YUNGBLUD - Parents (Official Music Video)

  • Published on Jun 24, 2019
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    Directed by Miles & AJ
    Produced by SixTwentySix
    Executive Producers Austin Barbera and Jake Krask
    Line producer Aiden Magarian
    DP Jon Chou
    Production Designer Kendra Bradanini
    Styling: Harper Slate

    Music video by YUNGBLUD performing Parents. © 2019 Locomotion Recordings Limited, under exclusive license to Geffen Records, under exclusive license to Geffen Records

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  • Alisha Angell
    Alisha Angell 40 minutes ago +1

    Hey dom

  • molbob
    molbob Hour ago

    this is the ok boomer of grunge

  • Aubryonnie Rivera

    He looks like the brother from the direy of the wimpy kid

  • Jeremy Smith-Nerlien

    He looks like a male Fairuza Balk. Which my gay ass alternative heart just fucking loves.

  • An Edgy Boy
    An Edgy Boy 2 hours ago

    wtf is this music video

  • Mark Clair
    Mark Clair 3 hours ago

    Y waz ths in my recommend list

  • Depresso_ Expresso
    Depresso_ Expresso 4 hours ago +1

    Is this Harley Quinn and Joker’s Child?

  • Slixx Emethas
    Slixx Emethas 6 hours ago +1

    This guy look like a freak

    YULIA NEMROW 6 hours ago

    Нефига ротастый

  • Marshall Bennett
    Marshall Bennett 7 hours ago +1

    What's a like

  • You P
    You P 7 hours ago +1

    Is he gay?

  • LDN
    LDN 8 hours ago

    I like to haer this song cause my dad and step mom are just so dum and i live with my real mom just because how dum my dad is so thanks for making this song

  • Deena Chybikova
    Deena Chybikova 8 hours ago

    Very crazy a very good. 😂❤
    You is crazy 🔥

  • Carolyn Tritt
    Carolyn Tritt 8 hours ago +1

    Therapist: So what’s been going on in your head?
    Me: Yungblud

  • zara art studio
    zara art studio 8 hours ago

    Ok boomer

  • Katie Travers
    Katie Travers 9 hours ago +1

    I fucking love YUNGBLUD

  • Lorraine Burke
    Lorraine Burke 9 hours ago +1

    Your so cute

  • Cloys Hall
    Cloys Hall 9 hours ago


  • Josefo Moreno
    Josefo Moreno 10 hours ago

    Nunca vi tanta homosexualidad en una persona asta que vi a este man.. no se que dicen los comentarios pero la suya por si acaso

  • Emo Royalty
    Emo Royalty 10 hours ago +2

    This song is the biggest OK Boomer I’ve ever heard

  • cemetary_waltz
    cemetary_waltz 10 hours ago

    this was on my recommended

  • ля какой
    ля какой 11 hours ago


  • Kaii uwu
    Kaii uwu 11 hours ago

    I love it!

  • ⟨ shawteii ⟩
    ⟨ shawteii ⟩ 12 hours ago

    Cause boomers ain't always right*

  • Dinkitybil
    Dinkitybil 13 hours ago +2

    *ok boomer*
    thats the whole song

  • injolka
    injolka 13 hours ago

    oh your voice is so foking goddamn amazing

  • Otoniel Hernandez
    Otoniel Hernandez 13 hours ago


  • Wayne Bjornsson
    Wayne Bjornsson 15 hours ago

    YUNGBLUD = Harry Styles on drugs

  • Lan chan
    Lan chan 16 hours ago +1

    Damn I did not realise I needed this so much

  • naruto uzumaki
    naruto uzumaki 16 hours ago


  • RenderBlock _
    RenderBlock _ 16 hours ago +2

    "If you kiss a boy I'm gonna shoot you dead"
    "Ok Boomer"

  • Lps angel Flower
    Lps angel Flower 16 hours ago

    I wish I was the best friend lol

  • Euryphaessa xox
    Euryphaessa xox 16 hours ago

    Literally nobody:

    Yungblud: LeT mE kNoW wHeN mY bReAtHiNg StOpS

    Thats a mood not gonna lieeeeee😂😂🖤🖤🖤

  • Chelsea Cooper
    Chelsea Cooper 16 hours ago

    I love this song

  • Annabella Kuske
    Annabella Kuske 17 hours ago

    Twenty One Pilots: Don't let your insecurities control you
    Panic! At The Disco: Never trust love
    My Chemical Romance: Love always hurts
    Yungblud: I went to the garden and I fucked my best friend

  • Elizabeth Grohe
    Elizabeth Grohe 17 hours ago

    your hot

  • isadog UwU ocho Thays :p

    Ellos dieron la vida por ti :c

  • Mike G
    Mike G 17 hours ago

    Wtf is this bs 😂😂 this dude needs to pull a lil peep and OD another garbage ass artist ruining music

  • Bella Csete
    Bella Csete 18 hours ago

    He is the Harry Styles real life punk edit you didn’t know you need.

  • ッSr.Leozin
    ッSr.Leozin 18 hours ago

    Q bglh demoniaco véy '-'

  • Kayla Hooper
    Kayla Hooper 19 hours ago

    Let me know when my breath ,ing stop 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  • Skyllar Gallaxy
    Skyllar Gallaxy 19 hours ago

    I bet he had great parents but just ignorant as fuck, bet he wrote this because he got socks on chirtmas.

  • Jose Rea
    Jose Rea 20 hours ago

    Looks like carrot top

  • Pilch
    Pilch 21 hour ago

    Hi man.. I'm 58 years old and I just saw you on taratatta. Yo, man. Stay the way you are, I just got back to my 16-17 years old in one go. I love it to death. Take care of yourself and be happy, bite into life and stay free. 👍😘

  • Ryan Horsburgh
    Ryan Horsburgh 21 hour ago

    1:21 am I the only one who thought he said male shit eater

  • Natalie Glass
    Natalie Glass 22 hours ago

    2:11 *High quality kiss

    also anyone else get motion

  • † Mayæ †
    † Mayæ † 22 hours ago

    OMG I love your songssssss awww

  • Danielle Peterson
    Danielle Peterson 22 hours ago

    Ok Boomer.

  • Aylin Stegemann
    Aylin Stegemann 23 hours ago +1


  • lili betty
    lili betty 23 hours ago +1

    What harley queen and joker made

  • KT LoveBTS
    KT LoveBTS 23 hours ago

    He is prob the first singer I’ve heard who still has his accent whilst he is singing

  • makovnik6 gameplay
    makovnik6 gameplay Day ago +1

    Are you gay

  • G G
    G G Day ago


  • lolita kleskenova
    lolita kleskenova Day ago +1

    Y love you😘😘😘😘

  • Coldgreen Tea
    Coldgreen Tea Day ago

    Omg that's so frickin strange

  • Dumb_ Loser
    Dumb_ Loser Day ago +1

    I don’t listen to YUNGBLUD too often but this is a *bop*

  • bubblines heart
    bubblines heart Day ago

    _Yungblud is saying ok boomer but long version_

  • KECSKÉK AZ ÚTON Little Trash

    looks like palvin barbara

  • pug monkey
    pug monkey Day ago

    I love the pink socks OMG ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ I love Dominic

  • Bethan Godden
    Bethan Godden Day ago +1

    omg i love yung blud