USA vs Australia | Full Game Highlights | Rio 2016 Olympics Basketball | Group A

  • Published on Sep 16, 2017
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Comments • 767

  • What ? ?
    What ? ? Year ago +621

    If you pin me then you respect us Australians.

  • creates100
    creates100 Month ago

    Australia was fouling on every play if thats called then it would be US by 25-30

  • HamFamily
    HamFamily Month ago

    I come to this video time to time, a quick reminder that when a game is close and it’s 4th quarter, screens are the way to go, when it cost you a gold medal in rio 2016...

  • Kurt Barry
    Kurt Barry Month ago

    Africa vs Australia

  • - iPlayHotSpot -
    - iPlayHotSpot - 2 months ago

    Just imagine...
    Lebron James
    Stephen curry
    Kevin durrant
    Joel embid
    James harden
    Draymond green
    Kyrie Irving
    Kawhi Leonard

    Everyone would literally get fucked lmao, btw no one in that starting five I listed played in this olympics games for some reason idk

  • LifeonMaz
    LifeonMaz 2 months ago

    And Carmelo is jobless just 2 years later . Life is a bitch

  • Brian Lee
    Brian Lee 3 months ago +3

    Melo is the best Olympics player USA ever had. Period.

  • CadMan Cryzta
    CadMan Cryzta 3 months ago

    What if kyrie plays for aus with Simmons and bogut?

  • Alexandre Juillet
    Alexandre Juillet 3 months ago

    I heard sometimes the europeans shoot on a rim that is like 1.5 inches shorter but since not everybody checks ...because if youve seen the rims you know its not percise ....they have to be inflated up ...and its inexact ......and its 1.5 inches shorter ....thats why they play so good sometimes .....

  • clutchcity25
    clutchcity25 3 months ago +1

    Klay got his hand up like Melo gon pass that. Jesus will come back before Carmelo throw that pass.

  • clutchcity25
    clutchcity25 3 months ago

    I know he's been in the league for 5 or 6 years and he was in the rotation on a championship team, but has Delly always been this good at getting people the ball? Because I don't remember him finding people like this.

  • Whyinem
    Whyinem 4 months ago


  • albey ll
    albey ll 4 months ago

    Next years aussie team won’t be too bad

  • TheUnthinkable
    TheUnthinkable 4 months ago +1

    It's nice to hear Marv Albert working with NBC Sports again.

  • Lucid Ducil
    Lucid Ducil 4 months ago +11

    Its really rare to see a country or a team that can keep up against team USA

    • Mia DoubleZeroSeven
      Mia DoubleZeroSeven 3 months ago +2

      Watered down basketball team. 2020 might be even easier to beat the US in basketball, no one wants to play while we have an idiot in the WH...but we will see.

  • Radioactive Purple Radioactive Khaki

    I'm a fan! from Denmark¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¿¡

  • Che anjas
    Che anjas 4 months ago +1

    shooting contest

  • 김상수
    김상수 5 months ago

    4:51 😆😆😆

  • Samitry Samuel
    Samitry Samuel 5 months ago

    Kyrie Irving is Australian . What is he doing

    • Seven.
      Seven. 2 months ago

      @Jimmy Igoe ohhh sorry i thought he was australian, my mistake he was just born there.

    • Jimmy Igoe
      Jimmy Igoe 5 months ago

      Samitry Samuel he was just born there

  • ItzMoggo2
    ItzMoggo2 6 months ago

    Why isn’t Kyrie playing for aus he was born in melbourne

    • Kartik Ramesh
      Kartik Ramesh 6 months ago

      because he was raised in America and he has a choice to play for whichever country he desires.

  • liltortillaboy
    liltortillaboy 6 months ago

    2:12 no call on traveling

  • ThugBoy TB
    ThugBoy TB 6 months ago

    Quate 2 ส่งตัวพีคลงโคตรเยอะ

  • ろみ
    ろみ 6 months ago


  • Admatazz
    Admatazz 6 months ago

    klay looks so weird in compression pants

  • TheUnthinkable
    TheUnthinkable 6 months ago

    Nice to hear Marv Albert doing play-by-play for NBC Sports.

  • Alexandre le bris
    Alexandre le bris 6 months ago


  • Jose Bustamante
    Jose Bustamante 6 months ago

    How the fuck Carmelo and Jordan made the team pathetic

  • Sean C
    Sean C 6 months ago

    Its sad that Ingles and Bogut are on team Australia. They would have been valuable to USA. Can't wait for Steph Curry to dominate the 2019-2020 Olympics basketball tournament. USA for the dubs!

    • LGCY Santana
      LGCY Santana 6 months ago

      PG- Curry
      SG- Thompson
      SF- James
      PF- Durant
      C- Cousins
      Bench- Kyrie Paul Russell DeAndre kawhii DeRozan Drummond Devin Booker James harden Damien Lillard CJ McCollum Gordon Hayward Chris Paul Isaiah Thomas Kevin Love
      Seriously who will beat this team

  • うんこ
    うんこ 6 months ago


  • Mad Dog
    Mad Dog 6 months ago

    Australia’s next team
    That’s scary

    • Mad Dog
      Mad Dog 6 months ago

      Get rid of creek and add exum

  • 溝脇祐介
    溝脇祐介 6 months ago +1

    Why did Japanese win Australia?

  • Ricky W
    Ricky W 6 months ago

    Kyrie save the day

  • Vitor Hara
    Vitor Hara 7 months ago +2

    Wow crazy that this is like the B team at the time

  • Brian
    Brian 7 months ago +4

    Carmelo Anthony ft. Team USA highlights

  • 蚊。
    蚊。 7 months ago +10


  • Infinity Shitzuke Takamuso

    Idk it’s my opinion but it seems like USA didn’t even try that hard. They could’ve done wayyyy better but I feel like they weren’t serious at all

    KIM P CHANNEL 7 months ago

    Some Australian player is a NBA player like patty mills Andrew bugot Matthew dellavedova and I don't know the other guy

      KIM P CHANNEL 5 months ago

      Kyrie Irving problem ???

    • Jimmy Igoe
      Jimmy Igoe 5 months ago

      KIM P CHANNEL stop acting like ur an nba god. Everyone already knew that

  • Fadi ebrhem
    Fadi ebrhem 7 months ago

    Melo is so fucking nasty man.
    The NBA failed him.
    He didn’t fail.

    • Fadi ebrhem
      Fadi ebrhem 7 months ago

      This is why you’re an idiot.
      Moving fast doesn’t mean you’re better at basketball.
      The best players in history weren’t neccessarily the fastest.
      Dirk was slow.
      Jordan was methodical, so was Kobe.
      Kareem, Shaq, Duncan, Garnett, all moved slow.
      The game hasn’t evolved.
      They sped up the game to compinsate for the lack of skill.
      Players now have a little skill.
      Melo is all skill.
      That’s why he will still be on the top 25 best players of all time.
      And I’m not even the biggest Melo fan.
      But I give respect when it is earned.
      The game hasn’t evolved.

    • Yugi Roxas
      Yugi Roxas 7 months ago

      His too slow for todays gameplay he can't keep up unlike before

  • john john
    john john 7 months ago

    Philippines vs. usa

  • 王大洪
    王大洪 7 months ago +1

    everyone have the right to blame kd for choosing warriors instead of kyrie, since he give up Australia and join the USA 😂😂

  • Jonas Torres
    Jonas Torres 7 months ago

    Carmelo is deadly that time

  • RyanFromYT
    RyanFromYT 7 months ago

    Uk criminals send to australia thats way aussies kangaroos

  • 크이크
    크이크 7 months ago

    미국도 좃도 못하내 ㅋㅋ

  • Gerald Dorado
    Gerald Dorado 7 months ago

    Anthony is always a part of USA basketball team.

  • 深海の如く静かな憤怒


  • robert james cotton
    robert james cotton 7 months ago

    Now melo playing in the hood with broner

  • margaux nipal
    margaux nipal 7 months ago

    Australia is weak

  • Ilijas Ma
    Ilijas Ma 7 months ago

    I dont get why some of the biggest names in the NBA didnt play for their country. Like where was LeBron James, Steph Curry, Clay Thompson, James Harden? I think they're all americans are they not?

    • Inali Slaven
      Inali Slaven 7 months ago

      most of the american players don't really care about international play. competition in the nba is harder, while the olympics take away from the players training and rest in the off season. also, they present further opportunity for injury, for example paul george

  • Christian Aaron
    Christian Aaron 7 months ago

    Bwaya si melo

  • CoolVideos4Life
    CoolVideos4Life 7 months ago +1

    I’m surprised we did so well

    • Ulysses432
      Ulysses432 6 months ago

      CoolVideos4Life Those USA players are a list of now established NBA stars. AUS has NOTHING to be down about this game. Aussies got some serious ballers and they played fantastic. I look forward to a lot of basketball talent coming from down under.

  • Duxk Lodna
    Duxk Lodna 7 months ago

    Sucks australian

  • elef bo81
    elef bo81 7 months ago

    Respect to your Team Australia. Meets from a Greek Loving Basketball Player. In Amerika live more than 350 Million People. In Australia 40 Million People. Are you very proud. What's in 2007 with Game USA vs Greece. You forget this mhhhh. We have 11 Million People in the Land. And we win your Grate NBA Team. Your many victorys are very smalls.

    • Danny D
      Danny D 7 months ago

      Μαθε πρωτα αγγλικα κ ξαναελα

  • Twelve Century
    Twelve Century 7 months ago

    Pussy Aussies Players are bunch of scumbags. Japan easily beat them in FIBA WC Qualifyers. They lose to asians, what a waste of heights.

  • mark 517
    mark 517 7 months ago +1

    Without koby u.s.a team are struggling 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • john prime
    john prime 7 months ago

    australia vs nigeria

  • GST2 S
    GST2 S 7 months ago +1

    "Disclaimer: All clips are property by the National Basketball Association. No copyright infringement is intended; all videos are edited."

    You realize the NBA doesn't run the Olympics, right?

  • Nandan Neeluri
    Nandan Neeluri 8 months ago

    Fiba has banned hand checking hasn't it?

  • Help me
    Help me 8 months ago

    Do Australians care about basketball?

    • Dave Smith
      Dave Smith 3 months ago

      A fair few people do, yeah. Every school in the country has a court.

  • Hector Carrasco
    Hector Carrasco 8 months ago +1

    Woah! Melo! 🏀🔥