The Best Science-Based Diet to Build Lean Muscle (ALL MEALS SHOWN!)

  • Published on Nov 25, 2018
  • When it comes to building muscle and adding size to your frame, your muscle building diet is going to be the most important factor that you have to get right. Because simply put, when you implement a proper diet to build muscle, it will enable you to perform that much better in the gym and physically recover and progress that much faster. However, the unfortunate part is that most people are completely lost with what a diet to gain muscle should look like and what the best foods to eat for muscle gain really are. Luckily, in this video we’ll cover exactly what the best diet to gain muscle really is and how to eat for muscle growth. Towards the end of the video, I’ll also provide a muscle building meal plan that you can get started with right away. Enjoy!
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    Spread protein out 4 meals:
    Liquid calories:
    Pre-workout carbs/protein beneficial:
    Egg whites vs whole eggs:
    Omega-3 benefits:

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  • Jeremy Ethier
    Jeremy Ethier  10 months ago +166

    Hope you all enjoyed this one! Comment below what other nutrition-related topics you’d like to see me cover. And don’t forget to give me a follow on IG ( ) to see the kinds of meals I eat on a daily basis! Thanks everyone!

    • Viictor Martinezz
      Viictor Martinezz 10 days ago

      Are you sure those 4 rice cakes just have 140 Cal?

    • Viren
      Viren 21 day ago

      @Nishant Hipparagi work out and absorb sunlight.

    • Viren
      Viren 21 day ago

      @Nishant Hipparagi try not using whey powder or use milk.

    • Viren
      Viren 21 day ago

      @Comic Manga try working out... it burns calories.

  • MahajiHaji
    MahajiHaji 2 hours ago

    this food is incredibly boring cant you make a chicken burger out of it or something

  • RED Knuckles
    RED Knuckles 16 hours ago

    3 months into my work out as a skinny guy 135 lbs now i'm getting really lean and my abs are growing like crazy but lately I feel that i slowed down and my biggest problem is the whole diet thing. Im a skinny dude i probably put on 10 lbs in muscle since i was 135 maybe less I'm not sure but my problem is I dont eat that much maybe 2 meals a day and after my work out i drink a mass gain shake mainly for the vitamins and protein, My problem is i will eat food that I probably should not like Tonight i had a In n out burger.. I seem to be doing well but I really feel that if i ate like you do would i grow quicker? IS my ab growth slowing down because i'm not eating rite? I don't eat junk food but i'll eat pork and very little veggies.. I can't put on weight for the life of me nor can i eat 4 meals a day, The mass gain is around 1500 cal so what do you guys think? Am I working this hard and only getting 50% of the gains i should with my current diet? I eat more veggies now but being skinny like I am and in my 30's should I stick to a lean diet? Or just try and eat a little better and continue on? I'm just not sure now if im at the Hard gain stage or not and if my diet is holding me back.
    Thanks for reading this novel... It's something that's always on my mind and finding a guy who is my build with diet information is not easy,, Everyone who is "Skinny" has about 30 lbs on me :)
    Any advice would be really appreciated!!

    • RED Knuckles
      RED Knuckles 5 hours ago

      @Merko You're awesome dude! Appreciate the info and will go to costco this week for some better food :) I wont feel bad eating a burger here and there now :)

    • Merko
      Merko 6 hours ago

      RED Knuckles I think if you only eat 2 meals per day that it really makes a difference if you eat something unhealthy for 1 meal. I’m 17 and eat about 6 or 7 meals per day and my metabolism is really fast so I eat a lot, but what really helped me is to spread my meals over the whole day. This made me feel less full and made me abled to eat more. Eat as clean as you can and try to to eat enough protein.

  • hjander 09
    hjander 09 Day ago

    What about drinks (other than a.m. shake) with meals and snacks? Water, coffee, alcohol, etc? Muscles that are not hydrated perform poorly?

    • Player Hater
      Player Hater 11 hours ago

      If you're a Celtic, Germanic or Slavic human type you should try using whole milk as your main source of fat and protein. Milk gives 95% of the worlds men diarrhea, but it gives northern and central European blooded people strength. Try no diet just a normal one, but start drinking 20 fluid ounces of whole milk every two hours and you'll become strong as hell over time.

  • hjander 09
    hjander 09 Day ago

    Diet AND sleep, good job.

  • noestoyfacil
    noestoyfacil 2 days ago

    so eat big to get big is a lie.

  • noestoyfacil
    noestoyfacil 2 days ago

    Ronnie coleman disagrees lmao

  • An G
    An G 2 days ago +1

    lol dairy milk

  • Aftersun 20XD6
    Aftersun 20XD6 2 days ago

    Everyone's genetic makeup differs greatly. I've always been a thin guy and I burn allot of calories without even doing anything so I really have to overload with calories alone. Sad thing is, carbs and sugar in my body seems to want to go directly to storage instantly so I actually have to go on a no carb diet for two weeks with doing cardio daily just to shed off those few pounds. It use to not be that way but I'm now in my early 40's and the rules of engagement are different for me.

    _KRONOS _KRONOS 3 days ago

    I'm am happy because this is exactly what I'm eating😁 can't wait to see results

  • mesiroy1234
    mesiroy1234 4 days ago +1

    Jeremy when it come ethier 😂
    Pls do an update video supplemt and what is the best pre workout

  • Alex Deitrich
    Alex Deitrich 5 days ago +1

    I only have one kidney because I had cancer when i was a toddler. is 1g/1lb still okay for me or should I reduce?

    • Alex Deitrich
      Alex Deitrich 2 days ago

      @Warren Lowe made an appointment to chat with one before i asked the question lol. Was just hoping to start sooner rather than later.

    • Warren Lowe
      Warren Lowe 4 days ago

      Ask a doctor bro

  • Rich Kretzmer
    Rich Kretzmer 5 days ago

    Thanks for the vids Jeremy - really well done and appreciated. Question: When consuming a pre-workout meal, what's your opinion re: the timing of this meal? I've always had the understanding you should eat 2 hours prior to your workout...thoughts? Thanks alot!

  • Brad Tomlin
    Brad Tomlin 6 days ago +1

    Great video. Very simple to follow. Also great that you sourced all your information.

  • Peter Harbors
    Peter Harbors 6 days ago +1

    Most of the info on this channel isn’t new to me and probably many of you. But I feel it is the right balance of nerdy numbers with science and down to earth normal people talk.
    I still give credit to those I first learn from but it is always good to relearn the basics.

  • Reyya Omoii
    Reyya Omoii 7 days ago

    Ooof :O

  • Daniel W
    Daniel W 7 days ago +7

    what if I have no idea how to cook anything other than water?

    • Aidan D
      Aidan D 8 hours ago

      It's a learning process. Gotta try to improve and don't get mad at yourself if you mess something up. Keep some backup materials in the freezer for such days lol

    • jayjay jayjay
      jayjay jayjay 4 days ago

      nice lol. I seriously fucking laughed out loud. well done

  • Crystallite X
    Crystallite X 7 days ago

    Can anyone help me?
    I'm confused on my diet
    Currently, i'm eating around 1200-1800 calorie a day
    But the amount of carbohydrate i take is around 100-160g
    Its sais 1g of carbo is equal to 4 calorie right?
    So does that means i'm consuming around 1600-2440 calorie?
    Or is it counted differently?

  • Anshul Nimbalkar
    Anshul Nimbalkar 7 days ago +1

    That milkshake recipe tho!!!

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    Manuel Cantu 8 days ago

    Awesome Information,

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    Huge thanks for you about all these great effort and Diamond information :)
    actually i appreciate :)

  • Steve Harris
    Steve Harris 10 days ago

    If your a fussy eater your screwed, can you throw any alternatives?

  • Bujar App
    Bujar App 10 days ago

    how do you boil the red lentils? they look very red

  • Viictor Martinezz
    Viictor Martinezz 10 days ago +4

    Are you sure the 4 rice cakes just have 140 Cal?

  • Joao Valdez
    Joao Valdez 11 days ago

    Where can I fit in my dorito addiction?

  • Naissus
    Naissus 11 days ago

    You said it's free to see my optimal diet on your site. Fuck off

  • Viictor Martinezz
    Viictor Martinezz 11 days ago

    Is it supposed to be 1 cup of cook or raw white rice?

  • Daniel Reynolds
    Daniel Reynolds 12 days ago

    Get off youtube, meat-cuck!
    You are a shifty nutritionists... go study more... everything you are saying is useless..
    You don't even understand that animal products aren't good for you, lol...
    There's nothing about the metabolome, the microbiome, mycobiome, or virome..
    You obviously don't understand protein synthesis and how the body works...
    You also need to invest more into "sustainable diets"...
    The only thing you should be uploading is vertebrate biology search terms into google.
    Go vegan, stop watering down nutrition advice .

  • Nigel Harper
    Nigel Harper 12 days ago

    Excellent info here Jeremy. Clear, concise and no doubt very effective. Wish I understood the importance of nutrition in conjunction with training years ago. Well I do now! Cheers

  • heng taing
    heng taing 12 days ago

    Don't forget to drink your juice too guys

  • calpitoc
    calpitoc 12 days ago

    I learned that it's incredibly easy to overeat.

  • im.justalexx
    im.justalexx 15 days ago

    thank u for this video!!!!!!!!

  • Namita Gaonkar
    Namita Gaonkar 15 days ago

    How clearly you've explained 👍🏻 I want to build baby muscles 😊

  • RustyMilk
    RustyMilk 16 days ago

    3rd day into this diet can't wait to notice results along with my workout

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    nikon d3200 17 days ago

    Lean is 👍

  • MK
    MK 17 days ago

    bro this video is fucking sick

  • SoberRS
    SoberRS 17 days ago

    id multiply it by 20if your looking to gain.

  • nishith02
    nishith02 17 days ago

    HI Jeremy, I have no issues with eating but I do like training first thing in the morning say around 6am or earlier. Now in terms of eating all my source is from dinner the night before which is not later than 6:60PM. So I can't really eat much before my workout, all I have is a post workout protein and then my cereal. Is this an OK approach or what are the options I have in terms of pre workout diet so early.

  • Jo Garcia
    Jo Garcia 17 days ago

    How is my current meal plan?
    Breakfast 2-4 eggs with avocado toast and milk with protein powder mixed in. Snack almond butter banana sandwich. Lunch chicken salad with some cheese and olive oil as a dressing(sunflower seeds, spinach, a few croutons and carrots are in the salad along with the chicken and lettuce), snack turkey and cheese crackers or some cashews with berries and cheese. Workout. Post workout is protein shake with some microwaveable rice and raw spinach. Right before bed I’ll drink a slow release protein shake.

  • brother mike
    brother mike 17 days ago

    thats nasty ass food!

  • xMigra
    xMigra 18 days ago

    7:32 thank me later

  • Sala sur
    Sala sur 18 days ago +2

    What if is meal 1 is gonna be my pre-workout because I do prefer to do my workout in the morning?

  • Steve Parker
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    Protein fart squad here, give a like if your missis hates them.😂

  • paco castañeda
    paco castañeda 19 days ago

    How am I going to eat 4700 calories a day? Wtf

  • Cheese Sticks
    Cheese Sticks 19 days ago

    "The best science-based diet to build lean muscle" as if such a thing even exists, lmao.

  • Hessam Ghanimi
    Hessam Ghanimi 19 days ago

    I am prediabetic and I was wondering what the safest way to gain muscle is for me as far as diet goes. Any tips? Thank you in advance.

  • Rutilius
    Rutilius 19 days ago

    How about just protein powder?

    • BUCKETHEADache
      BUCKETHEADache 18 days ago

      Its better if you get your protein from whole foods

  • Clarity k!ng
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    Cup of oat how many grams is that?

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    You had potatoes before sleeping like as in dinner , doesn’t that increase fat levels ?

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    That's the music Sean Nalewanyj uses

  • Brook Arnold
    Brook Arnold 19 days ago

    is bulking suited for people with hypothyroidism considering the metabolism slows way down ... I want to but im scared of not being able to get it back off

    • Brook Arnold
      Brook Arnold 19 days ago

      Collin I have the opposite of HYPER, I have HYPO which slows down metabolism

    • Collin
      Collin 19 days ago

      Brook Arnold hyperthyroidism speeds the metabolism up actually

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    every gymnast major in math...

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    Iron Loo would tell you “stfu you fuckin pussy why you counting calories? This aint fuckin math class bitch.”

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    A very beneficial video, thanks

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    Info is good but speaker sounds like robot..

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      Literally the best well thought out diet video on RU-clip. Holy shit people bitch about anything in 2019.