Tiger Woods' Interview In Butler Cabin

  • Published on Apr 14, 2019
  • Tiger Woods talks with Jim Nantz and Nick Faldo in Butler Cabin after winning the 2019 Masters
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  • Vincent Whitehead
    Vincent Whitehead 24 days ago

    12:52 Sums it all up folks

  • j818
    j818 29 days ago

    I still can't believe it

  • Stone Corder
    Stone Corder Month ago


  • roter13
    roter13 2 months ago

    still don't understand why black people support Tiger when he's done nothing but shy away from his black heritage.

  • ron Chad
    ron Chad 2 months ago

    Nantz poetic at the end...

  • Tim Jones
    Tim Jones 3 months ago

    Was this better than 86 to the people that watched 86 live ?

  • N B
    N B 3 months ago

    Squeezer. Hot. Cuts.

  • Dessert Man
    Dessert Man 4 months ago

    For all you negative skeptics take this for 15

  • RustyNotesTV
    RustyNotesTV 4 months ago

    Who's excited for some more Tiger next week at the 2019 PGA Championship?

  • theresa webb
    theresa webb 4 months ago

    S om e said he w o u ld win again & he did gld he did it.

  • theresa webb
    theresa webb 4 months ago

    Wha t a great mome n t for tiger woods he's totally back.

  • Captpicard
    Captpicard 4 months ago

    Something no commentator or pundit has noticed at all, is that when Jack had 15 Majors he had the exact same breakdown of Majors that Tiger now has:- 5 Masters, 3 US Opens, 3 Opens, and 4 USPGA’s:- Coincidence or Destiny?

  • D wood
    D wood 4 months ago

    Question: what is a "squeezer hot cut?"

  • Bmos21
    Bmos21 4 months ago

    Great victory, but brotha you have got to shave the head. Let it go, let it go!!!! SMDH

  • theresa webb
    theresa webb 4 months ago

    Whayt a moment for him happy for him hope he does it again.

  • plentyofouts
    plentyofouts 4 months ago +1

    Did he say ‘ thanks David’ to Nick Faldo at the end? lol

  • Jaffre
    Jaffre 4 months ago

    The greatest. Finally. Congrats Tiger. Just amazing.

  • B Harrell
    B Harrell 4 months ago

    Tiger!!!! You deserve it buddy!!!

  • Taco Face
    Taco Face 4 months ago

    He needs to shave his head

  • Pure Couples
    Pure Couples 4 months ago

    Great interview from 3 legends ... Nantz and Faldo saved what would had been a terrible CBS broadcast ( again). CBS needs to get rid of every golf commentator but those two.

  • Gladys Stroman
    Gladys Stroman 4 months ago


  • AbyssGnasher
    AbyssGnasher 4 months ago

    underdog never wins :(

  • Vince McMahon
    Vince McMahon 4 months ago

    Who better to ask Tiger about the week than a 3 time champ? Loved this!

  • Paul L. Munoz
    Paul L. Munoz 4 months ago

    simple in a few words: the best above the rest

  • Adrian Dobocan
    Adrian Dobocan 4 months ago +1

    Tiger is the best golf player ever. Glad to see him again.

  • Ian Ford
    Ian Ford 4 months ago

    Tiger was frosty with Nick. He didn't forget what he said about him in the past few years. But it shows Tiger's maturity to recognize the moment is bigger than any rift he might have. 2005 Tiger would've blown this interview off.

    • cpk1994
      cpk1994 3 months ago

      There was no rfit nor was Tiger frosty towards Nick You are trying to read into it whast you want because you are the one who is mad for what Nick said. Nick wasn't wrong. In fact, Tiger told Nick personally he thought he was done. You are projecting your feelings onto Tiger.

  • Lester C
    Lester C 4 months ago +1

    I just cant wait to see Tiger play again

  • claire M
    claire M 4 months ago

    Great to watch and grow up watching him!

  • AB Ba
    AB Ba 4 months ago +1

    Welcome Back 🐅👍. America Loves Nostalgia, Resurrections and Redemptions. 🇺🇸 Ray B.

  • brewmasterbarr
    brewmasterbarr 4 months ago

    Master of his craft. Tiger 2019

  • Manny Singh
    Manny Singh 4 months ago

    I always new it coming but wasn’t sure when.

  • Max Sachs
    Max Sachs 5 months ago

    Has there ever been a better Sportscaster than Nantz? He just makes every great moment in sports iconic. I’m so glad Tiger made the comeback complete here because no other sportscaster could’ve encapsulated the significance of that accomplishment better than he could!

  • Exposing Liars
    Exposing Liars 5 months ago

    Awesome! Why are the plants moving? In the front.

    • akosh1976
      akosh1976 4 months ago

      Exposing Liars didn’t see any plants😎

  • Stephen Doty
    Stephen Doty 5 months ago

    He talks golf better than other players, the lingo, I think. That's part of his charm. Like Magnus Carlsen with total recall of a chess game he just played.

  • Yanosh
    Yanosh 5 months ago +4

    What a legend. Truly.
    Well deserved, Tiger. You're an inspiration to us all.

  • Jeffrey Bruder
    Jeffrey Bruder 5 months ago +1

    Ok, I'm crying again.

  • poveromonick
    poveromonick 5 months ago +2

    He said in one of his interviews “ it’s not what you achieve in life, but what you overcome”.........Tiger is awesome greatness!

  • Mohammed Malik
    Mohammed Malik 5 months ago +1

    True redemption
    Hey we are all human
    The Mental ability to keep going
    Never ever give up
    Yes I shed many a tear
    Thank you Tiger for making everyone believe!!

  • MrTriplet
    MrTriplet 5 months ago

    I thought there was some animosity between faldo and tiger?

  • Hello Goodbye
    Hello Goodbye 5 months ago


  • ffhd1clt
    ffhd1clt 5 months ago

    Just when you think Jim Nantz can’t go too far. Enjoy the moment with us, Jim. You don’t have to get us to drown in the sugar...

  • Gilbert Main
    Gilbert Main 5 months ago

    I long for the rains

  • Jesse Jackson
    Jesse Jackson 5 months ago +1

    What an icon! Not taking his fire but golf has lots of old guys and it’s really about keeping a sharp mind and as you can see tigers kind was sharp and so he used his memory to his advantage like he said. Great playing!

  • Jon Hadley
    Jon Hadley 5 months ago +1

    Woodsie!!!!!back at it respect legend 👊👊👊👊👊

  • mark isaac
    mark isaac 5 months ago

    Congrats tiger great champion

  • john mac
    john mac 5 months ago

    Hes human, he made mistakes as we all have. So happy for him and his entire family. The sport is back.

  • alltime great
    alltime great 5 months ago

    His the only golf player i know.... rich people game ! But tiger is for the nation

  • Musiq Lover
    Musiq Lover 5 months ago

    Don't Call it a Come Back! GOAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Geoff Coombs
    Geoff Coombs 5 months ago

    Tiger motherfucken woods

  • Marie Taylor
    Marie Taylor 5 months ago +1

    I am so happy that he is back on top of the mountain; he will win another major this year! GUARANTEED! Well, I was hoping he would win another major this year. Now it's time to look forward to 2020.

  • EightFrancs
    EightFrancs 5 months ago +1

    Nothing but respect for Tiger.
    He proved me right because I kept telling friends, he'd win another major so long as he didn't retire.

  • J T
    J T 5 months ago

    The dude is an artist. I’ve always thought this but it was clear when he said “...the shots, the SHAPES that I was hitting...” He is doing what artists do, envisioning forms and using a tool to carve them, or like musicians seeing music in shapes and colors.

  • Carl Darl
    Carl Darl 5 months ago

    Isn't Nick Faldo the guy who said before the '97 Master's that Tiger Woods is just hype or a flash in pan. Can't find those comments anywhere, did they wipe it out for him? There's he sitting next to Tiger after 5 Master's and 15 major wins.

  • DeanGiusti
    DeanGiusti 5 months ago

    The biggest comeback in sport's history. Bar none.

  • Scott Mallory
    Scott Mallory 5 months ago

    Anyone know what the theme music is at the start and end? They also used it at the 2014 Ryder Cup coverage

  • gippygipmg
    gippygipmg 5 months ago +3

    Now, they (the masters) will tiger proof the course again.

  • Daniel Boynes
    Daniel Boynes 5 months ago

    Why was this 'dislike'? Smh

  • Yvette Benjamin
    Yvette Benjamin 5 months ago +9

    How relaxed and serene he looks. Blessings to Tiger always.

  • Jamal Whitaker
    Jamal Whitaker 5 months ago

    Lol Tiger really hungry. But haven't ate a Tiger Special yet

  • Meth usela
    Meth usela 5 months ago +2

    I always said that Tiger would come out of the woods.