Swapping Boyfriends on Vacation

  • Published on Jun 16, 2019
  • Swapping Boyfriends on Vacation... (ahhhh)
    We've done boyfriend swaps before, but nothing quite like this one. We swapped boyfriends for the nigh, but this time we're swapping boyfriends on vacation and going on romantic summer dates with each other's boyfriends. Let the cringe begin. #swapping #boyfriends
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    If you see this, comment "Nate and Gabi getting physical woah"
    only those who watch up to that point will know what this means ;)
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    We’re Niki and Gabi! We hope you enjoyed our swapping boyfriends on vacation video! We’re twin sisters who are different with opposite fashion and styles, but we come together to make videos like challenges, swaps, shopping challenges, 24 hour challenges, diy, style, beauty, lifestyle, fashion, comedy, types of girls, music, and more!
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  • Scarlett Hughes
    Scarlett Hughes 10 hours ago

    I shouldn’t say this but I low key ship

    Niki and Collin 🤨

  • Armixer Line Distributions Subsdiary

    Swapping boyfriends for a week

  • avery ps
    avery ps 10 hours ago

    You should do a 24 hour handcuffed with the other boyfriend

  • VanMad Vlog days
    VanMad Vlog days 10 hours ago

    I like niki togheter with collin better than gabi with nate love you niki and gabi❤❤❤

  • seavey Whydontwe
    seavey Whydontwe 10 hours ago +1

    do another 24 hour shopping challenge 😂😂😂

  • Rosie
    Rosie 10 hours ago

    Boyfriend swap while wedding planning

  • Kesha Rose Evans
    Kesha Rose Evans 10 hours ago

    Collin looks like Austin from Austin an ally

  • Ban Zoubi
    Ban Zoubi 10 hours ago

    Do this again plz

  • Blue Moonlight
    Blue Moonlight 10 hours ago

    And I’m your favourite Collin hahahah 🤣🤣

  • Charlotte Ray
    Charlotte Ray 10 hours ago +1

    GOWAN NIKI look at you go on the ice

  • Kati e
    Kati e 10 hours ago

    Literally thought that was Ross Lynch from Austin and ally for a hot second.

  • grenade launcherr
    grenade launcherr 10 hours ago

    Niki Collin- like a married couple
    Gabi nate- like new new couple this not compfy with each other

  • Malati Dey
    Malati Dey 10 hours ago

    I Love your boyfriend swapping videos make more please 😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️❤️💖

  • Kalpana Sairaj
    Kalpana Sairaj 10 hours ago

    collin and niki are so cute

  • Mr. Show
    Mr. Show 10 hours ago

    Collab with mylifeaseva

  • Xx Noëlle
    Xx Noëlle 10 hours ago


  • Zoey Grace
    Zoey Grace 10 hours ago

    5:52 that was so cuteee

  • star news
    star news 10 hours ago

    Gabi is so boring

  • Esmeralda Moreno
    Esmeralda Moreno 10 hours ago

    You are awesome

  • Melissa Anthony
    Melissa Anthony 10 hours ago

    A double date

  • Lina Zak
    Lina Zak 10 hours ago

    Gabi became not that beautiful as she was before... Like more dark tone and these fat brows. And Nike gets opposite she looks better)

  • Мими Александрова

    0:34 yesss🥰

  • Petals
    Petals 10 hours ago

    Niki and Collin act like they are best friends it’s so funny 😂

  • Lauren Alyssa
    Lauren Alyssa 10 hours ago

    Omg Niki’s ice skating is amazing whatttt

  • Your Spades
    Your Spades 10 hours ago

    Gabi is so cuteeee like she’s like a kid, so cuteeee💛 and also being a mood HAHAHAHA

  • Vivia n
    Vivia n 10 hours ago

    I hate gaby

  • Remil Angeline
    Remil Angeline 10 hours ago

    i swear i feel like with all these bf swap vids, they might end up actually swapping lmao

  • Erika Vctra
    Erika Vctra 10 hours ago

    Next video: swapping boyfriends - date night edition

  • Yumi Kasmani
    Yumi Kasmani 10 hours ago +1

    U guys should do the gummy food vs real food challenge with Collins and nate

  • izy land
    izy land 10 hours ago

    Gabi you are not that tan before makeup

  • Regina George
    Regina George 10 hours ago

    Did they say thank you for the coffee? I hope it's just editing.

  • imong mama
    imong mama 10 hours ago

    and then they end up swapping their boyfriends permanently

  • Lukas & Selena
    Lukas & Selena 10 hours ago

    I'm deffo loving these boyfriend swap videos, its just so funny

  • Stoner 420
    Stoner 420 10 hours ago


  • DoraThePepora
    DoraThePepora 10 hours ago +1

    face it. y’all kno niki and collin cuter together 🙄😂

  • Abis twenkies Herrera
    Abis twenkies Herrera 10 hours ago

    gabis smileing the when niki says were going to the ice rank her face look like she was mad

  • Inoue Miu
    Inoue Miu 10 hours ago

    Why do I get the feeling that Gabi still doesn't like Nate ;

  • luna valente
    luna valente 10 hours ago

    Niki's extensions look terrible

  • Ayesha Pilcher
    Ayesha Pilcher 11 hours ago

    collin’s face when he burnt his mouthLMAO

  • Cammi Cain
    Cammi Cain 11 hours ago


  • Lana Namwisate
    Lana Namwisate 11 hours ago

    I feel like Niki and Collin should be a couple

  • Emma Jean
    Emma Jean 11 hours ago

    Colin looks like Austin moon from Hey Jessy

  • Hailey MacaroonsCxx
    Hailey MacaroonsCxx 11 hours ago

    I love how niki is just showing off so much skin at the end. *_not really_*

  • Chloe W
    Chloe W 11 hours ago

    Nate and Gabi getting physical woah

  • Nika 137
    Nika 137 11 hours ago

    Niki and collin are sooooo cute ❤️❤️

  • Aliana Gacha
    Aliana Gacha 11 hours ago

    I wanna see boyfriend swap while on a double date!

  • Azizah Latif
    Azizah Latif 11 hours ago

    3:59 is that Kylie skin I see

  • lyssies life
    lyssies life 11 hours ago

    How is it gross teaching you how to putt

  • Almira Aguila
    Almira Aguila 11 hours ago

    I am pretty sure everything niki wore in the video, needs more cloth. HAHAH (Nohate)

  • Monica M
    Monica M 11 hours ago

    LMAO angry gabi is adorable

  • Noor Kamaleddine
    Noor Kamaleddine 11 hours ago

    Boyfriend picks yeh girls outfits

  • Floral Christy
    Floral Christy 11 hours ago

    Niki and Gabi have run out of ideas and it shows

  • Ranyaah Moin
    Ranyaah Moin 11 hours ago

    Is it just me or does Nate give me serious Shawn mendes vibes like his voice lol

  • Layaan Sattar
    Layaan Sattar 11 hours ago +1

    gabis face from 8:40 onwards

  • HolyMapleSyrup
    HolyMapleSyrup 11 hours ago

    I feel like Gabi and Nate’s friendship isn’t as fun as Niki and Collin’s friendship. This could just be me tho.

  • Shehreen Ktk224
    Shehreen Ktk224 11 hours ago

    Niki & Collin are best friend goalsss
    I ship

  • elyse fisher
    elyse fisher 11 hours ago

    5:16 collin! You didnt have to spin like niki did😂😂😂😂❤😅😉

  • Poppy Christou
    Poppy Christou 11 hours ago

    A swap boyfriends double date love you guys xoxo😁

  • Karla Torres Perez (536kartorr)

    what happened to the serious ¨The truth¨ ????

    MANDO _BRUH 11 hours ago

    Collen and this whole video reminds me of Teen Beach movie Ross Lynch 😂❤️

  • AA aa
    AA aa 11 hours ago

    Niki is way to touchy with Collin looks like she wants boyfriend swap for eternity

  • Marta Straume
    Marta Straume 11 hours ago

    Please do a video where the couples actually are together. I love nite & colbi 💎💓

  • June Parry
    June Parry 11 hours ago

    Nikki: omg! *normal*
    Collin: MMMMMM!

  • Corinne Bailey
    Corinne Bailey 11 hours ago

    My fav is Gabi

  • hellu np dayy :3
    hellu np dayy :3 11 hours ago +3

    next up on Nick and Gabi : "My Twin Sister STOLE My BF?!!"

  • _c o o l_ _g u r l_
    _c o o l_ _g u r l_ 11 hours ago

    *this is so wrong on so many levels*

  • Sophia Fry
    Sophia Fry 11 hours ago

    Gabi was using Kylie skin!!

  • Fatina AL-KHAROUF
    Fatina AL-KHAROUF 11 hours ago

    I am still waiting for Gabi saying yes for Niki . Who remembers that video

  • Priyana Ramesh
    Priyana Ramesh 11 hours ago

    you guys should swap boyfriends in front of people and get their reactions 😂

  • Telehscxpe
    Telehscxpe 11 hours ago

    Is it me or does Collin look like Ross Lynch

  • Tahnaz Ahmed
    Tahnaz Ahmed 11 hours ago +2

    Collin and Niki seems that their best friend.
    But feeling bad for Nate.

    Nate : *HELP ME* .

  • Anuruti Bhatt
    Anuruti Bhatt 11 hours ago

    omg collins trys to save niki when she falls but then he falls awwwww he is such a gentleman

  • Omaima ansari
    Omaima ansari 11 hours ago

    They love making each other jealous

  • HeyLiz
    HeyLiz 11 hours ago

    0:51 where’s Collin’s hand going 🙃😐😐😐

  • R W
    R W 11 hours ago

    They should do a bf dose my make up swap

  • Yarai Love
    Yarai Love 11 hours ago

    Swap for a week

  • Leslie Araceli
    Leslie Araceli 11 hours ago

    Niki your hair color looks sooo good in the outro and Gabi your skin looks flawless ❤😍😍😍

  • Sayuri Suzuki97
    Sayuri Suzuki97 11 hours ago +3

    This is really weird...

    But I LOVE IT 😂💜👌🏻

  • Fatima Lopez
    Fatima Lopez 11 hours ago

    That’s what I LOVE about Niki she’s so supportive and because she knows Gabi loves Collin she treats him like her brother

  • army tae cup
    army tae cup 11 hours ago

    Nate is like akward when hes around Gabi but COLLIN and Niki just got along togethet so well

  • Potato Productions
    Potato Productions 11 hours ago

    All I need for my date is all you can eat at McDonald’s

  • Violettos
    Violettos 11 hours ago

    I laughed so hard with that wending picture thing😂😂

  • Fatima Lopez
    Fatima Lopez 11 hours ago

    I really can’t handle how Gabi is always so disgusted by Nate !!!!!! STOP IT !!! It’s rude !!!! Plus if we’re talking about this Collin is way uglier so just stop

  • Xo Summers
    Xo Summers 11 hours ago

    I love Collin and nikis friendship vibe! I dislike Nate’s and gabis, too awkward :p

  • Pinkyj24
    Pinkyj24 11 hours ago +1

    Collin looks like fred from scooby doo 😅😂😂😁

  • Dolli
    Dolli 11 hours ago

    Hmm maybe Niki’ll go to the date with Gabi and Collin‘ll go to the date with Nate!!!!

  • Sasha Nicol
    Sasha Nicol 11 hours ago

    Gabi needs to stop having such snotty expressions, even tho I love her

  • Alicia Star
    Alicia Star 11 hours ago

    I loveeeeee theseeeeeee videos

  • Arya Srivastava
    Arya Srivastava 11 hours ago

    Please shout out me in your other

  • Honey Bunny
    Honey Bunny 11 hours ago

    Swapping diet’s

  • Camila Estrada
    Camila Estrada 11 hours ago

    Omg I am sooo sorry but Niki and Collin make a cute couple

  • Keeley Josephine
    Keeley Josephine 11 hours ago

    Wow niki ur so good at ice skating

  • Darshan Shah
    Darshan Shah 11 hours ago

    both u and collin and nikki and nate loooooook soooooooooo cute together

  • Violeta Zapata
    Violeta Zapata 11 hours ago

    Why do I feel that they should permanently swap boyfriends they get along better with each other that way or is it just me??

  • Angel Beltran
    Angel Beltran 11 hours ago

    Niki and Collin have more energy and gabi and Nate have this awkward look in their faces. Lol 😂❤️

  • Isabella Barsakov
    Isabella Barsakov 11 hours ago

    I love you guys! your the best

  • Ashley Wulf
    Ashley Wulf 11 hours ago +1

    I want u guys to do a 24 hour challenge where whatever u touch ill buy. But the boyfriend's have to buy it. Love u guys.

  • ddesai1630
    ddesai1630 11 hours ago

    Gabis bf is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo hawwwt

  • Jasmine Wayne
    Jasmine Wayne 11 hours ago

    Boyfriend and house/apartment swap for a day or a week
    Boyfriend swap for a week
    house swap for a week
    Like if you want to see one of these and comment which one 💞😂💞💞😇

  • Alya Alnuaimi
    Alya Alnuaimi 11 hours ago

    Swap boyfriends for shopping niki and collin go shop for nate and gabi and gabi and nate shop for niki and collin

    • Alya Alnuaimi
      Alya Alnuaimi 11 hours ago

      Niki and collin go shop together and nate with gabi