Most Hardcore Soldier: Spartan

  • Published on Jul 21, 2019
  • What was life like for a Spartan solider in ancient Greece? Was it anything like the movie "300"? In today's educational cartoon we are going back to the ancient times to look at how the warrior Spartans lived.
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  • The Infographics Show
    The Infographics Show  4 months ago +1715

    Could you make it in Sparta? 💪🏻 Why/why not?

    • ShadoWolf 47
      ShadoWolf 47 16 days ago

      Living with my ancestors becoming a warrior fighting for my country or capital and be remembered as a fierce Spartan warrior?yep i would like to.

    • BadTree
      BadTree 22 days ago

      Cuz I’m fat

    • BadTree
      BadTree 22 days ago


    • Rexory AJ
      Rexory AJ 22 days ago

      I cant because my mental health.

    • EE Dragon r
      EE Dragon r 23 days ago

      @Strong King or perhaps exiled to Ithaca, Macedonia, Troja or Athens, even Crete... But it's interesting to see how the Greeks and not only them are still splitting between the dictatorship mindset and democracy.

  • Young Money
    Young Money 3 hours ago

    Ever heard of Samudragupt ?

  • Ayush Rudra
    Ayush Rudra Day ago

    Also, to sacrifice to the goddess Artemis, they would tie a young man to a pole, and whip him until he bled all over the place. Totally sane, right?

  • Ruan Velthuysen
    Ruan Velthuysen Day ago

    Hahahaaa this makes you a man

  • Mark Vito
    Mark Vito 3 days ago +1

    Viking vs Spartan who would win

  • The Gaming Cuber
    The Gaming Cuber 5 days ago +1

    me: this is ame-
    Leonidas: SPARTA

  • Nemanja Minic
    Nemanja Minic 5 days ago

    1:13 - "A Spartan soldier's life began at birth". Well I would argue that everyone's life begins at birth, but then again I'm not a biologist, so what do I know about it.

  • unknown
    unknown 7 days ago +1

    5:19 to 5:36
    I wish our goverment did that but on the prison mates to show children that drinking is dangerous

  • challenger 201
    challenger 201 7 days ago

    I know something similar to this; it’s called the U.S. MARINE CORPS.

  • Jeffrey Moe
    Jeffrey Moe 7 days ago

    trial of the grasses

  • Bat Man
    Bat Man 7 days ago

    Meet the Spartans

  • Kodojow 22
    Kodojow 22 8 days ago

    Hard training easy fight

  • Styx Hellmouth
    Styx Hellmouth 9 days ago +1

    so they are the original saiyans

    CGSDR JC 10 days ago

    Spartan never die, they just missing in action ... Oh wait, wrong universe. 🤣

  • JuanDGM
    JuanDGM 10 days ago

    Sparta was like the Prussia of the classic ages, ''not a country with an army, but an army with a country".

  • War Beast
    War Beast 11 days ago

    Only reason I’m proud to be Greek

  • Colin Chan
    Colin Chan 11 days ago

    Spartans were also called Hoplites

  • Gareth Wigglesworth
    Gareth Wigglesworth 11 days ago

    Makes want to go on a crusade. I'm getting my horse sheild and sword who's with me lads? ...p.s those that don't join will be hunted after and know.

  • Xamogelastx Kok
    Xamogelastx Kok 12 days ago

    Who is Greek here? Cause I am

  • Ducky
    Ducky 12 days ago

    What happend if spartans army fight againts Hercules army

  • Mr. Dodo
    Mr. Dodo 12 days ago

    Kratos is sneezing in a distance

  • Apostolis Sigma
    Apostolis Sigma 13 days ago +4

    Others: How many are they?
    Spartans🇬🇷: WHERE ARE THEY?

  • YoUtUbE bElIeVeR
    YoUtUbE bElIeVeR 13 days ago +1


  • Night Shift
    Night Shift 14 days ago

    Spartans *its* *free* *real* *estate*

  • xassaisin17
    xassaisin17 15 days ago

    Sparta is a legend it's not something real

  • Sean Maguyon
    Sean Maguyon 16 days ago +1

    Nobody :

    Sparta : *YEETUS THE FETUS*

  • ThizGurl25
    ThizGurl25 17 days ago

    To think that a single abnormal traitor would make such a group of real men fall...

  • lol_crap
    lol_crap 17 days ago

    Άντε γαμιθιτε μαλακές

  • ThizGurl25
    ThizGurl25 17 days ago


  • Everyone
    Everyone 17 days ago

    What was life like as a spartan 0:25 shows a guy with a mustache...(spartans wernt allowed to have mustaches)

  • DZL
    DZL 17 days ago +5

    Baby: Loud sniffle

  • Schrödinger
    Schrödinger 17 days ago

    oh yes, the boys locker room.

  • Max Power
    Max Power 18 days ago

    What? This is some Hollywood nonsense right here. Almost nothing in this video was right.

  • Austin Ares
    Austin Ares 18 days ago

    B O Y

  • Mathew Chaplin
    Mathew Chaplin 18 days ago

    Athens and Sparta are in Rome

  • Khalil Khan
    Khalil Khan 19 days ago


  • Jibran Malik
    Jibran Malik 20 days ago +5

    In short they were the Saiyans of our world..

  • ntrovRT Hemi
    ntrovRT Hemi 21 day ago

    Yeah id be dead at 5

  • DudeIThinkSomeoneSpikedMyDaNiMaLs

    Everyone: Spartans were the worlds best killing machines.
    That one spartan: Yo I just need a hug rn I ain't gon lie

  • MoKush 4Me
    MoKush 4Me 21 day ago

    The truth is that, Spartans were the true boy lovers...

  • Raise Semi
    Raise Semi 21 day ago


  • Coby Clamp
    Coby Clamp 21 day ago


  • Kenneth Murray
    Kenneth Murray 21 day ago

    They must be ripped af

  • Rexory AJ
    Rexory AJ 22 days ago

    I'm kinda happy, Sparta is not fighting around in Muslim conqueration era. And luckily, they're not around these day.

  • Rexory AJ
    Rexory AJ 22 days ago

    You know, Spartans dont allowed their citizens to study math, science, philosophy, and other subjects that Greece learn coz they think its "not important".

    And Spartan is easy to manipulated lol.

  • Bone 1557
    Bone 1557 22 days ago

    So we can conclude that Sparta in the past, is like Mother Russia today lol

  • 321shack
    321shack 23 days ago

    this is pure stupidity

  • King PolarBear 45
    King PolarBear 45 23 days ago +2

    Random kid: Unfortunately, I’m Spartan
    His dad: Hi Spartan I’m dad

  • King PolarBear 45
    King PolarBear 45 23 days ago

    i heard that being a woman was way better than being a man in sparta

  • Fusion Lol
    Fusion Lol 23 days ago

    So this is what kratos did

  • Wolff Anderson
    Wolff Anderson 24 days ago

    Vikings were pretty BA too

  • Strange Humor
    Strange Humor 24 days ago

    Every 1k subs i get, i watch a 10 hour loop video

  • Daevon Crowder
    Daevon Crowder 24 days ago

    Yes & Yes

  • Darth Occlus
    Darth Occlus 25 days ago

    So much misinformation

  • Red Neckster
    Red Neckster 25 days ago

    Homer simpson: "mmmhghghgh ancient grease"

  • Izet Maliqi
    Izet Maliqi 25 days ago

    Can you like create animations like create a story

  • Croak Planter
    Croak Planter 25 days ago

    This is SPARTA

  • Isaiah Anderson123
    Isaiah Anderson123 25 days ago

    Do one about akillese

  • Dire Wolf
    Dire Wolf 26 days ago

    I mean seriously i don't think Spartans was that much of a strong geeks, or beast when compare to Asian Empires. Genghis Khan would slay them all if they ever came across with them...

    AXANIN PL 26 days ago

    Awesome video :D