KAT CHATS | My High School Advice/ Experience

  • Published on Nov 6, 2015
  • Hey, Guys!
    Here is a long video talking about my High School experience while I give you some advice! This video is for anyone going through high school or for anyone who enjoys random Kat Chats! Hahahaha! I hope you enjoy! Thanks for watching! xoxo!
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  • Jenna A
    Jenna A 8 months ago

    All the boys at my school are fuckboys lmao😂

  • no name
    no name Year ago

    I ate lunch in a class room too with just one friend. My best friend :) it was nice because it was quite and we could just chill

  • Mischa Minxx
    Mischa Minxx Year ago

    So crazy what you said about not being the center of attention or having people stare at you...I FEEL THE EXACT SAME!!!!!! 6 months after high school I started having panic attacks, thus began my struggle with generalized anxiety disorder. I remember getting all dolled up to go out somewhere (like full glam makeup, killer outfit) and then refusing to go or go and refused to get out of the car...which just made the anxiety worse cause I would feel guilty about it. I will say though, that the older I've gotten and the more coping skills I've acquired, the easier it has become to deal with. But even so, it has never truly gone away. I think anxiety is just one of those things that once you deal with it, you'll always have it in the background. And you know what...THAT'S OK. Life can be really stressful and not everyone deals with that stress the same.
    -You are such a beautiful person inside and out, and personally I am so grateful for finding your channel!!!!!!!!!! 💜

  • Allie Mosley
    Allie Mosley Year ago

    One time in English class we had to write an essay on what we truly believe. (Not related to religion, unless you wanted it to be.) I wrote about being overweight because I’ve been overweight my entire life. My essay was called “Beauty’s in the eye of the beholder, this I believe.” It was a really emotional essay to write and I still get extremely emotional when I read it. I thought this would be between only my teacher and me, and I’m pretty close with her so I didn’t care if she read it, but one day she printed out everybody’s essays and randomly gave each student one to read. I’m pretty sure this almost gave me an actual heart attack. My face turned bright red and I started nervous-sweating. Then my teacher told us we would read ALL OF THE ESSAYS. The worst part was two really pretty, skinny girls in my class that had been calling me fat etc. literally since fifth grade and a guy I had a crush on would read it. Honestly it was horrifying and I emailed her so people couldn’t hear us talking (it was silent, we were all reading each other’s essays) and she said sorry, but they all had to be read. I stayed after class and begged her not to have people read mine. After about 15 minutes she finally agreed to throw my essay away. This doesn’t really have to do with the video at all; it was just one of most terrifying moments of my life. On another note, 3 people read my essay before she threw it away and they came up to me individually and told me it was really good. I cried a little less when I got home for that reason.❤️😂 Love you Kathleen

  • Anika Rahman
    Anika Rahman Year ago

    How can someone play you. You're such a beautiful person inside out :'|

  • Jenny Combs
    Jenny Combs Year ago

    I'm sharing this with my sister. Not only is she just like you mentally & physically but she looks like you!! Its mind blowing. She just told me she had never watched your videos before... she suffers from social anxiety as well. Plus our parents are SUPER strict. I have been binge watching your shows for a while now. Thank you for being you. You truly do bring a lot of light into this world. Love ya!

  • Kara Rupe
    Kara Rupe Year ago

    I'm a middle school science teacher, and I think I'm a lot like that teacher you had freshman year who everybody hated but you liked. I'm very blunt as well, and I have a sarcastic sense of humor. People who don't get that about me think I'm mean and don't like me, but people who do get it think I'm hilarious and love me. (I'm not mean at all. It's just my sense of humor.)

  • Short Sam
    Short Sam Year ago

    I am going into high school next school year and I am SO NERVOUS!!! This video helped a lot though! Thanks Kathleen and love you to pieces! I don’t know what I would do without you.❤️

  • Elias Alamillo
    Elias Alamillo Year ago

    i hate fights too my brother is in high school and he saw a girl fight

  • leah Maslin
    leah Maslin Year ago

    I go to I think would be considered a private school in America because its a grammar school and its so all girls so fights never happen at our school. Neither do we have relationship dramas very often. Trust me we still do and if something happens its even worse but I'm pretty sure my school is pretty fricking incredible

  • Omolosonoko Kiwijihimigi

    Awwww! Omg! The beautiful gorgeous prom photo of Danny and you is so so mesmerizing! It makes me want to cry (I'm exaggerating, haha)

  • karina n
    karina n Year ago

    Kathleen did you go to Gables?

  • Faye Whittaker
    Faye Whittaker Year ago

    7:35 cracks me up 😂

  • Maitha Mansoor
    Maitha Mansoor Year ago

    2017 ❤️

  • Maria Rodriguez
    Maria Rodriguez 2 years ago

    I had Mr. Osorio xD he switched to American Senior High School xD

  • 최소미
    최소미 2 years ago


  • no name
    no name 2 years ago

    I ate lunch in a class room all four years of high school and it was the best

  • Rebecca Woakes
    Rebecca Woakes 2 years ago

    wow good

  • jayleen cardona
    jayleen cardona 2 years ago

    14:57 😂😂

  • jayleen cardona
    jayleen cardona 2 years ago

    Omg we're so alike

  • no.tringles o
    no.tringles o 2 years ago

    omg your chats are so helpful.l I'm 16 and it's really great to hear about akward thing from other person because I don't fell like a freak sorry lol

  • mydwindlingsanity
    mydwindlingsanity 2 years ago

    The relatibility of this video is unreal

  • Anna Henderson
    Anna Henderson 2 years ago

    a lot of my teachers let us present to just them, even for a speech class so don't be afraid to ask

  • carolina cortez
    carolina cortez 2 years ago

    Binge watching , love you kathleen 💕💕

  • Elena Andreea
    Elena Andreea 2 years ago

    So we're just gonna ignore the fact that Kathleen is a vampire since she has clearly not aged a bit since 2010?

  • PrettyD
    PrettyD 2 years ago

    Omg does anyone else just want to hug her? Like I feel like she needs a hug. A couple of times it seemed like she got teary eyed.

  • Andrea Acevedo
    Andrea Acevedo 2 years ago

    Hey I ate lunch in a classroom in middle school

  • guo linda
    guo linda 2 years ago

    dear,l am a cosmetics seller,i really like your video.Can you do video for our products? i will free send you our cosmetics.hope reveive your reply. dear,you looks so beauty,like you very much.

  • Play All
    Play All 2 years ago

    she looks like lucy hale in here😍

  • Val
    Val 2 years ago

    In Honduras, if you choose to stay in the same school you graduate with the same people you went to kinder with lmao.

  • Svinja
    Svinja 2 years ago

    I would do my homework *the second it was given to me by my teacher.* Then I could do sports and meet up with friends in the day!

  • Libby Haw
    Libby Haw 2 years ago

    I always feel like we are literally the same person and i just died hearing you say you had a history teacher that changed your life in high school that walked on tables bc i actually had an amazing history teacher that also in fact walked on the tables and told it like it was 😂💛 ilysm

  • Bianca Troskie
    Bianca Troskie 2 years ago

    Honestly.. I just realised that we are the same person. I would love to meet you 😊

  • Mrs. Pasbrig
    Mrs. Pasbrig 2 years ago

    Omg I remember this one girl called me a troll, you know the one under the bridge ... Ugh!!!

  • Valerie Gorham
    Valerie Gorham 2 years ago

    High School is full of them 😭

  • Graciella Virginia
    Graciella Virginia 2 years ago

    Hey, Kathleen!
    It's actually not my first time watching your videos. just i like everything that's on ur channel. and about your high school/ anxiety stories. i just wanted to say thank you bc u just saved my day or maybe my entire life. bc i have the exact struggle like u were. also, my bestfriend's name samantha too! haha just if you read this, i love you :)

  • Anna Wilson
    Anna Wilson 2 years ago +2

    The high school thing is sooooo true. It seems like you should care what other people think but they don't matter at all!!!!! Who cares what they think! Guaranteed they have similar insecurities as you and they just don't show it.

  • star velasco
    star velasco 2 years ago

    when is your next Kat chats ?

  • Denise Michelle
    Denise Michelle 2 years ago

    I see you with that elephants butt facing the door 😂 hispanics and there superstitions

  • Denise Michelle
    Denise Michelle 2 years ago

    You went to middle school with my boyfriend 😭

  • Ck
    Ck 2 years ago

    My senior year is being so lame and stressful to me rn & I'm so disappointed bc I always thought my senior year would be the best ever but eh

  • Nolomouscheval
    Nolomouscheval 2 years ago

    She reminds me of Blaire

  • Nolomouscheval
    Nolomouscheval 2 years ago

    Nobody? No one for mr feeny reference

  • Liezl Salazar
    Liezl Salazar 2 years ago

    I was about to write "7 February 2017" but then she shouted "they're like a family!" & the date i'm writing was doomed as it went "7 family 2017" :D

  • Cole Wolfmon
    Cole Wolfmon 2 years ago


  • hanna
    hanna 2 years ago


  • i have some video tapes to return

    i love dinosaurs they are the frickin' best 😍😍😍

  • Evelyn Otero
    Evelyn Otero 2 years ago

    I swear I love you, you remind me of me 110% you're my soulmate ❤

  • Orla
    Orla 2 years ago +1

    Omg the roosters😂💞🙊

  • majagaskar
    majagaskar 2 years ago +2

    when she read the fuckboy question i was like u dont avoid them lol

  • quite dankly
    quite dankly 2 years ago

    I'm in 9th grade right now and everything good except for my terrible grades which are just causing everything to go downhill so quick

  • Sophie Hunt
    Sophie Hunt 2 years ago

    she looks so gorgeous in this video 😍😍😍

  • Soribel Rodriguez
    Soribel Rodriguez 2 years ago

    I feel so much closer to you after this and a few other story times! ❤ love you

  • Zoe K.
    Zoe K. 2 years ago

    You look like an entirely different person in your prom pictures. Reminded me of Carla Gugino actually, who's gorgeous.

  • Alexa Quinonez
    Alexa Quinonez 2 years ago +1

    Middle school was horrible for me too! Kids were so vicious. I got made fun of all the time but it only got to me one time.. i always had a close group of friends so now 4 years past after high school I'm still friends with them. Which is like 4 people hahaa . high school is so irrelevant! The happiest day of my life was leaving high school lol. And you are sooo right about dating people from the same school! Everyone knows your business, I wish I never dated anybody because it's not worth it.

  • snowbaby yh
    snowbaby yh 2 years ago

    they are so many b###### in my highschool and so childish trying to get in me and my bf's relationship I'm glad they are going away😊

  • Books_and_More
    Books_and_More 2 years ago +9

    Wow your talking about dating someone from your own school.. Irish schools are really different to American schools.. 😂 Here if you're dating someone in school everyone is supportive while you're together but if you break up everyone just sort of acts like the relationship never happened 😂

  • Ojaswi G
    Ojaswi G 2 years ago +5

    cause obsessed with her

  • Mels M
    Mels M 2 years ago

    I ate lunch in a classroom too hahah with all my friends but mainly because of the heat

  • nely casas
    nely casas 2 years ago +1

    I lov your katchats!!! I miss them you have too do new katchats!!!!!please 🙈💞