10 Largest Transport Aircrafts In The World

  • Since the discovery of aviation, aircrafts have been used to transport heavy and bulky cargo. Many transport planes have been created throughout the history of aircraft construction, impressing the world with their enormous sizes. Today, we will show you the 10 largest transport aircrafts in the world!
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  • Jeyven Peguero
    Jeyven Peguero Day ago

    omg that lockheed c-5 galaxy phew am i sweating

  • Rake Boi
    Rake Boi 2 days ago +1

    10 largest cargo planes In the world
    *SHOWS C130*

  • Thaddy Kempenaar
    Thaddy Kempenaar 3 days ago

    btw its aircraft

    WALLMARIO234 5 days ago

    Thumbnail is a scam, a Photoshop, It's Clickbait.

  • sylvester
    sylvester 5 days ago

    Name the aircraft on the video cover; 5 engines on each wing; and a 6 engine aircraft humping its back?

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  • Timothy Mooney
    Timothy Mooney 12 days ago

    Stick to one measurement system please holy cow it's annoying.

  • Big Boi SnugZ
    Big Boi SnugZ 13 days ago

    Nobody gonna talk about the antonov on top of another antonov 馃槀

  • psychiatry is eugenics

    Designed in the Ukraine . Where were they built ? Make a video about that

  • Mc Spankies
    Mc Spankies Month ago

    The thumbnail is atrocious, a plane that big wouldn't be able to fly and itll stall taking off at that angle.
    The 225 is pretty big and its a wonder how it flies but if the plane in the thumbnail existed it well its not flying

    TORNADO _ Month ago

    Where is the plane shown in thumbnail?

  • Everything by Caroline

    700th comment

  • solomon yemi
    solomon yemi Month ago

    Nice one

  • Paul Reed Smith-Fan

    THIS VIDEO IS OUTDATED! These are no longer the largest transport aircraft out there. A new version of the video should include the Airbus Beluga XL.

  • The lame game
    The lame game Month ago +1

    wow I own a jet

  • Brody Leiberick
    Brody Leiberick Month ago

    The antonov am-124 looks like a knock off 747

  • Patrick Myers
    Patrick Myers Month ago

    Lockheed C5 Galaxy is my favorite.

  • I am BIGGIE Cheese
    I am BIGGIE Cheese Month ago

    Once AGAIN RUSSIA beats the USA in things BIGGER...

  • Viorel Cernovski
    Viorel Cernovski Month ago

    Sunte葲i tar..!!!

  • Utah Carwash Channel
    Utah Carwash Channel 2 months ago

    Like 1 aircraft

  • Jeff ALLEN
    Jeff ALLEN 2 months ago

    Too many ads. Stopped about 1/2 way through.

  • George Henderson
    George Henderson 2 months ago +1

    Where's the plane in the thumbnail that has 5 engines on each wing and is carrying another plane on top of it?

  • A ray
    A ray 2 months ago

    I'd have to go with the c130, c5 and c17. Always been my favorites.

  • Rob Highfill
    Rob Highfill 2 months ago

    I think that a list like this one would be better if it was split into two groups. The first would be mass produced (50+) aircraft like the Airbus 380, Galaxy C-5, Boeing 747 and An-124 while the second would include some unique or limited production aircraft like the Dreamlifters, Belugas, An-225, Guppies,,,

  • Bangla Bihar Odisha
    Bangla Bihar Odisha 2 months ago

    Fucking 250 tonnes to carry by Antonove Maria? That鈥檚 fucking unbelievable

  • Siggy17
    Siggy17 2 months ago

    Click bait but very nice vid馃槑i say my favorite is the C5

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    Md shalakur Rahaman 2 months ago

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  • V DeLeon
    V DeLeon 2 months ago

    what is that background music?

  • Loving Missile
    Loving Missile 2 months ago

    Omg it looks like Photoshopped

  • Auburnfan2008
    Auburnfan2008 2 months ago

    What about the Hughes H-4?

  • Rick Good
    Rick Good 2 months ago

    Great video but you forgot to state the wing span of the AN-225

  • Nessa
    Nessa 2 months ago

    None of them are aesthetically pleasing are they

  • Bobby S
    Bobby S 2 months ago

    annnd the biggest clickbait in history

  • Chris Wyatt
    Chris Wyatt 2 months ago +2

    I'd believe 9,11 happened like they said if the towers would have got hit with one of these planes.

  • Junaid Rahman
    Junaid Rahman 2 months ago

    What about virgin Galactic?

  • Cay Nuck
    Cay Nuck 2 months ago

    Super Guppy and Airbus Beluga looks like Megamind as an aircraft

  • Cay Nuck
    Cay Nuck 2 months ago

    That clickbaited photshopped picture, you just had to put the Antonov 225 on some bigass photoshopped An-225, didn't you...

  • Renos Kous.
    Renos Kous. 2 months ago

    At my opinion the most *Amazing* plane of this.. It's the *Antinov* .. Such weight capable to fight gravity, possessing *Aerodynamic* power being *so heavy* !!

  • Renos Kous.
    Renos Kous. 2 months ago

    I might look silly with my question, but what does *turboprop* mean by the time it has propeller engines !! I'd appreciate it if anyone told me!!!

  • Nick Houck
    Nick Houck 2 months ago

    C17 is sick . It can drive backwards to turn around on short rural runways and has extra lift capabilities for the same purpose. I really wonder why the ruskies developed that antonov. Probably to move missiles or tanks or something crazy.

  • Zoey Frausto
    Zoey Frausto 2 months ago


  • Juan Frausto
    Juan Frausto 2 months ago


  • franky Padilla
    franky Padilla 2 months ago


  • DaMan1964
    DaMan1964 2 months ago

    7:46 BLOOPER ALERT 260 pounds should read 260,000 pounds

  • melika Fatehi
    melika Fatehi 2 months ago


  • Alya Puspita
    Alya Puspita 2 months ago

    What about c-5m super galaxy?

  • raja ll
    raja ll 2 months ago


  • LTBurrito Man
    LTBurrito Man 2 months ago

    260lbs = 118 Tons

  • Dave Goldspink
    Dave Goldspink 2 months ago

    It amazes me these aircraft can lift so much weight. Would love to fly in any of them. Think the one that would have the most history would be the Super Guppy being built the way it was in the early 60s and playing the large part it did in the US space program. It鈥檚 a very interesting story how it was built alone.

  • Benjamin S
    Benjamin S 2 months ago

    you get a thumbs down because there were more ads then actual video. Sorry but three ads in five minutes is too much

  • yoda apologist
    yoda apologist 2 months ago

    I'm not playing anymore, what's the one in the thumbnail

    • Rafuro
      Rafuro 2 months ago +1

      photoshoped Antonov-225

  • kym newman
    kym newman 2 months ago

    wtf are aircrafts

  • Geronimo Six
    Geronimo Six 2 months ago

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  • Geronimo Six
    Geronimo Six 2 months ago

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  • Geronimo Six
    Geronimo Six 2 months ago

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  • DevilDawg PDT
    DevilDawg PDT 2 months ago

    I have the old blueprints of the C-130 A Model when my dad was in the VMGR-234 as a flight engineer as a staff sergeant during the desert storm and operation Iraqi freedom.

  • Jared Hand
    Jared Hand 2 months ago


  • Sheryl Dela Cruz
    Sheryl Dela Cruz 2 months ago


  • L.U.
    L.U. 2 months ago

    Mriya 馃嚭馃嚘

  • pastor of muppets
    pastor of muppets 2 months ago +1

    Laws of physics? Meh

  • Born Again
    Born Again 2 months ago +2

    Stop advertising-we pay for internet how much is enough!!!

    • Aiden Bush
      Aiden Bush 2 months ago

      paying an internet fee does not pay the creator. It is always respectful because it take a long time to make videos.

    • Dave N
      Dave N 2 months ago

      install adblock and give u-tube the finger

    • Garth Carr
      Garth Carr 2 months ago

      F yeah!

  • Speedy Singh
    Speedy Singh 2 months ago +1

    How come the Russian IL 76 did not figure in your list !!

  • amer alahmair
    amer alahmair 2 months ago +1

    Why are propellers used on most of these cargo planes?

    • Nyonga Naboth
      Nyonga Naboth 2 months ago

      amer alahmair props give better efficiency for low speeds and heavy loads

  • dl hale
    dl hale 2 months ago +3

    I watch the dream lifter a lot. Every week. So beautiful..looks like it is going 5 miles an hour and i can touch it:)

  • littlerascle59
    littlerascle59 2 months ago

    I鈥檝e flown in the C-130, C-17, Boeing 747

  • Kevin McDonald
    Kevin McDonald 2 months ago +1

    Installed Avionics and Flight Tested C-17 (P-1, P-2, and P-3). Love this Aircraft.

  • Dustin Rhodes
    Dustin Rhodes 2 months ago

    I love Boeing for sure the max planes

  • Andy Vv
    Andy Vv 2 months ago

    milk and cookies

  • thagod22
    thagod22 2 months ago

    67th SOS C-130 rescue squad! 04-07!

  • twgirl1
    twgirl1 2 months ago


  • Beth B
    Beth B 2 months ago +1

    I'm always amazed how something so heavy full of cargo gets off the ground!

  • 8vderf
    8vderf 2 months ago +3

    One more incredible fact; the plural of aircraft is aircraft. That's why an aircraft carrier is not called an aircrafts carrier :-)

  • Jesus Torres
    Jesus Torres 2 months ago

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  • Ajai Sahani
    Ajai Sahani 2 months ago +1

    My ever choices Antonov AN 225 Mriya...

  • Peter Jones
    Peter Jones 2 months ago

    I thought it was dream liner

  • Peter Jones
    Peter Jones 2 months ago

    Nice 1.