My New Ducati V4 Speciale! House Tour & iPhone X Giveaway!

  • Published on Jul 19, 2018
  • FINALLY A House Tour!! + Picking Up The Worlds Sexiest Bike, 2018 Ducati V4 Speciale! + iPhone X & AirPods Giveaway! All In One Video. Thank you so much guys for getting me here!
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  • Mental Pepsi
    Mental Pepsi 17 minutes ago

    I mean I’ll take the prizes 😁

  • kenn
    kenn 59 minutes ago

    ducati omg

  • Josvany Andino
    Josvany Andino Hour ago

    What a beauty 🏍

  • Eren Playz
    Eren Playz 6 hours ago

    Please I really need airpods

  • Thiago Ascef
    Thiago Ascef 6 hours ago

    PogChamp Giveaway!

  • Not Comfy
    Not Comfy 6 hours ago

    In The UK This House Alone Is Almost As Big As A Small Estate

  • Jacob Ringgaard Mikkelsen

    Smaakart has some pretty nice paintings to spice a minimalistic home up without losing is sophistication.
    The paintings ship from Denmark though.

  • Pradeep Kumar
    Pradeep Kumar 8 hours ago

    iphone x :)

  • Naeem Kapasi
    Naeem Kapasi 8 hours ago

    If I ever would get a bike, it would be a Ducati! Btw, I'll take the iPhone X off of your hands :D

  • legra izan
    legra izan 8 hours ago

    Why don't you make another channel for only riding on your bike?

  • Will Jukesy
    Will Jukesy 8 hours ago

    I would love the iPhone X I’ve been a subscriber since 500,000

  • Fouzi Bouaichaoui
    Fouzi Bouaichaoui 10 hours ago

    congrats bro damnnn it i want datt iphone

  • xylath gaming
    xylath gaming 11 hours ago

    i love that bike

  • The Zige
    The Zige 12 hours ago

    perfect!! :D

  • Ashton Monteiro�
    Ashton Monteiro� 12 hours ago +1

    I love your video 👍🏻

  • Ayham Saleh
    Ayham Saleh 12 hours ago +1

    Tbh I definitely wouldn't mind if you picked me
    Just sayin

  • Farhad Moradi
    Farhad Moradi 13 hours ago

    Good man I’m happy for you 🎉❤️👍🏻

  • Martin Heyer
    Martin Heyer 13 hours ago

    I also just got a new bike! So glad to ride again

  • Alok Mishra
    Alok Mishra 13 hours ago

    Big brother its so nice to see u doing so good in ur life, you r an inspiration to me, keep up the good work and God bless you..

  • Overrunner
    Overrunner 14 hours ago

    Kind of worrying that it allows u to start up with the kickstand down

  • Overrunner
    Overrunner 14 hours ago

    I’ve never heard of this channel before, I’m here for the V4 Speciale. Great vid tho

  • Jonas Schoger
    Jonas Schoger 16 hours ago

    Love the V4❤

  • Sunil Lama
    Sunil Lama 17 hours ago

    Ducati giveaway soon

  • MacroTV
    MacroTV 18 hours ago

    that beer biceps

  • Bernabe Toyco
    Bernabe Toyco 18 hours ago

    Idol can i have phone 😢😞...

  • Sadi.
    Sadi. 18 hours ago +2

    Dude! I mean you could make separate channels for each of your hobbies! Cars,bikes, gardening!

  • fatah zarastan
    fatah zarastan 18 hours ago


  • 21_zonun
    21_zonun 20 hours ago

    Please I need the iPhone 😅

  • Bill Gagliardi
    Bill Gagliardi Day ago

    Congrats on the Ducati purchase, be safe and god bless. I also have to mention, that even the damn kickstand on that bike is sexy lol. I’m also glad to see you a gun guy, maybe you can do some range videos.

  • Joshua Luna
    Joshua Luna Day ago

    Fire bike

  • Feebleman
    Feebleman Day ago

    I want

  • Sandev Nimhan
    Sandev Nimhan Day ago

    i need that x

  • chico221179
    chico221179 Day ago

    Get a BMW M

  • Nitish R
    Nitish R Day ago

    Amazing Ducati v4

  • Aakash Maharjan
    Aakash Maharjan Day ago

    I want to live your life just for a day. 😧

  • WafflyAndrej8 WafflyAndrej8

    Can I win AirPods

  • xDestox
    xDestox Day ago

    you should contact jaret campisi to customize that speciale for you search carbon v4 jaret campisi and you'll see a sexy beast of a bike

  • Pepe
    Pepe Day ago

    Just a beautiful motorcycle 😍

  • AC andre AC
    AC andre AC Day ago

    thats a dream bike right there

  • nick
    nick Day ago

    dope video

  • Antonis Koutounidis

    very nice ''toy''!

  • Joe Taylor
    Joe Taylor Day ago

    Honestly here for the Ducati. But you’re fucking cool

  • john jake quito
    john jake quito Day ago

    Hi I'm pinoy

  • john jake quito
    john jake quito Day ago

    I love ducati

  • J.Rico's Vlogs
    J.Rico's Vlogs 2 days ago

    Congrats on the Ducati. And yes you definitely need some art on those walls.

  • Musa Sevalie
    Musa Sevalie 2 days ago

    Hello man I have subscribed to your channel for quite a time now but I can’t know your real name if u may😊

  • Musa Sevalie
    Musa Sevalie 2 days ago

    Very cool house

  • Musa Sevalie
    Musa Sevalie 2 days ago

    These motorbike is very cool I like it

  • Shemiyaah
    Shemiyaah 2 days ago

    i love that bike❤️

  • Carlos Agudelo
    Carlos Agudelo 2 days ago

    Yo no hablo Ingles, pero me gusto mucho su moto y me gustaría tener ese iPhone... tengo un celular ya muy viejo...

  • cory northcott
    cory northcott 2 days ago

    ecellent vider

    ROMAN ISLAM RIDOY 2 days ago

    Billionaire or Millionaire?

  • The Insomniac
    The Insomniac 2 days ago

    Dude you need to wear more tank tops 😂

  • prince grylls
    prince grylls 2 days ago


  • prince grylls
    prince grylls 2 days ago

    please give away of Ducati V4 too please...

    ABHINAND A P 2 days ago

    It’s very nice 👍🏻 I really like your life style ❤️

  • Atul Prashant
    Atul Prashant 2 days ago


  • Koreo
    Koreo 2 days ago +3

    I thought this video says Ducati giveaway 😂😂

  • Harps 756
    Harps 756 2 days ago

    This is my entry

  • Andrew Michael
    Andrew Michael 2 days ago


  • Mihai Uifalean
    Mihai Uifalean 2 days ago

    I want to win but you will not see my comment :))

  • MakamaeKP
    MakamaeKP 3 days ago


  • Hoover E Londono
    Hoover E Londono 3 days ago

    Best video without having to hear
    Apple, iPhone , rumors minchico

  • Patrick S
    Patrick S 3 days ago

    nice I want one

  • Kristin Karashki
    Kristin Karashki 3 days ago

    Need that v4 beast giveaway :D

  • darth Eusebio
    darth Eusebio 3 days ago

    I like to win the iPhone X bro

  • Vitalii Furman
    Vitalii Furman 3 days ago

    09:13 russians are everywhere bleat))) ору))

  • Anthony Martin
    Anthony Martin 3 days ago

    Hey - can you recommend me the best concealed carry pistol system (holster too) and also one for the house? I'm a man with XXL sized hands. thanks.

  • BowComboz
    BowComboz 3 days ago

    Such of a need of a new phone

  • Jonathan Hernandez
    Jonathan Hernandez 3 days ago


  • Abby Rose
    Abby Rose 3 days ago

    I love the new bike

  • Jashon Martens
    Jashon Martens 4 days ago

    Would love a new iphonex

  • razal jaff
    razal jaff 4 days ago

    I want it ..

  • razal jaff
    razal jaff 4 days ago


  • Cornel _11
    Cornel _11 4 days ago

    Salut, sunt din Chisinau, Moldova si iti vizualizez fiecare video
    mi-as dori tare un smartphone nou, dar nu imi piermit sa-mi cumpar unul,
    Iti urez mult succes