Types Of Anime Fans

  • Published on Aug 11, 2018
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Comments • 9 993

  • beachesツ
    beachesツ 2 days ago

    7:15 I literally was making a fanfic while you said this-

  • helen loumani
    helen loumani 5 days ago

    What about the type .....

    My type you know .... That type who every is scared and wand to friend with her how has best friend and ....... Like her best friend. ...... smart .... With black hair and famous in her school and everyone call her crazy

  • Sarah Schraff
    Sarah Schraff 6 days ago

    I’m a casual fan

  • Nightmare Wolfy
    Nightmare Wolfy 7 days ago

    I'm sorry, but this needs to be said....


  • shadow uzamakie
    shadow uzamakie 8 days ago

    Im in the middle and a collector

  • Mughead
    Mughead 10 days ago

    They're just jerks

  • Eliekira
    Eliekira 13 days ago

    I’m not an otaku or a weeaboo, but I’m proud to say that I’m a weeb.

  • Eliekira
    Eliekira 13 days ago

    Is it weird that I really, really, *really* love the animation and voice acting in anime? Like in MHA, I replay scenes with animation and voice acting that I love half a dozen times.

  • JMD Productions
    JMD Productions 14 days ago

    I thought dan and Phil were brothers

  • Jade Playz_
    Jade Playz_ 14 days ago +1

    I remember I used to be an actual tsundere or however you spell it. Then I turned into a "NORMAL" person. Oh about the fanfic writer people, my friend wrote a fanfiction about two boys in my school. It was call " Teddy x Weston", even though they are both straight boys. So.......

  • Xavier Johnson
    Xavier Johnson 17 days ago


    I have a friend like that

  • Ananastasia
    Ananastasia 19 days ago

    In my Country all Anime Merch cost like 2€ Yeah Not dollar

  • lapidot shipper
    lapidot shipper 20 days ago

    Bet no one will guess who I ship

  • Sabastian Sloat
    Sabastian Sloat 20 days ago

    That's a certain type of weeb. The acual defonition of a weeaboo is a non japanese person that is REALLY into japanese things

  • Ricey Aisy
    Ricey Aisy 21 day ago

    Dear, Anime Dweeb...
    I'm sorry, but no one's going to call you "senpai"
    Or yell "Baka" at you
    And have 1itties bigger than their f1cking head.
    Sincerely, Soda.

  • miyoonhi
    miyoonhi 22 days ago

    Does it mean that i’m a weaboo if i want to and speak japanese with my friend who also wants and speaks japanese with me, because i get called a weaboo, because i want to and speak japanese with my friend who also wants and speaks japanese with me.
    edit: i’m also kinda the collecter.

  • Monstr Beast
    Monstr Beast 22 days ago

    I’m the collector too........

  • Monstr Beast
    Monstr Beast 22 days ago

    I’m not a Yandere but I want a Yandere....
    I need help please

  • Monstr Beast
    Monstr Beast 22 days ago

    I am a shipper

  • Sashhie Souichiro
    Sashhie Souichiro 22 days ago

    I think every otaku went through
    there WEABOO stage and realized
    how much cringe they were

  • Siobhan Kent
    Siobhan Kent 23 days ago


  • Ty Harris
    Ty Harris 23 days ago

    im a casual

  • Ty Harris
    Ty Harris 23 days ago +1

    why did she say Naruto like that 😭

  • Gamer_ Donutz
    Gamer_ Donutz 23 days ago +1

    I took a test

    I'm a kundere I think?

  • // lunar.beauty
    // lunar.beauty 23 days ago +1

    yum soda: *WatPad*
    me: *drops my chocolate mud cake slice* (I actually did)

    note: WatPad has some weird things on there. Idk about the anime fandom but the Kpop fandoms FFs are weird

  • Jack H
    Jack H 23 days ago

    I have actually met a real yandere while I was in the mental hospital, he really freaked out when people brought up his girlfriend, and he kept saying that he actually put himself in the hospital because she asked him to do it before he actually, either killed himself, or someone else

  • Reeq Lol
    Reeq Lol 23 days ago

    I've been called a tsundere by like everyone because i just- can't take or give compliments so uh.. Sorry i can't help it i hate myself too lmaooo

  • Bitter and Jay
    Bitter and Jay 24 days ago


  • Bitter and Jay
    Bitter and Jay 24 days ago

    Osana from yandere simulator her language is BaKa

  • Infinity Watson
    Infinity Watson 24 days ago


    I have never seen ur channel before...(I’m American btw but my mom is from New Zealand) and when you said “I’m not American. Ok?” And I was like “what?” And then you said “Māori is a language in my country” and I was like “ OMG BRUH HOW DID I NOT KNOW”

  • Stranger Danger
    Stranger Danger 25 days ago

    8:27 I know your talking about shipping characters but I instantly thought of one of my teachers telling us to call him sensei

  • Kageki_ 2265
    Kageki_ 2265 26 days ago

    I’m a shipper
    I’m still stuck in MHA to ship them

    I M M A S H I P T H E M A L L

  • Blake Souless
    Blake Souless 27 days ago

    Guess im casual/shipper? I only watch anime(mostly dubs), anime is awesome an i watch it everyday but thats it. No LN or manga, official merch/figures and i like romance animes so yea..i ship characters ;-;

  • kongamer
    kongamer 27 days ago

    im an under-
    *grabs gun*
    shut the fuck up or you will be screwed

  • star_panda girl
    star_panda girl 27 days ago

    tbh I used to think I was tsundere,
    but I dont anymore

  • Vidia V
    Vidia V 27 days ago

    I’m not really a fan of anime, but I like the art style and I like The disastrous life of SaikeK that’s about it.

  • RedKingTord
    RedKingTord 28 days ago

    im the fan type me im dpeicel in my waaaayyy
    i love bnha xD
    my first cosplay was overhaul from bnha

  • shade_is .depressed
    shade_is .depressed 28 days ago


  • tyler keil
    tyler keil 29 days ago

    for so long I thought a weeb was someone who likes anime and always called myself a weeb now I feel like i should've known

  • Wolf luna
    Wolf luna 29 days ago

    Me:Can I go Japan?
    Mom:You can't speak Japanese
    mom:only that?
    Me:Nwo Also Arigato
    Mom:...Not enough
    Me:okay... -.-

  • I am North
    I am North 29 days ago

    I am a year later but I am Tsundere but I don’t say Baka or When boys compliment me a don’t say that they are Idiots I just can’t take comliment when someone compliments me I get shy and don’t know what to say so I just say: s-sorry I have to go or that’s not true STOP

  • CaeBabyBear owo
    CaeBabyBear owo 29 days ago

    Honestly shipping can be good and bad. In the VLD fandom the ship wars was horrid and ruined the good anime for me (also f u DreamWorks for killing Adam) but in the BNHA fandom the shipping actually brings the fans together. Everyone respects the ship art mutually and can respect the different opinions! (Tho we all know some ships like Deku and Ochako will end up final TvT).
    Also the whole fake yandere pisses me off. I've struggled with homicidal issues and it would leak into my romantic life. So I guess I was a yandere at some point? But it was a huge issue and I'm working on it. But it ticks me off that people will fake that. Like for the love of God people who just straight up say that shit just... Uuuugggghhhhh.. just go eat those cheese cracker or fruit snacks ur mom bought and be somewhat normal. Also shouldn't liking the same character be good???? Like wouldn't you WANT to fangirl/boy over a mutually liked character?
    Ok rant over of you read this far then damn mad respect. (Also I'm being over emotional bc it's 2am on a Sunday morning and I'm sick)

  • Seth McKeown
    Seth McKeown 29 days ago +1

    Geday my NZ neighbor
    I’m Australian

  • kenehi millar
    kenehi millar 29 days ago

    i live in New Zealand

  • Toby Loves Waffles
    Toby Loves Waffles 29 days ago

    the fanfic writers-

  • Tic Tak Tristan uwu
    Tic Tak Tristan uwu 29 days ago

    About cosplay...two ppl was in a mall cosplaying

  • Quen of Ded Mem
    Quen of Ded Mem 29 days ago

    Once at a party, we had this thing where the birthday girl chose something for the rest of the girls to draw, and whoever drew the best one got to choose the next round. So I won, and what I chose was "draw your favorite ship". The only non weeb there got confused and drew

    T h e T i t a n i c
    We all just
    I dunno

  • Amirria Garrett
    Amirria Garrett Month ago

    i’m a shipper

  • Violetgaming
    Violetgaming Month ago

    Am I the only one here who is Chinese and not Japanese?

  • Spearmint Snakes
    Spearmint Snakes Month ago

    i’m ready to confess this:
    i had a crush on WereGarurumon from Digimon Adventure.

  • Shahd Arafat
    Shahd Arafat Month ago

    Definition of 3 types of deres:
    Yandere:if you love someone in a romanticly or not either way you won't let anyone hurt them you'll do anything to protect him/her
    Tsundere:you act mean and tough from the outside but your sweet and loving from the inside you just don't want to show it
    Kudere:they are emotionless but they will work up to you as they get to know you better
    My hand hurts from writing this

  • Tobyzuzu
    Tobyzuzu Month ago

    The only ship I don’t really like is Thorki. Because they’re brothers. Sorry for the mcu thing.

  • Dank godd 8283
    Dank godd 8283 Month ago

    I’m a normie
    I watch only popular anime
    I also collect Pokémon cards
    And I’m in “the middle” (watch the full vid to understand)

  • The sun is gone.
    The sun is gone. Month ago

    I dont watch anime

  • Eddsworld In a dream

    my friends think im a yandere,i not, i would not hurt a fly.

  • Gustav Johansson
    Gustav Johansson Month ago

    Normal Netflix series is too long, episodes are like 50 min. Anime is to short, 20 minutes. Plus if you watch anime you kinda have to deal with wired anime lovers. I mean anime is pretty good but it comes with a wired as fan base

  • marshmellow jellow
    marshmellow jellow Month ago

    I'm the type of anime fan who gets mad at being called a weeaboo cause i dont learn Japanese because i think im asian i learn japanese because its fun

  • PickleAnimatics
    PickleAnimatics Month ago

    I'm half Japanese but I'm from Australia and white as F R I C K

  • _Fangirl_100%_
    _Fangirl_100%_ Month ago

    Me: i love anime
    Classmates: kinky
    Me: i also watch realistic shows like the flash,merlin
    Classmates: kinky....

  • Curly Bug
    Curly Bug Month ago

    YESS I LOVE FAIRY TAIL!! Who's your favorite character? mine is grey!