We kicked Luke out! - Moving Vlog 2019

  • Published on Mar 23, 2019
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Comments • 4 380

  • Jakub Sławicki
    Jakub Sławicki Day ago

    I feel like Linus Tech Tips is just The Office reboot.

  • Toàn Vũ Minh
    Toàn Vũ Minh 5 days ago

    this is the civil war i want to watch

  • zoinks b
    zoinks b 5 days ago

    Where is that lawyer guy

  • D3M0ify
    D3M0ify 6 days ago

    Join ..... wtf would join???

  • Noor Ahmed
    Noor Ahmed 6 days ago

    ''Linus Tech Tips: Do as I say, not as I do'' - Linus 2019.

  • F B I
    F B I 8 days ago

    How I'm feeling Tonight 6:54

  • Andrew Free
    Andrew Free 9 days ago

    What's with all the phones charging on linus's desk?

  • SsgtHolland
    SsgtHolland 10 days ago +1

    Wait, you have....a WRITING team?

  • Jay Johnston
    Jay Johnston 10 days ago

    WOW! :-)

  • Armani Beasley
    Armani Beasley 11 days ago

    RU-clip: this video doesn't exist for you until three months later

  • l l
    l l 11 days ago

    Alex: Can we get those windows washed? Linus: no. u.

  • Alex Johnson
    Alex Johnson 11 days ago

    11:07 the caption says tho.

  • l l
    l l 11 days ago

    Alex: Can we get those windows washed? Linus: You want the windows washed? Alex: Yeah they're really dirty. Linus: Yeah, go for it. 15:47

  • Paul Tietjen
    Paul Tietjen 11 days ago

    im down with the flufff

  • Emily Summers
    Emily Summers 11 days ago

    Colton is a dick.

  • Pritvi Jheengut
    Pritvi Jheengut 11 days ago

    click bait,... :p
    where is LUKE>>>>

    YOGA4ARCH 12 days ago

    best vlog ever...wkwkwkwk

  • AmountStax
    AmountStax 12 days ago

    Hiring all these writers. Did any comedy writers get an opportunity?

  • Angel Manuel Perez
    Angel Manuel Perez 12 days ago

    Anyone else noticed the LTT logo on those bean bags? How do I get one of those?

  • SixOThree
    SixOThree 13 days ago


  • Andy Raman
    Andy Raman 13 days ago +1

    Riley fucking amazing watching it for the 3rd time

  • F.M.F 96
    F.M.F 96 13 days ago

    ah, sht... here we go again...

  • SebastianZub
    SebastianZub 13 days ago +1

    For god sakes Riley, it's 4 a'clock in the morning and I was stuck 18 minutes watching this..wtf man? :)

  • Steve Burley
    Steve Burley 13 days ago

    James' reference: Shoes!

  • Redbarchetta
    Redbarchetta 13 days ago

    They should have all singed the been bags and then sold them online

  • Game over
    Game over 13 days ago

    Why did they move?

    • S00BLE
      S00BLE 12 days ago

      They moved all the writers to the bigger room because of the new writer hiring wave

  • Johnny Guitar
    Johnny Guitar 13 days ago

    Linus reminds me of this cool and sweet but kinda shady friend i used to have,,

  • Jared
    Jared 13 days ago

    I learned LMG needs to hire a nightly cleaning crew.

  • Leon McInnes
    Leon McInnes 13 days ago

    Filler fluff, godammit covered like I've been stood handling a Van Der Graaf generator for a day solid.

  • Borsalino Kizaru
    Borsalino Kizaru 13 days ago +11

    LTT has to do an ad that interrupts another ad. In the same way Terry Crews interrupts commercials for Old Spice commercials. That would be gold.

  • John Smith
    John Smith 13 days ago

    Disagree and commit!

  • cab0om
    cab0om 13 days ago

    I bet noone got the futurama reference of "change places" at the beginning

  • Daniel
    Daniel 13 days ago

    GO JAMES! Lord of the flies man!

  • Khaffit
    Khaffit 13 days ago

    jep I just watched it again
    and it's still good :D

  • Blitzvogel
    Blitzvogel 13 days ago

    16:14 I want to see him do that while dressed sleezecore.

  • YashR
    YashR 14 days ago

    This thumbnail is legit gold.. Enough to get them starring in a high school romcom movie.

  • mertel18
    mertel18 14 days ago +2

    James was that a shoes reference!? I had to go back and rewatch that video because of that. It's still gold

  • jfeiow lqqmwl
    jfeiow lqqmwl 18 days ago

    LMG must be the company that hires the most incels in Canada.

  • James Sweeney
    James Sweeney 21 day ago

    What is this?

  • Nefarious Weaver
    Nefarious Weaver 22 days ago

    I love how every moving vlog, no matter how old or new, is an absolute shit show. One thing will never change about LMG, no coordination or planning 😂

  • Max Robinson
    Max Robinson 23 days ago

    I’d like this more if it was in moving vlog style

  • James Roggy
    James Roggy 24 days ago

    Why did you move you loved that office..................

  • Jesse11spykid
    Jesse11spykid 24 days ago

    By far the most engaging vlog on this channel

  • YT EMuminsonGaming
    YT EMuminsonGaming 24 days ago +1

    am I the only one who noticed that Luke was never kicked out in any way????

  • Aneesh Prasanna
    Aneesh Prasanna 24 days ago


  • Todd Kendall
    Todd Kendall 26 days ago +1

    Hey folks, from an old retired guy that ran a very fast growing service company with a couple of hundred team members and one thing I learned was first to plan and to consider the obvious of collaboration and workflow, for immediate needs and future. Also, this move was to meet the immediate need to put a group together. Have you considered space needs twelve months down the road. As a side, sort of affects my image of the cool young tech companies with all folks existing with tennis tables and cool beverages and snacks. Suggest you spend $1.00 a square foot for a professional space planner. Also, you and Jake should remove yourself from this process. Not in your scope as owner/manager.
    Next, Linus and Jake, it is very difficult to balance egos personal space needs and technical needs in a very last minute free for all move. Hire a pro, remove yourselves from the line of fire and work on stuff you are good at. Sorry, space planning is not one of your strengths. Yes, no way to make everyone happy but could have been so much easier. But maybe it was some planned “excitement” for a RU-clip video. I found it interesting. But honestly hire a pro. Money well spent. Still, love your and teams videos and approach. As another side, you young‘uns are forgetting a demographic whose tech needs are different. We have desire to learn, more time and maybe a few more bucks. If I see a Baby Boomers Channel spin-off please give me a call. All the best to you and team, Todd

    • S00BLE
      S00BLE 12 days ago +2

      Yeah I like Linus, but as a boss he should outsource jobs to pro outside of his expertise

  • Sir Richard
    Sir Richard 26 days ago

    12:40 thats what you like to see

  • Harris Papadopoulos
    Harris Papadopoulos 28 days ago

    The most dipressing clickbate

  • Diemondoe
    Diemondoe 29 days ago +2

    This is so sad, Despacito play Alexa

  • J Bros
    J Bros Month ago +1

    do more office vids plsssssssss

  • Nik
    Nik Month ago

    13:55 he has a good idea. You guys should build a complete gaming rig attached to an office chair. It’d be fun to watch you guys struggle through that.

  • Carolina Scotsman
    Carolina Scotsman Month ago

    Glad to see Serenity being treated with respect. A fellow brown coat.

  • Triki Achraf
    Triki Achraf Month ago

    I can't really tell if i watched this before , looks familiar , yet my memory doesn't have any cached thumbnails.

    • Triki Achraf
      Triki Achraf Month ago

      12:49 , definitively seen this before.

  • Ahov
    Ahov Month ago

    Legendary video

  • funny gamer
    funny gamer Month ago

    I hope I will get a corporations like that

  • :Dakimakura
    :Dakimakura Month ago

    Shit... 18 minutes of my life just cause of the narration

  • Roger Barraud
    Roger Barraud Month ago

    And so begins Linus' Blue Period :-)

  • Giorgos Korentios
    Giorgos Korentios Month ago

    i really feel bad for Luke...

  • Connor Productions
    Connor Productions Month ago

    I farted in the Apple store and they kicked me out. It's not my fault they don't have windows

  • Edelcraft
    Edelcraft Month ago

    I want to work for u

  • iskremape
    iskremape Month ago

    10:25 Shoes :D

  • muhdaimanakmal
    muhdaimanakmal Month ago

    A-Prime : YOU SUCK!

  • EuroFlight 38
    EuroFlight 38 Month ago

    Nobody's talking bout luke ,,,😭😭😭

  • Liam Phillips
    Liam Phillips Month ago +1

    congratulations on getting me to sit through 18 minutes unknowingly of dramatic furniture moving xD

  • macstmanj3
    macstmanj3 Month ago

    I thought Colton was Canadian, not gay

  • macstmanj3
    macstmanj3 Month ago

    Riley cover your damn ankles

  • Radioactive Skull
    Radioactive Skull Month ago

    How do you get hired by Linus? Imma damn good writer

  • Manindra Sailagirri

    I like how the video description has nothing to do with this video....... it's just a bunch of product affiliated links for their sponsors

  • Antony Whatever
    Antony Whatever Month ago +3

    The interruption of Colton den design presentation was very rude.

  • Somansh V
    Somansh V Month ago

    you are a badman