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EXO 엑소 "Love Shot" MV

  • Published on Dec 13, 2018
  • EXO's the 5th album repackage "LOVE SHOT" is out!
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    01 Love Shot
    02 Tempo
    03 트라우마 (Trauma)
    04 Wait
    05 Sign
    06 닿은 순간 (Ooh La La La)
    07 Gravity
    08 가끔 (With You)
    09 24/7
    10 후폭풍 (Bad Dream)
    11 Damage
    12 여기 있을게 (Smile On My Face)
    13 오아시스 (Oasis)
    14 宣告 (Love Shot)
    15 节奏 (Tempo)
    EXO Official
    #EXO #엑소 #LoveShot #러브샷 #LOVESHOT
    EXO 엑소 'Love Shot' MV ℗ SM Entertainment
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  • Amanda Rodrigues
    Amanda Rodrigues 3 minutes ago

    O my god y Love exo!

  • Mareeha Masood
    Mareeha Masood 10 minutes ago

    My day is incomplete if I'm not streaming love shot and every other EXO song

  • 29392913 1
    29392913 1 12 minutes ago

    Ni entiendo ni vga pero te amo exo :v

  • Türk Gülü
    Türk Gülü 14 minutes ago

    Don't forget to like music videos Exo-l 🇹🇷💓

  • ღ YooxyVxbes ღ
    ღ YooxyVxbes ღ 18 minutes ago

    Multifandom here! Love it uwu!!! Other fandoms+Exo-L=PEACE :3

  • •Taehyung Trash•
    •Taehyung Trash• 21 minute ago

    Reason’s to love EXO- Every single reason you can think of like fhjdnsksjcbdjs

  • Эльнара Каримова

    *I'm your Russian fan. I love listening to your songs🥰🥰😍😍💖💖💖 I love EXO💖💖💖*

  • Nina Požega
    Nina Požega 27 minutes ago +1

    Love you!Blackpink+Exo+Bts =❤ LOVE YOU GUYS ! K-pop the best!

  • soo jung
    soo jung 40 minutes ago

    This MV gives me a heart attack ml

  • samuel olarte
    samuel olarte 45 minutes ago

    es broma los 2 son buenos

  • samuel olarte
    samuel olarte 46 minutes ago +1


  • samuel olarte
    samuel olarte 46 minutes ago +1

    es mejor bts

  • Lî Zaa
    Lî Zaa 54 minutes ago

    بيبول كوم اند بيبول قووو

  • Lî Zaa
    Lî Zaa 54 minutes ago

    اتس د لوووف شووووت

  • Lî Zaa
    Lî Zaa 54 minutes ago

    براود اوف يو

  • Lî Zaa
    Lî Zaa 55 minutes ago


  • Lî Zaa
    Lî Zaa 55 minutes ago


  • César Salad
    César Salad 56 minutes ago

    2:23 -> 2:34

  • Saba Hayder
    Saba Hayder 58 minutes ago

    اروح فدوه الجمالكم احبكككككم 😘😘😘

  • Fofo Al
    Fofo Al Hour ago

    love ❤️

  • Melinda Natal Inspirit/Exo-L

    Some of the best Visuals I've ever seen!!
    Suho, Xiumin, Chen Baekhyun, D.O., Sehun, Chanyeol, Kai
    There Perfection in this song shows

  • Коркем Салыкбаева

    Самая любимая песьня

  • Joude Khierbek
    Joude Khierbek Hour ago

    مين كان بشوف إم في لاي وإجا هوون؟

  • Joude Khierbek
    Joude Khierbek Hour ago

    الإكسوإل العربي انتو هون؟؟

  • hay so
    hay so Hour ago


  • Yajaira Mamani Ambrosio


  • عاشقة سيهون

    هالاغنية تمشي بدمي😊😍

  • اexo kai
    اexo kai Hour ago


  • d31love
    d31love Hour ago

    undying love for my exo♥♥♥

    • Nilvier 4
      Nilvier 4 32 minutes ago

      d31love please delete the 3moji it will fr33z3 the vi3ws thank you. Instead write LOVE LOVE LOVE

  • Ãm ěł
    Ãm ěł Hour ago


    • Nilvier 4
      Nilvier 4 33 minutes ago

      Ãm ěł please delete the 3moji it will fr33z3 the vi3ws thank you

  • snowpriinces
    snowpriinces Hour ago +1

    Why i love exo:
    1. EVERYTHING ❤️💛💛💚💙💜❤️❤️💛💚💙💜❤️❤️💛💚💙💜💛❤️💛💙💜❤️❤️💙💙💛❤️💛💛💛❤️❤️💛💚💙💜💜💜💜💙💙💙💚💛❤️💛💚💙💜💛❤️❤️💚💙💜💛❤️❤️❤️❤️💛💙💙💙💙💛❤️❤️💛💙💜🖤💙💜💔💗💘💙💕💘💓❣️💕💕💚💛❤️❤️💙💜💜💛❤️💙💙💞💝💞💜💘💕💘💖💓💓💓💓💖💘❣️💕💜💛💙💜💕💘💘💘💖💓💓💘💞💜💚❤️❤️💜💘💕💘💘💗💓💗💗💝💞💙💙❤️❤️❤️💚💜💜💛❤️💛💙💙❤️💛💜💞💘💙💙💙💜💜💛💛❤️💚💚💘💗💗💓💘💘💞💕💜💙💙💚💛

    • Nilvier 4
      Nilvier 4 32 minutes ago

      snowpriinces instead you cam write LOVE LOVE LOVE

    • Nilvier 4
      Nilvier 4 34 minutes ago

      snowpriinces please please delete all the 3moji it will fr33ze the vi3ws. We worked hard for it thank you

  • Bhaek Hyun
    Bhaek Hyun Hour ago

    Is the love shoooot

  • Bhaek Hyun
    Bhaek Hyun Hour ago

    Is the love shoooot

  • عاشقة EXO والكيبوب

    لاتنسوا تسوون ستريم لجميع اغاني اكسو والأعضاء

  • عاشقة EXO والكيبوب

    وأيضا خلونا نوصل التعليقات 1M

  • عاشقة EXO والكيبوب

    اكسوالز عم تعملوا ستريم ؟

  • yoon v
    yoon v 2 hours ago

    :) Br 17/06

  • Virginia Pereyra
    Virginia Pereyra 2 hours ago

    te amo mucho mi vida exo sehun Amor Viky Pereyra fin 1 amigos 🎶🎶

  • Tiffany Exo-L
    Tiffany Exo-L 2 hours ago

    So close ^○^
    Fighting just 45 Million
    Let's GO Eris

  • Debo Zeb
    Debo Zeb 2 hours ago +1

    My fav is baekhyun

  • Vian Xalaf
    Vian Xalaf 3 hours ago +1


  • ss aa
    ss aa 3 hours ago +1

    what will be the concept of next comeback?
    i think it will be a mini album and definitely a fire🔥
    i dont have any idea about concept yet

  • ss aa
    ss aa 3 hours ago

    its the love shot

  • Loveleen Li
    Loveleen Li 3 hours ago +1

    200M lets get it

  • ss aa
    ss aa 3 hours ago +1

    ot9 forever

  • ss aa
    ss aa 3 hours ago +2

    xiumin hyung we miss you so much

  • ss aa
    ss aa 3 hours ago

    so happy to have you guys

  • ss aa
    ss aa 3 hours ago

    my legend boys

  • ss aa
    ss aa 3 hours ago

    exo legends

  • ss aa
    ss aa 3 hours ago

    exo are best

  • Havin Karacol
    Havin Karacol 3 hours ago

    Sorry but BTS are BEST !

    • Nilvier 4
      Nilvier 4 2 hours ago

      Havin Karacol we don’t need your opinion here. And why are you here anyway. I think by you coming here to take time it says something else. I just pity you because it seems you need a validation here. And it shows what kind of behaviour you have. Respect EXO

  • نونة شار
    نونة شار 3 hours ago


  • Amee Kim
    Amee Kim 3 hours ago

    Coming from Lay's "Honey", support our Intermational Bee eggs!

  • Elda Souli
    Elda Souli 3 hours ago

    this song deserves more viessssss

  • Yazmin Medina
    Yazmin Medina 3 hours ago +1

    Guys I just got a love shot

  • Wassila Sila
    Wassila Sila 3 hours ago +1

    Exo l fayting

  • chaesoo life
    chaesoo life 3 hours ago +1

    1:00 Why tf did it take me so long to realize they were throwing money in the fire, not marshmallows?

  • mundo da anna laura Cavalheiro

    I'm EXO-L and A.R.M.Y and BLINK 💙💜♥💛💚

  • Ohlalala
    Ohlalala 4 hours ago

    miss the boys

  • Gritchen Devero
    Gritchen Devero 4 hours ago

    The only kpop group that i love THE most

  • Tmtm Exo
    Tmtm Exo 4 hours ago

    ارمي &اكسول
    نحن واحد
    we one

  • Taguro Moon
    Taguro Moon 4 hours ago

    My strength in life is my family, friends and EXO

  • Taguro Moon
    Taguro Moon 4 hours ago +1

    My strength in life is my family, friends and EXO

  • Melinda Natal Inspirit/Exo-L

    Awwww Xiumin and D.O. 💞💓💓💓💞

  • Roqella shaikh
    Roqella shaikh 4 hours ago +1

    Even when I was a kpop hater, this song did something to me which I couldn't resist😍😂😂

  • 小号小心
    小号小心 4 hours ago

    Exo fighting. Let be a smart and special in this world

  • rose jardin
    rose jardin 4 hours ago

    Ya’ll I miss these boys...

  • bagtan forever
    bagtan forever 4 hours ago

    Wowwwwww it's a fantastic song like exo

  • Kawaï Kiyomi
    Kawaï Kiyomi 4 hours ago

    Let's do it(160M)💪

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  • Victoria
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    155 820 094

  • اكسوال كارهة للاس ام

    يلا اكسوالز فلوها

  • اكسوال كارهة للاس ام

    156M fighting

  • Rahul Misal
    Rahul Misal 4 hours ago +6

    *v3ws made today 426k*
    *sorry for 5 days delay of updates *
    *btw well speed of v3ws*
    *keep going and st3eam tempo too*

    BTS ARMY 4 hours ago +5

    I'm an army any exo-l gonna be welcoming me..

  • Tae and Kookies Otaku potato

    Producer: How many visuals do you want in this video
    Exo: YES!!

  • jiyna kook
    jiyna kook 4 hours ago

    Exo we are one 💓

  • Hang Khach
    Hang Khach 4 hours ago


    ALi BAKKOUCHE 4 hours ago +1

    أنا لست EXO L أنا ARMYلكني أحب هذه الأغنية كثيرا

    SONA EXO TV 4 hours ago

    لآ تترگوآ آلآغنية بليز لآزم نسـتمـر في رفع آلمـشـآهہدآت
    گمـآن آعمـلوآ سـتريم آغنيهہ مـونسـتر

  • Tefy Oliveira
    Tefy Oliveira 4 hours ago

    Love Shot💖

  • yayayayayayaLolototo
    yayayayayayaLolototo 5 hours ago +2

    Vean overdose, le falta poco para los 200

  • sahar hm
    sahar hm 5 hours ago

    156M fighting

  • lorena zapata usuga
    lorena zapata usuga 5 hours ago +2

    Donde estan las exol LATINAS ❤️

  • Vicky Mali
    Vicky Mali 5 hours ago

    Made in china 😂😎

    • rose jardin
      rose jardin 4 hours ago

      Yeah their member lay aka zhang yixing is and a very talented artist

    • yayayayayayaLolototo
      yayayayayayaLolototo 4 hours ago

      Lay is made in China ^^ you may want to check his new music video called "Honey"

  • Stephanie Macare
    Stephanie Macare 5 hours ago +1


  • Nona Queen
    Nona Queen 5 hours ago +1

    مش قادرة اتخيل اغنية التشانهون حتكون عامله اللزاى انا متأكدة انى حاتنقل بعدها على المستشفى كتييير فرحانة انى واخيراااااا حاسمع صوت بايسى وحيعطوه حقه 😊😊😊♥

  • Salma. eb
    Salma. eb 5 hours ago +1

    يااربي على الجماال😭♥

  • no exo no life
    no exo no life 5 hours ago +1

    eggs we getting chanhun and baekhyun solo album so y'all better hype

  • cristle mae frondozo
    cristle mae frondozo 5 hours ago +5

    Im here after Lay’s Honey.

  • しうくん
    しうくん 5 hours ago


  • مـكـۦۦઈઉـۦۦـروهه ➊ ٭ْღ٭ , ه

    آكسـಿـو ال وينكم شو الكل اختفه.

  • مـكـۦۦઈઉـۦۦـروهه ➊ ٭ْღ٭ , ه

    عشگتك عشگ مجنون
    ويا عاشگ عشك عشگي
    عزفتك لحن بروح
    واكول النبضتي دگيৎ੭

  • Ahmed Kadim
    Ahmed Kadim 5 hours ago +2

    It is the love shot..
    Let's go to 200 m

  • Ahmed Kadim
    Ahmed Kadim 5 hours ago +1

    Exo the best.. Love you..

  • Do Kyungsoo
    Do Kyungsoo 5 hours ago +1

    Goal for this month : 170M

  • الواثقة بربها


  • Inda Lukum
    Inda Lukum 6 hours ago