All Pro Gamers are Bots! - WAN Show May 31, 2019

  • Published on Jun 2, 2019
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Comments • 678

    DAVID GREGORY KERR 4 days ago

    It would be better that APPLE Corp doesn't follow SAMSUNG and just stick to what just works, why doesn't Motorola corp make a larger version of the V975.

  • richfiles
    richfiles 10 days ago

    abutting = touching
    a butt = no touch

  • JesterHell999
    JesterHell999 12 days ago

    I'm not interested in watching "pro" humans play now but I am interested in watching AI play "pro" or not, AI is just more interesting to me then people.

  • Mahesh Walatara
    Mahesh Walatara 23 days ago

    I have a Quake III tat- ahh the good ol days!

  • Takagi
    Takagi 25 days ago

    27:49 That would be "Palawan". And yes, I'm from the Philippines. You're welcome.

  • GRHmedia
    GRHmedia 26 days ago

    Always got to love when people who really don't understand a topic well try to explain it.

  • beezle1976
    beezle1976 26 days ago

    The A.I. winning at Quake3 is interesting, but there's a nagging tick at the back of my mind questioning how wise it is to teach A.I. to defeat us comfortably when it comes to gun "play".
    Not a conspiracy theorist, or particularly paranoid, but I do think we need to tread cautiously with the sorts of advanced A.I. we're capable of nowadays.
    Nonetheless I personally find it fascinating stuff.

  • Stealhelm
    Stealhelm 26 days ago

    Foldable phones just doesn't make any sense. There's absolutely no reason for companies to engineer them as they'll never be practical.

  • supra107
    supra107 28 days ago

    aset capturelimit "16"
    It's just a matter of configuring the server.

  • Michael Gros
    Michael Gros 29 days ago

    Can we talk aboot Lenny Kravitz and his Brazilian farm compound?

  • widowmaker777
    widowmaker777 Month ago +1


  • 2011Kestrel
    2011Kestrel Month ago

    Yeah, it's totally unwatchable, and kinda embarrassing for LMG to put this video out and let it stay up in its current state. Has anyone reposted a watchable version of this vid, or know where I can find one?

  • Mayank Jindal
    Mayank Jindal Month ago

    fix this

  • azeller09
    azeller09 Month ago

    terrible stream

  • Andrew Liao
    Andrew Liao Month ago

    I was looking for this on youtube the whole week . It's not even listed in the WAN playlist. Found it on another site. What's up?

  • JMan31337
    JMan31337 Month ago

    Video is still broken!

  • systemmax2000
    systemmax2000 Month ago

    Did y'all ever get this fixed?

  • Ed G
    Ed G Month ago

    Hilarious but I can't continue.

  • DanieleGiorgino
    DanieleGiorgino Month ago


  • Mike Soda
    Mike Soda Month ago

    I guess I can't ever watch the WAN Show anymore. There's absolutely no way I can catch it live & the archives on here never work anymore.

  • Shaz Ahmad
    Shaz Ahmad Month ago +1

    Keeps repeating... Will this be fixed by any chance?

  • Chris Whitmer
    Chris Whitmer Month ago +1

    Nope, can't watch

  • JB1263
    JB1263 Month ago

    This is what happens when the iron fisted leader isn't here lol

  • Troy Smith
    Troy Smith Month ago +2

    Wow, totally unwatchable. Thought if I waited a couple days it might get sorted out, but if anything it got worse. Able to watch it on twitch though. Good job youtube!

  • Jacques B
    Jacques B Month ago

    every few seconds repeating

  • Chase Story
    Chase Story Month ago


  • Lütfullah Karahanlı

    Fuck off dude this video made me high as Intel now i am chasing Nvidia, you say what?

  • Dylan K
    Dylan K Month ago +1

    hot garbage

  • t837qvhsdKJ
    t837qvhsdKJ Month ago

    what is this crab

  • Sam
    Sam Month ago

    Itchy Video. oops sorry glitchy...

    • Sam
      Sam Month ago

      It glitches until the end.

  • ladjkaoz
    ladjkaoz Month ago

    wtf...??????? imout anoying....

  • Marc Wolfe
    Marc Wolfe Month ago

    press F

  • Michael Kurt Vogel
    Michael Kurt Vogel Month ago +1

    Nothing worse than a pair of guys trying to be funny; and not succeeding.

  • Perfectenschlag Mongolia

    first i thought am i stoned ?

  • Tetra Sky
    Tetra Sky Month ago

    To anyone somehow managing to find this Unlisted video... Just watch the archive on the LinusTech channel on Twitch. RU-clip somehow managed to f it up even though it was streamed without any issues. (caught it live)
    This is not a video that LTT uploaded, it was literally streamed on RU-clip, but something went wrong after they finished streaming... Again.... And RU-clip dropped the ball on this one hard, two weeks in a row.

  • Rai Fuku
    Rai Fuku Month ago

    Video stream broke again.... Thanks RU-clip

  • Matthew Hunt
    Matthew Hunt Month ago

    This entire video is unwatchable. Already a lot of comments about it, but you can't go more than a few seconds without it skipping back and forth. The intro alone seemed like somebody was having a seizure with the control panel.

  • Itellu Datruth
    Itellu Datruth Month ago

    .. You would think that a Tech Grp like Linus would have this Problem solved..

  • RockstarBruski
    RockstarBruski Month ago

    The Matrix has a glitch! Run run!

  • Patricio Reyes
    Patricio Reyes Month ago

    its like an error in the LMG matrix... dejavu

  • Victor Varenium
    Victor Varenium Month ago

    Wth is happening?

  • Mathias Løkke Madsen

    Something is wrong with this video

  • Henrik Nielsen
    Henrik Nielsen Month ago +2

    its impressive 150k views with a broken video like this. Thats what i call dedication! :D

    • Shayashi of Myth
      Shayashi of Myth Month ago

      Just means 150k ppl watched the first 2 mins until we were like fuck this shit

  • tulkasino
    tulkasino Month ago


  • Wozzy does
    Wozzy does Month ago

    The video keeps looping

  • Shiro Kuma
    Shiro Kuma Month ago

    That video keeps skipping back....What happened?

  • onyxaltezza
    onyxaltezza Month ago

    Why is this still not fixed =(

  • Stanley Moras
    Stanley Moras Month ago

    Oddly..The skipping back has shown me that it might be a learning tool for important parts of a lecture. Almost reminds me of the Google Crowdsource image labeler for video too.

  • H Marc Bower
    H Marc Bower Month ago +1

    Unwatchable... which is too bad, because I really like the James/Riley team. :)

  • J Jo
    J Jo Month ago +1

    Done with this nonsense! WHY did WAN even post this!!

  • J Jo
    J Jo Month ago


  • J Jo
    J Jo Month ago

    What's the point of that intro?? I wish someone would make an executive decision, [cough, cough] Linus, and retire it asap! Thank you! : )

  • Gerrard London UK
    Gerrard London UK Month ago +1

    Fucking idiots “chat shit get banged” what a bunch of unprofessional twats unsubscribe Smart people.... you boys are off my subscription

  • Johnny Marvéll
    Johnny Marvéll Month ago +1

    Wtf is going on every few scenes get repeated over and over again. Fk off with this sht.

  • ANON A
    ANON A Month ago

    Was this scripted by youtube poop?

  • psp7677
    psp7677 Month ago +1

    WAN on twitch:

    no skipping plays the whole vid

  • Daniel Dieter
    Daniel Dieter Month ago

    LTT is broken

  • Matt T
    Matt T Month ago

    This skipping glitch is unwatchable. My video is repeating every 10 seconds, it will rewind a few seconds.

  • Hunter Vapes
    Hunter Vapes Month ago

    The replicates video clips in this video are a real pain... It loops along as it goes through segments

  • fiendlybrds
    fiendlybrds Month ago

    Hidden because of the persistent skipping?

  • theonlinegamer296
    theonlinegamer296 Month ago

    but maybe it is deja vu

  • Joseph T. LeBlanc
    Joseph T. LeBlanc Month ago

    is this glitching to get us to use float plane? I'm sure Linus will fix the video.

  • Mareos42
    Mareos42 Month ago

    Hidden but I added it to my watch later lol

  • Frequency M
    Frequency M Month ago +1

    Massive fan and I enjoy the WAN shows.... this video wasn’t the best work.... the splicing of video clips wasn’t great and you kept repeating the words and sentences... it was hard to follow so didn’t watch it all.... are you going to update and replace this soon?

  • dekaaizer
    dekaaizer Month ago

    Yessss 2 hours of this amazing show.

  • Artur Zelenko
    Artur Zelenko Month ago

    Horrible playback. Reupload it plz.

  • Jeremy Sargent
    Jeremy Sargent Month ago

    Wow, even Floatplane upload doesn't work... Twitch for the win!

  • Creepiona
    Creepiona Month ago

    New watchtime exploit :O GENIUS

  • Emoticons
    Emoticons Month ago

    This is hilarious

  • SuchtFaktorHoch10
    SuchtFaktorHoch10 Month ago

    unwatchable, sorry.