3 True Disturbing Postmates/DoorDash Stories

  • Published on Aug 15, 2019
  • Food delivery apps have become some of the most widely used phone apps in recent years. But, just like everything else, there too are horror stories to tell involving Postmates/DoorDash.
    Story 1 : "therealjamescrocker"
    Story 2 : Anonymous
    Story 3 : Tracy L.
    *There were some audio/music overlapping issues that kept happening with the video editor so if you notice any of them just ignore them*
    First song used in this video courtesy of CO.AG Music.
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    If you want to send a personal TRUE story of yours, please send it through email: mrnightmareinbox@gmail.com
    Anything with poorly structured sentences and grammar will not be read, so please just make them neat and understandable. Please also state how you would like your name to be credited in a video.
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  • King Jay
    King Jay 3 hours ago

    it crazy how the AD was a door dash ad

  • IX -_FEAR
    IX -_FEAR Day ago

    On the final story do cops just not exist?

  • Cody McLemore
    Cody McLemore 2 days ago

    I swear all 3 of these are fake. The first two especially. No one is that stupid. They'd get tf out of there mid-story.

  • Debra Higgins
    Debra Higgins 2 days ago

    Who was the other person drove up driveway in first story no mention of the other person

  • Chucky
    Chucky 5 days ago

    Yo Im ngl the first guy had a pretty creative way of getting the guy in the basement

  • Carlos Hernandez
    Carlos Hernandez 5 days ago

    If I was in the kitchen in a scary house I would get a knife and wait for cash

  • Suzanne Figueroa
    Suzanne Figueroa 5 days ago

    The first guy, that was a blessing

  • Valente Montes
    Valente Montes 5 days ago

    The people in these stories have the WORST instincts

  • FRA_Zach L
    FRA_Zach L 8 days ago +1

    Me watching this right after I ordered door dash 🤦‍♂️at night

  • Torres Louis
    Torres Louis 9 days ago

    My sound cloud 🔊☁:Torres Louis

    • ps1 hagrid
      ps1 hagrid 7 days ago

      How bout a nice old cup of shut the hell up

  • Dude? Really! Dude? Vam

    Jesus people are so fucking stupid in scary stories.

  • Tony Garrett
    Tony Garrett 10 days ago

    Once a delivery is marked delivered you lose all contact with the customer. Nice fake story

  • Candice Perry
    Candice Perry 11 days ago

    Being a delivery post driver is a good way for teenagers to earn extra money


    Good stories

  • jumpman_cam 181
    jumpman_cam 181 12 days ago

    It’s only the music that gets me

  • T.M. Will
    T.M. Will 13 days ago

    The first story: Stop expecting tips. Dude took an enormous risk for a tip, but a tip is an added discretion, it is not something that's owed. There's no way in hell I'm going in that house, period.

  • Jackson Young
    Jackson Young 13 days ago +2

    Get rid of the ticket and I’ll write you a witness statement

  • Prevost Klaus
    Prevost Klaus 17 days ago +1

    Disturbing waffle house stories

  • nesto
    nesto 17 days ago

    Im sorry but I swear the first two stories would've been natural selection at work. Like why the fuck would they go thru with what they did. Fuckin dumb idiots, I hope those stories are fake cause if not then idk

  • Apple Man
    Apple Man 18 days ago

    You know why the first story is scary BECUSE HE USES A SAMSUNG

  • Qwerty y
    Qwerty y 19 days ago +1

    Watching the first story I was like:
    Bruh. Don’t go in. Don’t go in.

  • G Ugly
    G Ugly 20 days ago

    The fact that I’m working as Postmates

  • Professional booty eater Certified

    Hell nah nigga I’m packing when I deliver if a goofy nigga try something funny I’m shooting him then shorting him 3 times in the head to make sure that mf dead then call the cops I ain’t going to be scared the rest of my life because some goofy niggs

  • Ruby Banks
    Ruby Banks 22 days ago

    People are dumb as fuck

  • michael jaimes
    michael jaimes 22 days ago

    that ron dude got free food

  • lawna kate
    lawna kate 24 days ago

    As the story with the speeding ticket went on I just kept exclaiming why, louder and louder. Like I swear half of these people be asking to be killed, I'm not going inside no one's house. Either take the food or don't

  • Nick Trevino
    Nick Trevino 25 days ago

    What a creepy molester mojow on that last story.

  • Erik Caldwell
    Erik Caldwell 25 days ago


  • Huda Atta
    Huda Atta 27 days ago +1

    Creepy stalker guy: you’re so pretty.
    Me: oh, uhh, hehehehhehe thanks

  • Gacha_bananers BaNaNeRs


  • ilana mccann x
    ilana mccann x 27 days ago +2

    Anyone: Who do you want to scare today Mr.Nightmare?
    Mr.Nightmare: Yes

  • wheels 86
    wheels 86 28 days ago

    i love your stories

  • Shannon Coolidge
    Shannon Coolidge 28 days ago

    Why would I watch this when I have an upcoming DoorDash shift. 😳😭

  • Austin T.
    Austin T. 28 days ago +1

    People like this are why I carry a gun errrywhere, and keep a few around the house. I ain’t bout to get killed waiting for someone with a gun to get to me. When seconds count, 911 is minutes away

  • Austin T.
    Austin T. 28 days ago

    While these make for good stories and shit, why would they attack or kill someone who there’s records of them contacting and that will be missed when they don’t return? If they were gonna rob someone that’s one thing, but if they were gonna do somthing to somebody why not a homeless person for person there aren’t records of them contacting.

  • Brandon Elton
    Brandon Elton 29 days ago

    Damn my heart was racing during the first story.

  • cohenhaywood10
    cohenhaywood10 29 days ago

    speeding drivers are ALL potential child killers

  • QTee
    QTee 29 days ago +1

    The first person is a total idiot! Are you fucking serious? He went in their basement! Dude was seriously about to wind up chopped up and served up! And the last person.. ALWAYS go through with the police report... you could save someone's life! Someone else might not get that lucky and furthermore you have no idea how many other people may have met an untimely demise prior to you! Selfish fuxking humans! WHY ARE PEOPLE SO FUCKING SELFISH AND SELF ABSORBED!? I cannot believe that people only think about their own safety... what about someone else? If they've planned out this attack they likely have done it before many times.. its no wonder there are still so many missing perons cases... because selfish ass humans wont report the psychos killing people and shit. Smh

  • Star Blane
    Star Blane Month ago +1

    Only White ppls do this type of shyt fr🙄🙄🙄 I'm not checking on no one 🙄 let alone go into someone house... Hell naw I'm gone fuck ur tip bytch I'm outta here fr🏃🏃🏃🙄 I'm good at cancelling people who don't want to come to my car door and pick up their food 🙄🙄🙄and I'm sure good at eating people food as well 🤣🤣🤣 don't play with me!🙄

  • Dude? Really! Dude? Vam

    My Samsung.

  • Rhino Productions
    Rhino Productions Month ago

    Omg the first story literally describes my old neighbor that got arrested

    Edit:And it’s in my state

  • Tamam Shud
    Tamam Shud Month ago

    Moral of the stories; don't use Postmates.

  • Adam Blišťan
    Adam Blišťan Month ago +1

    So the second guy was not only careless but also an idiot. „Yeah I got lucky and escaped, fuck whoever might go there next.” I mean calling the police in this case is not for YOU it is to protect OTHER people.

  • The Freestyle Videos


  • Emelia Onichi
    Emelia Onichi Month ago +1

    Lol aggravation of cop pulling him over explain why he needed too go downstairs for that give dollars tip yeah okay sounds like a fake story in my opinions...but hey peoples do anything for monies nowadays. Anywho good storytelling Mr.Nightmare.

  • Christyn Gephart
    Christyn Gephart Month ago

    See some creepy ass shit happened while I worked for grub hub in the back of a trailer park. I didn’t get out of the car I called them and told them to come outside and they didn’t answer but texted me to knock three times on their door. Guess you ain’t getting your Taco Bell bye

  • The she wolf pack
    The she wolf pack Month ago


  • Striker Bass
    Striker Bass Month ago

    [sponsered by postmates]

  • Range Rover Rami
    Range Rover Rami Month ago

    Its 3 24 am iam watching this in my basement

  • Tooj It’s
    Tooj It’s Month ago +2

    First story was a really good story I wanna meet the person

  • Nero Lemon
    Nero Lemon Month ago +2

    the scariest thing is how you mispronounced nevada

  • mythical gamer007
    mythical gamer007 Month ago +2

    Its plain and simple if there something sketching going on you run, you dont go into the woods or somebody's basement for a 26 cent tip

  • Giselle Mendoza
    Giselle Mendoza Month ago +1

    My one is question about all these stories.... *WAT HAPPENED TO DE FOOD* 😭!?

  • snatched.
    snatched. Month ago +2

    I'd rather deliver to any of these locations than having to deliver to Lizzo

  • SARA Sensational
    SARA Sensational Month ago

    Bad survival instincts
    I guess scary movies show how really stupid people are, to actually walk out!


    No one:
    No Literally No one:
    Not even the bullies at school:
    Man: “ I TuRNed ThE FlAsHLiGHt On ON My SaMSunG”

  • Jessie Pool
    Jessie Pool Month ago +3

    I literally have mr.nightmare on a speaker playing through my house 😂

  • An On
    An On Month ago +4

    Well done to that cop going in that basement alone in the dark

  • Johanna Galvez
    Johanna Galvez Month ago

    My scariest door dash experience was one time when I never got my food 😑

  • CrispyBacon Games
    CrispyBacon Games Month ago

    I have a story...

    My food was 3 minutes late!