• Published on Oct 31, 2019
    Hello, everyone! We know that you love to cook and life hacks that ease your life and help to simplify the cooking process. You will find the best cooking tips on how to survive in the kitchen and make something delicious and beautiful. We are here with a plenty easy trick to make cool dishes without an effort. Have you ever tried to prepare noodles at home, I bet you haven’t known how easy is this dish.
    Moreover, you will learn a lot of tricks to solve kitchen problems. For example, we show an easy way to open a jar, how to quickly cut onion, what to do with a dried-out lemon. Place dried out the lemon in a bowl filled with water for two hours. Do you want to know a crazy quick way to cut bananas? You will need a cup with thin glass. A magazine holder is a perfect item to organize products in your fringe.
    The next collection of ideas is incredible. You will learn how to cook ramen noodle pizza, hot dogs, cupcakes and a lot more. Yes, it sounds crazy but noodle ramen pizza is incredibly delicious! You will need to boil ramen, add parmesan and eggs. Take a baking tray and place ramen into it. Cover ramen with mozzarella and spread tomato sauce. Also, you can add any stuffing like salami or vegetables. Bake and enjoy it!
    00:01 Homemade noodles
    00:54 Quick appetizer idea
    04:00 Ramen noodle pizza
    08:01 Quick microwave recipes
    08:37 Choco pie secret
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  • Dj Juice
    Dj Juice 2 days ago

    Me on the first few seconds of the song: Seriously? Lyrics? That’s odd..
    Me a bit later: My god who is this?!

  • Stacia S
    Stacia S 3 days ago

    How much flour was the ramen

  • Christopher Brumbaugh

    But how much flower for the noodles? 😅

  • don smith
    don smith 5 days ago

    Hi. Free. I'm

  • hack meow
    hack meow 14 days ago

    the first one (ramen noodles) ITS FAKE!!! i tried it out and it ended up looking like vomite. it also dosnt taste like ramen...!

  • Sarah anne Spikes
    Sarah anne Spikes 15 days ago

    Who knows where the scissors have been

  • Jagoda C
    Jagoda C 17 days ago

    0:52 Poland! mega paka, to po naszemu 🤡

  • Livin like Larry
    Livin like Larry 19 days ago

    Since when can you magically turn noodles into a cupcake?🤦🏼‍♀️

  • Gabrielius Baura
    Gabrielius Baura 24 days ago

    0:10 yeah... no

  • Ignacio Diaz Cerda
    Ignacio Diaz Cerda 25 days ago

    Min 5: 40 🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢

  • umair khan
    umair khan 25 days ago

    Don't make noodles like them they are totally fake because I have tried it

  • Carla Dantas
    Carla Dantas 26 days ago

    5:04 brazilllllll

  • Chiquiman2008 Filmz
    Chiquiman2008 Filmz 26 days ago

    i wanna see them taste test all the noodles

  • YT YouTube
    YT YouTube 27 days ago +1

    Why isn't anyone talking about the fact that they BOILED CHIP BAGS??

  • KiDs bAP
    KiDs bAP 28 days ago

    8:33 omg imma try dat

  • Gulcan Acikel
    Gulcan Acikel 29 days ago +1



    Also who had the idea to use a CUP to cut a BANANA unlike any normal person


    Wut type of music is this

  • Munover Ansari
    Munover Ansari Month ago


  • Nandkumar Patil
    Nandkumar Patil Month ago

    Last equipment from where we have buy that

  • Adam Mai
    Adam Mai Month ago

    What are the ingredients for the noodles at the beginning?

    D HERLAMBANG Month ago

    gue jadi craft gara gara 5 minute craft

  • SSJI Neon
    SSJI Neon Month ago

    You do realize at 4:14 you made a fancy prison pizza. Right?

  • madison villaruel
    madison villaruel Month ago

    What’s the measurement for flour for the noodles tho?

  • Mia Jønland
    Mia Jønland Month ago

    They say that we can make them ourself’s, no we cant! Because you aren’t showing the recipe!!

    REVILO GAMES Month ago

    3:17 I'm Muslim and in Muslim I can't cut food with sicors it not allowed is there any other ways to make noddles easy to eat ?? Please

  • Limics
    Limics Month ago

    i like my noodles long i dont get why people like them short

  • Miss Cookie
    Miss Cookie Month ago

    5 minute crafts has officially ruined freaking ramen noodles... this means war

  • Anas Mughal
    Anas Mughal Month ago


  • Hevensia Skye
    Hevensia Skye Month ago +4

    Okay but does the mixture in the bag and poking holes actually work though...?

  • LynnZ Fuckin draws
    LynnZ Fuckin draws Month ago

    You’re actually trying to get stabbed with these vile noodle ‘tricks’

  • feroze ahamed
    feroze ahamed Month ago

    Why does the beauty blender come in..

  • Amy Zanite
    Amy Zanite Month ago

    I'm only watching this to feel *hungry*

  • Malayalam rock
    Malayalam rock Month ago


  • Hannah Whitten
    Hannah Whitten Month ago

    So we're going to ignore 12:15 where they put the lid on the jar in the microwave??

  • Srikrish Das
    Srikrish Das Month ago +3

    7:18 oh good eye side saying that was onion instead it was not

  • dodo 05
    dodo 05 Month ago +4

    5mc: make strangers things with pasta
    Italian people:😤

  • Made in China
    Made in China Month ago

    Love watching this, but some I can’t believe

  • Made in China
    Made in China Month ago

    That’s really how you make noodles??

  • LaPera
    LaPera Month ago +1

    0:43 Welp, gotta wait 2 hours to eat my salad

  • Nathaniel Manivong
    Nathaniel Manivong Month ago

    The first one is fake

  • Cda
    Cda Month ago +1

    I dont think boiling the packaging is good for your health

  • Gerald Lois Roldan
    Gerald Lois Roldan Month ago +1

    My asian self just can't.

  • Ella Brock
    Ella Brock Month ago

    9:57 that's a little off topic

  • Kelvin Yin
    Kelvin Yin Month ago

    I never knew I could dislike instant noodles...

  • TECNOKIDS : A Technical Group

    In 1 recipe what is there with egg. Is it flour?

  • Jay’s Wrld
    Jay’s Wrld Month ago +1

    7:29 actually looks good

  • eat food watch anime
    eat food watch anime Month ago +5

    Imagine all the food they have after

  • Laxmi Khanal
    Laxmi Khanal Month ago +1

    Don’t disrespect noodles like that 😑

  • Asian Doggo
    Asian Doggo Month ago +5

    Wait who mixes flour with rice even? ;-;
    This vid is bruh

  • JuggerNuts
    JuggerNuts Month ago

    Cutting your noodles is actually a way to shorten your life according to Japanese and Chinese culture

  • Kashika Arora
    Kashika Arora Month ago

    This video uses eggs more than anything else 😂

  • Masooma Saimamusaab
    Masooma Saimamusaab Month ago +1

    Hang now hunny
    Whaaat I just started the video and I'm not even half way through oml

  • Adam Suleiman
    Adam Suleiman Month ago

    Video begins with a fake hack? This channel needs to die please.. how do they have 60m subs?

  • Bassam Abou-Nassar
    Bassam Abou-Nassar Month ago

    is the first one legit... egg and flour only kinda liquidy

  • EtrAinSm Que
    EtrAinSm Que Month ago

    Guys do not blend up noodles and fri them 🤮

  • EtrAinSm Que
    EtrAinSm Que Month ago

    U better not put noodles in a hotdog bun😂😂

  • Just For Kicks
    Just For Kicks 2 months ago

    What the frick did they do to my noodles

  • MyEverchangingLife
    MyEverchangingLife 2 months ago

    You sit on a throne of LIES @5mimutecrafts

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    androiddanger 2 months ago

    Terrible song.