$4 Fake AirPods - How Bad Is It?

  • Published on Jan 24, 2019
  • It’s real…$4 AirPods from the Wish app exist aka i7s and i10s TWS So, how bad are $4 fake Apple AirPods vs Real $170 AirPods? Keaton is testing out the iTWS Pair knockoff bluetooth earbuds and earphones…
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    $4 Fake AirPods: bit.ly/2B4037s
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Comments • 5 679

  • Keaton
    Keaton 5 months ago +5334

    congrats on 3.1m subs bud

    • DOOM Plus
      DOOM Plus Day ago

      Keaton do you three. Five subs

    • Animation's 101
      Animation's 101 2 days ago

      Can I have a air pods :-;

    • e doolipe
      e doolipe 8 days ago

      Keaton why would you say that to yourself 😂🤷‍♂️

    • Amdone
      Amdone 11 days ago

      I want me gift cards

  • Mishy Moo
    Mishy Moo 2 hours ago

    I got fake AirPods for around $43

    Worst purchase EVER.

  • 권도윤
    권도윤 5 hours ago

    3:46 I am so weird i counted how many airpods there were

  • Azolaun
    Azolaun 7 hours ago

    Lmao I got a wish ad

  • Random User
    Random User 10 hours ago

    AirPods are overpriced so I just bought i7 TWS.

  • Dinand Brent Buikema
    Dinand Brent Buikema 10 hours ago

    I have i8 buds they are good little bit bigger then normals but way less expensive

  • Exotic Games
    Exotic Games 11 hours ago

    I got i7s

  • Bob Bob
    Bob Bob 11 hours ago

    I got an ad for wish during this video

  • kelli belli
    kelli belli 12 hours ago

    12:36 ily keaton but that dancing was so unseasoned lmao

  • AdamNotFun TV
    AdamNotFun TV 12 hours ago

    got an ad with airpods lol

  • Shamell Pete
    Shamell Pete 16 hours ago

    Good video I swear u look like Jim from the show office

  • Xanx
    Xanx 17 hours ago


  • KillahCop1Hunnid
    KillahCop1Hunnid 18 hours ago

    I bought the same one u had tried and it was better

  • Michael Albertson

    Hey tell me if there are any good there but pot your buds because I'm wanting to get a pair at the dollar store and I wanted to know if that's a good thing I listened to you to see if they're good and you're good to watch I love all your shows I save them on my phone cuz I like to watch them again and their educational to you learn stuff from you send me back a text about the earbuds please okay is there $15 at that dollar store call Dollar General y'all to get a pair from there and then see if there are any good for me why I live in Ozark you can't get nothing around here I went to Walmart and they don't have any airpods and your pot things like those that's a weird looking ones and they need any good so I want you to review someone from the dollar store make another video about the dollar store ones that's the only way I can get him don't have a Walmart in Ozark

  • Hayden Hibbs
    Hayden Hibbs Day ago

    AirPods suck if you want good quality headphones just get beats

  • Noice lol
    Noice lol Day ago +1

    Who else using real airpods and watching this?



  • Ken Gaffrey
    Ken Gaffrey Day ago

    I ❤️ your videos

  • Meowkitty111
    Meowkitty111 Day ago +1

    I’m watching this video with my airpods on rn

  • Lana Tolic
    Lana Tolic Day ago +1

    I bought fake ones oh life

  • Mary Light
    Mary Light Day ago +1

    I got a pair of those- one of the fake ones, I find them find them alright, moreso for the money. It’s good till you can save up enough for the real deal.

  • ASMR Queen
    ASMR Queen Day ago

    He didn't even try all of them

  • Aint no Pewds yeet

    Who watched this after listening spongebob trap earrape

  • Ron Swanson
    Ron Swanson Day ago

    How advanced are airpods? Like shit I just thought they were Normal, “pause when you take them out.”

  • RedFirePink
    RedFirePink 2 days ago

    I bought the fake ones and I don’t care that they are fake it’s just the battery life pisses me off

  • Faze Beep
    Faze Beep 2 days ago

    I have the fake ones but there still pretty good 😊

  • donna knight
    donna knight 2 days ago

    Your being stupid about Ardmore

  • banda Torres
    banda Torres 2 days ago

    that sucks

  • Jon Weaver
    Jon Weaver 2 days ago

    Listening using real airpods*

  • Boti Cselik
    Boti Cselik 2 days ago

    _The feeling that you might vear a copy of AirPods fills you with _*_DETERMINATION_*

  • Arron Ho
    Arron Ho 2 days ago

    Overpriced bluetooth headphones

  • Shake Cat
    Shake Cat 2 days ago

    somebody probably just cut the wire of normal headphones and put in a airpod case

  • Roddy Rich
    Roddy Rich 2 days ago

    Can u please sell me one and I'm ur biggest fan ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Michael Myers
    Michael Myers 2 days ago +2

    I’m I the only one who got triggered seeing him pass by free pairs?

  • Kevin Davis
    Kevin Davis 3 days ago

    i just got a wish ad from this

  • Leonardo Turtle
    Leonardo Turtle 3 days ago

    I rather have the earbuds with wires, so my ass won't lose them 24/7.

  • ktm crush
    ktm crush 3 days ago

    My jabras are better than airpods

  • el_adan_gl gg
    el_adan_gl gg 3 days ago

    I found this really close clones of air pods they are joyrooms

  • Evanthemsmfan
    Evanthemsmfan 3 days ago

    Yo when I was watching this I got a ad of wish

  • NibbaAteTheGuac
    NibbaAteTheGuac 3 days ago

    Chief, it's "all of a sudden" not "all of the sudden".

  • its_just_me _hlove393

    I just ordered some airpods from wish ....I really hope they work

  • Karim Renno
    Karim Renno 3 days ago

    7:39 you either get it or you don’t ⚫️⚪️⚫️

  • Truly Slayer
    Truly Slayer 3 days ago +2

    You know all the fake rich kids gunna be having these

  • Robert Gable
    Robert Gable 3 days ago

    *me wearing those exact earphonethingys* wow those are trashy ripoffs

  • Carter Bohrer (Student)

    Wish: Entire universe only $19.99

  • Abs Ashraf
    Abs Ashraf 3 days ago

    Stop taking the piss people are not rich as you okay

  • Margy's Trending
    Margy's Trending 3 days ago

    Those comments are fake just saying no hurting u

  • Jessica Fuller
    Jessica Fuller 3 days ago

    I order a rose gold color off of wish and they work wonderful with my Android phone no problems. Love my wish fake airpods gonna order more later in case I lose a pair. 😆

    • Zack Night
      Zack Night 2 days ago

      Jessica Fuller please order me one I’m broke

  • Jimmy's Call of Duty Brown Ops 2

    Wish is just Mr beast reselling expensive items for 5% of their actual price!!

  • xD Loki 1
    xD Loki 1 3 days ago +1

    Not a single soul:
    Wish: selling Ferrari’s for £10

  • Josh ._.
    Josh ._. 3 days ago

    Apple fan boi

  • fortniteezzcla psss
    fortniteezzcla psss 3 days ago +3

    U should do a giveaway for a chance to win the ✌✌real airpods that u got

  • Devon Lucas
    Devon Lucas 3 days ago

    I just wanna punch this guy in the face. His face makes you want to punch it

  • Logan OOF
    Logan OOF 3 days ago +2

    I actually got an add for wish on this 😵

  • David Perea
    David Perea 3 days ago

    I could’ve gotten AirPods but I said nah, 😂

  • Snake 777
    Snake 777 3 days ago +1

    I'll save u all the eternity he takes to get to the point.. They're all crap . just buy the real pods. Yw .

  • Alishba Khan
    Alishba Khan 4 days ago

    My mom bought me AirPods for £15 and I swear they work like the real ones! ❤️

  • Peter Cunningham
    Peter Cunningham 4 days ago

    Them wish add tho.

  • Trickk
    Trickk 4 days ago

    I got a wish ad lol

  • Provoke T.S
    Provoke T.S 4 days ago +3

    Dude are you just trying flex your nike air jordan 1 retro high nigel sylvester? Because i'm not jealous.

  • Atwenna Arssay
    Atwenna Arssay 4 days ago

    just saying, it sounds cheaper in the us, but it’s just the exchange rate; ITS $220 IN CANADA

  • OVERLORD gamer
    OVERLORD gamer 4 days ago

    dude can you give me a pair of fake airpods please

  • Real Talker 101
    Real Talker 101 4 days ago +1

    what about the expensive (36 dollars) one that was supposedly better than real airpods???

  • Kendall Calzone
    Kendall Calzone 4 days ago

    I have these AirPods my mom was so proud she got them for me so now I where them with pride because I did dent spent crazy money for the same thing

  • Chris Gallagher
    Chris Gallagher 4 days ago

    I got my fake ones for $40 on sale. They were originally $130

  • Kooly Moonk
    Kooly Moonk 4 days ago

    Can I have the fake ones plzzzzzzx

  • Grace Gay
    Grace Gay 4 days ago

    Please cut your hair 😂

  • Nyte Hera
    Nyte Hera 4 days ago

    Ur jumper is so cool bro

  • Lispy Jimmy
    Lispy Jimmy 4 days ago

    Whose watching this with AirPods on

  • Suhayb Ahmed
    Suhayb Ahmed 4 days ago

    I have airpods and a vivo phone. My airpods cost the same as my phone

  • Thomas Cooling
    Thomas Cooling 4 days ago

    The i9s is the Sam size of real airpods

  • Christopher Underwood

    I lost my AirPods lol

  • gatekeeper
    gatekeeper 4 days ago

    ill stay with my bose soundsport free thank you

    MBTA SONIC 4 days ago

    I know one in cvs it has fake AirPods

  • Lxabdi -
    Lxabdi - 4 days ago

    I want one of them can I have them please it's my favourite

  • Kurdapia Luis
    Kurdapia Luis 4 days ago

    While watching I saw a BluPandas BluAirpods commercial

  • Anon X
    Anon X 4 days ago

    You are so stupid! You made so many observational errors, for example, it had a red led due to a low battery, the other had blue due to them being charged. You made so many other simple errors. Urghh, so lame. Horrendous youtuber faking views and poor content.

  • Anon X
    Anon X 5 days ago

    The sound quality on this video is terrible!

  • jackie.b
    jackie.b 5 days ago +1

    i just realized that u look like tom cruise, like if u maybe were his son.

  • Matéo Bisnaire
    Matéo Bisnaire 5 days ago

    Weird flex but ok

  • Paola Ramirez
    Paola Ramirez 5 days ago

    Wish: selling gold bars for 5 dollars

  • Benny’s 5hompson
    Benny’s 5hompson 5 days ago

    Got AirPods but I bought my brother some fake AirPods XD, he almost thought he was the “real AirPods”

  • WyWy Plays
    WyWy Plays 5 days ago

    are you a ballet dancer

  • Misael Cuba
    Misael Cuba 5 days ago

    2:55 flexing on poor people

  • Jacob Godfrey
    Jacob Godfrey 5 days ago

    No they aren’t fair pods their ear pods

  • Joshua Shin Jr.
    Joshua Shin Jr. 5 days ago

    Well i did'nt like because i dont have airpods

  • Michael Harper
    Michael Harper 5 days ago

    Is wish a scam?

  • Bug Bog
    Bug Bog 5 days ago

    This guy pisses me offf

  • Jonah Kalani
    Jonah Kalani 5 days ago

    i had the 30 dollar ones and they were awesome. the only thing that sucked was the crappy plastic on them cracked but i just superglued the crack and they were fine

  • F.B.I
    F.B.I 5 days ago +1

    Video starts at 7:30

  • ETDM
    ETDM 5 days ago

    I own these so accurate fake AirPods

  • K'Don Burnette
    K'Don Burnette 5 days ago

    I clicked his face and paused him lmao

  • tea spill oop
    tea spill oop 5 days ago +1

    i have fake airpods. i bought them for 10 bucks. they are great! i'm getting real ones though, don't worry.

    COLTON WILSON 5 days ago

    I understand everything that is in da 21 century

  • Ava Eva
    Ava Eva 5 days ago +1

    I have those kind (white) for $20 and they really work! Trust me!

    EYE OF THE FOX 5 days ago

    What happened to the 36 dollar one?

  • Mike Stevens
    Mike Stevens 5 days ago +6

    They probably sound just as bad as real AirPods.

  • Are you feeling it now Mr Krabs?

    im so rich, my airpods have wires (☞ ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)☞

  • Mud Guts
    Mud Guts 5 days ago

    What about the free AirPods that are made for iOS AND android and advertised on fortnite funny moments videos or something like that

  • Mud Guts
    Mud Guts 5 days ago

    What about the free AirPods that are made for iOS AND android and advertised on fortnite funny moments videos or something like that