Damian Lillard 4th Quarter Take Over Lifts Blazers Over Thunder In Game 1

  • Published on Apr 15, 2019
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    Damian Lillard knew what time it was when he detonated from all over the floor for 14 fourth quarter points to keep the Portland Trail Blazers in front down the stretch. Russell Westbrook and Paul George did all they could, but find out what went right for both teams as the adjustments will begin now.
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Comments • 424

  • Wat
    Wat 5 months ago +1

    That enes kanter shot at the end was definitely NOT clean, clearly 4 steps, clearly a travel.

    • PsyK Films
      PsyK Films 5 months ago

      What game were you watching?

  • cak3ofd3ath
    cak3ofd3ath 6 months ago

    this is more entertaining than the actual game

  • Dr. MuRDeR
    Dr. MuRDeR 6 months ago +2

    Well the Thunder ain't winning this series. As a matter of fact they're not winning any playoff series with WestBrick as the main ball handler so it will be better for Paul George to rest for the rest of series and not risk his injury. The Thunder should trade WestBrick for a Mike Conley type of point gaurd as well

  • Mauricio Nappa
    Mauricio Nappa 6 months ago

    chris smoove reference lol

  • The Wiedźmin
    The Wiedźmin 6 months ago

    Petition to really change Westbrook to Westbrick!

  • Steve Gram
    Steve Gram 6 months ago

    your videos absolutely rock!

  • Anthony Tovar
    Anthony Tovar 6 months ago +1

    Love your videos, but... considering what happened in game 2.... lol at "too evenly matched for there to be a blowout!"

  • vitalhomicide
    vitalhomicide 6 months ago

    How is OKC the underdog?? Not even, now do game 2, even better

  • Thysvb
    Thysvb 6 months ago

    Lol too evenly matched to see a blowout sure

  • Ernesto Hendrix
    Ernesto Hendrix 6 months ago

    Can they trade Westbrook? He definitely needs to be traded.

  • thingamajiggy
    thingamajiggy 6 months ago

    Russ is exposed

  • Leonel Martinez
    Leonel Martinez 6 months ago

    I don’t get how Kanter can’t play defense

  • Renzo Andre
    Renzo Andre 6 months ago +1

    7:56 It was three steps after he gathered

    • Yashwanth Gowda
      Yashwanth Gowda 6 months ago

      Actually he was on his right foot when he gathered so only two long steps

  • topkekguy
    topkekguy 6 months ago +1

    OKC underdogs? Lol no they are expected to win the series since they sweeped Portland in the reg season

  • Simon Patterson
    Simon Patterson 6 months ago +4

    I can't see Westbrook ever getting a ring unless he's on the bench in the last 5 minutes of every close playoff game.

  • Raptorsified
    Raptorsified 6 months ago

    somebody please do a video on poo richardson ru-clip.net/video/ogv-EMBJHxo/video.html

  • Serinox29
    Serinox29 6 months ago

    Russ and PG never getting out of the first round. Putting the blame on Melo. Shame on you guys.

    • Stacey E
      Stacey E 6 months ago

      No. It's on Russ.

  • Jakey D
    Jakey D 6 months ago

    Best arena in the NBA

  • Supernova12034
    Supernova12034 6 months ago

    Legit question, is Dame the most clutch guard in the league?

  • ybk
    ybk 6 months ago

    Kanter made a 4 steps to the hoop, whether the refs are blind or din't call on purpose !!!

  • cland123
    cland123 6 months ago

    Logo Lillard was activated

    • Stacey E
      Stacey E 6 months ago

      It's always activated. That's the secret.

  • Hadi Da Warriors hater
    Hadi Da Warriors hater 6 months ago +2

    The Trailblazers are the underdogs......

  • Sheldon Barnes
    Sheldon Barnes 6 months ago +2

    Please breakdown the GSW 31 point collapse

  • Raj Bathina
    Raj Bathina 6 months ago +3

    3:23, Steph curry?

  • King James
    King James 6 months ago +1

    Really hated when Steven Adams stol a low thrown pass and the ref just called a kicked ball cause he couldnt believe that a big man like adams gets dwon with his hands that fast. happened to him a couple of times this season and its a shame because he has great reflexes for a guy his size and should be revarded not punished for that.

  • Yololo Napitupulu
    Yololo Napitupulu 6 months ago


  • BmoreAkuma
    BmoreAkuma 6 months ago

    Why in the Westbrook is under the rim where 3 "bigs" were already there 7:16? Fraking stat padder no wonder the guard was wide open

  • I_-Treadstone-_I
    I_-Treadstone-_I 6 months ago +1

    It was gather and 3 steps tho.

  • Luke Maltbie
    Luke Maltbie 6 months ago

    2:25 *poo* lmaoooooooo

  • Luke Maltbie
    Luke Maltbie 6 months ago

    2:25 *poo* lmaoooooooo

  • steven su
    steven su 6 months ago

    That range on dame

  • Mystic S1ege
    Mystic S1ege 6 months ago +2

    Cj is the most underrated player in the nba

    • Stacey E
      Stacey E 6 months ago

      Nah, it's still Dame.

    • Mystic S1ege
      Mystic S1ege 6 months ago

      Stiller Nation is Lou Williams really underrated at this point anyone who knows anything about basketball knows him

    • Stiller Nation
      Stiller Nation 6 months ago

      Mystic S1ege Lou Will?

  • Drado Gin
    Drado Gin 6 months ago

    Westbrook true colors showin

  • Felipe Sampaio
    Felipe Sampaio 6 months ago

    Nice that the images used is from the Brazilian ESPN

  • MrShanester117
    MrShanester117 6 months ago

    Lilllard wasted his whole career in Portland.

    • Stacey E
      Stacey E 6 months ago

      He begs to differ.

  • I Don't Care
    I Don't Care 6 months ago

    *PG don't like the playoffs.*

  • K Williams
    K Williams 6 months ago

    Russ doesn’t even take bad shots really. Nigga just keeps missing.

  • Ludi DaVinci
    Ludi DaVinci 6 months ago

    Poo Poo Richardson

  • Andrew Sherry
    Andrew Sherry 6 months ago


  • 奥田瑠之輔
    奥田瑠之輔 6 months ago

    Kanter really jelly’d the game winning shot....

  • Asad Yezdan
    Asad Yezdan 6 months ago

    5:15 don't you mean dame time

  • Avadhut Jadhav
    Avadhut Jadhav 6 months ago

    Please make video on every playoffs game

  • Wadecounty
    Wadecounty 6 months ago +7

    The "threes" in your thumbnail doesn't need an apostrophe, Coach! But you're killing it recently so it doesn't matter.

  • Ericson Javier
    Ericson Javier 6 months ago

    Russ is a beast!!! But beasts act more on instinct and less thinking...

    • Stacey E
      Stacey E 6 months ago

      he's a big dumb animal

  • FGDBragX
    FGDBragX 6 months ago +35

    All we need is for okc to shoot over 15% from three and adams to boxout kanter

    • FGDBragX
      FGDBragX 6 months ago

      Stacey E
      Westbrook wanted a foul so he flopped 😂

    • Evan Risch
      Evan Risch 6 months ago

      Blazers will win

    • Stacey E
      Stacey E 6 months ago

      @FGDBragX It couldn't have happened to a better bitch - Westbrick. Dame put on a clinic with class. Westbrick threw a tantrum on the ground. lol

    • FGDBragX
      FGDBragX 6 months ago +1

      Stacey E
      Bruh we are actually trash😂

    • Stacey E
      Stacey E 6 months ago +1

      FGDBragX 17.9% didn't work out either.

  • metaldude4563
    metaldude4563 6 months ago +6

    Hey coach Nick, just wanted to thank you for these videos. I'm just a fan who wanted to get a better understanding of the game I love so much, and while I still don't know all the terminology I really feel like I see the game differently now. Thanks for making such in depth videos at no cost to the fans and sharing your knowledge and expertise

  • Neko-chan
    Neko-chan 6 months ago

    This is why ok lost to golden State Russ doesn't think at the end of games at 2:41 had Russ just control the ball and layed it up with a foul they woulve been 3pts down

    • Yusef
      Yusef 6 months ago

      Obcourse the Golden State TrailWarriors are awesome and stephen lillard is a god.

  • ronald pasaribu
    ronald pasaribu 6 months ago

    Now make clipper vs warriors breakdown

  • Joel Johnson
    Joel Johnson 6 months ago +6

    Stealing Chris smoves line like that tho

  • Joey Nathanael
    Joey Nathanael 6 months ago +4

    The stache brothers are now fighting each other. Imagine if the Thunder didn’t trade for melo...

  • flo k
    flo k 6 months ago

    Of course Kanter had a huge night, but besides his defensive liability, i had the feeling that he was lost on offense sometimes. Like he didnt remember the play and had no idea where he should go...

  • Katlego Mabilane
    Katlego Mabilane 6 months ago

    Blazers offense is too good

  • Jose Miguel Pagal
    Jose Miguel Pagal 6 months ago +1

    still waiting for the 31 point lead comeback by rhe clippers

  • Frank West
    Frank West 6 months ago

    no one wanna play with russ except for pg

    • QuickClutch
      QuickClutch 6 months ago

      Frank West if PG went to Portland they’d probably beat golden state lol

  • Taijitu
    Taijitu 6 months ago +14

    It’s honestly a mystery to me how anyone who watches basketball beyond just straight up highlights can actually believe that Westbrook is better than Lillard...

    • Taijitu
      Taijitu 5 months ago

      Rico Hey bud, still wanna talk about it? :]

    • Taijitu
      Taijitu 6 months ago

      Rico Not even a Blazers fan dumbfuck, just a basketball fan who knows how garbage Westbrick is :)

    • Matthew Praay Jr.
      Matthew Praay Jr. 6 months ago

      Rico Bro you’re just salty they chose to pay Westbrook instead of James Harden at the time of the issue I was saying they should trade Westbrook For veteran pieces and start James Harden at Point

    • Matthew Praay Jr.
      Matthew Praay Jr. 6 months ago +1

      Rico Is he what about intangibles what about clutch performances neither of them are great defenders and Russell Westbrook has an attitude problem and he’s horrifically inefficient doesn’t matter how good you are rebounding or passing if you can’t put the ball in the bucket

    • Rico
      Rico 6 months ago

      looool i’ll come back to this when we beat ur bummy ass team

  • Quinton Robert
    Quinton Robert 6 months ago +5

    I absolutely love your channel, but it's DAME TIME NOT LILLARD TIME thank you keep up the awesome work

    • Ep Am
      Ep Am 6 months ago

      Stfu groupie

  • Mildy Productive
    Mildy Productive 6 months ago

    Awesome video, except 7:57. Ball hits the floor before his left foot goes down. That left foot is step 1, so there are freaking 4 steps after the last dribble. Only one of those 4 steps gets to be the NBA "gather." It's not your fault, but ya don't have to legitimize this stuff. It makes the WNBA look skilled. Yeah, it matters that the ball hits the floor before his foot does. That's part of the skill of ball handling.

    • YeetGod McNeckAss
      YeetGod McNeckAss 6 months ago

      @Mildy Productive obviously that's a travel. If youve lost momentum, you can't take the 2 steps. That's a modification of the rule for certain situations that would still be a thing even if "my rule" was a thing (which it is)
      That's like a player about to do a eurostep, but takes 10 seconds between each step and justifies by saying "but I still hadn't taken my 2 steps". If youve lost your momentum, you can no longer move your pivot.

    • Mildy Productive
      Mildy Productive 6 months ago

      @YeetGod McNeckAss That's exactly what I'm talking about. Imagine instead of dribbling again while side-stepping, Curry just snatched the ball in two hands and side stepped. That would be an egregious, eye-insulting travel. The whole point is to fool the defender into thinking you picked up your dribble. If your interpretation of the rule is correct, then why bother? Just pick up your dribble, do an actual pump fake, and then side step to the right. Boom.

    • YeetGod McNeckAss
      YeetGod McNeckAss 6 months ago

      @Mildy Productive I might not know exactly what your describing, buy players do hesitations all the time where they fake as if theyre about to shoot by bringing their second hand close to the ball but making sure not to actually touch it, then dribbling again. Curry does this a lot on bigmen

    • Mildy Productive
      Mildy Productive 6 months ago

      @YeetGod McNeckAss "The argument of "well what if a player just palms the ball and doesn't put his hand under to gather" is irrelevant. Because that doesnt happen, so there is no reason to ask about it"
      This is totally relevant. You ever see a player fake a stop and pop without stopping their dribble? they take 2-3 baby steps and stop forward motion, acting like they're setting their feet for a shot? If the defender jumps, what happens next? The player dribbles, again while taking a side step (or driving around). If what you're saying is legal, they could just actually gather the ball and side step and shoot in the clear without dribbling again. This would be an obvious travel. This is why "it doesn't happen."

  • New Gee
    New Gee 6 months ago

    If anyone is blaming this game on Russ they either didn't watch or are hating smh

    • QuickClutch
      QuickClutch 6 months ago

      It’s not all his fault but he takes 40-50% of the blame lol
      Portland doesn’t have Nurkic, and CJ came off an injury where he played one game prior to the playoffs. Portland had every reason to lose, and they turned over the ball WAY TOO MUCH but still came away with the win.

  • yinrenli
    yinrenli 6 months ago +1

    7:58 it's too hard to travel now, is the rule of travel still exist?

    • YeetGod McNeckAss
      YeetGod McNeckAss 5 months ago

      @Gandydancer Dumbass that doesnt know the rules once again, he took 2 steps after completing his dribble/gathering. The fucking video even clearly play by played it in slowmo.

    • Gandydancer
      Gandydancer 5 months ago

      @YeetGod McNeckAss Are you dim? " A player who receives the ball...upon completion of a dribble,
      may take two steps in coming to a stop, passing or shooting the ball. " Kanter took three.

    • yinrenli
      yinrenli 6 months ago

      Don't know why just a random joke comment makes you so angry, lol. calm down buddy

    • Gandydancer
      Gandydancer 6 months ago

      @YeetGod McNeckAss You dumbass "gatherers" never quote the rulebook, probably because you can't read and certainly because you can't find anything in it to support your bogus declarations about the "rules". www.nba.com/media/dleague/1314-nba-rule-book.pdf

    • YeetGod McNeckAss
      YeetGod McNeckAss 6 months ago

      He just explained that it wasnt a travel dumbass... Travelling does exist, but you whiners that dont know what it is always say non-travels are travels.

  • Buzzer Beater
    Buzzer Beater 6 months ago +1

    I do not understand how Kanter can get minutes on any team with that lack of defensive effort!!!

    • Buzzer Beater
      Buzzer Beater 6 months ago +1

      @kaser 4886 Don't let him lull you to sleep with his offense stats. Because he plays such poor defense his offensive contributions are a wash.

    • Buzzer Beater
      Buzzer Beater 6 months ago +1

      @Stacey E This video, among other things, was about his poor defense in Portland. Coach Nick did the viewing for me. I remember when this guy was with my Knicks. Its the same old song.

    • Stacey E
      Stacey E 6 months ago

      You should watch a Portland game at least once before commenting.

    • kaser 4886
      kaser 4886 6 months ago

      he had 20 points and 20 rebounds....it's not going to happen every night but he's still very good, not a starting caliber center because of he's defense but he can still be pretty damn good