and now my boi trying to have a 2nd chance he has a lot of fear to commit until he didn’t fixed himself to be better person for me. I forgive him many times. But maybe it’s love he keep on coming back to me again and again. 😪 I know well now We less talk but our love is really strong. I know one day we will be as one and have a better future. Btw we’re long distance relationships both in different country. Wish us luck. 😭😭😭❤️💗

  • Kristin Jones
    Kristin Jones Month ago +13

    Deck 1. Every single thing you said makes perfect sense. I'm just trying to go with the flow and take things as they come. It's really, really slow-moving, but I've learned to be patient over the years. I hope you're right about his side of the connection. 🤞🏻

  • Matthew Nigh
    Matthew Nigh Month ago

    Deck #2 was for the most part spot on for my current situation! Thank you for helping home gain some clarity in what I’m dealing with. I just pray she comes home eventually, I know she’s the one I’m meant to spend forever with.

  • Ashley Vaillant
    Ashley Vaillant Month ago

    This helped me so much to have clarity and focus on myself again - you are spot on about him- verbatim . Thank you so much

  • sent by fools
    sent by fools Month ago

    Chose pile 3. Nailed it

  • Markson Png
    Markson Png Month ago +2

    Secrets. Yes. Yes. Yes!
    But I can see through his secrets🤷

  • MelLovesToDraw
    MelLovesToDraw Month ago

    #2 accurate

  • Rose minda Medina
    Rose minda Medina Month ago

    1.. thank u

  • Veronica Czichowsky

    Chose Pile 2, incredibly accurate

  • Rosie 3kids
    Rosie 3kids Month ago

    #3 I think you know me better than I do to myself it was 200percent accurate😘

  • Ashley Lauren
    Ashley Lauren Month ago

    I picked 3. We dated for a while and it was like nothing I've experienced. It was like I've known him in a past life. The mother of his child hated the fact that he met someone else after she kicked him out (on a manic rampage). So, she called his PO and said he changed his address without telling them. They came and got him and took him an hour away. She got him out BC she hired a ridiculously expensive lawyer and BC she was his "sugar mama" before anything, he had nothing of his own and she had sold his phone and computer. She got him back but he lives in the finished basement and they don't have anything to do w each other besides the kids. He told me not too long ago that his life was at a stand still and he was miserable. We started talking BC I am now w his brother and he wasn't doing well. So its pretty weird also that you mentioned that we talk through some way and also that a third party tore us apart. Everything in this makes sense.

  • Tanessa Anne Mohawk native

    Blue white and red. Deck one. ❤💙

  • Marsha Creary
    Marsha Creary Month ago


  • amaya 7820
    amaya 7820 Month ago

    I didn't believe in tarot but you make me wanna learn doing it..DAMNNNN😓

  • Better Ri
    Better Ri Month ago

    #2 20200203 I’m definitely an alien to him, we r from different countries. He’s conservative which I understand, it will be a big change to his life if we be tgt.

  • Brenda
    Brenda Month ago

    #3 I swear I've known it since we met, he's my twin flame, and I also have been thru a HUGE transformation (I am seriously a whole different person than I was like 6 months ago)! I truly want to help him but he doesn't open up. It's very frustrating but ive been trying to keep my energy in making sure I am in the position I want to be in and just overall happy

  • Angelica Newcome
    Angelica Newcome Month ago


  • Curmudgeon Cure
    Curmudgeon Cure Month ago

    Man. You are so good. Wow. That’s all I have to say, it’s so specific every time and it just blows my mind! 🙏

  • xtina 2020
    xtina 2020 Month ago

    Pile 3 really resonates 😥 He ran away

  • Hong Minh
    Hong Minh Month ago

    Plant lady in #2. I smiled at it cos I'm a vegan. Really sad about what happened to us in the past. I tried to understand him but he just closed himself off. I now have trust issues and I know I need to work on it for my own sake.

  • Miriame Shears
    Miriame Shears Month ago +1

    wow thank you for work

  • Patrick O'Donovan
    Patrick O'Donovan Month ago

    I really dig your readings. Fantastic. Accurate and poignantly shared. I love your raw style, your readings and your insight.

  • Aus Lady
    Aus Lady Month ago +8

    Pile 3
    He can stay where he is, I know i HAD fears, he caused them.
    He was a coward then and still a coward now.
    Supposed TF 😑

  • TheKrista5
    TheKrista5 Month ago +1

    2 nothing's blocking them. They don't want to

  • Apples Girl X
    Apples Girl X Month ago +1

    4-🌸Thanks kindly ⭐️☀️

  • tanya 4everloyal
    tanya 4everloyal Month ago

    Spot on exactly wow

  • Mami TuTu
    Mami TuTu Month ago

    #2 ✌🏽

  • Melissa Figueroa
    Melissa Figueroa Month ago +1

    #3 yellow

    • Agbadu Loveth
      Agbadu Loveth Month ago

      Melissa, you can't do anything spell your self okay

  • Apitha Ganeshalingam
    Apitha Ganeshalingam Month ago +1

    I picked 2 my DM is from Edinburgh in Scotland!!!

  • blue x candle
    blue x candle Month ago

    Pile 3 resonates

  • blue x candle
    blue x candle Month ago +1

    Iam the plant lady at work lol

    • Agbadu Loveth
      Agbadu Loveth Month ago


    • Agbadu Loveth
      Agbadu Loveth Month ago

      Annette.Bennett.if only you can follow my instructions I dear you your ex we come back within 24 hours from now

  • Korillakota
    Korillakota Month ago

    Wow, I just found this channel of looking for ones I feel intuned with this reading was very, wow honestly said a lot about what has, and had happened thank you so much love, deeply

  • Be2crazy
    Be2crazy Month ago +1

    #1 this guy I'm talking to is so afraid of hurtig me, he just told me that we both needed time apart for a while. He's afraid of me getting to know him to well and then I wouldn't like him as much..

  • Nikhil Talgaonkar
    Nikhil Talgaonkar Month ago

    Thnx fr ths reading i ws disturbed bcz frm one weak he is not contacting me or messeging me ignoring but nw i m hvng positive thinking with reading no 4 bless me with my love

  • Ani Chen
    Ani Chen Month ago


  • Cheron Baugh
    Cheron Baugh Month ago

    Card 3 was spot on you gave me a clear look into what he was thinking thank u so so much keep up the good work

  • mum ie
    mum ie Month ago

    Pile 3. My question is, if they can give it to someone they dont love then why can they not just give it to me?

  • Jaane Khan
    Jaane Khan Month ago

    Beautiful reading honey

  • Jaane Khan
    Jaane Khan Month ago

    He is having so many option baby. that's what blocking him. Bless his heart 💜

  • Gabriell McNair
    Gabriell McNair Month ago

    This is dead on!🙋‍♀️#3. Thank you so much❤

  • Lia Love
    Lia Love Month ago +1

    Cards 2, Amethyst Stone.

  • Anne Lim
    Anne Lim Month ago

    Thank you for the advice! That was very helpful!