A Boy And His Atom: The World's Smallest Movie

  • You're about to see the movie that holds the Guinness World Records™ record for the World's Smallest Stop-Motion Film (see how it was made at ru-clip.net/video/xA4QWwaweWA/video.html). The ability to move single atoms - the smallest particles of any element in the universe - is crucial to IBM's research in the field of atomic memory. But even nanophysicists need to have a little fun. In that spirit, IBM researchers used a scanning tunneling microscope to move thousands of carbon monoxide molecules (two atoms stacked on top of each other), all in pursuit of making a movie so small it can be seen only when you magnify it 100 million times. A movie made with atoms. Learn more about atomic memory, data storage and big data at www.ibm.com/madewithatoms

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  • the yeet
    the yeet 9 hours ago +1

    Goverment give scientist 35million dollars to find a cure for the coronavirus
    Scientists: so anyways...

  • nothing important
    nothing important 12 hours ago

    "It then ended with a bang."

  • Specimen
    Specimen 12 hours ago

    It took me so long to realize that this wasn’t footage of actual atoms

  • some person
    some person 12 hours ago

    someone here really saying 'they just put magnetic balls together'


    It was a nice movie, untill two atoms hit it other and caused a nuclear explosion

  • Andrew Yin
    Andrew Yin 15 hours ago

    Boi they just put magnetic balls together

  • Shaza oza
    Shaza oza 16 hours ago

    This should be at the cinema to be honest

  • Siddartha Narzary

    Atom on wat surface? Antimater

  • ck_
    ck_ Day ago

    Basically, Hello World of quantum computers.. although probably not first of its kind

  • Dima Che
    Dima Che 2 days ago

    Now make the biggest movie using the whole Universe!

  • Meme Lasers
    Meme Lasers 2 days ago

    - Sheldon J. Plankton

  • _Kit Kat Kaitlyn_
    _Kit Kat Kaitlyn_ 2 days ago

    How does people think of stuff like this

  • Your Local F-8 Crusader

    Me: Breaks movie set
    Everyone else at IBM research:

  • squidwardo77
    squidwardo77 2 days ago

    Hey, quick question. _WHAT?_

  • Kevin Swan
    Kevin Swan 2 days ago


  • Crim Zone
    Crim Zone 2 days ago

    The atoms during the production: AAAAAAAAHHH IT HURTS SO MUCH! MAKE IT STOP!

  • Paul Minter
    Paul Minter 2 days ago

    everyone is gangsta till the atom splits

    BISHAL KASHYAP DAS 2 days ago

    What is that liquid thing anyway?

  • Gerly Dayangco
    Gerly Dayangco 3 days ago


  • Gamerkid2010
    Gamerkid2010 3 days ago

    No it’s the same size as any it’s still full screen!

  • Lucifero
    Lucifero 3 days ago

    Chi altri è qui dopo aver letto il libro di Barbascura X il genio non esiste (e a volte è un idiota) 😂

  • Lloydy777
    Lloydy777 3 days ago

    20200: A Boy and His Neutrino

  • Skeryt
    Skeryt 3 days ago

    Mobile game add: *plays*
    The actual game:

  • Air Banana
    Air Banana 4 days ago

    1985 people: in the future we will have fluting cars
    The future people: watch this

  • nøname
    nøname 4 days ago


  • Dino On RR
    Dino On RR 4 days ago

    just imagine your the intern and your helping make this movie but you accidentally split on of the atoms

  • Sollux
    Sollux 4 days ago +1

    Plot twist: *the balls were actually big..*

  • Guenther Steiner
    Guenther Steiner 4 days ago

    How girls see 5'9 boys

  • Pen G
    Pen G 4 days ago

    Super Duper

  • shanestudios
    shanestudios 4 days ago

    Aren't yall supposed to be curing corona rn

  • Josh Teague
    Josh Teague 5 days ago

    I just love this, every flat earther needs to watch this

  • Michael Timothy
    Michael Timothy 5 days ago

    I'm disappointed the boy wasn't shown plancking.

  • Αλεξανδρος Πατσαλος

    Me: mom can we buy a ball?
    Mom: no, we have many balls at home.
    Balls at home:

  • Tina Thach
    Tina Thach 6 days ago

    0:30 is a time when the film starts. Just if your lazy to skip to 30 seconds

  • Gamma
    Gamma 6 days ago

    Little did they know that they were atomically reconstructing space and time itself

  • The Blood Darkner
    The Blood Darkner 6 days ago

    A boy and his quark

  • Lightway Animated Productions

    How do you go from making computers to being scientists?

  • Rex
    Rex 7 days ago

    What's the IMDB rating?

  • wrestlingconnoisseur

    I was always led to believe that the appearance of atoms was theoretical.

    • Çentoé
      Çentoé 12 hours ago

      wrestlingconnoisseur Nope!

  • Arceus 101
    Arceus 101 7 days ago

    Make a video with the particles that make up atoms

  • Jaxon
    Jaxon 7 days ago

    And a singer with fake pink hair and 10 meter long nails get views and yet people complaining about COVID-19

  • Adam Siorek
    Adam Siorek 7 days ago +1

    2013: a boy and his atom
    2020: a boy in quarantine

  • Haradeas
    Haradeas 7 days ago +1

    No atoms were harmed making this movie...
    Japan: OOF

  • MyNameStartsWithTriangles

    the tiger electronics phase. everything goes through it once

  • Justagamin goD
    Justagamin goD 7 days ago

    The scientists will find the cure for covid-19 don't worry, they are working really hard 24/7
    The scientists:

  • Xianye Li
    Xianye Li 7 days ago


  • Ayanami
    Ayanami 7 days ago

    How is that possible? Like how can you trak an atoms position and be certain?

    • Jonah Epstein
      Jonah Epstein 3 days ago

      I'm just going to reproduce what's stated on the Wikipedia article here:
      "Using a scanning tunneling microscope, Carbon monoxide molecules were manipulated into place on a copper substrate with a copper needle at a distance of 1 nanometer. They remain in place, forming a bond with the substrate because of the extremely low temperature of 5 K (−268.15 °C, −450.67 °F) at which the device operates. The oxygen component of each molecule shows up as a dot when photographed by the scanning tunneling microscope, allowing the creation of images composed of many such dots."

  • Dorky animations
    Dorky animations 8 days ago

    That's impressive

  • Epik Gaming
    Epik Gaming 8 days ago

    Why does this feel like adventure time

  • Lone Wolf
    Lone Wolf 8 days ago +1

    Thank you for successfully wasting 1:34 minutes of my life

  • Ιωσηφ Δρακακης

    When you realize that that is better than you can animate...

  • RetroGamer 5400
    RetroGamer 5400 9 days ago

    what's smaller is the dot in the letter i

  • Wassil Choujaâ
    Wassil Choujaâ 9 days ago

    What's the surface made of?that on which the atoms are laying.

    • Jonah Epstein
      Jonah Epstein 3 days ago +1

      Copper Substrate. The 'atoms' themselves aren't _technically_ atoms, but are individual Carbon monoxide molecules, composed each of 1 oxygen atom & 1 carbon atom.

  • Yoyo Panda
    Yoyo Panda 9 days ago

    Cinemasins should sin this

  • Fahd Abdul Rahman
    Fahd Abdul Rahman 9 days ago

    This is fake just like the moon landings

    • Fahd Abdul Rahman
      Fahd Abdul Rahman 5 hours ago

      Çentoé yeah I don’t really care what you think,if your stupid enuf to not understand sarcasm.

    • Çentoé
      Çentoé 12 hours ago

      Fahd Abdul Rahman Nope and nope

  • Abhishek Sharma
    Abhishek Sharma 9 days ago

    i can't imagine we are made of these tiny metallic balls

  • Jackland
    Jackland 9 days ago

    What kind of atom?

    • Jonah Epstein
      Jonah Epstein 3 days ago

      Well, technically they weren't atoms, but were individual Carbon monoxide molecules.

  • leon napo
    leon napo 11 days ago +1

    10 million dollars could be used to solve hunger in Africa, research for cancer, cleaning the ocean, etc.
    But yeah this is neat...

  • SpeedFalke66
    SpeedFalke66 11 days ago +1

    When you think about it...

    This boy has to have a REALLY small pp...

  • Flying Duck:v
    Flying Duck:v 11 days ago

    RU-clip is telling me something

  • vancat VII
    vancat VII 11 days ago

    Is this real? If so I'm glad to be alive.

  • Ricky Starbunny
    Ricky Starbunny 11 days ago

    someday there will be full color atom movies that are actual film length. and this will be a part of history

  • Someone
    Someone 11 days ago

    I’m really invested in these characters

  • ༼Explosio2020༽
    ༼Explosio2020༽ 11 days ago


  • Chung-zi Awesome4Ever
    Chung-zi Awesome4Ever 11 days ago

    This looks cute ngl

  • Polyglot
    Polyglot 11 days ago

    It's not even a movie

  • Roblox блогер
    Roblox блогер 11 days ago +1


  • AK007 the GAMER
    AK007 the GAMER 12 days ago +1

    But how did they moved the atoms?

    REALITY 1 12 days ago

    How do I know this an atom. Could be a " wave formation" or absolute lie.

    EU SOU EU 12 days ago



  • Random world
    Random world 13 days ago

    So what is life ?

  • Jack Collier
    Jack Collier 13 days ago

    But as everything is made of atoms it would just be raised and how did you get that watery thing outside the atoms and what is it

  • IR0N AUSS13
    IR0N AUSS13 13 days ago

    I dare you to split one.

  • Fairchild Republics A-10 Thunderbolt

    Imagine if they accidentally splitted one of them during production

  • Grace N
    Grace N 13 days ago +2

    How come the title isnt

    The *A T O M S* family

  • potatoman
    potatoman 13 days ago

    There is 1 tthing smaller


  • Dhiman Luy
    Dhiman Luy 13 days ago

    I might sound stupid but at that level if they are not using super heavy elements shouldn’t the elektomagnetic fields of the other atoms in the background also be visible

  • Its Me Dawg
    Its Me Dawg 13 days ago +1

    ME:Mom can we go watch a movie
    MOM:we have a movie at home
    Movie at home:

  • Ludwig Von Koopa
    Ludwig Von Koopa 13 days ago

    Thats cool

  • #cheeby girl
    #cheeby girl 14 days ago +1

    I want to know what substance is this please