Artyom Dervoed & Mikhail Pletnev plays Paganini/Goss guitar concerto with RNO

  • Published on Jun 18, 2015
  • World premier of Niccolo Paganini/Stephen Goss guitar concerto (based on Grand Sonata for guitar & violin by N. Paganini) at the
    RNO Grand Festival. "Paganini Gala".
    Russian National Orchestra. Conductor - Mikhail Pletnev.
    Cadenzas by Wolfgang Lendle (published by
    Live from Tchaikovsky hall. 26.09.2014
    Broadcast by Kultura TV Channel.
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Comments • 49

  • Christian Hofstaetter

    Technical brilliance, passion and outstanding performance....thank you.

  • Rene Huber
    Rene Huber 11 days ago

    Even when i see a fucking man bun...

  • Joanna Pawłowska
    Joanna Pawłowska 26 days ago

    Thank RU-clip for outstanding performance

  • Frank
    Frank Month ago


  • BoussoleFire
    BoussoleFire 2 months ago

    For Artyom

  • Sinaii Migatteng
    Sinaii Migatteng 2 months ago

    Hasta todo un máster es en la guitarra el gran Zlatan :v

  • Jorge Ancheyta- Guitarra

    It does not get any better, incredible.

  • Artur Tissen
    Artur Tissen 6 months ago

    Мне нравится дядяжор в начале десятой минуты!

  • man meat
    man meat 8 months ago

    man bun

  • Travis Utkin
    Travis Utkin 8 months ago +1

    good to see that people around the world,always find ways to make Heavy Metal!!!!---

    • Lunar Orbit
      Lunar Orbit 3 months ago

      this isn't heavy metal. Metal musicians must have insecurity problems. They say this in every classical video.

  • Green Wolf
    Green Wolf 10 months ago

    Браво !!! Артем струны не те … Дадарио карбон. Средние или Сильное, на натяжение обратите особое внимание. Я подробно описал в комментарии в ролике К 208…

  • hunho82
    hunho82 Year ago

    곡해석 테크닉 표현력 72점

  • aubreyaub
    aubreyaub Year ago

    Fair enough. As I would have plated it.
    There is nought I can say, that would make it any better.!

  • Luca Massenzio Palermo

    Il chitarrista è molto bravo, ma la sostituzione dell'orchestra nelle parti tematiche mi pare opinabile. Anche se il cosiddetto "VI Concerto per violino e orchestra" di Paganini è stato trascritto e reinterpretato da un manoscritto per violimo e chitarra.

  • Guskecil Tulungagung


  • Panin Str
    Panin Str Year ago

    Продолжайте удивлять Дирижеров и Оркестры !

  • lucarinaldovillani
    lucarinaldovillani Year ago +1

    A good flamenco option from Giuliani concertos...what a shame that Paganini did not compose an original guitar concerto !

  • Mario Gioia
    Mario Gioia Year ago

    Forte, fortissimo!

  • jam roni
    jam roni Year ago

    A wonderful concert

  • Edmund Kopecky
    Edmund Kopecky Year ago +4

    Excellent and most interesting performance. Bravo!

  • Ignacio Ornés
    Ignacio Ornés Year ago +2


  • sunil mendes
    sunil mendes Year ago

    ekdom bore guitarre vazoita, sarke sogle nota forte,

  • Carlos Legaspi
    Carlos Legaspi 2 years ago +1

    La guitarra clásica, un instrumento mágico, magnífico, perfecto.

  • Yusuf Eka
    Yusuf Eka 2 years ago

    this is beautiful. I can imagine how hard to play this song by guitar

  • Gregor L
    Gregor L 2 years ago

    Geht ins Ohr! Meisterlich! Bravo!

  • SerhatErkan
    SerhatErkan 2 years ago +2

    This piece is titled "Allegro Risoluto" indicating the passage should be played in a bold and resolute style. It's very unfortunate you picked a tempo of something like moderato.

    • mistermac2
      mistermac2 Year ago

      SerhatErkan I just listened to the arrangement of the Paganini sonata as a concerto. Which of the three movements is allegro risoluto? If it's the last, I'd say they got it right 🎻. Any faster in either of the outer movements, and the scalic passages would have been garbled. Great arrangement, well played despite odd glitches, rhythmically right on the button! 😎

  • Marìa Sonia Quevedo Hoyos

    Bella interpretación, magistral; la carga de sentimiento que caracteriza la obra virtuosamente expresado

  • anatoly Fedotov
    anatoly Fedotov 2 years ago


  • артур лунёв
    артур лунёв 2 years ago +2

    да слов нет класссссссссссссссссссссссссссссссссссссссссссс

  • Curatica C
    Curatica C 2 years ago +1

    A little too many mishaps for a performance with public.

  • leonardopalacios
    leonardopalacios 2 years ago +1

    Bravo, Very good orchestration!!

  • Andrea Galletto
    Andrea Galletto 2 years ago +3

    Wacciú Artyom!! Incredible this beautiful concert 😍

  • hashim abdullah
    hashim abdullah 3 years ago +2

    anytime you are one of the best guitarist in the world.

  • Monique Ledermann
    Monique Ledermann 3 years ago +1


  • anatoly Fedotov
    anatoly Fedotov 3 years ago +1

    Браво !

  • marcos aquino
    marcos aquino 3 years ago

    Arranjo muito especial.

  • Milato Bernal
    Milato Bernal 3 years ago +6

    He can easly be in the greatest

  • danica kitanovska
    danica kitanovska 3 years ago +1

    Not bad, but we will heard more and better interpretations.
    With more Paganini's expression and technically more corrected.

    • Milato Bernal
      Milato Bernal 2 years ago

      Jaime Landini ...Who are you talking to??

    • Jaime Landini
      Jaime Landini 2 years ago

      Espero tú seas concertista y te presentes en público para comentar de esa manera.

    • EverGreenElephant
      EverGreenElephant 3 years ago +5

      +Milato Bernal -- Without technique no expression - if your are technically perfect you can concentrate on expression, if you struggle with your technique you have not enough focus on expression.

    • Milato Bernal
      Milato Bernal 3 years ago +1

      +danica kitanovska Technic is nothing, all the guitarrists that I heard with a good technic, they also have cold interpretation. That is true.. Thank

    • Sergey Filippov
      Sergey Filippov 3 years ago +1

      +danica kitanovska really? link in studio pleeease)

  • ZmiyKam91 zmiy
    ZmiyKam91 zmiy 3 years ago +3

    Вот же крутое исполнение! Спасибо!

    CECILIA 3 years ago +4


  • jovanpesec
    jovanpesec 3 years ago +2

    Das ist großartig! Gratuliere sehr herzlich!